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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Dre bursted into Daisy's apartment in fury, not bothering to knock without entering

Daisy is coming out of the kitchen with coffee when he entered, she looks shocked to see him cos all she was expecting is his death news

"Dre, what are you doing here?" She asked, hiding the surprise her voice held

Dre came closer and roughly grabbed her arm, making her coffee cup fall

"It hurts!" She winced

"I don't care!, And the rats you sent, I think they should have called you already cos I taught them something unforgettable" he sounded, still holding her arm

Daisy kept looking at him, unable to speak

"I'm keeping quiet all these days cos I don't want to be seen as a relationship destroyer, but you know what?, Louis will soon find out your dirty little secret and by then, you'll have nowhere to run to, betrayer! " Dre spat before leaving the house furiously

The spot he held earlier is hurting a lot

Daisy fell on the ground and rested on the wall in frustration

"It failed, if he's still alive my secret is not safe" 



Mr guy, you're here again" Elena said immediately Shane showed up at the restaurant 

"Call me Shane, that's my name" he replied, smiling a little

She quietly sat on the chair opposite him

" Judging by your uniform, you're a student of Golden Brains high right?" She asked quietly

" Sure" 

" Gist me about the school" she said with much interest, biting down on her lips just like Samantha does

He quickly looked away before looking at her again but he avoided looking at her lips

"It's an expensive school and there are the best teachers you can find there, it's only for the brilliant" he replied

" Oh, so troll is brilliant? " She raised a brow

"Who's troll?" He asked

"Nevermind, the school fees is two hundred Euros, I have a little bit left to gather" Elena smiled

" You're coming to my school? " He asked 

" Maybe" she replied and grinned like a Cheshire cat

"I can't wait" he found himself smiling too wide

" If you smile wider, your mouth will tear, and why will you be happy just because I'm coming there? " She rolled eyes

" I dunno, let's be friends" he said

" I'm amazed, friends?, I don't even know you" she replied

" Well I'm Shane Richmond, my parents are late and I attend Golden Brains high, a grade twelve student" he replied

" How blunt, well I guess that was some nice introduction" she smiled, stuffing her hand In her hair

" Gosh!, Why do you behave entirely like Samantha" he said loudly before realizing

" Samantha again?, Who's she?" Elena asked

"My ex, she died in a plane crash last year" he replied slowly

"Oh... I'm sorry" Elena replied slowly

"It's ok" he smiled then noticed her arm, she's wearing long sleeve as usual but her wrist is exposed 

His eyes widened when he saw her wrist, it's not close to fresh, full of black marks and scars

He quickly held the hand

"Ha!" She whimpered in pains and he slowly let it go

"What's wrong with your wrist?, Why are there marks and scars on it?, Why do you always wince in pain anytime I touch your wrist? " He asked worriedly

Elena quickly pulled down her sleeves to her wrist level before standing up

"I have customers to attend to" she quickly said before rushing off

" What was that?" Shane wondered


Dinnertime at the Diamonds**

"After dinner, I have an announcement to make" Alan said Immediately they started eating

" Just when I thought no one will speak during dinner today" Miley scowled

" What kind of announcement are you talking about?" Louis said

" Ok if you want me to break it now, I'll do that, Louis you're getting engaged to CEO Tanner's daughter, he wants our company to partner with each other and that's the catch for it" Alan said

" I knew it" Miley smiled

" What are you talking about?" Tanya said 

" Dad was just joking" Louis said and continued eating

"You might wanna know, I don't joke son" Alan replied

"Then I'm not interested, everyone in this house is aware that I have a girlfriend who I'm planning to get married to very soon, I love Daisy and I can never let go of her cos of any f*cking contract marriage!" He yelled, standing up

" How dare you yell at me!, I'm still your dad and you have to respect my decision!" Alan yelled back

" How hilarious, respect your decision?, You've always dictated for me and I've been taking it but not again dad!, I'm not interested!" He ranted and left the dinning, he went upstairs immediately

" Dad, what's the meaning of all these?, Why are you just inconveniencing my brother, is it a crime to be your son?, Why must you always want to control his life as if you gave him the life?, Well I love Daisy just like he loves him so that contract marriage is a no go area" Miley said 

" Then should I freeze his accounts and seize his cars?, He got it all with my money so it won't be bad to take it* Alan said seriously

"Alan!" Tanya exclaimed

"Woman!, Talk to your son, else!, I'll do what I just said, even your account and Miley's account, I'll have to freeze them too" Alan replied and went upstairs too

Dinner over in the most frustrating way ever.


"Warren I saw something surprising today" Shane said when Warren settled beside him on the couch

Warren actually came to sleepover in his house

"What are you talking about?" Warren asked

"I mean.. Elena's wrist...

