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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 9

Cheryl sat on that spot for over ten minutes, thinking about what he just did before standing up

She went to her room and changed into something comfortable, all their belongings have been shifted here since yesterday

She sat on the bed and inhaled hard

"What do I do?, Have I offended him?" She thought sadly

" But I did nothing wrong" she thought otherwise


Louis won't stop smiling as he watched Daisy on the laptop, she's busy stripping though she suggested it and he accepted

She's only in her bra and panties right now

"You should strip that too" Louis said naughtily

"Pervert!" Daisy shot and quickly put on her clothes again

"So, how's my baby doing?" He smiled

"I can't be more good, and where's your betrothed?" She asked

" She'll still be meditating on how harsh I treated her earlier" he replied

" I love you, don't look at her, don't talk to her, don't eat her food and don't!, Let her touch you, you're mine" Daisy said

" I know, and I love you more, where's Camila?"

" She's sleeping already, I miss you seriously" she made seductive faces

" I can come over" he replied

"Stay in your matrimonial home" she laughed

" F*vk matrimonial home" he replied and got up from the bed

He got his car keys

" You're really coming?" Daisy said happily

"Yeah, get ready to scream my name" he winked

" I can't wait to have you... I'll be like; Hot pie, go harder, darling go deeper" she said and they both laughed loud

" You're so naughty" he said

"Blow me kisses, I'll manage that till you come" she replied

He did what she requested before shutting the laptop

Louis left his room and walked downstairs, he's about to open the door when Cheryl came rushing downstairs

"Louis, have I offended you?, Why do you loathe me?, What have I done?" She said

He made to leave but she rushed to him and is about to hold him but he faced her swiftly

"If you touch me, I'll hit you" he said seriously

Her hand went down and tears brimmed at the corner of her eyes

"Then where are you going?" She asked

"None of your business, worthless lady" he spat and left angrily

"Why is he doing this to me?" Cheryl wondered, sitting on the ground and resting on the wall


Next morning**

"I don't want you to go yet" Daisy said, still hugging Louis tightly on bed

" I don't want to go yet too but you know today is the first day of the companies partnership, I gat to go" he replied

She came on top of him and kissed him deeply

" Touch me again, do all what you did to me last night" she said with seductive eyes

" Daisy I'll get late and you know that" he replied

"What if you get late just to be with me?, You love me right?, Then lateness shouldn't matter when it comes to me, you know I love you so much" she said, kissing his face round, trying to make him hard by caressing his body


"Shhhh, I want you again, please" she said pleadingly

" Camila needs to go to school, you need to dress her up" he said

She grabbed his manhood next

" Daisy please...

" I want it inside me now, didn't you promise to give it to me anytime I want it" she said, caressing his cock gently and he became hard in a matter of seconds

"It's still past six, Camila wakes up by past seven so we still have an hour to be with each other, just let's have each other right now please...I love you" she said 

" Don't beg me to stop" he replied, yanking off her panties

" I'd rather beg you to go harder and prolong it baby" she replied and in the next minute, he already dived his hardness inside her...


Some minutes to 8**

Louis took his bath at Daisy's place and left for home though he's already late for work

Cheryl is setting the dinning table when he got home 

"Sweetheart good morning" she smiled radiantly

"I'm not your sweetheart so stop calling me that" he replied

She kept smiling as she gestured at the table

"I'm a good cooker, I cooked this delicacy myself so you should have a bite.. please" she said

" You really think I'll eat what you cooked?, Pour it for the dogs instead, I'm not interested" he replied sternly and went upstairs

Cheryl looked at the meal on the table

"Wasted efforts, but I'll keep trying" she thought

Louis changed into corporate and came back downstairs, without sparing her a glance, he left the house

Cheryl sat on one of the dinning chairs and smiled

"Maybe I just need to try harder" she thought


Tanner group of companies**

Louis walked in gallantly and without any smile on his face

Staffs bowed in greetings since he's now officially partnering with them

He got to the CEO's office in the top most floor and met his dad in the office already with Mr and Mrs Tanner

"You're late" his dad said angrily

"Calm down Alan" Mr Tanner said as Louis sat unconcerned about his anger

"Where's your fiancee?" Mrs Tanner asked

"She said she's too tired to come" Louis lied

"Oh, she must really be too tired from the stress yesterday" Mr Tanner replied as his manager brought out the papers to be signed

They were signed by Louis and Mr Tanner signed his part too

"We're officially one right now, your company will be recognized as the best just like mine" Mr Tanner said though he's sure that's not gonna come true

" Nice working with you" Mr Diamond said, shaking hands with them before leaving with Louis after taking their own copy of the papers

"So what next?" Mrs Tanner asked

"Blocking all their ways to the top, they must always remain below our company, that's why I did this just to watch their progress" 

