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( Love Me Like I Do... )



"You're dead once we get out of here" Elena squinted

" Ion care" Shane smiled and winked again

" I'm not moved" she replied

"That's a lie, my winks can move mountains" he said

" I'm not a mountain" she curved her lips

" I know, but you're a girl, you don't know how many girls are crushing at school" he replied

" I'm not those girls who get fooled by an handsome face" she replied, taking the spoon

" So, what do you like most in a guy?" He asked

" Seriously?, I'm not telling you" she replied and dipped the spoon into the cioppino, she scooped a cautious amount and he opened up

She fed him with it and he held her hand, licking the spoon

"Yummy" he smiled

"My hand" she said and he quickly let go

"Sorry" he said

"It's ok" she replied and continued feeding him

The customers at the restaurant stared at them

"How sweet!, Youths are cool these days" someone said

" Young love is cute* another person added

"I hate this" Elena said, facing the table

"Let's stop" Shane replied and took the spoon from her

She looked up and met his smiling face

Somehow when he smiles, it feels good and she always feels like smiling back

He started eating by himself and she just watched

He has a unique style of eating slowly like a model and she can't help but stare

"You'll bore holes in my body at this rate" he said, looking straight at her but she quickly stared away

" Enjoy the rest" she said snappily before leaving hurriedly

He smiled and continued eating again

He waited till she's done at past seven and drove her home again

"You live alone?" She asked during the ride

"Yes, since my parents death, but Warren comes for sleepovers frequently and I also go for sleepovers at his place too" he replied

" Warren?'

"The guy you saw with me on the day I mistook you for Samantha" he replied


"What about you?, Why are there scars on your wrist?, Why is It always painful anytime I hold it?" He asked

‘if only you know I have it allover my body’ Elena thought

"Elena?" He called again

"Oh....yes?" She replied, waking from her thoughts

"I just asked a question" he said

"I'm not ready to tell" she replied

" But we're friends right?, You can tell me anything" he replied

" Of course I'll tell you, but not now, I don't want to talk about it, at the risk of letting you see my tears" she replied

" It's as bad as that?"

" Worse, is there any word worse than worse? , That's what it is" she replied

" I'm getting the chills" he replied

" You don't have to, I'll be fine, I've always manage through it" she replied

He sighed and pulled up in front of her house

" Thanks for the ride, goodnight" she said and made to step out of the car but he held her back

She faced him questioningly and they stared for what looked like forever before Shane found something to say

"Take care of yourself... Please" he said, letting his voice hold a lot of concern

"Sure, you too" she replied and got down

She waved before getting inside

" Same car" Arabella said immediately she entered

"Mum" she smiled, hugging her

"You got a boyfriend?" Arabella asked

"Come off it mummy, a boyfriend is not the next in line for me so it's not it" she replied

" Then is it a girl?"

" A guy, but just friends" she replied

" Ok, Thomas won't be coming home for two weeks" Bella said

" Yay!!!, I can't be more happy" she screamed

" And another good news" Bella said

" What? "

" You'll be going back to school next week" Bella said

" No you don't mean it, the money is still remaining a lot" she replied

"I borrowed some money from a friend, I'll pay her back once I sell out some of my works" she replied

" Mum...

"It's your wish to go back to school and it's my wish to make your wishes come true so don't feel bad, I'm ok" she replied

Elena hugged her tightly and kissed her cheeks next

"I love you so much mummy" she said happily

"Love you more daughter, so you need to ask for help from someone...

"Shane will help, I'll ask him the admission process" she interrupted

" Shane? "

" Oh, my friend" she replied

"Ok, I made...

" Scrambled eggs? " Elena interrupted

"Beef jerky, I got if from the market" Bella replied

"I can't wait to eat it, finally something in place of scrambled eggs" she replied and went to her room to change

She kissed the teddy first and hugged it too

"I dunno what I should name you yet, should I just call you... Loki?, Yeah Loki" she smiled and kissed her again

Her mind went to Shane and she smiled lightly

"For trying to put a smile in my always sad face.... Thanks" she said

Next day**

Daisy kept smiling while watching TV in her living room

She's not concentrating on the TV at all, all she has in her mind is Cheryl Tanner

"I'll make you regret agreeing to the marriage, so far I'm Daisy Mason, i can frustrate anyone till death" she said, throwing popcorn in her mouth

"big sis" Camila said, climbing downstairs

"No one is here now, call me mum" Daisy replied as Camila took her seat beside her on the couch

She kissed her forehead and gave her the bowl of popcorn

"I've gotten used to it, that's why..but why don't you want me to call you mum when Louis is around?, You didn't tell him I'm your daughter?, You always don't want me to call when you're with him too" Camila said, eating popcorn already

" Honey, I can't let him know I have a child, it'll destroy our relationship, and you know how much I love him" Daisy replied

" So you really don't love Dad anymore?, He did nothing wrong" Camila said sadly

" Look Camila, I got tired of your dad and that's why I left him, so just stop talking about him, it irritates my ears" Daisy replied

