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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Bella looked at Elena shockingly with the pictures in her hand as she entered fully and when she saw the two bracelets on her palm, her fear tripled 

"Mum" Elena said slowly

Bella kept staring but suddenly tried to brace up

"Dear" she said

"What's this?" Elena asked

"Where did you get that second bracelet from? " Bella asked

"Mrs Tanner gave it to me, it belongs to Samantha and it has been with her since she was adopted from the orphanage, now I found same type exactly behind my picture frame as a kid, it's even on my wrist in this picture" she replied, showing the picture

" It means nothing" Bella said

"Nothing?" Elena said

" Sure, I'm a knitter and that bracelet was one one of my best works, I specially made it for kids seventeen years ago when I gave birth to you and i sold out a lot of it, maybe Samantha's parents got it for her too before dropping her in the orphanage, the bracelet is so cute and that's why I fixed one on your wrist too back then" Bella said

Elena kept staring at the bracelet, not knowing what to believe right now

Her mum, or her mind, her mum is telling her a different thing while her mind is telling her not to believe her

Bella came closer and hugged her. " Believe me" she said

"Mum" Elena said, hugging her back

Minutes later**

Elena ate dinner silently and she hasn't finished eating when Bella went to bed

She finished up minutes after that and entered her room too

She sat on the bed and thought about what happened earlier again

"Is mum really saying the truth?, I really don't want to doubt her but I just have this strong feeling that she's lying to me" she thought and that instant, Shane's call rang on her phone.

"Baby" she smiled after picking

"Love, how're you doing?" He asked

"I'm fine but not entirely" she replied.

"I don't understand" he replied

"It's about mum, something actually happened today about the bracelet, I saw exact bracelet on my wrist in my picture frame as a kid, and I saw the bracelet itself behind the frame but mum told me it's one of her best works that trended a lot seventeen years ago and that's why she fixed one for me too, she said Samantha's parents might have gotten it for her too before dropping her at the orphanage" Elena said

"oh, maybe she's really telling the truth" Shane said

"You think so? " Elena asked

" Yes" Shane replied

" Oh, ok, I'll believe that, by the way my body improved a lot, I'll show you on our vacation tommorow" she said

" Oh, our vacation tommorow, I'm looking forward to it, get ready too, I'll choke you with romance" he replied

*I can't wait, but I don't wanna get choked" she replied

" How naive, I mean our romance there will be top notch" he replied

" I love that, by the way, where are we going for the vacation? " She asked

" It's a secret, you'll only know once we get there tommorow" he replied

" Oh, ok honey, I've worked a lot on the project though it's really hard researching with phone, I almost ended up with finger cramps" she said

" Then I'll buy you a laptop tommorow" he replied

"I never said I needed one" she replied

" And I'm saying you'll be getting one, take it or leave it, I'll buy you one on our way to school tommorow, and I think we need to shop too for new wears" Shane replied

" You're too sweet" she replied

"Will you start calling me lollipop?" He replied and she laughed loudly

" Whatever" she smiled

"Cute little princess" he said

"Gosh!, Stop trying to drive me nuts, and I don't think we need more on the theoretical aspect, we just need pictures to attach right now for the presentation, what do you think?" She asked

" I've worked a lot on it too, and yes we only need pictures to perfect it" he replied

"we'll wait till my body spots get wiped completely, maybe a week or two from now, I'll be able to boast of a fresh body" she replied

" I can't wait , by the way I have a secret to tell you" he said

" What? "

" Right now I feel like placing my head on your chest and just sleep off there after kissing you hard" he said

" Pervert!, Go and sleep" she shot, laughing at his talks

"I'm not feeling sleepy" he replied

"But I am, so you need to sleep Mr naughty" she replied

"Make sure you don't come out at night, don't go anywhere without me" he replied

" You've said that countless times today and I've memorized it so I'm fine" she replied

" Ok, I'll hold unto that, just sleep tight for your honey" he replied

"Sleep tight for your Princess too... Love you" she replied

" More more, blow me kisses" he replied

She placed the phone on her lips and kissed it

" I felt it, sending kisses from here too" he replied and it's apparent he kissed his phone too cos it made the sound

"Gnight lover" she replied

"Sleep like a baby" he replied and hung up

Shane dropped his phone and heaved

" Madam Bella, now it's obvious, I think I know what you're hiding, I can see it boldly and clearly" he said.


