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 Season 2

Episode 45

(Austin Energy gathering realm)

After everything he had been through, Austin finally reached level nine of Energy Gathering Realm. Without hesitation, he spent two more hours to strengthen his cultivation base.    

When he primarily stabilized his current cultivation base, he felt that there was still some pure energy from the celestial energy ginseng flowing inside his body. Now the celestial energy ginseng in front of him had about half of its energy left.  

  About three-fifth efficacy of the celestial energy ginseng was left after he used up the two-fifth efficacy in the process of Austin's breakthrough of level eight of Energy Gathering Realm.    

"I should waste no time. I must replenish the vital energy for the vital energy stone,"  Austin whispered to himself as he prepared his mind and body.  

Without a second thought, he extended his long arms and quickly stuffed the celestial energy ginseng into his mouth, and then a refreshing sweet taste immediately spread around his tongue.   

 As the celestial energy ginseng gradually slid down his dry throat, a powerful pure energy diffused through his slender body. Austin felt a strong energy as he slightly trembled in the process.    

He began to control the vital energy stone inside him. With a weak but fast vibration, the energy stone released a powerful suction force and drew the vital energy which was transformed from the efficacy of the celestial energy ginseng into his belly.    

Minutes had passed. All the vital energy was absorbed by the vital energy stone.    
'The vital energy stored in the stone was enough to give me ten more boosts.'    

Austin was surprised when he estimated the extraordinary power of the efficacy of the celestial energy ginseng.  

… …    

Austin rose to his feet and clenched his fists. A vigorous energy gushed out from his body and surrounded him. His cloth swelled with air, just like an inflated balloon.    

'Wow, the energy is so strong!'    

Austin thought. He was so satisfied with the impact    and pleased that he finally regained the capacity of level nine of Energy Gathering Realm.    

When he calmed down, Austin summoned the Twin Shadow Blades. Immediately, two daggers, one black and one red, drifted in front of him.    

The Twin Shadow Blades had incredible power and could travel through space in an instant. Furthermore, they could suddenly appear or disappear in the air and move forward along a break point trajectory.  

However, the attack power and movement speed of the Twin Shadow Blades depended on the vital energy of the one using it.    

The mysterious power of the Twin Shadow Blades became much stronger as Austin's vital energy competence significantly increased.    

Austin ordered in secret, then the Negative Shadow Blade in front of him suddenly disappeared, and in an instant, it appeared in front of the wall of the cave.    

The wall looked so sturdy and solid as it was composed of a huge granite.    

Under his command, the Negative Shadow Blade stabbed into the granite wall and bits and pieces of the granite wall fell to the ground. It moved toward a few meters before Austin recalled it.    

Then the Positive Shadow Blade disappeared too. It abruptly appeared at the wall of the cave and continuously hit it with rage vital energy.  

The intense movement of the Positive Shadow Blade created a loud rumbling sound as it repeatedly hit the wall.    

The cave violently shook like there was an earthquake. A huge hole that was about three meters deep and two meters high gradually formed in the wall.   

 'It's so cool! The Twin Shadow Blades are indeed so powerful.'    

Austin was so satisfied and he controlled the Positive Shadow Blade to hardly hit the sturdy wall again. With a powerful smacking, the wall was crushed into smaller pieces. Stones quickly rolled out and sand fell off as another huge hole appeared.   

 The Negative Shadow Blade was suitable for sneak attacks as its power was persistent and sharp. On the other hand, the power of the Positive Shadow Blade was strong and violent that it could easily smash and pound its target.    
The Twin Shadow Blades were more powerful after Austin reached the level nine of Energy Gathering Realm and he was very satisfied with the result.  

Violet and Fanny were waiting outside when they heard the rumblings coming from the cave and felt the intense trembling of the ground.   

 "Master, you have reached level nine of Energy Gathering Realm!"   

 Violet immediately found the floating vital energy surrounding Austin.   

 … …    

In the Grand Desolation Mountain, three exhausted men were roaring angrily.    "Which bastard did this! How dared he kill the Blood Wolf Team members!" a man angrily shouted.   

 "Brothers, how miserable you are! I will definitely revenge for you, and I will do everything that I can to torture that murderer!" he said in a vengeful tone.    

In front of these three men were two broken corpses. Their bones were drastically broken and their fleshes were severely ruptured. The corpses had turned dark and begun to rot and kept on producing rancid smell.  

The men who roared in anger were the Blood Wolf Team members who tried to kill Austin a few days ago.   

 Five of them were set out for the Grand Desolation mountain to kill Austin, but two of them had been killed by him.    Matthew was the head of the three remaining members.   

 "From the appearance of their corpses, I can tell that our brothers were killed by a cultivator who specializes in body refining.    

One of our brothers could use high level vital energy defense method and the other one learned half level knife intent. 

