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( Love Me Like I Do...)


(When The Devil Gets Caught...)


A week later**

Golden Brains prom is two days to come and students are preparing hard towards it, all students except Elena who kept saying she's not going for prom

"You will not do what?" Miley said beside her

Surprisingly they've become close, maybe close friends since her mum's burial even Laurette and Sydney

"I'm not gonna attend prom" Elena insisted

"So you're just gonna miss all the highschool fun?" Sydney said

" I'd rather die than not go" Laurette said

"Elena please don't do this, go with us huh?, Please princess" Miley said, mimicking Shane and Elena smiled

" Silly you, I'm not going" she said

"Can you just stop being stubborn?, Gosh!" Miley said

" She'll be coming, you girls don't have to worry" Shane replied, sitting in front of Elena

" I'm not coming, I already told you" Elena replied

"Then should I just go with another girl?" Shane teased and Elena rolled eyes at him

"You don't dare" she said

"Then just come with me please princess, should I sing for you before you'll go with me?" He asked

" Maybe" Elena smiled

Shane stood and cleared his throat.



By now everyone including Elena is already laughing

"I swear I won't buy your album if you decide to start singing" Warren said

" You have cool lines but your voice is whack" Eros said

" My ears almost got bursted" Miley said and everyone laughed

"What about you?, What do you think about my voice?" Shane asked Elena

Elena smiled like someone who's about to say something nice

"Worse" she smiled and the smile on Shane's face dropped

" You too?, Gosh!' he said, falling on a chair

"You have a bad voice" Warren said

"Stop talking and shut that mouth" Shane said, standing up

He walked towards Warren but Warren rushed out of the class

Shane shut the class door and came back to sit

"Open this door!" Warren shouted from outside, banging on the door

" No way" Shane replied

"But don't worry, even if your voice is worse, it still sounds like the best tune to my ears" Elena said 

"that sounds sweet" Shane smiled

" So are you going to prom?" Miley asked

Elena looked around and saw the look of expectancy on Shane's eyes then decided to go

"I think so" she replied and they all jumped up for joy

"Yes!" Shane screamed out loud

"Hi" someone said by the door and Elena's face lit up when she saw Arie and Cheryl 

She followed them out together with Shane and they left the school just like she had promised, they ate lunch together at a private restaurant


A private restaurant**

"Thomas hasn't stopped sending threatening messages right?" Cheryl asked during the lunch

" Of course, he sends threatening messages every minute and I can't help but think of killing him everytime I see his messages" Shane said

" Well all he can do right now is bark but no bite" Cheryl replied

" But it doesn't make sense" Shane said

"What?' Elena asked

" Having to watch our steps everytime, being cautious every minute, going around with guards just because of him, is this how it's gonna continue?, I mean it seems like we have to make a move too if we really want this to end" Shane said, smiling when a thought crept into his head

"What move?" Arie asked

"You'll get to know tommorow, we should carry out my plans tomorrow, I'll have to contact Carl, Louis and Dre" he replied

" We'll be waiting then, but hope it's not dangerous" Cheryl said

"Of course it is, but life needs a little bit of risk right?" Shane smiled

" Shane.." Elena said fearfully but Shane faced her and held her hands

" Trust me the cops will never get Thomas and you know what that means, so just believe in my words, I'll bring him to book, I'll end his life myself tomorrow" Shane said

" What if it doesn't work out?" Arie asked, obviously scared too

"Stop being a pessimist ma'am" Shane smiled

" Alright I'll wait optimistically then" Arie sighed, looking at Cheryl

" Yes mum, let's be optimistic" Cheryl smiled

" Wait...your eyes changed, it looks pale and somehow, and now that I think about it, you look fatter" Arie said, checking her out

" Of course, my sweetheart is taking good care of me so I have no problems, and for my eyes, maybe it's because of the cold atmosphere today" she replied

