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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Elena can't take her eyes off him as he walked out of the restroom, holding her in his arms

His eyes held that compassion again and made her wonder why he's doing all these for her

He got to the main store and put her down gently

"I'm sorry that happened, if I hadn't brought you here, that wouldn't have happened, I'm so sorry" he said slowly

" It's...its ok" she replied awkwardly, avoiding his eyes

He smiled and took her teddy from where he had dropped it

"Let's go" he said, she nodded and followed him as he led the way out of the store

They got to the car and he started the drive, throughout, she kept looking at him, wondering what kind of a person he is

"Where's your house?" He asked

"FLA, just beside the flowers store" she replied

"Oh" he replied and turned the car towards that direction

She heaved an heavy sigh and continued looking at him as he drove

"I know I'm handsome but aren't you staring a little too much? " He suddenly said and that made her take her eyes off him quickly

" I'm not... Staring" she defended

He smiled and faced her, then he noticed her hair is still scattered.

He stopped the car and she looked at him questioningly, he raised his hand to her hair and started arranging it neatly

"Your parents will get worried if you go home with your hair like this" he said and concentrated back on arranging the hair

She closed her eyes as he arranged it.

"The hair texture too, same thing" Shane thought and straightened it back with his hand to her shoulders

"All done" he said with a smile before moving the car again

"Thanks" Elena replied, opening her eyes as he moved the car again

"Must you say that at everything?" He replied and looked at her, she quickly looked out of the window and he smiled

He soon pulled up in front of her house and she quickly got down from the car

"Goodnight!" She said fast and rushed in

"Elena" he said slowly and took another look at the house before driving off


"What the hell just happened!" Miley ranted, coming out of the store with her minions

"I don't understand too, like he carried Trash in his arms? " Laurette replied

"He hates contact with everyone especially girls, and now he carried her? " Sydney said

" He even pushed us away and I hit my head on the wall in the process, is it because she looks like his ex?" Miley said, arranging her hair

" That's obviously why" Laurette replied

" What do we do? " Sydney said

" I won't give up, I'll keep trying" Miley replied before getting in the car.


Tanner's mansion**

"Dad when is the marriage?" Cheryl asked for the uptenth time during dinner

"Calm down dear, very soon, as soon as Alan convinces Louis, it'll be easy" he replied

" I can't wait" she replied happily

"But baby, you were against it at first, what caused the sudden give in? " Her mum asked

" You won't understand mummy, all i know is that I can't wait, and.... Are you sure he doesn't have someone he likes already?, No matter how much I'm in love with him, I don't want to destroy his relationship all because of a contract marriage" she said

Mr Tanner winked at his wife

" Yes, Alan told us by himself that he has no girlfriend not to talk of fiancee" she said

" Yes!, I love you both but I love him more" she smiled and continued eating

Mr Tanner exchanged glances with his wife and smiled


Louis sat impatiently in front of his laptop, waiting for Daisy to pick the video call

Her face appeared on screen when she later picked, she's wrapping only a towel on her body, wet as a result of the shower water cos she just took a shower

"How appetizing" he said, feasting on her with his eyes

" How perverted" she smiled and rolled down her hair

"That makes you look hotter,.. damn" he said

"Naughty you, I wanna change into something, close your eyes" she replied, holding the tip of her towel

" I own everything so I ain't closing my eyes" he said with a raised brow

She laughed and took the towel off her body, making her stark nakedness visible

"Lord of mercy, I feel like going into you right now" he bit his lip

"Stop talking dirty" she replied as she walked to the closet to pick a nightie, her backside dangled in the process

"F*vk, I can still come to your house tonight you know" he said

" You dare not, it's late" she replied after picking a night wear

"You don't know how crazy I am when it comes to you.. say, twenty minutes from now, I'll be in your house, I'm sleeping over" he replied and shut down the laptop

He picked his car keys and left his room , he met Miley in the living room, watching TV

"Off to your girlfriend's place?, How sweet" she said

" Tell mum about it, I'll be coming home tomorrow morning" he replied before leaving the house

He drove himself to Daisy's house and went in impatiently, he climbed the stairs and pushed her door open

Surprisingly, she's not in her nightie yet, she's still in her towel

"You really came, I love you Louis, I love you so much baby" she beamed happily

" Thanks for not wearing a nightie yet, it'll be too problematic to take off, but this can be done with just one try" he said and pulled her closer before capturing her lips, he kissed her hard, not giving her any space to breath

He suddenly broke it and kissed her ear, causing an ear-splitting moan from her

"Where's Camila?" He asked

"She's asleep in her room, fast asleep" she replied

He gave her one more stare before pulling the towel off her body

Her breathing cant be more intense when they both traveled to the bed

He went between her legs and sucked on her soft flesh gently

"My gosh!, That feels good!" She whispered softly and he continued doing that for about five minutes

She stripped him when she can't take it anymore,..

