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( Love Me Like I Do... )




The hall is already shinning like paradise and the design is so cool and awesome

Students can be seen mingling and talking, some are drinking while some are dancing, some are chatting while some are just coming in

Shane and Elena belongs to the group of those that are just coming in and all eyes fell on them, they're in all red and they look adorable

Elena did a little makeover which changed her completely while Shane changed his hairstyle and that changed his looks from hot to hotter 

👥 They look too cute

👥 I love Elena's gown

👥 Shane looks hot!

👥 Gosh!, I wish I'm Elena

"You guys are trying to get people killed right?" Warren said

" Warren you look more dope I swear" Elena said

" Saying that to him is not allowed" Shane said

"Your jealousy is reaching the sky" Eros said

" Whatever" Shane replied

" You both look great though, I envy you both" Warren said

"Thanks for envying us" Shane said

" Craziness" Eros said

" Eros you look cuter, like a baby" Elena said

"Seems like we'll have to leave you guys, no more compliments" Shane said and pulled Elena to the dance floor

" Isn't that your crush?" Eros said when she sighted Miley coming in

" F*vk, anyone who told her to wear that is surely something else, she looks hot" Warren said, his mouth dropping

" It's better I leave, I refuse to be oppressed" Eros said and left while Warren only smiled till Miley got to him

"Hey" Miley smiled

"You look stunning, trust me I love what you're wearing" Warren said

" Oh, thanks" she blushed

" I guess we should do something" he said

"What?" She asked

"Will you dance with me?" He asked and her face brightened up

" Yes" she replied slowly and he offered his hand, she took it and they both went to the dance floor together

They moved slowly to the slow song and their eyes refused to leave each other

"You're handsome, sorry I realized that late" she said

" It's ok, but you know you've always been beautiful to me, even when you slap me, I'll always be a fool who follows you around" he said

" Sorry about that, I wasn't in my right senses then, I was still entrapped in obsession back then, but now I'm out of it" she said

" Oh, I'm glad" he smiled

" Do you still love me?" She asked, scanning his face for a positive answer

" I never stopped loving you Miley" Warren replied

"Really?" She smiled

" Definitely, I don't know what you did to me but I just won't stop" he replied

" Then should we make it real?" She said

"Real?" he replied 

She smiled and without giving him the opportunity to think, she kissed him lightly

She broke it almost immediately and scanned his face as if his thoughts was written there

"I love you more" she said, breathing a little heavily

Warren smiled and it grew wider and wider till he grabbed her waist and kissed her hard right on the spot.

"I knew it" Eros smiled from where he's watching from

"Miley is so lucky" Laurette replied beside him

He looked at her and smiled a little

"Sure" he said

"Hey, let's drink together, no harm" Laurette said

"Ok" Eros replied and they clinked glasses.


" You know I'm the view right?, No other one" Shane said during the dance with Elena

" That line, I can never forget it, and of course I know" Elena replied

" Good, you know I'm not scared of heights anymore, cos of the places I jumped cos of you, I jumped a lot while chasing Thomas and the unfortunate guy at the beach the other time" he said

" Good to hear" she replied

" You'll always remain my princess and the love of my life" he said

" You'll always remain my knight in shining armor, my honeydrop, thanks for staying throughout the hard times, thanks for doing everything to ensure my safety, thanks for always being there" she said

" I love you princess" he said

" More more honey" she replied and he bend to her level, allowing her to take over his lips sweetly and deeply while he held delicately unto her.


Two weeks later**

"What the f*ck!" Louis screamed over the phone

"I was expecting this anyways and here it is, Alan is in the hospital, he got an attack after receiving a call" Tanya replied over the phone

" A call?, Or is it as a result of how the company is going down gradually?" Louis asked

" Maybe that's part of it, we're at the family hospital" Tanya replied

He hung up and faced Cheryl

" I'll be back, we'll go for your checkup together when I'm back" he said and kissed her slightly before leaving for the family hospital

Alan is lying sickly on the bed though he's slightly unconscious

The last one week has been problems for his company since the staffs funds hasn't been returned and he wasn't able to pay, many resigned and the company is at the brink of collapsing till he got that heartbreaking call this morning

"Gabby Called" he said weakly

"To say?" Louis asked

"The contract went down the drain, the Filipinos tricked us, they're con artists and their company label was a fake" he said

" You both were tricked or only you was tricked?, Gabby knows about this and I have the evidence" Louis smiled

" I'm just so sorry, for being so gullible, I never knew money can also be detrimental, I never knew it'll be like this, it's a lot of money, I invested a lot and Gabby told me I'll be getting times two, that's why I agreed easily" Alan said

" Even if it's half, you'd have agreed, we all know how much you love Euros and you know what?, I'm glad this happened, at this rate your staffs will sell your company to pay their salaries and I'll be the happiest if that happens" Louis said hurtfully

" I'm sorry, sorry for being a jerk" Alan said

" I'll watch you like this for some days before sending the evidence, till then, be in pains" Louis said and left the hospital, not bothering to wait for Miley and Tanya


Cheis investments**

Daisy walked in confidently with an assurance that what she came for will surely be successful

She met with Louis's secretary yesterday and after paying a huge sum , she agreed to do the job already 

She smiled confidently again as she climbed the lift, she entered his floor and went straight to his secretary's desk

"Hey where's the coffee brewer?" She asked

"That way , but we have a problem, madam is in, CEO is not here" the secretary said

" God damnit Jen, you ruined everything!" She ranted

"Be quiet, I never knew it'll be like that, she's supposed to address the staffs very soon though" Jen replied

" That's cool though" Daisy said and when she sensed the lift is about to open, she rushed into the coffee room and hid

Louis came in and Jen tried to look natural

"Welcome sir" she smiled

"Where's my babygirl?" He asked

" She's in" she replied

" She was supposed to address the staffs" he said

" Maybe she's waiting for you to come" Jen replied and Louis went inside the office

" Sweetheart you're back" Cheryl said, standing up to hug him immediately

"Yes I'm back, we should go to the hospital for your checkup now, you can address the staffs after you come back" he said

" No, I'll address the staffs first, I can still manage" she replied

" No baby, you can't....

"Shh, I'll be fast" she said and pecked him before leaving the office for the conference room

"You don't need to follow me, it's just a five minutes talk" she said to Jen who nodded

Jen entered the coffee room and Daisy smiled

"All set, what do you plan to drop in the coffee?" She asked while making it

Daisy brought out the envelope and gently sprinkled it in the coffee

Jen mixed it with the spoon to make it even 

"It'll make his sexual urge rise and he'll definitely s*x anyone he grabs first cos he won't be able to control the urge no matter how much he tries" Daisy said

" What!, Then you? " Jen said, carrying the coffee tray

" Yes me, after you give it to him, I'll enter immediately he takes it, can't wait to feel him inside me again" she smiled, they both opened the door and shockingly, Cheryl is waiting there with a pipe in hand

"I've been listening to you in the office right from when she came, b*tchy idiots!" She said and hit the metal pipe on Daisy's head, that made her fall and lose consciousness instantly

"Madam I'm sorry...I'm so sorry" Jen pleaded and immediately, Cheryl started feeling dizzy and she went down but landed on Louis arms unconsciously, he actually came there cos of the unusual sounds he was hearing

"Cheryl!, Cheryl!!" He screamed fearfully and then he saw Daisy lying on the ground

"What's she doing here?!" He yelled and Jen ran out of the place immediately .


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