" Bragging about your hubby again huh?" Arie said

"Of course, he's the best of the best" Cheryl replied

" But Shane is the best of the best of the best" Elena smiled

" Sweet" Arie winked and stuck hands with Elena

"My cheeks are red, I'm blushing" Shane said, fanning himself with his hands like a girl

Cheryl hit him playfully. "Silly boy" 


"Who are you?" Daisy asked the guy standing by her door when she opened it

" From sir Martinez" he replied, handing something in a small envelope to her

She smiled and took it. "Wasn't expecting it to come so soon, but it's ok, you can leave" she said and closed the door before going back in

She sat on the sofa and placed her legs on each other before starting to admire the drug

"Just this....is enough to destroy them, I'm still Daisy Mason" she laughed


Cheis investments**

Cheryl got back to the company and entered all smiles in a hurry to see him again

The staffs greeted respectively as she walked gracefully to take the lift

Coming out of the lift, she entered their office straight and crashed on Louis on his seat, almost making them fall

"You're back" Louis smiled, holding her waist to himself

*Sure, I missed you" she replied, sitting on his laps properly

" Wait you left here less than two hours ago" he replied

"But still I missed you, i had lunch with mum, Shane and Elena, it was the best" she replied

" Too bad I had lunch alone" Louis smiled and kissed her lightly

" I just had my lunch" he said

" I had a top up" she replied and they both laughed

"But you added weight, are you getting fat?" He said

" I think so, well that's one of the features of a lady who gets a lot of care from her hubby" she smiled

" We got three proposals already, let's work on it together" he said

"Alright baby" she replied, getting off his laps

His phone beeped immediately and when he checked, he smiled

"What was that?" Cheryl asked

"Nothing much, Shane just suggested something" Louis replied calmly

" Oh, I guess that's what he was talking about earlier, you guys should be safe" Cheryl replied

" Of course, I should call Dre" Louis replied.


MD textiles**

Dre just finished supervision for the day, he got to his office very exhausted and fell tiredly on his chair

"I really need to think twice about this supervision of a thing, how stressful" he thought 

" Sir Marcus" Tara's voice said by the door

" Come in" he replied quickly

She came in with a tray of snacks and juice which she placed in front of him

"You've been supervising for close to an hour, you must be tired so I thought of getting you snacks" she said

" That's so thoughtful of you, thanks for saving this starving soul" Dre smiled, taking a hamburger

" By the way, I need to get back to work" she said

" Wait" he said quickly

" Yes sir?" She replied, facing him

"How many times have you followed the van today?" He asked

" Three times" she replied

" Then sit here and let's eat together ok?" He said

" But there are still deliveries to make" she replied

" And there are still staffs who can follow the vans, stay here" he said

" Oh. Ok" she replied, sitting in front of him

"good, now let's eat together miss Tara" he smiled

"Whoa!, You called my name for the first time, it sounds good though" she blushed

" Good to see you blushing" he said

" I never blushed" she replied, covering her face

" Seriously you're special" he said, making her blush more and she started feeling much heat even at the fact that there's enough air conditioner in the office

"Stop the compliments, it's making me blush uncontrollably" she said, blowing air from her mouth

"I'm saying this cos I don't know how to keep things, you're interesting but crazy, cute but psycho..." He said and Tara stood abruptly, walked fast to him and blocked his mouth with her palm

"One more compliment and I'll kill you sir, stop making me blush" she said, rolling her eyes

Dre smiled despite his obstructed mouth before pulling her to his laps suddenly and that made her hand leave his mouth and a gasp escaped her lips

"You're beautiful...I mean it" he said seriously, staring at her face and right in front of him, her cheeks turned bright red

He smiled and she quickly stood from his laps, holding her face 

"I hate you Dre, I hate you" she said cutely and rushed out while Dre smiled then giggled silently

" She called my name, sounds great" he smiled

Louis's message beeped on his phone and he smiled after reading it

"So I'll have to warm my fist tommorow, I need some bullets for my gun" he said


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