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( Love Me Like I Do... )


Two days later**

Crying and wailing filled the sad atmosphere at Bella's burial as she was lowered into the grave

Elena's face is too red from excess tears, she has been crying since she woke up yesterday in the hospital

Bella's death came as a big blow to her and it hurts more cos she didn't get the chance to tell her she has forgiven her before she actually died gruesomely

"Mum" she said for the uptenth time, Shane held her hand and she looked at him sadly

"She's gone, she's really gone" she said slowly

"Yes, just hope for her safe journey to heaven, I'm sure she has been forgiven" Shane replied and drew her closer to console her, that's what he has been doing since Bella died

Even throughout the hours Elena spent in the hospital when she fainted as a result of shock, Shane stood by her though the doctors did a lot before she came back to life

"She narrowly escaped death" the doctor had said when she finally woke up

Carl just sat somewhere in the ground, crying slowly with Dre beside him to console

"I went out to get drugs for her fever but unfortunately, I got into a slight accident and lost consciousness for a while , I woke up after an hour in an hospital and I had to rush home for the fear of Thomas, only to meet that painful scene" Carl had told the cops when he was asked for his own part of the story

"Never knew you're somehow connected to me when you helped me with my tyres back then" Dre said

" The world is small" Carl sniffed

"He once tried to kill my friend too, thankfully I was there to save her with just a little trick, never knew he's the monster you created, but notwithstanding, Thomas is a beast on his own and don't worry, I'm involved now and I think we'll get him" Dre said

Arie, Louis and Cheryl are in attendance too and when Elena finally left Shane, she hugged Arie , still crying profusely

"Sorry dear, I'm so sorry this had to happen, I'm so sorry" she said, touching her hair slightly

Elena's tears wet her blouse but all what matters to Arie is stopping her from crying

Warren and Eros are in attendance too and Miley suddenly showed up

"I'm sorry about your loss" she said slowly

Elena looked up from Arie's arms and went to her then hugged her without thinking

"Miley what should I do?, She left me already, The beast killed her" she said on Miley's shoulder

Miley was unsure of what to do at first but she later hugged her back and said soothing words to her too

"It's fine stop crying, the cops are already taking steps on how to get the killer, they'll get Thomas don't worry" she said

" Mr Carl Clemson" Arie said when she got to him

He looked up with teary eyes and Arie sighed. "It's sad we have to lose her this way but don't you think you should stop crying now and start looking for ways to protect yourself and Elena?, I'm sure he knows you're still alive already and Elena's life is in danger cos he's threatening to kill her, Please let's do this together, let's protect this girl, Samantha is gone and I'm even starting to think that he killed her , Bella is gone and he was the one who killed her too, I'm sure till he gets both of you he'll keep killing the innocent ones, but getting Elena is what I'm not gonna allow, even if it means sending her out of the country" Arie said

" Sending her out of the country won't be a good idea cos we all know Thomas will follow her everywhere just to take her life, I'll protect my child, if you wanna help please do, but I'll protect her too" Carl replied

" It's fine, so now I'm suggesting she comes to my house to live with me' Arie said and Carl smiled sadly.

"Trust me she'll never leave her boyfriend, Bella told me how much they love each other and I've witnessed that too" he replied

" Then they can both live with me" Bella replied

"discuss it with them first" Carl replied 

The burial ended after some minutes and almost immediately, Shane got a message from same number that messaged him last time during the vacation at Cinderella vacation estate


Shane's phone almost fell from his hand as he read

Saying the first and second bitch is gone only means one thing

He killed Samantha!

Louis read it and was beyond shocked too

"He killed Samantha" he said

Cheryl checked it out with Arie and Carl

"He killed her too, this man won't stop till he's satisfied but I won't give him that joy, Elena why don't you come stay with me in my house?" Arie asked

Elena held Shane's hand immediately. "I can't leave him" she said

"I never said you should leave him since he's apparently not safe too, you both should come and stay with me" Arie said

Elena looked at Shane and Shane nodded

Elena looked at Carl for a while and smiled sadly. "Thanks for loving my mother" she said

"I'm sorry" Carl replied soberly

" It's ok, I hope to see you around" she replied and got in the car with Arie and Shane

They drove to Shane's house to get their things before going to the Tanner's mansion

"So finally you brought her, you did what you said" Gabby said immediately they entered the house

"Oh stop please!, Her mum just died and she's Samantha's twin, can you spare her sympathy?" Arie snapped and Gabby stopped talking

Arie showed them to different rooms but Elena refused to use a different room

"I'll be scared to sleep alone, please let me share a room with him" she said, holding Shane again

Arie looked at Shane and he nodded. "It's fine, there won't be a problem" Shane said and Arie agreed, giving them the second biggest room in the house

"It's Samantha's when she was still alive, you'll still smell her scent" Arie said

" Yes, I can" Shane sniffed

" Feel at home, nothing is gonna happen just put your mind at rest ok?" Arie said 

" Thanks ma'am" they both chorused and she left them

Elena sat on the bed and Shane bent in front of her

"I need to get Loki from the house" she said

"I'll get it for you later today, and please you can't start crying again, if you do, I'll cry too" Shane replied

" I promise not to cry" she replied

" That's my girl" Shane smiled.


Miley got home sad, seeing Elena's tears really affected her somehow and she feels a lot of pity for her

"How's the burial?" Tanya asked, sitting beside her

" Burials are always sad, but this is the saddest" Miley replied

"I know right?, She died in a painful way" Tanya replied and looks surprised when tears fell from Miley's eyes


"I'm just....sad for her, she lost her mum at such a tender age, she's my age mate mum, and her mum is so pretty, can't believe that beast killed that beautiful woman" Miley cried and Tanya had to hug her

" It's ok, stop crying sweetheart" she consoled

"Truly people change and they say change is a gradual process but.... Miley's change came fast, and I'm glad" Tanya thought.

" What about dad?" Miley asked suddenly

"I confronted him about the deal last night but do you know what he said?" Tanya replied

" He said he did it for Euros?" Miley replied

" Correct, I've contacted my friend in India, she'll help me ship in jewelries from there and I'll be in charge of a big jewelry store soon, I think Alan will soon go down, he'll lose Euros for real this time" Tanya replied


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