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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Dre looked at the flat tyre again and leaned on his car

"No, no this isn't happening, my baby" he said, squinting lightly and he got a call instantly

Bringing out his phone, he saw it's his secretary

"Boss, the patronizers from Taiwan are here, they'd like to meet you since it's their first time here, and I think you need to meet them too, they bought a lot so we should make them regular sir" she said

"how am I supposed to get there when I'm in the middle of a goddamed road with a flat tyre on my car! " He almost screamed.

" Sir? " She replied

" I mean.... I'll be there shortly" he replied and hung up

"I need to get an extra tyre in but i don't even know how to fix it, damn! " He said 

He opened his booth and brought out his extra tyre and luckily, a passerby volunteered to help

"You can do it?" Dre asked, surprised at his kindness

" Sure" he replied and took the tyre from him, luckily he has the materials for the fixing

He brought it out and the man got it fixed in a matter of minutes

"You're so nice, never knew I'll get a lifesaver today" Dre said

" It's nothing, take care" he replied and started leaving

" Sir, your name!" Dre called behind him

He looked back and smiled. " Carl, Carl Clemson" he said and left 

"Carl Clemson?, Nice one" Dre said and got in his car then drove off to work


Carl walked with his hands in his pocket into the streets, feeling good for saving a life again

Now that he thinks about it, maybe it's really his fault, everything that's happening to the woman he loves right now is his fault

If he hadn't been clingy back then, the mistake wouldn't have happened and that mistake is busy hunting for their lives right now

Carl stopped beside a coffee shop and sat on a bench, placing his head on his palms 

"I turned him to what he is today, I turned my closest friend to a monster, I don't deserve to live, I should have died back then, but maybe I have a purpose to serve for coming back, I miss you so much Arabella, I understand how tough it'll be to carry that much guilt cos of me but, even if it takes dying completely, I'll make sure I always protect you and my daughter from Thomas, I promise" he said, crying slowly

He looked up with a teary face and stopped crying for a moment when he saw someone

He's unaware of when he stood up just to have a better view of her

It's actually Bella, she's entering a wool shop beside the coffee shop, probably to get wool for knitting

"Bella" he said slowly, watching as she finally entered it fully

He walked to the shop and stayed behind one of the display shelves to watch as she picked different kind of wools

A look at her face will tell you she's definitely sad and that broke his heart, though he wasn't expecting her to be happy when he knows what kind of tribulations Thomas will be making her pass through but even at that, seeing her sad face is sad for him

She suddenly stopped picking wools and the next thing that happened is that tears fell from her eyes

She leaned on the shelf and cried slowly

"Not that I'm a bad person Elena, I'm just scared that you'll hate me so much after finding out the truth, the fact that a child I gave birth to will hate me is what's keeping me from telling you, Thomas hates me already so if you hate me too, I don't think I'll be able to bear it Elena, forgive me for being a b*tch, I'm very sorry" she lamented bitterly right there

Carl sniffed lightly and fought back his tears but then as a result of how she's crying and shaking, the basket she's putting her wool in fell off her hand and the wools poured away, scattering on the ground

Forgetting that he's actually hiding, Carl came out of his hiding place and bent in front of her then started picking the wools

"You don't have to worry, I can help myself" Bella said, quickly wiping her tears

She bent down too and wanted to start picking the wool but his wrist stopped her from doing that

On his wrist is the bracelet, same type as Samantha's and Elena's, the only person who has that besides those two is definitely...

She slowly looked up at the face and was beyond shocked when she saw him.

Her hopes came back from where they travelled to instantly and her heart won't stop thumping even when it has been so long since they saw each other

"Carl?" She called slowly

Carl never broke the gaze too, he kept staring at her sad weary face for what looks like forever,his heart which seems like it stopped beating for ages started thumping too as he slowly held her hand 

"Arabella" he smiled

They both stood as if in a slow mo. "It's really you, Carl it's you" Bella cried

Carl embraced her in a warm hug and she started new tears afresh 

"Stop crying" Carl said, patting her back

"I can't, I really can't stop the tears if you suddenly appear like this, I thought you were dead, I lost all hope, I thought you died because of me till the letter arrived, I felt guilty, much guilt and fear that even turned me to a devil, a cold devil who won't tell her daughter the truth, how did you do it?, How did you survive?, It was Thomas who killed you right?" She asked tearfully

" Yes, after he learned that I'm the father of the children he thinks are his, he became shattered and his heart turned stone, I remember I was coming back from work back then when he stopped my car and I came out willingly to meet him, he shot me on my chest without thinking twice and that fleeting moment, I died, but I was surprised when I woke up just last month and found myself in Japan, I was told by the man who saved me that as a result of the shot, I landed into a vegetative state for seventeen years, I had to rush back here and made sure I found you, and I saw one of our daughters too, I guess something happened to the second one right?, Is it Thomas?" Carl asked

" She died in a plane crash last year, I'm not sure if it's Thomas who's behind it" she replied

" So, which one have I been seeing?" He asked

" Elena' Bella replied, breaking the hug

"I started working at a bakery just to make enough money, I'm really trying to make money and get you out of his house so we'll move out of the country together with Elena, I'll work harder and take you away from his house I promise" he said 

" I haven't told Elena who she really is, I'm scared she'll hate me" Bella replied fearfully

" But still,you have to tell her, keeping secrets will just aggravate the problem so it's better you tell her" Carl said

" Thomas is really bent on killing her, if not for you and her boyfriend, I think I'd have lost her the way I lost Samantha, Carl I don't want to lose my only daughter, I can't lose Elena" she said

Carl held both sides of her head and smiled . "You won't lose her I promise, I'll protect you both, and I'll work harder and make enough money to take us away from here" he said

" Carl..' she said, slowly stopping her tears

"I promise to protect you darling, just trust me" Carl replied 

Bella nodded and hugged him again 


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