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( Love Me Like I Do... )


" I'm used to it so it's fine" she replied

"No it's my company and I decide weather it's fine or not, there are six others and I'm paying everyone the same amount, please don't do that again, you're intensionally cheating yourself" Dre said

" Ok sir, by the way thanks for the clothes and shoes in the morning, and the bags, thanks for..."

" Fifty Euros please...I'm tired of hearing thanks over and over again" he interrupted

" I'm sorry sir, ok I need to go" she replied

"Ok" he replied simply as she stepped out of the office 

Dre prepared to go home after some minutes too, he grabbed his car keys and left the office

Only Joanne is left in the SR (sales representatives) office

"Where's Tara?* He asked

" She left some minutes ago" she replied

" Oh, ok have a nice night rest" Dre said

"Sure sir" Joanne smiled as Dre left work

He got to the parking lot and got in his car then started the drive home but just few meters from the company, he sighted Tara trekking him with the two bags of clothes with her

He parked beside her and wind down his window glass

"Sir" Tara smiled immediately she saw him

"Hop in" Dre said

"No, that won't be proper" she replied

" What's proper and what's not?" Dre asked and Tara only stared

" No one knows, so get in fifty Euros" Dre said and Tara smiled before coming in, sitting beside him at the front seat

She noticed it's different from the one she bursted the tyre the other day

"You must have a lot of cars" she said

"Just five" he replied

"What!, Five" she exclaimed

"What?, My bestie has close to ten" he replied

" You're rich" Tara said

" Of course, I own one of the best textile industry in Germany, what were you expecting" he replied and her stomach rumbled

" You didn't eat lunch?" He asked

"Yes, I was following the Vans and.."

" Did you eat breakfast too?" He interrupted

She looked at him and their eyes met as her stomach made the funny sounds again

She held her stomach lightly and decided to tell the truth

"No" she said slowly

"What!" Dre said, bringing the car to an halt abruptly

"I was rushing so I didn't have time to eat" she said slowly

"You didn't eat breakfast nor lunch but yet, you did so much work, are you trying to get yourself killed?, Get down" he said and came out of the car

Coincidentally they're in front of a restaurant, she got down from the car too

"The next time you come to work without eating or skip lunch, I'll really get mad" he said and led the way into the restaurant while she smiled and followed behind


Shane's house**

"I told you I wanna keep working part time at the restaurant, it keeps me busy" Elena complained, following Shane around the house Immediately they came back from school

He refused to let her go work part-time and he told her she's not working part-time anymore

"Our project will keep you busy and if that's not enough to keep you busy, you can kiss me all day" he said, sitting on the sofa but she won't let him rest too

"Please please please please" she kept repeating the same thing

*And I said no, think about Thomas and just agree already" he said

" We have guards" she replied, holding him from the sides and resting her head on his back

" Gosh, you're so stubborn, sometimes guards might lose guard" he replied

Elene hugged him from behind and caressed his tummy gently

"But I have you, you're more than five guards to me" she said

He smiled and faced her. " that sounds sweet but no, you aren't working part time at yummy yummy restaurant anymore" he said and made to turn back but she kissed him slowly

She parted her lips from his and winked

"Say yes" she said

"No Princess" he replied and stood but she jumped on him and held tightly, touching his manly breasts

"No matter how much you try, it'll be no, reason with me Elena, it'll be easy if you go there, he might just attack you anywhere" Shane said

Elena came down from his back and kept a straight face

Shane sat and brought her to his laps. "Hey babe, trust your boyfriend ok?, Just let's cancel it for now till when it'll be settled, and think about your mum too, she'll be hurting, and your dad, I mean Carl" Shane said

Elena looked at him and held his hand. " I miss mum, but when I think of what she did again, I can't help but be annoyed with her" she said

" I understand, but try to consider her too, I'm sure she was scared, that's why it took so long" Shane said, looking deeply into her eyes as if for an answer

She hugged him tightly and he reciprocated

"I love you" is the only sentence she could form

"More more princess" he replied.


