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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Getting back to his house, Shane fell tiredly on the couch and closed his eyes 

"I feel like it'll be tough from now on and he's not someone who can be talking for fun, he meant every word so I have to be careful too while protecting Elena" he thought

He stood and drank water again, more than the one he took earlier

"Who's Clemson Carl?, How's he related to madam Bella?, Why is Thomas after their lives and why was he telling me to stop calling Elena her daughter?, Why did he call madam Bella a prostitute and why did he say madam Bella is not telling the truth?, All these is surely related and I'm sure the puzzle will turn out to be a big secret once I'm able to put it together, so my suspicions about madam Bella is right, she's really hiding something" Shane thought loudly

He poured his frustration into his hair by ruffling it and thinking hard about what the answer to the puzzle could be

"Wait...is Elena not Thomas's daughter?" He asked himself, taking his hand off his hair

*By calling her a prostitute, does that mean she cheated on Thomas and had her with another man and the man is......" Shane's eyes widened

" It can't be" he muttered.


Next day**

Starting a bright new day beside your soulmate and having your sweetheart as the first person to see early in the morning Immediately you wake up is the wish of almost every lady and Cheryl topped the list of those ladies 

It has been coming true but just that this is the first time after his confession so it's special

She opened her eyes slowly and the first thing she saw is his handsome face and shirtless body under the sheets and she can't help but smile at the thought that she actually took it off last night

The romance was top notch so she had to do all what she could just to have access to his body

She looked at herself too and smiled, she's braless and has only her singlet on, he was the one who yanked off her bra last night so he'll have access to her and she smiled widely, remembering the romance and wishing they'll do something as romantic tonight again

"He's sweet" she thought, licking her curvy lips slowly while reminiscing about the countless smooches

"I can't believe I'm going crazy over him early in the morning" she smiled, touching his chest slowly

It's the perfect example of spotless and his abs and biceps are beautiful.

"I don't think I can ever get enough of you till death" she said, moved closer and kissed his chest

Then she tilted up and supposed her head with her palm which she rested on her elbow

She concentrated on his face and now she realizes how long his lashes are, not like she doesn't know before but it seems like it grew even longer, his pink lips that's so tender during their kisses, the mole under his nose and his full eyebrows, all these came together to form an handsome young man... Louis Diamond

"My man" she said and chuckled at her own voice while saying that

She felt like saying that again and again cos of how cute it sounds

"My man" she said again and smiled cutely

"Still can't believe he loves me too" she thought, feeling the need to kiss him lightly

She bent over to him and balanced her lips on his for the light kiss but Louis suddenly pulled her closer and hardened it, kissing her to his satisfaction before releasing her

"Morning babygirl" he smiled after breaking the unexpected kiss

Cheryl who's still in shock with big eyes kept staring surprisingly.

"You...you were awake?" She said, feeling embarrassed

"Yes, I heard you calling me your man, how sweet, I love it" he smiled, letting his hairy brows arch handsomely

" I got caught again" Cheryl thought and started climbing down but he pulled her back to himself, making their faces so close that she stopped breathing for a while

"Call me that again" he said

"Huh?" She said 

"I want to hear it from you one more time" he said

Cheryl avoided his beautiful eyes and wondered how she's gonna say it without making it get awkward

"My .. man" she said slowly

"My woman" he replied and that made her look at him straight in the eye


"I just called you my woman, unhappy?" He asked

"No....no I mean....I just...feel good" she replied, covering her cheeks cos she's obviously blushing

He held her waist and pulled her to himself then made her sleep on him and started whispering some things into her ear which made Cheryl smile widely

He kissed her ear after saying what he's saying and then let her go

"I love you more" she smiled wider

He smiled and sat up with her again

"We need to go brush" he said, getting off bed first and held his hand out for Cheryl who gladly took it

They entered her bathroom together and got new toothbrushes theb brushed together while teasing each other

"What should we eat?" He asked, holding her hand out after they're done

"Let's take simple bread and omelette" she replied

"Fine, I'll make the omelette" he replied, taking her downstairs

" Let's start the company processes today" she said

" Yea, I was thinking about that too, but you should Inform your dad" he replied

" No, not like he's the only one who built it for me, it was him and mum, the company is my nineteenth birthday gift, but I don't need to inform them, I don't want to see dad's face, I really don't like him" she replied

Louis went to the step below the one Cheryl is standing on though he's still taller even after that

"Why?" He asked

"Do you know the plans he has for your dad?" Cheryl said

"To ruin him while acting like a friend and make his company go down" Louis replied, making Cheryl get gripped by surprise

" You knew it" she said

"Yes, so far I still have an high intelligent quotient, I understand every of his moves while I was still the CEO of D-Royals" he smiled

Cheryl held his hands and came closer . " Then do something, you can expose that right?, Try getting your dad out before he falls into the big mess, dad won't stop till he drags him down cos dad is obsessed with being the only one in the spotlight" Cheryl said

" No" Louis replied seriously


"You think if I tell dad anything he'll listen?, I know the type of man my dad is so let's forget about that, once he hears of money, then his brain gets activated to factory settings and his ears gets blocked, he won't listen to anyone when it comes to Euros and besides, I think this is an opportunity to teach him some lessons, he deserves anything your dad does to him" he replied

" Louis...*

"Trust me babygirl, just trust your man ok? " He assured

She hugged him and nodded on his chest

"As you wish sweetheart" she said .


