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( Love Me Like I Do... )


Golden Brains**

"It's really not cool to have a project partner like you" Miley said to Laurette who's busy painting her nails in class

"I know, just learn how to tolerate me, that's the only way you'll survive" Laurette replied and Miley hit her

" Ah!, Stop it!" Laurette said, stopping the painting

"Stop it?, No I won't, the project presentation is less than a month, we have let's say a month to spend in highschool and we haven't even started work on our project" Miley ranted

" Is it really my fault?, It's all your fault cos you're always stalking Shane who won't even look at you" Laurette replied, rolling eyes

" It's a good thing I got paired with Tasha, though she's doing most of the job, I'm still helping in little ways and let's say two weeks from now, we'll be done with our project " Sydney said, winking at both of them

" Thanks for the mockery, Laurette meet me in my house after school today and let's start work on the....

Warren's entry stopped her from concluding the sentence and she's unaware of when she started staring at him as he took his seat

These days, he ignores her completely and strangely she feels affected

"Hey" Laurette waved her hand in front of her but that didn't work till Sydney hit her shoulder

"Ouch!, What is my offense" she replied, finally looking at them

"You were staring at Warren" they both chorused

"Did I stare?, I guess you guys got the wrong idea, I need to pee" she replied and quickly left the class

"she's really something right?" Laurette said

"Of course, so attention shifted to Warren right now" Sydney mocked

" Hey War, I just sent the concluding part of our project to your email" Eros said Immediately Warren took his seat

" And how many times will I tell you I'm Warren, not War" Warren glared.

" Sorry, just thought of shortening your name" Eros said, looking silly

" I don't like it" Warren replied 

" Wait, are you saying you guys are through with your project?" Shane asked

" Sure" they both replied

" Gosh, I'm jealous" Shane said

"As if you and Elena aren't done too, don't tell me you romance with your time instead of working" Eros replied

" We're done with the theoretical part, we're only left with pictures to attach" Elena replied

" I guess I know what's hindering that, but trust me with the dermatologist product, you'll be ok soon" Warren said

" Sure" Elena smiled

" Senior Elena , someone is in the visiting room to meet you" a junior said by the door

" You're having visitors more frequently these days" Warren said

" Mind your business" Shane said and held Warren's mouth hard before letting it go

"Jerk!, I hate you!" Warren said

"Freaking mutual" Shane smiled shortly before leaving the class with Elena and instead of Mrs Tanner this time, it's Cheryl, accompanied with Louis

"Oh, Cheryl" Elena said cheerfully

"Good to see you baby sis... sorry, I mean.. Elena" Cheryl replied

" It's ok" Elena replied and followed Cheryl in to talk

"Mum must have been visiting everyday, don't be uncomfortable, she just loves you like her daughter" Cheryl said

" I understand her, and I'm not uncomfortable at all, and I think I'm starting to like her too, I'm always looking forward to seeing her" Elena replied truthfully

" Really?" Cheryl smiled

" Of course, and since Samantha is your baby sis, you're free to call me baby sis too if that makes you feel better" Elena said and Cheryl's face brightened up

" Really?"

"Sure" Elena replied and Cheryl hugged her Immediately

" I love you" Cheryl said

"Don't cry" Elena replied

" I won't" Cheryl said, breaking the hug

"By the way you're just like a model, you look pretty and foxy" Elena said..

" Gosh, I just blushed, thanks, and you know I don't need to say you're beautiful before you know you're overly beautiful, Shane has eyes for good things" Cheryl replied, handing her a nylon

" Mrs Tanner brings me gifts everyday too" Elena said

"I know, I was shopping yesterday when I saw it and you came to my mind, that's when I bought it, it's a gown, I hear your prom is coming up soon, you can rock it" Cheryl said

Elena checked it out and her eyes widened

"It'll be expensive, it's so beautiful" exclaimed

"Yes it is, but my baby sis deserves the best, money means nothing" she replied

" You're too kind" Elena said

" That's what Samantha says too anytime I get her something, though she adds something else" Cheryl said

" That she loves you?" Elena asked

" Exactly" Cheryl smiled, standing up

" I really appreciate you for this" Elena said

"It's fine, next time when I come, we can go have lunch together" Cheryl said

" Mrs Tanner said that too" she replied

" Then I'll come with her and the three of us will go together, is that ok with you?" Cheryl asked

" Sure" Elena replied.

Meanwhile, Louis and Shane are busy choking each other with silence as they stood but Shane decided to break it

"Did you finally decide to make her happy?" He asked

"Who knows" Louis replied

" Don't tell me you still hurt her" Shane said

"I do that when I was still senseless" he replied

"But now your sense is back?, sounds great" Shane replied

" Here" Louis said, showing him his finger with the ring

"Whoo!, A great change huh?, Now you're the real man" Shane smiled

" And right now she's my life, my everything, my soulmate, my woman, my baby girl, the only thing remaining is to make her my wife officially, I'll be giving you the first invitation to our wedding" Louis smiled

" Sounds sweet, but are you trying to make me jealous?, Elena is my life too, my all, my princess, my honey, my eyes, my sweetness" Shane replied

" Can you die for her?" Louis asked

" Without thinking twice" Shane replied

" Me too" Louis said

" Should we name ourselves the lover boys" Shane said

" As you wish, but I'm older than you" Louis replied

" You're twenty two and I'm eighteen, just four years difference" Shane replied

" Did you just say just?, Well I'm a graduate of Oxford " Louis said

" That means nothing, a graduate of Oxford can still have a low IQ" Shane replied

" What!" Louis replied

" You said it yourself the other time that you were once senseless, thanks to Cheryl who brought back everything" Shane replied