"Who's Elena?' Warren interrupted

" Oh, the girl at the restaurant" he replied

" Oh, so you're now both close to the point of knowing her name, I was wondering why you've been smiling since, gosh!, tell me more" Warren leaned in more closer

" Well, we talked today, and maybe she might be coming to our school soon, but I saw her wrist today, it's dominated by black marks and scars and when I asked what the problem was, she covered up and left me, and I also detected that she whimpers anytime I touch her wrist, it happened twice" he elaborated

" That's.... not cool, you know we're all not perfect, she might be going through a lot, nobody knows, and that day when you grabbed her arm forcefully, I can't help but notice she whimpered too but slowly, she might really be going through a lot" Warren replied

Shane sat back on the couch and let out an heavy breath

"I wish I can help in whatever she's going through" he said

"I'm glad you're finally coming out of your shell, you're not saying Samantha's name around again" Warren said

" Well that's because I see her as Samantha" Shane closed his eyes


Elena kept sniffing in her remaining tears as Bella helped her apply cleanser on the new wounds 

Thomas did like he used to do again, he beat her black and blue just because he asked for money which she said she doesn't have

"I'm so sorry you have to go through all these daughter, I'm sorry, we can move out of this house you know, let's secretly move out" Arabella said

" No mum, if we move out , we'll use the money we saved for my school to pay rents, no that can't happen, I really want to go back to school and finish my grade twelve mummy" she cried

Arabella hugged her and cried on her shoulders

" I wish i have enough money, I wish I'm not cursed" she said

"You're not cursed mommy" she replied slowly, letting her tears fall too


" Sister in-law" Daisy beamed with smiles when Miley came to her house early next morning

"Wife to be" Miley said, hugging her tight

"It's been a while since you came to see me" Daisy smiled, sitting with her

" I still came last week, just say you missed me" Miley laughed

" Ok I missed you, and by the way, I've been trying my darling's number since last night but it's not going through, I'm so worried, I couldn't sleep last night" she said

" That's why I came, my brother is down right now"

"Why?, What happened? "

" Dad proposed a contract marriage with the daughter of Tanner group of companies" Miley replied

" What!, What about me, I...

"Shhhh, Daisy I'm still with you, and I'm assuring you that the marriage will never work, though he's threatening to freeze accounts and seize cars, I know he can't do that so calm down" Miley assured

But Miley I'm scared... I"

"Daisy, and I told you to keep calm, just trust me" Miley said

" Ok, I'll believe that" Daisy smiled

Miley's phone rang, it's a call from Laurette

"My friends are calling for hangout since it's Saturday, I'll see you around, you're beautiful and you'll be my brother's bride, know that" Miley winked before leaving the house

She got to their hangout spot at a coffee shop and Sydney is already waiting with Laurette

"" Babes" she said, putting her bag on the table after sitting

" What's Poppin" Sydney smiled

"Contract marriage, my bro and Cheryl Tanner, for partnership" Miley said

" What!" Laurette exclaimed

" Well that wasn't a shocked exclamation, I just humoured" she laughed

" Yes I'm not shocked too, I mean..your dad will do anything for money, you should be careful, he might sell you anytime" Sydney said

" Get serious girls, my brother is in a tight situation and his girlfriend is scared" Miley replied

" There's nothing we can do, we can just hope for the best" Laurette said

" By the way Miley, that trashy girl from the restaurant, doesn't she look a lot like Samantha?, When I saw her, I noticed the striking resemblance but the eyes are different, I mean..they damn look alike!" Sydney said

" I thought I was the only one thinking in that direction, I swear, I almost thought it was her till I remembered she's dead and the eyes are different" Laurette replied

" Well, you know I never saw this Samantha of a girl before her death" Miley said

She actually joined the school early this year

"Sydney has her picture on her phone , she might wanna show you" Laurette replied

" Oh.. yeah" Sydney replied and scrolled on Samantha's picture on her phone before giving it to Miley

"Oh jeez!, They damn look alike!, Is Samantha a twin?, This can't just be a coincidence, no difference between them except the eyes" Miley said

" Samantha is not a twin I swear, but saying this can't be a coincidence is wrong, people do look alike" Laurette said.

" But not this much, can't you get it?' Miley said

" Well I'm off, let's meet in evening and hang out till night" Sydney said and blew kisses to the two of them before leaving

" Strange" Miley said, still staring at the picture

*I know right?" Laurette replied.