"I want it now" she breathed heavily

He smiled and widened her legs before burying himself deep inside her

"Damn!, I love you Louis, I love you" she moaned loudly as he continued slamming deep into her for what looked like forever till they both reached satisfaction...

They went for a shower together and when they came back, they slept on each other on the bed, thinking about the next step

"Hot pie" Daisy called, suddenly sitting up

"Yes?" He replied, sitting up too

"I think I have a plan" she said

"What plan?"

"Get engaged with that girl" she replied

He spranged up


" Shhhh" she shushed him and he went silent, waiting for what she'll say

" It's me you love, I know, but get engaged to her, but make her suffer a lot" she said

" I don't beat ladies and I can never do that" he replied

" I'm not saying that, it's not cool for a guy to beat a lady, but there are ways to frustrate her life so much that she'll leave by herself and tell her dad she's not interested anymore" Daisy said

" Oh...I think I get that" he smiled


"Yes, but won't you be hurt?" He replied, touching her cheeks

"No darling, I suggested it so I can't get hurt, and besides, I'll help in frustrating her life too, don't worry...i love you" she said and drew closer to kiss him

"love you more and more" he replied, kissing her back


Next morning**

" You're now in agreement?, You'll get engaged with her and later get married to her?" Alan said surprisingly when Louis broke the news this morning

"Sure" he replied curtly

"Till yesterday you were declining, why the sudden Change of mind?" Alan asked

" Nevermind" he replied

" I'm disappointed big brother, how could you do that to Daisy, what do you want her to do now?, She loves you so much for crying out loud!" Miley ranted

" Shut up!' Alan cautioned and she rushed upstairs to her room

" I'll call Mr Tanner and inform him about it, we should start preparing for the engagement" Alan said and climbed upstairs

" What was that?, You really mean it?" Tanya asked Louis who only smiled and held her hand

" Don't worry mum, I know what I'm doing" he winked and left for work.


" Daisy I hope you'll be able to take this shocking news" Miley said on phone, deciding to tell her

"What?, That Louis suddenly agreed to get engaged with the girl?" Daisy replied calmly

" Huh?, You're aware?"

" In fact,I suggested it, we have plans to frustrate her life till she'll leave him by herself" Daisy replied

" Gosh!, Why haven't I thought of that, I'm a queen when it comes to frustration" Miley smiled

" I trust you Miley, let's see how it goes" Daisy replied and hung up

" I have the best brother!" Miley gushed


Tanner's mansion**

Cheryl is sitting on her bed in her room, checking out her picture book and smiling

She took most of the pictures with Samantha, she barely has up to twenty personal pictures, the rest were snapped with her

"I wish you're here" Cheryl smiled, touching her face in the picture

She's perfect with no blemish or flaw, it's hard to find someone like that but she's really perfect, she'll always smile even at the hardest time and will have a way to make everyone happy

"The best sis anyone could ask for" she thought sadly

" I'm getting married soon, I wish you're still alive to be at my marriage" she said

"A great news for you Cheryl" her mum entered the room, smiling

"And that is?"

"Your engagement is in three days time"

"OMG he agreed already?"

"Yes, Mr Diamond called just this morning" she replied

" My gosh!, I'm so happy!, But it's engagement, we aren't getting married yet?" She asked

" No dear, it's a gradual process, you both will get engaged and live together so as to get used with each other very well, after that we can proceed to the marriage maybe after a month"

" Oh, that's great, I really can't wait, like seriously" she replied

Mrs Tanner glanced at her photo book on the bed

" My Sam" she said slowly when she saw her

"I miss her so much" Cheryl replied

"Me too, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, those blue eyes are alluring, she's so beautiful, it's so sad that she had to leave like that, though it has been a year but I still imagine her beside me every day" Mrs Tanner said

Cheryl hugged her tightly

" It's ok mum, let's just continue to pray for her soul"



"Buddy" Louis smiled immediately Dre stepped into his office

"I heard you agreed to the engagement, is that really true?" Dre asked, sitting in front of him

" Sure" Louis smiled

Dre stood and felt his temperature

"You're not having a high temperature, are you really ok?" He said

" You're silly, well I'm ok, but I have a plan, for taking the proposal like that, I'm planning something" Louis stated

"I knew it, you're someone who can die a gruesome death because of bitchy Daisy" Dre rolled his eyes

" Did you just say bitchy?" Louis said

" I'm tensed up cos I had to drive here under the scorching sun, that's why I'm talking like that, don't mind me" Dre replied simply

