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( Love Me Like I Do...)


(When The Devil Gets Caught...)


Next day, past seven**

" I'm scared" Elena said after all the preparation for the drama

" Don't be scared, you only have to act like you're scared once he gets you" Louis replied.

" He will be fast" Elena said

" But we'll be faster, you always go around with guards but for the fact that you won't be going there with guards will trigger him to make his moves, he'll want to be fast so he won't get caught, but we promise to be faster" Dre said

" Trust us, I can't ever allow anything to happen to you" Carl said

" Be bold Elena" Cheryl said

" Try hard, just keep thinking that Thomas must be brought down today, that's the only way to be free" Arie said

" I love you" Shane said and that made her smile, melting away her fears

She was led out to the car and Arie told the guards to stay back 

Shane got in the car with her and started the drive to Bella's house

Shane drove with one hand and held her hand with the other throughout the short drive

They got down from the car and entered the house when they finally got there

Shane made eye signals to her so she won't talk and she obeyed, they looked around the house without uttering a word, waiting for when the devil will strike and truly after three minutes, the door opened violently and Thomas came in with a lady who seems like his advocate, they're both wearing black jacket and hat on trousers

"I've been following you around, hoping for when your unfortunate guards will forget to follow you and luckily today is the day, did you guys forget to take your guards along today?, How bold" Thomas smiled 

Shane and Elena faked fears and they both started shaking in pretence

"What do you want from me" Elena said tearfully, shifting back as Shane kept holding her hand

"What do you want?" Shane asked
"The smarty-pants is scared too, I told you your case will look like Romeo and Juliet's but you thought I was joking, now reality has come knocking" Thomas smiled and the lady beside him pointed a gun at Elena but Shane covered her

"You killed her mum and dad, you killed her twin and other innocent souls, please stop now, stop please" he said

" I'm not gonna stop till I kill you both and her f*cking dad cos I'm aware the bastard is still alive" Thomas replied and checked the time in his wristwatch

"It's taking too long, three minutes gone already, well your deaths will be extraordinary, after planting bullets in your hearts, I'll rip out your hearts and fry it" Thomas said wickedly and Shane closed his eyes as the lady made to pull the trigger...

"Bravo" Dre said from the door and they both looked back surprisingly

"Nice speech" Dre added and Louis clapped

"Do you know one thing I love about you Thomas?, You always love unique things and I love unique things too cos after killing you, I'll make barbeque sauce with your joystick and feed it to the dogs" Dre said

" So this is it" Thomas laughed

" And here's the next person after you might have killed Elena and Shane" Louis said and Carl came to view

" Thanks for coming willingly, you saved me the trouble of having to chase after you" Thomas smiled

" You'll never have the last laugh after what you did, yes I did wrong but I apologized, so I have no blames anymore, the only wish I have right now is to see you die agonizingly" Carl said, smiling assuredly

" Laura!!!" Thomas shouted as an order for the lady to shoot but Shane was faster

He used the opportunity of Thomas's distraction to bring out the gun Carl gave to him

He shot Laura at the back and she fell, making her gun fall from her and her blood stained the floor

Thomas took over the shooting and Elena had to hide behind a sofa likewise Louis

Shane threw the gun at Carl and he caught it before facing Thomas together with Dre

After shooting all the bullets in his gun , missing all the targets, he threw away his gun and pounced on Carl

Carl's gun fell too and they started an hand to hand combat on the floor

Thomas fought with knife while Carl had nothing but punches

They kept punching and hitting viciously and Thomas succeeded in stabbing Thomas's arm

"You betrayed me!, And even God is aware that I hate betrayers!" Thomas ranted, stabbing him in same place again

" I pleaded, I begged and apologized, I did everything but you insisted on hiding under my mistake to be a beast, you don't deserve to live!" Carl ranted back, punching Thomas's mouth which bled immediately

Dre just stood and watched since it's what Carl wants

"I won't rest till I kill you and your daughter!" Thomas said

" That won't be possible even in your dreams" Carl replied and Thomas stabbed his arm in same spot again

"Aarrgh!!" Carl groaned and Thomas laughed mockingly before trying to stab him again but Carl held his hand with all the strength left in him

Thankfully Carl keeps long nails, he dug the nails into Thomas's belly and Thomas fell off him, the knife fell from him and he cried out in pains

Carl stood and when Thomas tried to stand, he kicked his face and Thomas fell again

Dre is too engrossed in watching to notice Laura is trying to take her gun again, she's still conscious

Elena saw that and just with a cross of her leg, she kicked the gun to Shane who took it but before he could shoot it, Dre shot Laura and she fell and died completely

"Thanks bro" Shane said

"I'd have handed you over to the police but no, corruptive officers might let you go after you might have given bribes, but I'll make sure I end you before leaving, I wanna see your end" Carl said to Thomas who's busy crawling on the ground in pains

Dre threw Carl a box of matches and he caught it

Shane went to the kitchen and brought out the gas cooker, it was left on for some minutes before they all rushed out of the house 

"Goodbye devil" Carl said and lightened a matchstick before throwing it into the house, setting it ablaze, they ran far away from it and stood to watch

It caught fire immediately and the agonizing cries of Thomas can be heard from inside

Carl breathed hard and everyone else

"It's over, Shane you're a genius!, You deserve to be my brother" Louis said, hugging him first

" I know right?, I'm smarter than most Oxford graduates" Shane said

" Are you indirectly talking to me?" Louis said, breaking the hug

" Who knows" Shane smiled

" I just love your guts, I wish I have a junior sis, you guys would have dated" Dre said

" Don't say that again, my girlfriend can be witchy when it comes to me, she'll eat your eyes" Shane replied and Dre smiled before hitting his knuckles with Shane's

"F*ck!, I forgot to make barbeque with Thomas's joystick, it'll be nutritious for dogs, what a waste* Dre muttered and Louis hit him

"Be serious for once" he joked and they both laughed

" My honey" Elena hugged Shane tightly

" My Princess, I told you, and I did it" Shane smiled, hugging her back tightly

Carl's arm is still bleeding but he kept mute till Elena got to him with tears in her eyes

"You're hurt" she said slowly, touching his bleeding arm

"It's ok to get hurt a million times, so far I was able to save you Len" he said

" Dad" she said and walked to the comfort of his arms, feeling the fatherly love as they hugged and he stroked her hair

"I love you dad" she cried

"I cherish you daughter" Carl replied

" I'm jealous" Shane whispered and Louis hit him

"That's her dad you jerk" he said

"It doesn't matter, I'm still jealous" Shane pouted.


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