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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Next morning**

The news of the death of the popular serial killer later known as Thomas Scott is spreading like wildfire and people can finally sleep in peace and put their mind at rest

He was found dead in his house last night and the death was agonizing cos he was burnt down with the house

Cardboard papers on which "HE'S THE POPULAR SERIAL KILLER, THOMAS SCOTT" was written were scattered all-over the front of the house and that was what helped the cops in finding out fast cos his body is burnt badly with another body of a lady inside the house

They've been shifted to the forensics and the people won't stop thanking the unknown helper who has been tagged "THE LIFESAVER"

"What do you think?, Who's the lifesaver?, Me?, Louis?, Dre or Mr Clemson?" Shane asked Elena who's sleeping on the couch with her head on his laps

They're back to his house though she's planning to go spend days with her dad soon

"Hmmn, everyone of you guys are Lifesavers, and I love you all" she replied

" Don't say that again, you love only me, only me" Shane replied

" How funny" Elena laughed

" If only you know how jealous I was when you were telling your dad you love him and you hugged him so tight" he said

"jealous freak, don't tell me that's true" Elena smiled, locking eyes with him

" I'm dead serious here" he replied, touching her lips but she took his hand away and say up

" Should I tell my dad that you're jealous of him?" She said

" I love you" he said and made her blush 

" Gosh!, You have a knack for making me blush heavily anytime you say that suddenly" she smiled

" Now no stress, no fear and nothing to freak us out, can't wait for tonight" he said

" Prom prom, it'll be lit" she replied

" I know right?, Since we're rocking it together, why don't we start rocking from now?" He said, moving closer

" Naughty boyfriend" she smiled, looking at his lips when he kept moving forward

"I take it baby" he replied and placed his lips on hers , just when the kiss is about going deeper, her phone rang and they had to break it

"And who the f*ck is that" Shane said

"The f*ck is my dad" Elena said and Shane gasped

" Never knew" he pouted

They went outside and met Carl standing outside

Elena jumped on him like a kid and hugged him tightly. "I love you Daddy" she said

"I cherish you daughter" he replied just like yesterday before they let go of each other

" Well, I have a good news, I'm gonna stop working at the bakery as from Monday, I'll start working at Mrs Tanner's company" he said

" OMG!, She's so kind, I can't believe this" Elena gushed

" Well I never believed it too till she sent me my letter" Carl replied

"Dad" Elena smiled

" Yes daughter" he replied

"You're so cute" she said

" Bella used to say that too" Carl replied and Elena went sad momentarily

Carl quickly brought out the affidavit for the change of surname

"It was completed today and the court handed it over" he said

Elena took it and smiled widely. "I'm now Elena Clemson, sounds cute" she said

"I know right?, Like us" Carl replied

" Yes, like us" Elena said and hugged him again

" I'm jealous" Shane said loudly

"Is he always like this?" Carl whispered

" Don't mind him, he's just one jealous boyfriend" Elena replied and went to him

She held his cheeks and kissed his chin

"I love you very very very much,my knight in shining armor" she said and Shane smiled widely

" I love you very very very much my princess" he replied and they hugged too

" How can you guys be so cute" Carl smiled when they finally broke it

" Let's take a selfie" Elena said, bringing out her phone

Carl stood at her right side while Shane stood at the left

"Smile" she said and they all flashed cute smiles as she clicked shoot the picture.


"I really want to look hot for prom, I don't want to disappoint someone" Miley complained after checking out the three gowns she got but seems like she doesn't know which to wear

"They all look gorgeous baby, rock anyone" Laurette replied beside her and she threw a comb at her which she dodged

"Why would you throw that" Laurette said

"I told you never to talk to me, if Warren hadn't helped with the project, I'd still be below the line right now" Miley scowled

" Well he helped, so we're good to go" Laurette replied

" Well I'm only gonna include my name in the introductory part cos you did nothing, all thanks to Warren" Miley said

" You know you can't do that" Laurette said

"Well we shall see, Warren is.. "

"Warren, Warren, Warren, that's all you've been saying since morning, is something going on?" Sydney interrupted

" Like what?" Miley asked

"You went on a date with him and throughout this week you guys ate lunch together, are you guys something already?, Is there something you aren't telling us?" Laurette said

Miley sat on the bed and smiled. " I wish it's like that, but it isn't like that yet, and that's why I'm trying my best to look hot but you guys are ruining it all, no help is coming" Miley said

" Ok ok, let's get to work, you have to wear the three and we'll choose the most s*xy one for you" Sydney said


MD textiles**

Dre scanned the SR department as usual while he's passing by and Tara is not back yet

"She's not back, but the vans are back" Joanne said

"What!, Where did the driver said she went?" Dre asked impatiently

" He said she alighted in front of Larry's hospitals and he saw her entering the hospital before coming here" Joanne replied

Dre changed his mind about going to his office, he left work and drove fast to the mentioned hospital

"Miss, did you perhaps admit anyone named Tara Josie?" He asked an intern

"Oh, the lady who came for test?" The intern replied

" Test?"

" Yes she came for test, that way" she pointed

Dre's heart is beating fast as he walked briskly towards the room and when he entered and saw her sitting on a bed, his fears escalated

"Sir Marcus" Tara said surprisingly 

"Why are you here?, What test did they carry out?" He asked straight

" Pregnancy test" she replied and Dre's eyes almost popped out

"What!" He almost screamed

"Yes, pregnancy test and it's positive, I'm pregnant, Harris will be so happy!" She gushed, rubbing her belly

" And who's Harris?" Dre asked, feeling down

"My fiance of course, he lives in Thailand" she smiled, still rubbing her belly

Dre almost fell but held himself and swallowed nothing cos his throat felt dry instantly, he started sweating even when it's cold and he even mistakenly bit his tongue

"Won't you say congratulations?" Tara smiled, looking up at him but Dre kept staring unbelievably

Then a doctor entered. "You're ok now, the medication you took would have calmed down your stomach" he said

" Thanks doctor" she replied, standing up

" Are you her boyfriend?, Sir you should try to stop her from taking too sweet things that can make her end up purging" the doctor said to Dre

" Purging?" Dre asked, looking at Tara who's now facing the ground

"Yes, she was purging but now she's ok, we've given her medication to calm it down" the doctor replied

Tara took her bag and rushed out of the ward

"Thanks doctor" Dre said he followed till he caught up with her at the hallway

He pulled her arm and made her face him

"Why will you play such pranks?, I almost died" he said

" I was too embarrassed to tell you it's actually purging, that's why I said that, and why will you almost die just because I said I'm pregnant" she said

Dre smiled lightly and hugged her, rubbing her ear in the process

"You really don't know how much you mean right?" He said

"To your company?" Tara asked, hugging him too

"To me" Dre replied.

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