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(A mysterious realm master)

Austin used the Twin Shadow Blades to smash the flower dragon again.

As Austin saw it, although the fighting ability of the floral dragon was not very strong, as long as it was dismantled, it would continually gather its energy and form a dragon again. It was definitely a tricky weapon, but Austin was more thrilled to come across a challenging opponent.

The dragon seemed to be slightly harmless as it had not fully started the onslaught on Austin yet. Even so, he did not hesitate to use his vital energy. After all, he had enough of it stored in his elixir field–thanks to the vital energy stone. He could get replenished at any time he wanted.

Even with a little cockiness, he knew that it would be best to break the array. The flower dragon had been pestering him for quite a while, and it was starting to get annoying. He must end this as soon as possible.

Hearing Fanny’s words, Austin cheered up.
“Okay, quick! Tell me how to break it.”

“The Flower Dragon Array is wood in nature. As the metal conquers the wood, it would be easier to destroy it with a metallic weapon.”

That explained it. No wonder Austin’s punches had no effect on it. Even if he had already gathered all his strengths, his blows were still futile.

Now that he was using his Twin Shadow Blades, they might defeat the flower dragon since they were metal in nature. And as Fanny explained, his metallic blades would overcome the wood-based flower dragon.
“Take three steps back towards the direction of thunder and then move two steps forward towards the direction of fire. Stomp on the center, and quickly turn to the direction of the swamp, and then take a sharp turn to the direction of heaven. When you see the seven array flags, use your dagger to crack them.”

Austin employed the Wind-commanding Skill and swirled fast like the shadow of a ghost. Austin reached the spot as soon as Fanny gave the instruction–as if head already knew and practiced it.

Seven flags then drilled on the ground, right in front of Austin. The flags formed a shape of the Big Dipper.
Austin summoned the Negative Shadow Blade, and in a flash, it emerged and came towards the Big Dipper. In just one strike of the blade, all the seven array flags broke into two parts.

A loud cracking sound came through loud and clear.
The sound, like that of a shell that was shattered, filled the whole place. Then a young man, who seemed to be in his early twenties, materialized. Wearing a grey garment, the man showed itself to Austin, exasperated with its looming dark eyes.

“Fanny, I can’t believe you helped another man destroy my Flower Dragon Array!”

Why were you attacking him?”
Fanny disdainfully retorted. The young man became more pissed upon hearing what she said.

“Fanny, I have been looking for you for months now! You left without any word.

The world is a dangerous place, filled with wicked and cunning people. You can easily fall for their honey-sweet facade which would fool you into their trap. How can you wander together with this man? You barely even know him!”

The young man who controlled the array coldly glared at Austin. He was obviously referring to Austin in his last remarks.

Austin wondered why the young man was angry at him. He obviously did not do anything against him. ‘Why is he fuming mad that I am with Fanny?’ Then Austin suddenly realized that the protege must be jealous of him. Yes, it might be that.

It seemed that the man had a crush on Fanny, and this was the very reason why he attacked Austin to teach him a lesson. Seeing that Fanny got along well with another man, he was filled with jealousy.

Austin realized that the man messed with him just because he had a crush on Fanny.

Although Austin didn’t want to be angry for such a thing, he still felt wronged. He was annoyed with what the man did to him.
“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” as the saying went. Since the man used his array to attack him, Austin felt the urge to return the favor. Yes, a favor exactly the same as what he had received.

With a grin plastered on his face, Austin summoned his Negative Shadow Blade. Shining in black light, the Negative Shadow Blade suddenly disappeared.
When it reappeared, it already charged towards the young man, only three inches away from his chest.

The young man in grey noticed how a black dagger was aimed at his chest. He was amazed by the fast attack.

His cultivation base was at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm. Although he was good at using the arrays, his cultivation base was far from that of Austin.

At the sight of the sharp and brisk blade, the young man was caught off guard. In a panic, he hurriedly employed his vital energy. He rapidly backed a few steps, with his feet curving the ground.
However, the Negative Shadow Blade quickly followed him like a shadow attached to a body.


Seeing that her senior fellow apprentice was in danger, Fanny looked at Austin with pleading eyes. Fanny had been with Austin for the past few days, and she was clearly aware of how powerful Austin’s fighting ability was, not to mention how cruel he could be to his opponents.

If Austin really wanted to kill her fellow apprentice, he would be able to do it in a snap.

Although she was angry that her fellow apprentice used the array to attack Austin, she didn’t want him hurt. Fanny grew up with the young man, and he was like a brother to her; she couldn’t bear to see him hurt.
Austin smiled gently. Suddenly the Negative Shadow Blade sped up and aimed closer to the man’s chest.

“NO! Please don’t kill him!”
Fanny shrieked. She covered her eyes with her hands, not daring enough to witness the death of a dear friend.

The young man’s face was ghastly pale. He could feel the speed of the black dagger coming at him and the violent vital energy force surging on it. He knew it was impossible for him to dodge it within such short distance.
However, when the Negative Shadow Blade was an inch before the man’s chest, it suddenly swerved and grazed his ear. The man saw a black light flashed and the blades disappeared utterly.

While the man gasped in fear, a small strand of his hair fell down from his head. The dagger slightly cut his hair instead of piercing his chest.
He was left dumbfounded and felt lucky that it only cut off a strand of his hair. Austin evidently had a change of heart, thanks to Fanny pleading him.
The young man felt grateful to Austin for not killing him. His life was very precious; he didn’t want to die yet.

“Are you okay?”

Fanny rushed to his side and tended the shaking man.
“Fanny, I knew you still care for me more than anyone else.”
Seeing that Fanny was so worried about his safety, the man in grey was ecstatic. His jealousy towards Austin faded as happiness took the better of him.

“Huh! What do you mean? What are you saying?”
Fanny stared at the young man in grey, confused with his remarks.

“Hahahhaha! You broke the Flower Dragon Array and threatened my apprentice. How dare you!”

All of a sudden, a loud and energetic laughter echoed in the forest. A rapidly spinning vital energy vortex appeared above Austin’s head. The spirits around the space seemed to have sensed the vortex and madly surged all together like a whirlwind.



Fanny and the young man called out in surprise.
Soon enough, the frightening vital energy vortex quickly condensed, turning into a large and old wrinkled palm. It pressed on Austin’s head with terrifying momentum.

A Mysterious Realm master!
Being caught in the frightening power of the vital energy palm, Austin felt that his blood seemed to have frozen and he couldn’t move. His vital energy would not work either, and to make it even worse, he felt his breathing turn heavy.

Only an Earth Realm master could possess such powerful tactic and launch such unbreakable suppression.

The old man is most certainly a Mysterious Realm master!




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