" You're rude" Louis replied

" I'm sorry I just can't help it, should I be your junior brother?" Shane said, holding his hand

" Let go" Louis replied

"Let's be brothers, you just have to sign a contract with me and be my brother" Shane said, making teddy faces

Louis grinned and concluded that he's amazing

"So, accepted?, I'll address you as my brother" Shane said

" Sure" Louis replied and they started smiling at each other till the girls came out

"Were they injected?" Cheryl wondered loudly

"Why that smile?" Elena said

" What's going on?" Cheryl asked when they got to them

" Well, we're brothers from now on, artificial brothers" Shane replied

" How funny" Elena chuckled

" Stop mocking us" Louis replied

" We'll be on our way" Cheryl said, holding Louis's hand 

" Sure, safe trip bro!* Shane said

" Take care of your Princess" Louis replied

"Take care of your baby girl" Shane replied ..

"You both are crazy" Elena said

" Sure, but wait" Shane said, holding her to the wall suddenly

"What?" Elena asked

"Our vacation" he whispered

"I know, should we leave school now?" She asked

" Of course, we need to go shopping" he replied

"Then let's go" she said but he still held her to the wall

"Kiss me first" he said, giving her seductive looks

" That won't work" she replied stubbornly

Shane winked and then bit down on his lips, knowing she'll surely get moved by that

"You won't stop being a bother will you?" Elena said

"Never" Shane said

Elena kissed him lightly and ran off

"That's called cheating, it's unfair!" Shane said, rushing after her


" You and Shane were so sweet back there" Cheryl said during the drive back home

" Really?" Louis asked

" Sure, it's really good to see you both getting along , he doesn't get along with just anyone, his personality is rare" Cheryl smiled

" How did you know?" Louis asked

"He was Samantha's boyfriend too, he doesn't like just anyone, he likes unique people" Cheryl replied

" So I'm unique" Louis replied

*Yes sweetheart" Cheryl replied, hugging him as the driver halted the car in front of their house

"That's your dad" Louis said, seeing Mr Tanner in front of the house

"What's that man doing here" she said, coming down from the car with Louis

"We need to talk" Gabby said Immediately

"Since I got engaged, you've never called to say hi, but now you're here?, Why?" She demanded

Gabby looked at Louis and Louis made to go in but Cheryl held him

"He's my man, anything you want to say, say it while we're both here" she said

" It's personal" Gabby replied

" Personal?" Cheryl said and Louis touched her shoulder slightly

"I'll be inside" he said and gently removed his hand from her hold and went in

"So what?" Cheryl demanded

"Cheryl what do you think you're doing?, I heard from one of my business associates that you're starting work at the company, with Louis as the CEO" he said

" So what?, He's the CEO of my heart, is there anything wrong if he becomes the CEO of my company?" Cheryl replied

" He might be cunning and...

"No man as cunning as you in the whole world, I can say that loud and clear a million times" she interrupted

"I'm commanding you as your dad right now to remove him as the CEO, you can run it alone but not with him" Gabby replied

" What?, Are you scared that he might make the company skyrocket than yours in a couple of months?, He's brainy and intelligent so you should really be scared, Gabby Tanner" Cheryl smiled

" And I'm commanding you to stop it!" Gabby yelled

"Then should I tell Mr Alan Diamond about your plans?" Cheryl said

" What!" Gabby said unbelievably

" Don't be surprised I know about it, so stay away from my life if you don't want to wear a jail khaki" she replied and started going in, leaving Alan dumbfounded

She suddenly looked back

"Thanks for making me get engaged with Louis anyways, it's called serendipity, cos finally I found true love in him, and no monkey can separate us" she said and went in

Louis is standing by the door and has been listening to everything so when she came in, she met him just by the door, smiling brightly

"Cheryl I love you" he said

She walked closer to him and threw down her bag, then hanged her arms on his neck

"I love you more my airbag, at this rate I can't live without you " she replied

" Me neither, you've become,... the most important part of my life, " he replied

" Have me" she replied, scanning his face then raising her hand to his lips

She gently touched it and swallowed nothing

"I want this" she said, shifting her gaze to his beautiful eyes

"I want you" he replied

"Have me already" she replied impatiently, stood on her toes and kissed him lightly

"This will get dangerous, I'm not easy" he replied

"I don't want it easy either" she replied and kissed him again

He held her face and hardly took over her lips in the fastest way ever, it's faster than anyone they've ever had but it's still as sweet as ever

His kisses are just like a melting rod to her heart, it melts it softly and will always want her to have more of him

He parted his lips from hers after and they stared at each other, breathing heavily

He immediately carried her in a bridal style upstairs to their room and placed her gently on the bed

The silence in the room got replaced with her sweet ear-splitting moans when they resumed the kiss

They kept changing positions, sometimes he comes up and another time, she does

Her hands found his trousers belt and in a matter of seconds, she unbolted it and pulled it off his trousers then unbuttoned it

He stopped the kiss and looked wistfully at her then started unbuttoning her shirt too

She had to close her eyes throughout the process and her heart won't stop threatening to fly out of her chest with the heavy beats.

He finally succeeded in completely slipping everything off her body till her nudeness is staring hard at him

Her eyes are still closed so he grabbed the opportunity and yanked off his clothes too, he touched her cheek, she slightly opened her eyes and gulped nothing 

Her hand touched his bare body and his whole body shaked in pleasure, it's heavenly how she makes her feel with just a touch

"I love you" he said

"I love you" she replied slowly, accompanied with heavy breaths

He gently interlocked their fingers and pinned it down on the bed then gently spread her legs and dived in

Her eyes went shut immediately and her heavy breaths escalated.




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