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( Love Me Like I Do... )


Miley smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Tomorrow will be fine" she said

"Ok, tommorow it is, where should we meet at?" Warren asked eagerly

" Let's meet in the school at night, that's the only available silent place" she replied

" Ok, then see you tommorow, 7pm" he said

"Sure, 7pm" Miley replied and smiled again before walking away

Warren smiled widely and almost screamed

"Enough of the snubbing, I can't lose this chance!" He said to himself happily.


D-Royals group of companies*

The meeting with the company men from the Philippines is just ending with Gabby in attendance too

Gabby and Alan saw the men off to their cars before going back to Alan's office together

"I'm somehow scared, though they look trustworthy and rich, but the invested money is too much, you know I'll go down the barrel of bankruptcy if the returns don't come back on time, the workers salary is part of the fund" Alan said 

" Wait Alan, don't you trust me?, We've been on this partnership of a thing for almost two months and everything has been going well with your company Alan, just trust me, I've worked with these men a couple of times before introducing them to you" Gabby replied carefully

" I'm not doubting you, I know you've been working with them for a long time but what if they change to crooks now that it's my time, Gabby try to understand the point I'm tryna make" Alan said

Gabby stood and smiled. "they dare not, I'm the great Gabby Tanner, owner of the biggest company in Germany, you think they'll dare do that?, in a matter of three weeks your cash will arrive with the returns, it's valid, trust me" Gabby replied, smiling mischievously

" I'll trust you, I choose to trust you" Alan replied though deep inside him he's not settled.


Cheis investments**

"Good job everyone, you've all done a good job, thanks for the job well done" Louis said to the group of arrangers that has been working since morning and surprisingly they finished everything today, making the whole building set for work and the finishing touches has been applied to the needed places

"Thanks sir" they all replied, walking out in twos and threes since they've all been payed 

"What next?" Cheryl asked, facing Louis

"Let's bless this place" Louis replied, grabbing her waist

She gasped and looked at him straight in the face

"With what?" She asked sweetly

"Something sweet" he replied

"I need an hint" she replied

"You don't need an hint baby, you'll get it once I start" he replied and made her back hit one of the office tables gently then bent over to her lips and kissed her

She responded with same desire to kiss his lips and that added mildness to the kiss when his thumb rubbed delicately on her earlobe

"Sweetheart" she said amidst the kiss and he bit her lips gently as if to make her say that again and it worked, she opened up and he gained unrestricted access to her mouth instantly, making her call his name every minute, all the sweet names she can remember

He broke the kiss gently and smiled naughtily

"This is what you call blessing?" Cheryl giggled, pulling his cheeks

" Ei!, Well yes it's the best blessing a building can ever receive" Louis smiled and arched his full brows

" Now that I think about it, we're gonna give birth to cute babies" she said

" I know right?, We both gat the looks" he smiled

"Sure, if i give birth to a girl someday, I'll name her Samantha, Samantha Diamond" Cheryl said

" You really love her so much" Louis said

" Of course, but Elena is here, it's better" she smiled

" So what if we have a boy someday?" He asked

" You'll be the one to name him" she replied

" Then I'd like Teddy, Teddy Diamond" Louis said

"That's cute" Cheryl replied

"I can't wait for that time, and get ready for a lot of troubles when I finally get pregnant, I'll feed you with troubles every blessed day" Cheryl winked, hugging him eventually

" I'm ready, cos I can't wait to be a father too" he replied

"About your dad earlier, don't take it to heart" she said slowly.

" I won't, I've always seen his immaturity and I'll just take what he did earlier as one of it" Louis replied

" I'm glad my everything won't have to brood" Cheryl smiled, kissing his chest fondly

" There's nothing to brood about babygirl" he replied

She walked away from him into the main office in that compartment, they're actually in the top floor

"Thankfully the office is big enough for the two of us, I won't want s*xy employees to take you away so we'll share the same office and I'll stare at your face while working" she said

" Silly girl" he chuckled and took her hand as they walked out of the big office


MD textiles**

"Good job today, good job" Dre said to his workers as he supervised the last round of fabrics to be made for today

It's almost time to get off work

"Work harder so you guys can rest for the day" he said, walking to another lane

He has more than twenty workers in his fabric workshop who work on a daily basis to produce the best

"Mary, add more color, I've always told you it will fade if the colour isn't enough, and it will wash if the color is too much so just the needed colour should be added,no extra and no deduction" he said

" Yes sir" the lady replied

" Say such wouldn't repeat itself again" he said

" Such wouldn't repeat itself anymore" she smiled and Dre stuck hands with her and continued his supervision till they're done for the day

"You've all done well, expect a bonus by the end of the month" he said and they all gasped

👥 Thanks boss

👥 He's so kind

👥 Sir Marcus is the best

👥 I wish he'll marry me

He chuckled at that particular comment as he left the workshop, coming out to the packaging office where the sales for tommorow is still getting packaged

"Be fast, it's getting dark" he said

"Yes sir" 

He left there and stepped into the sales representatives office, they're responsible for representing the company concerning the delivery of ordered goods, they follow the delivery van in turns 

"Good job everyone" he said and that made them all look up

"Thanks boss" they replied cheerfully

"Where's Tara?* He asked when he noticed she's not there

" She followed the delivery vans ten times today" Joanne replied

" What!" Dre almost screamed

" Yes, she kept doing it, saying working makes her happy, she must be tired , maybe she's in one of the washrooms or somewhere but her bag is still here" Joanne replied

" Oh, it's ok"Dre replied and slowly left the place

" Is she planning on being a workaholic?, Oh Jesus" he thought as he walked to his office

He got there and has barely taken three steps in when someone covered his eyes from behind

"Who's that?" He said carefully, removing the person's hand from his face

"Tara?" He smiled

She's smiling sillily with one babyish expression

" I've been waiting and waiting, do you have to supervise for so long sir?" She said

" Yes fifty Euros, to ensure there are no mistakes" he said, going to his seat

He sat and she stood in front of him

"Have something to offer me?" He asked

"Oh, no sir, I just came to say thanks for taking me in here, finally I got a job, never knew I'll be here today but thanks to you sir" she replied

" Is that why you turned to a freaking workaholic?" Dre asked

"Workaholic?, I only followed the delivery vans fifteen times, I'm not..."

"What!, Fifteen times and Joanne was telling me ten times, are you a bulldozer or caterpillar?, Are you?" Dre said shockingly.

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