" But it doesn't sound like it, I mean you don't seem to like her at all, you're always talking in a strange way about her " Louis said

"why do I need to like her?, She's your girlfriend, not mine, but I hope you realize that she's not worthy of your love as fast as possible, she's a green snake in a green grass" Dre said, locking eyes with him

" Dre like seriously?" Louis said, getting annoyed

"I told you I'm tensed up, so don't mind my words, I'll see you later.. Dre cares about you" Dre replied and stood

"You're leaving already?, It has barely been ten minutes" Louis said

" I should leave before Mr Alan Diamond will come here and be like; " get out of his office, Louis get to work we're losing Euros" Dre demonstrated and Louis can't help but laugh as Dre left

"That was funny" he smiled but got serious Immediately

" Why the bad talks about my girlfriend?, Dre never talks unnecessarily" he wondered.


Golden Brains high, lunchtime**

"Samantha's sis is getting engaged to Louis Diamond on Wednesday" Shane read on his phone during lunch break

He's in class with Warren and that's because they don't eat cafeteria food

"That must be a contract marriage" Warren said

"What else?, The rich men and their palaver these days" Shane replied, letting his mind go to Elena again

He checked the time. "We still have one hour to spend in school, ion think I can wait anymore, I need to go see Elena" he said

" Wow!" Warren laughed and Shane threw him glares

"Shane" Miley called from the front of the class

Shane looked at her and gave her blank expression

She walked up to them and looked straight at Shane

"I'm sorry for what I did" she said slowly

"What did you do?' Warren asked

" I wasn't talking to you" Miley replied

"Ouch!, What hurts" Warren sat back

"I know you can never change, I know you'll always remain Miley the bitch so your fake apology isn't accepted, and one last warning, though I've warned you before but it won't hurt to do it again...stay away from Elena, and leave me alone cos no matter what you do, I can never like you" he said flatly and left annoyingly

Tears came out of Miley's eyes as she watched him go

Warren stood and tried to wipe her tears but she slapped her hand away

"Don't touch me!" She snapped and walked out


If you guys want to read a bonus chapter by 10:30, make this post reach 4k likes, 1k comments, 150 shares before then....IF IT'S INCOMPLETE, SWEARS I WON'T POST, TRUST ME.


Elena smiled when she saw Shane entering the restaurant but he came earlier than usual

He winked and she smiled, she passed by his table while going to serve another table, he winked again and she almost laughed

He's cute, too cute to ignore

She finished attending to the customers on seat and came to him

"Hey Mr guy" she beamed

"Shane" he replied

"I'm sorry* she replied

" No need to be...by the way you look good in a ponytail" he said

" Thanks" she said, touching her hair

" You came earlier than usual" she said

" Yeah, that's because I wanna... just come" he lied

" Oh"

" You heard about the engagement right?" He asked

"Cheryl Tanner and Louis Diamond?, Of course, it's all-over the news" she replied

" Cheryl is Samantha's big sis" he said

" No it can't be, you said Sam was a waitress here too, how will she be a waitress when she's the daughter of Mr Tanner?"

" That's because she loves making people happy, she believes that serving food to the hungry people will make her happy too, she takes no salary, she does that for free and never let her parents know, I'm the only one who knew about it" he replied, still smiling

" Oh...by the way you've never eaten here before, are you gonna continue like that?, You should eat something" she said

" You really want me to eat?" He asked

" Sure" she nodded

" Are you sure?" He asked knowingly

"Yes" she replied

"Ok, what should I eat?" He asked

"Why will I choose your meal for you?"

" Cos I want you to" he replied

" Ok.... cioppino" she replied

" Serve me" he smiled and face-palm himself

She stood to go get the food from the kitchen

"Shane wants to eat?" Madam Donna asked surprisingly


" Today is a good day then" madam Donna replied, following her to Shane's table

Elena placed the plate of cioppino and wine in front of him.

"Shane this is so strange, you'll really eat here?" Madam Donna asked

" Yes, but on one condition" he replied, looking at Elena

" What condition?" Elena asked

" Feed me" he replied

" What!" Elena exclaimed

Madam Donna started laughing

"Madam, you can let her do that right?"

"No I'm busy, how will you tell me to feed you" Elena said and tried to leave but he pulled her hand , it's not painful maybe because the wounds has dried up.

"She came here to work" madam Donna said

"But there are nine other waiters, and besides, I'm gonna pay for the time she'll spend feeding me" Shane said

" Really?"

" Yes , trust me" he smiled

Madam Donna faced Elena

" Feed him to his satisfaction" she winked

"Madam!..." she complained

Donna left and Elena sat in front of him reluctantly

She rolled eyes at him. "I hate you" she said

"Feed me princess" he winked.




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