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( Love Me Like I Do... )



" Billions of dollars?, Your dad is a fool, sorry to say, I never knew dad is going to get him so easily, your dad staked a lot of money, too much for first timers" Cheryl said after Louis told her the news, it was actually Tanya who called to tell Louis

"Mum will be running one of the biggest Jewelry store here soon so I have no problem with that, I can take care of Miley and mum with myself, it's dad's luck, I saw it coming anyways and he deserves it, but I don't think your dad will go without a scratch too" Louis said

" Of course, they'll both be getting the result of their greediness and foolishness soon and I can't wait to watch them clash and crash, thankfully mum has her own share, she's running a different part of the company so she gat no problem and I have none too so far we're together" she replied

" Sure" Louis smiled

" I really pity Elena, but I'll try my best to make sure she's happy, I trust mum will do the same" Cheryl said

" I know right?, Let's just hope the beast gets caught on time" Louis replied



Shane got Loki for Elena from the house as promised and she held it till Shane finished showering in the bathroom

He slipped into a shorts and shirt before coming to her

He lay on the bed and she slept on him, still holding the teddy

"Thanks for dating me" she suddenly said

"Why?" He asked

" Not all boyfriend can do this for their girl , I mean staying with her when she needs you, you're always there Shane and I'm just so grateful I met you" she said

"it's ok, I love you so I'll do anything to make you happy, just don't cry anymore, we're safe I promise" he replied

She snuggled closer to him and inhaled softly

"Goodnight" he said and then Arie knocked

"Come in" Shane replied and she came in

She smiled when she saw them in that position . "Goodnight lovebirds, and Elena promise me you'll eat more tommorow" she said

Elena only ate little during dinner and that was even possible because Shane persuaded her

"I promise" she replied

"Good girl, goodnight to you both" Arie replied and left the room

"Goodnight honey" Elena said, closing her eyes

"Same here princess" he replied


Two days later, 7pm, Golden Brains high**

Miley had to sit for ten minutes before Warren showed up, it's the last day they'll be working on the project cos prom is next week Friday and exams follows then project presentation

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" Warren said when he arrived

" It's ok" she replied as he settled beside her

They've gotten used to each other in the process of the project and they talk freely now

"I had to take my sis to the hospital" he said

"What!, Is she ok?" She asked worriedly

"Yes, just indigestion, she's ok now" he replied, smiling as he opened the laptop

" We're only dealing with the last part today, we're spending less than thirty minutes and we'll be done" he said

" Thirty minutes?" She said sadly

" Yes, so let's start" he said and started the copying and pasting from online sites to her notepad

Throughout everything, she kept smiling and staring at him as if he's a god

Everything about him is cool and interesting, she stared at his fingers as he typed and concluded that he has the best fingers and then his face.

"I can't believe I never noticed his handsomeness" she thought

"So...I think this where we should stop at, should we go for our date tomorrow?" He asked, looking up to catch her staring

" oh..... tomorrow, tomorrow by 7pm" she replied awkwardly

" I'll text you the location" he replied

*Ok but Warren" she said

" Yes?" He looked at her

" You don't have a girlfriend right?" She asked

" Capital letter NO" Warren smiled.


Next morning, MD textiles**

" Tara is not here yet?" Dre asked while passing by the SR office.

"She's not around yet" Joanne replied

"Oh, ok" Dre replied and left for his office

" You think there's something going on between them?, Everytime he comes here and ask same question, where's Tara?" A lady said

" Shut up and stop the blind gossip" Joanne cautioned.

Getting to his office, Dre sat and prepared to go for first round of presentation

"It's unlike her to be late, I wonder what's wrong" he thought, picking his phone to dial her line but her voice stopped him

"Sir Marcus" she said from the door 

"Come in" he replied, dropping the phone

She came in all smiles with a small box

"I'm sorry for my lateness sir but you told me to eat and it took a while before my gas cooker worked this morning I'm sorry" she said

" It's ok but why are you sweating?, It's still so early?" He asked

" Oh, I got you this" she said, dropping the small box on the table

Dre picked it, wondering what's in as he opened

It's a necklace surprisingly

"I know it's cheap but it's just my gift to thank you for taking me in" she said

" It's cute" Dre smiled

" You think so?" Tara asked..

"Definitely, I love it" Dre replied, admiring it

She came to him and took it from him. "I'll wear it for you" she said and went behind him before he could talk

She fixed it on his neck and what she did after that is shocking, she hugged him from behind

"Fifty Euros" Dre said, wondering why

"Thanks for hiring me Mr ugly face" she said into his ear before letting him go

"Ugly face again?" Dre said

"You still call me fifty Euros so we're even sir, goodbye uglyface and I'm glad you like the gift, have a nice day sir" she waved and walked out of the office

Dre smiled widely, checking out the necklace. "She's stylishly disrespecting her boss and it's funny, she's interesting" he chuckled

" Mr uglyface?, Gosh she's silly and I won't even stop giggling at the silliness" he laughed.


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