However, the murderer killed them by mere physical strength, so you can imagine how strong he is! That means each punch weighs a thousand pounds!   
 Only few cultivators are practicing body refining skill in the Violet Orchid Empire. So if we start our investigation from them, we'll find who murdered our brothers."    

After he calmed himself down, Matthew began to analyze.  

"If I would know who killed our brothers, I will end his life in a second!"    a brutal-looking man said fiercely.   

 "Your grace, shall we continue to hunt Austin? It seems that Grand Desolation Mountain is not safe recently! In addition to the guys from Ghost Sect, the elders and the stewards of other major sects are here too. They have never been friendly with us,"  a fat man among the three said.    

"You're right. People from the major sects think that they are superior to us, so they have been prejudiced against us. However, without the help of the elders and the stewards of those sects, we wouldn't have been out of that despicable array! Ha! It was such a stroke of luck for us to survive!"    Matthew continued.    

"I don't think so. If it wasn't for their own disciples who had been trapped in the array, they wouldn't have broken the array to save us!" another one protested.  

"Enough talk! Let's kill Austin as soon as possible. After we finished the mission, we'll put all our efforts to hunt the one who killed our brothers. If we are careful not to provoke the elders and stewards of the major sects, they won't get us in trouble.   

 We know that Blood Wolf Team doesn't have a good reputation, but our competence isn't inferior to any of those major sects. I'm sure that none of them would like to be our enemy for nothing,"  Matthew continued.    

"But we don't know where Austin is,"  one of them said.   

 "Don't worry. I have a soul-chasing mouse. Since I let it out, it has always been searching for Austin. So I'm sure it's very easy for me to know Austin's location,"  Matthew said and smiled mysteriously.  




 Austin decided to trial himself in the outskirt of the Grand Desolation Mountain. He already reached level nine of Energy Gathering Realm, so he wanted to strengthen his current cultivation base by fighting with the diabolic beasts.    

But he had no idea where to leave Fanny.    

Austin tried to get Fanny away from him, but she seemed so pleased to stay with him and Violet.    

Furthermore, Fanny treated Violet as her beloved sister.    

The Grand Desolation Mountain was a place for demonic beasts and diabolic beasts to dwell with. In this place, Violet didn't have to hide in the Illusion Bead to avoid people's attention just like what she had done when she was at Sun Sect. Now she could move freely with Austin. 

 In these days, Austin kept on looking for various diabolic beasts to battle with. Fanny and Violet doubtlessly followed him. They watched him fighting those diabolic beasts and cheered for him.    

These days, many cultivators witnessed an extraordinary scene in the outskirt of the Grand Desolation mountain.   

 While a young man was fighting with a fierce demonic beast or diabolic beast and was sometimes in danger, two beautiful, young women seemed to enjoy the battle very much. They whispered to each other and applauded for his victories.    

It was a bit surprising for the other cultivators that the young man had taken two fascinating girls to the mountain.    

The cultivators never saw these girls help the young man despite how powerful his opponents were.   

 They couldn't help guessing blindly. 'Maybe these girls are just ordinary people and know nothing about martial arts at all. Then why are they here? Did the young man take them here to satisfy his lust after his cultivation?  

He must be really thirsty for sex!'    

Some cultivators couldn't help but sigh.    … 


… …    

Ahhhhhhhhh Woooooooh!    

With a long and anguished roar, a level three one-horned diabolic wolf was thrown high in the air like a fired cannonball and then hit a big tree a dozen meters away.    


The trunk of the big tree was so thick that it took several people to surround it. Despite that fact, the tree shook violently and countless leaves fell to the ground when the two-meter long wolf hit it.    

Violet and Fanny widened their little mouths as they were shocked to what they saw.    

The corpse of the one-horned diabolic wolf fell to the ground. Austin summoned the Negative Shadow Blade and it stabbed into the head of the diabolic wolf. After a moment, a level three beast core jumped out.  

Austin stuffed the beast core into his Space Ring. For just a few days, he already killed a dozen level three diabolic beasts and obtained over ten beast cores.    

When he was about to leave the place, he released the spiritual sense energy to probe the nearby area within four hundred meters in range.   

 Then he immediately sensed three familiar figures approaching him.    Austin wasn't alarmed, but just smiled sarcastically.    

"I don't want to kill you. But since you are asking for death, then don't blame me!"    He distinguished that those people were the remaining members of the Blood Wolf Team.    

The team had five members before he had killed two of them when they came to the Grand Desolation Mountain to hunt him.  

  Austin had still been at level seven of Energy Gathering realm when he killed them.  

As of now, Austin had reached the level nine of Energy Gathering Realm. The other remaining members of the Blood Wolf Team were still at level eight of the same realm. So Austin was confident that he was able to kill them easily.    

Moreover, Violet's competence was equal to preliminary stage of Earth Realm. With this, Austin did not need to hide from them.  

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