Camila stood from the couch and a small tear came out of her eyes

"I miss dad, seriously" she said and went back upstairs

"I don't care, I love Louis now so miss him all you want" Daisy said and continued watching TV


" Whoa!" Shane exclaimed loudly when Elena broke the news of her coming to Golden Brains

The others stared at him but he cares less

"Stop shouting" Elena hushed

"I'm just so happy, you're really coming" he smiled, much happiness radiating in his eyes

" Yes, so do you mind to tell me the admission procedure?" Elena asked

" Since you'll be in same grade with me, there'll be no problems, and besides, the Principal was my late dad's close friend so I'll do everything for you, just sent all your info to my Gmail account, SamShane Love" he said

" Everlasting love" Elena said

Shane smiled, feeling the need to change that

" I wanna eat" he said

"No, not allowed" she replied, standing up

" Why?, Scared of feeding me?" He asked

" Jerk" she stick out her tongue and that made him laugh

" Let's go to the engagement together" Shane suddenly said

" Why?, I'm not even a member of their family and I wasn't invited, I don't even have a nice dress for an outing" she replied

" Too much excuse,..but...

"That's it, I'm not going with you, so shush!" She said like a teacher and walked away quickly

Shane smiled and drank from the water on his table



The hall is ready for the engagement and dignitaries are already coming from far and wide

Louis has refused the offer to show him the lady's picture, he just chose to get to see her today

He entered the hall with a fake smile on his face since he knows exactly what to do, he was snapped unstoppably and he had to tell the photographers to stop

He was welcomed with claps and he gave more of that fake smile as he stood in the front, facing the crowd

His dad and mum are sitting just in front row with Miley

Dre is standing on the stage as the MC, smiling widely and making him wonder the reason for the smile when he knows he's getting engaged with a girl he doesn't love

The sliding door opened and revealed an angel in blue flowing gown but no matter how much her beauty, only Daisy will forever be the only beautiful girl to him.

Camera lights shone on her face as the photographers snapped her nonstop

"But where have I seen her before?, I've seen this face before" he wondered as Cheryl walked elegantly to him with a pretty smile on her pretty face

She was applauded too and she won't stop smiling

"That smile will soon dissappear" Louis thought, smiling too as Cheryl stood beside him, she locked eyes with him and it's obvious on her face that she's in love but he quickly looked away

"The contract engagement of Louis Diamond and Cheryl Tanner which will later lead to marriage will now start" Dre said

The stand containing the rings was pushed forward and it was opened, revealing an opened ring box with two gorgeous rings inside

"Exchange of rings" Dre said

Cheryl picked the first ring and faced Louis with a radiant face

Her happiness is even annoying to him

"I , Cheryl Tanner, I promise to be a good fiancee and potential wife to you Louis Diamond till our marriage, I promise to always listen to you and do everything to make you happy, God help me" she said and slid the ring into his finger

" I can't be more happy" Mr Tanner said

"I know right?, I'm glad" his wife replied beside him

Louis picked the second ring and that fake smile returned to his face

"I Louis Diamond, I promise to be a good fiance and potential husband to you Cheryl Tanner, I'll always listen to you and make you smile, may God help me" he said and wore it on her finger too

Everyone clapped at the happy union and their photos were clicked

"I wish you a blissful engagement" Shane said, appearing before her as one of the well wishers

"Shane!, Give me a hug" she smiled and hugged him lightly

"You look so happy" he said

"Yes, I got engaged to someone I love" she replied happily

Shane looked at Louis and scanned him, he detected his smiles are fake immediately, he's a pro when it comes to giving fake smiles so he detected It

"Treat her well , else it won't go well" he said

Louis kept mute and they locked eyes for a while

"He'll treat me well , don't worry" she replied

Shane smiled at her again before leaving.


The drive to their new apartment was silent

Louis kept chatting with Daisy on phone while Cheryl kept getting goosebumps, not knowing how to start a conversation

Till they got home, no one spoke

They got to the magnificent mansion and Louis opened the door, they went in and Louis made to go upstairs straight but she hugged him from behind

"Aren't you gonna talk to me?, Huh?, We're engaged so let's talk freely with each other, I love you very much, it was love at first sight, I've never been in love before, so you're my first love and I'm glad a got engaged with you, I really can't wait to finally get married with you Louis, I love you very much" she said, smiling behind him and inhaling much of his scent

She rested her back on his back but he suddenly removed her hands from his stomach roughly and pushed her off himself, she fell and hurt her wrist, it sprained

He looked at her with no emotions on his face

"Oh, I think I now remember where I've met you before, the girl I almost hit?, Well you made a mistake by accepting to get engaged with me cos I'll make your life hell....I will never! Be in love with you, Worthless lady !" He ranted and removed the ring from his finger

He threw it at her angrily and it hit her forehead

"You can eat it and let it get stuck in your intestines, I loathe you!" He yelled with angry eyes and left her

Cheryl picked the ring from the ground

"Wh... what .. what just happened?"



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