" Hot pie!" Daisy exclaimed as Louis came into her house later that afternoon

He hugged her tightly and never let go till close to five minutes

"Miley told me about it, but everything is fine don't feel devastated" she said, holding his face in her palms

" Dad never jokes, he never takes no for an answer, I'm scared honestly, it's you I love and want, not some f*cking girl" he replied, holding her waist

" I know, but just be happy now, like right now.... smile for me please, this face isn't cool, ion like the fearful look in it" Daisy said

Louis smiled a bit and kissed her deeply

"I love you, just always remember that it'll always be you" he said after breaking it

" I know, and I love you more" she replied, hugging him again


Alan smiled when he saw Mr Tanner's call on his phone, he picked immediately

"Mr Diamond" Alan sounded

"Mr Tanner, you're good I guess"

"No , I'm not good, the response is taking too long, it took us just a short time to convince our daughter but you're taking ages to convince your son, or should we partner with another company?" Me Tanner said

" No no, why are you talking like this, I already said I need time"

"There's not much time, please, make it snappy" Mr Tanner replied before hanging up

" I guess I have to take action" Alan sighed



Shane smiled immediately he stepped into yummy yummy and sighted Elena

He waved at her and she waved back slowly

But she seems like she's sad today, she's not smiling

He took his seat and watched as she served diligently round the restaurant

Customers kept pouring in in folds maybe because it's Saturday till the late hours of the evening, they still kept coming and she doesn't even have his time

Something close to past seven, madam Donna released her to go home

She went to the kitchen to take off her apron and came back to meet him

"You're here again" she said tiredly but there's something else coupled with that tiredness... sadness

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern
She started walking out of the restaurant and he followed behind till they got out

"It's nothing" she said, not looking back, he just kept walking beside her, hands in pockets

"But Elena you're sad" he said sadly

"Nothing is wrong with me, life is just not treating me well" she replied, finally stopping to face him

There's compassion in his eyes when their eyes met, and surprisingly, she got attracted by that

No one has ever showed compassion to her before besides her mum

"You can tell me anything ok?" He said

"No Shane, not now" she said and continued walking again

" Then smile at least, this frowny face isn't good" he said

She smiled shortly

" I'll take you somewhere" he said

"Where?" She asked

"Get in... please" he said, pointing at his car

" Where?" She asked again

" Should I kidnap you forcefully?" He said

" You dare not" she smiled before getting in..

Normally she'd have declined but this guy is making her feel like they've known each other for a long time

He pressed the ignition and moved the car, the short drive led to a store, a teddy store

"What are we doing here?" She asked

Samantha actually liked teddies and anytime she feels sad, she'll tell him to take her to the teddy store, she'll sit in the middle of cute and funny looking teddies, then slowly she'll forget her sadness

"Just come with me" he said

He'd have held her hand but to avoid causing her pains again he didn't

They went in together and she smiled at what she's seeing , the teddy store is too beautiful with different teddies allover, It's the biggest here

"You just need to sit on the ground, rest your head on the teddies, stare at them, you'll forget about anything that's bothering you" he assured

She decided not to argue, she sat in the middle of the teddies like he said, she rested her head on the big ones and stared at the small ones

Shane sat on a chair behind her and watched her

Just like she said, she forgot her pains and fears that instant cos she's not thinking of anything but the cute teddies

She started smiling and she later grabbed one of it and hugged it

"You want that?" Shane asked behind her

"It's big and too cute!, It'll be expensive" She replied

Shane called one of the attendants and payed for it

"It's all yours" he said

"Gosh!, Thanks very much, I think I'll start being a fan of teddies from now on" she said and hugged the big yellow teddy

He smiled and watched her kiss the teddy , Samantha loves doing that too, in fact her bed was surrounded with teddies

"I'm glad you're now smiling" he said

"Yes, thanks to you" she smiled

" I need to pee" she said

"The restroom is that way" he replied, pointing at a door

"I'll be right back" she said and dropped the teddy for him to hold before leaving

Miley and her minions are just coming into the restaurant when they saw her entering the restroom

"Oh, the trashy girl" Miley said and gave knowing looks to Sydney and Laurette, they entered the restroom too and grabbed Elena's hair immediately she came out

"Ouch!" Came a wince from her

She'd have fought back but her whole body still aches

They kept pulling her hair roughly, three of them at a time

"Trashy girl" Miley said

"Troll let me go" she said

"Let's strip her and snap her pictures, we'll post her as the new Germany bitch" Sydney said and they let go of her hair

Elena tried to walk away but they pulled her back, making her slam her back bruises on the wall and that gave her immense pain

"Ou!" She exclaimed painfully and they laughed at her

"Strip her" Miley said, Sydney and Laurette made to start but someone pushed them all away from Elena, they staggered and fell on each other

"Who's that..."

Miley's eyes bulged when she saw it's Shane

Elena looked up at him, breathing heavily, her hair is all scattered on her face

"A good word to qualify you all will be SHAMELESS" he said and figured out that Elena will be in pains even at the slightest hold on her hand so he decided not to pull her out by the hand

He never hesitated in sweeping her up in his arms, taking Elena by shock but giving Miley and her minions double shock, Elena interlocked her fingers on his neck so she won't fall

"Stay away from her" Shane said bluntly and and left with her in his arms


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