Getting back home after a sweet day, Louis and Cheryl took a shower and came back downstairs without bothering to eat cos they ate out already

Everyone they met for connections helped and it's sure that the company will stand soon

Louis made her promise she won't spend a dime in equipping it, he wants to be the one to do the equipping

"Mr Ravi the Indian man, I thought he'll be harsh and stern but he's kind, then Mr Ray, he's just too considerate, Mr Dan is kind too... " Cheryl said

"Everyone of them is cool, now you need to sit and relax" Louis replied

Cheryl sat on his laps, facing him

"You trying to tell me you're hot?" Louis teased

" And that I'm beautiful" she said and Louis smiled, holding her waist

" Three or two weeks from now, our company will start work" she said

" Yeah , I can't wait" he replied, dipping his face on her chest between her b**bs

"That feels good" she said, biting down on her lips and she started rocking on his laps

" Lap dance?" He asked

"Yes, ever received one?" She asked

"No, mind giving one?" He asked

She stood from his laps and picked her phone, she played a pop song and dropped her phone before coming back to sit on his laps, his back on him this time and she started the moves

She rocked on his laps with her soft butt and he rested back on the couch, enjoying the moves

His whole body feels as if currents are patrolling on it and he had to try hard to control himself till she stood from his laps after about ten minutes.

She sat on it again, facing him this time, she placed her hands on his shoulders and locked eyes with him as she started rocking on his laps again, it's more dangerous than the first one since she's facing him this time

"What are you doing to me?" He asked in a slow tone

"Intoxication" she replied, smiling sweetly

The heavens know he's hard right now and she can feel his hardness too but she kept rocking

"Cheryl" he muttered, closing his eyes and feeling the vibes 

"Yes sweetheart" she replied, smiling at the great effect she's having on him

"I'm...I'm going to explore with pleasure" he said

"Pour some on me then" she replied, stopping for a while

He opened his eyes and gave her an overly affectionate look before grabbing her waist to himself, making their lips brush each other and making her crave for him too, pressing their bodies on each other

He slowly licked her jaws to her chin then gently bit her ears and that made her let out a moan

"I own you, your body, heart and soul" he said, breathing heavily already

" No one is denying that" she replied impatiently

He tightened the hold around her before taking her lips in the warmth of his mouth, kissing her desperately every minute 

Her arms claimed possessiveness as she snaked it round his neck gently, she gently raised her butt from his laps and his hands went there, caressing it slowly

He finally made her lay on the couch and came over her..

"Don't think of anything else, only me" he said, kissing her lightly 

"I dare not, you're all I have in my heart and head right now, just.... Handle me delicately but romantically, I don't mind shouting your name throughout, I love you" she said breathlessly

" I love you" he replied, retaking her lips again and gently taking off her singlet.


Next day**

Dre drove to work, feeling as lonely as ever like usual

"I wonder when this lonely life will be over, now that Louis is head over heels, I feel more lonely" he thought, not concentrating and almost hitting someone

"Oh my God!' he said and quickly came out

The girl looked at him angrily, she's wearing corporate on heels, looks like a job hunter

"Were you payed to kill me?" She demanded

" No, I'm sorry, I'm actually really sorry I... "

Dre hasn't finished when she started crying as if she got wounded even when she has no wound, she didn't even fall, he just almost hit her, not that he hit her

" Why the tears" Dre asked

" Give me money" she interrupted, crying more

" Money for what? " Dre asked 

" Treatment" she replied, slowly wiping her tears, her lipstick glowed in the morning sun as she talked

"What treatment?, There's obviously no wound and you didn't even fall, I almost hit you fine, not that I actually hit you" he replied

" Oh, so it's when I get wounded, that's when you'll give the money" she replied and brought out a kitchen knife from her bag

" What! " Dre almost screamed as she wounded her knees with it slightly

"Are you crazy!" Dre screamed

She looked up, flipped her hair and dropped her bag on the floor

"Now that I'm wounded, I need money for treatment" she said, pointing her palm forward 

Dre slowly went to his car and brought his wallet

He's about to give her money from it but she grabbed it from him

"That's mine" Dre said

"Calm down" she replied and took fifty Euros before throwing his wallet at him

"Fifty dollars?, What kind of a girl are you?" Dre said in awe

She smiled with one part of her face and that looks cute too

Her knees are bleeding slightly

"Tara, the money goddess" she replied and looked at his car tyre

Without thinking twice, she shoved the knife into the front tyre and it went flat

"What the f*ck are you doing!" Dre screamed, wondering what kind of day today is

" The exact f*ck I do to flies" she replied

*Flies?" Dre said, laughing and feeling insulted

"Yes, you look like a fly in case you dunno, and maybe you don't have a mirror at home, you're utterly ugly, well it's not nice meeting you, bye ugly face" she said and winked then smiled before flipping her hair again

She carried her bag and walked away

"Like seriously?, I'm ugly?" Dre asked himself, checking out himself in his car mirror

He stood straight and hit his car in frustration

He then saw his flat tyre again and roughed his hair

*I repelled all evil before leaving the house today but good job Jesus, I met a tested and trusted devil .... Darn it!" He ranted.

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