" I know, let's start the game now" Mrs Tanner replied

" Louis are you serious right now? , You came late to the signing?" Alan questioned Immediately they got out

Louis refused to reply, he just kept walking

"I'm talking to you!, Every minute means money to me so learn never to waste time cos I hate it!' Alan yelled

"Really?, Listen I know your live revolves around money, and I've done what you requested of me I've gotten engaged to her and that's the last I'll take so if you love yourself, stop talking to me cos I won't mind doing something you won't like" Louis replied

" Like slapping me?" Alan said

" It might be worse, watch out" he replied bitterly and left in his car

" He has changed" Alan thought worriedly


Dre just finished today's work and he feels so exhausted

He's actually into textiles and he's quite popular cos his company produces the best of the best and he has handfuls of workers

"I'm so tired" he heaved, yawning softly 

He smiled when his mind went to Daisy

"Why do I just feel like strangling her?" He thought angrily, folding his fist

" She even told my stupid friend she's same age as him, whereas she's 28, six years older than him, no one should really Judge a book by it's cover, how unbelievable" he said slowly

" But I hope he realizes that even though Mr Alan did the contract engagement for money, he indirectly helped him, Cheryl is a good and nice girl, falling for her is the only way he can survive when Daisy's secrets finally gets exposed" he thought 


Yummy Yummy restaurant**

" I sent all my information to your Gmail last night, you saw it right?" Elena asked impatiently 

" Sure princess, and guess what?" He smiled

"I'm not so good at guessing" she replied quickly

He dipped his hand into his backpack and brought out a paper

"Your admission letter" he said

"You're not serious" she replied

" It would have been sent to your Gmail too, I told you I'm quiet popular in school so the Principal never wasted time in helping, so resume on Monday" he said

" Wait...I won't be given this if I haven't payed my school fees and I don't remember giving you any money" she said

" I payed, you can use the money you saved for something else pending when you'll be able to payback, though I won't be happy if you pay back" he replied

" I'm so thankful Shane, I'm grateful thanks very much" she replied, holding his hand unknowingly

The feel of her hand on his own feels great so much that she never wants her to leave it anytime soon

"I really don't know how to thank you" she said, getting touched by his excessive kindness

No one has ever showed her kindness and it's driving her to tears

"Hey , why are you crying?" He said and immediately wiped her tears gently

She stared at him as he did that and how face held that compassion again with something else she can't understand

"Are you a crybaby?" He said

"I'm not" she replied

"Then stop the tears princess, a princess doesn't cry" he replied

" I'm not a princess" she replied, slightly blushing

"I saw that!, Your cheeks are red!, You just blushed!" He said quickly and she stood swiftly

" Naughty you!, I have customers to serve" she said and left hurriedly

He laughed slowly and won't even let her concentrate on her serving, he kept winking every now and then and she almost spilled water..


"I've told madam Donna about it and she said I can do part time, I'll have to come after school everyday" Elena said while walking out of the restaurant with him

" I'll Join you, you can be taking my salary" he winked

"Silly, you always talk like someone exceedingly rich" she replied

" Of course I am, dad left a lot for me before his death" he replied

"I see, but you almost made me spill water with your silly winks the other time" she said, facing him when they got to his car

" So my winks are starting to have effects on you, I'm so glad" he smiled

" Seriously?, Come here" she said and made to grab him but he ran round the car while she chased till he opened the car door and entered

She got in through the other door and held his nose

"I can't breathe!" he said loudly and she held his mouth too

His eyes bulged and he pretended like he passed out on his seat

Elena laughed at his obvious prank

"I'll be your nurse right now, I'm giving you shocks" she said and sat on his laps in his fake unconscious position

Right now she forgot all worries and policy, she just wants to play and be happy

She did her fingers like that of a tiger and pricked his tummy with it

"Shock one" she said and pricked again

"Shock two"

She's about to prick the third time when he opened his eyes and sat up, making her chest hit his own

Her eyes widened and she has no control over them as their faces are almost hitting each other

He smiled and held her cheeks

"You're not a good nurse princess, if someone passes out like that, mouth to mouth resuscitation comes first" he whispered

" That...that... was was just a fake" she stammered, avoiding her eyes though that's Impossible cos he's holding her cheeks still

He smiled and let go of her cheeks before dotting it

"Even if it's a fake, you should have tried" he said

She tried to stand from his laps but he held her back 

She looked at him straight in the eyes and met that handsome smile again..

"I want to...get up from your laps" she said awkwardly

" Not allowed yet, give me a hug first princess" he said

" Are you crazy?" She asked

" I haven't thought about that" he winked

She tried to stand again but he pulled her into a hug while she struggled to break free but he held tight

"Stop struggling, I won't let you go till I'm satisfied, stay still...... please" 

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