Bella's house**

"You won't eat again?, Please Bella, I'm sure she'll come around" Carl said, trying to make Bella just eat a little but she won't

"I can't eat, tell me how I'll have an appetite for food Carl, just tell me how I'll be feeling like eating when my daughter hates me" she cried.

" Those tears again, I went to see her in school today but she doesn't want to see me, her boyfriend told me she needs time and that's exactly what we're gonna do, let's give her time" Carl said

" Then I'll wait till she forgives me" Bella replied

" Even if it's not this year at all?" Carl said

"I don't care" Bella replied

Carl dropped the spoon and stood

"Gosh, this is hard, but thankfully she has guards now, that plus her boyfriend should be enough to scare Thomas" Carl said


Tanner's mansion**

" You've been smiling since you came back from school, did you get bitten by a smiling bug?" Tanya asked, looking at Miley who still kept smiling

"Nothing much, maybe I'm just happy" she replied

"Oh, I want more of days like this, by the way I talked to your brother today and he told me it's been long since you called or even came to see him" Tanya said

" That's because I'm.... ashamed, there's no way I'll meet him without facing Cheryl, I've wronged her and I don't know what to do" Miley replied

" My daughter is finally talking like a sane human, well it's simple, apologize to her" Tanya replied and Gabby came in immediately

Without talking to anyone, he went upstairs but a paper fell from him and Tanya picked

Miley and Tanya looked at it together and screamed

"Billions of Euros invested for first timers!"

"I think we'll soon be begging for alms, this is the height of it" Miley said and picked her bag on the couch before leaving the house

"Alan!, Alan!" Tanya Called, climbing upstairs.


Next day, 7pm**

Bella stayed in her house, waiting for when Carl will come since he left a while ago to get her drugs

She's down with fever seriously when she won't stop crying

A knock sounded on the door and while thinking it's Carl, she opened the door but shockingly it's the devil himself by her doorstep with a smirk on his wicked lips

"Tom,... Thoma.. Thomas" she stammered, shaking like a drenched chicken

He came in fully and smiled. "I see your lover isn't dead but don't worry, I killed him once so I'll just kill him again after killing you, I'll send him to heaven too so you won't feel lonely" Thomas said

Bella's tears fell more as he kept coming and she kept shifting back

"Thomas I've begged for forgiveness a lot of times but..

" Stop talking about forgiveness cos you don't deserve it!, And that's why I killed Samantha and I'm planning to kill Elena right after killing you" Thomas glared

" You.....you... killed Samantha?" Bella said shakily

" She's so naive, it was one hard task cos I had to hijack the plane and kill the pilots, I left the plane with a parachute and it crashed, it's a pity that the other fifty passengers had a die with her" Thomas laughed wickedly

" Why are you so wicked" Bella cried, rushing to him

She grabbed his collar tightly

"Why are you so devilish and diabolical!!" She cried to his face

" Cos you made me like this and you deserve nothing but a gruesome death!" Thomas spat and grabbed his knife.

Without pity, he shoved it into her eye.


Twenty minutes later**

Shane's car stopped in front of the house and he came out with Elena

He came with her since she said she's missing her and wants to see her

Shane took her hand and they both went in but the frightful sight caused Shane to let go of Elena's hand

Bella's body was hanged and blood is dripping out of it cos her eyes has been gouged out and her belly has been slashed and stabbed, making some of her intestines reveal..

Her blood has formed a stream that's flowing round the room

Elena's lungs got blocked and air got filtered out of them as her eyes started threatening to fly out of their sockets as a result of Immeasurable shock

"Aarrggghhh!!!!!!!" She screamed out the remaining air in her lungs and fainted in Shane's arms immediately and shockingly she's not breathing 

"Princess!, Princess!!" Shane called in tears as she looked up at Bella's body again

"Madam Bella!!!!!!" He screamed.


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