The sound of TV is what woke Shane up from the couch, he actually slept off on the couch last night and the remote is on the couch, maybe his body mistakenly pressed it

He yawned slowly and stood before grabbing the remote to put off the TV but he stopped when he saw the incoming news

A couple were murdered last night again, their eyes were gouged out of their bodies and they were slashed and stabbed countlessly, then their hands and legs were boiled, same pattern as that of two days ago and as said in the news, it's done by same person , a serial killer

Shane kept standing in front of the TV for minutes, staring at the heartbreaking news

"Thomas Scott.... Thomas" he said slowly before going upstairs to prepare for school

He made it fast and when he's done, he drove to Elena's house to pick her 


"Morning mummy" Elena greeted politely when she woke up and found her mum in the kitchen already as usual

"Morning dear" Bella replied, taking the plate of sandwich with her to place on the small table

"Mum you made sandwich?" Elena said excitedly

"Yes, for you, I woke up as early as five" she replied

" Gosh!, I love you mum, I absolutely love you!" She almost screamed, sitting to start eating

" This is definitely good* she said, chewing slowly on it after taking a bite

"Really?" Bella asked and Elena nodded

"I wish I can have this everyday" Elena said and continued eating

" Elena" Bella suddenly called

"Yes mum?" She replied, still eating

"I....I have something to tell you" she replied, folding her fist under the table

"I'm listening mum" she replied, looking up

"I actually...your dad used to love me very much" she said slowly

" That's Impossible" Elena replied unbelievably

"Believe me dear, Thomas loved me with all his heart when I've not given birth to you guys" Bella said

" We?, Me and who?" Elena asked, getting curious

"That was a mistake, I meant to say you" Bella replied, feeling hurt as she talked but she did her best to make sure Elena won't notice

"Oh, then why is he behaving like this?, His name even sounds bitter in my mouth, I can't call him my dad either" Elena replied

" It's because...." Bella said and stopped

"Because what?" Elena asked

Bella is about to continue when Elena heard the sound of Shane's car outside

"My boyfriend is here, I'll see you when I'm back and please keep my remaining sandwich for me, I'll take it then" Elena said quickly and rushed out

She happily joined Shane in his car and Shane immediately kissed her deeply, letting his hand hold her face

"I missed you" he said, letting her go

"Missed you more, and I slept well" she said

"Yes, me too" he lied

" By the way I asked mum about it and she told me that Clemson Carl is her old time friend" Elena said.

" Oh" Shane replied, knowing that's not the truth

"And this morning she told me Thomas used to love her, she said he used to love her before she gave birth to me" Elena said

" Really?" Shane asked

" Yes" she replied

" Shot, I knew it, so the real father is Carl" Shane thought

" Why aren't you saying anything?" Elena asked

"It's nothing, I'll protect you, trust me" Shane replied

"Why are you suddenly saying that, you've always protected me" Elena asked.

"Just saying" Shane said and held her hand then kissed the back of it gently

"Let's go to school" he said

"Sure" she smiled 


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Golden Brains high**

Miley's minions didn't come to school, only Miley came and she just sat on her seat, looking at everyone, feeling lonely

"Why will these two b*tches choose today of all days not to come to school, eish!" She complained to herself

Her hands are bandaged cos she got them treated yesterday though it still hurts, she wasn't able to write during lectures

She wouldn't have come to school if Tanya hadn't threatened to stop her allowance and now she's lonely

She stood to leave the class and came across Warren by the door and instead of trying to talk to her like before, he passed by her without even looking at her or saying anything

She looked back at him and found him still walking to his seat without looking back at her

She walked out of the class slowly, thinking about what just happened

"Warren didn't try to start a conversation with me?, Where did his clingy attitude go?" She asked herself as she walked down the corridor

"He didn't even try to make eye contact like before or try to make body contact and get slapped, he didn't look at me at all" she thought and stopped

" Not like I'm concerned anyways, it's even better, I hate disturbances" she said and walked away.

Lunch break**

Elena got the message that a woman is waiting at the visiting room for her again and without thinking, she knows it's Mrs Tanner again

Shane followed her to the room and after confirming that it's really Mrs Tanner, he left the two of them in the room to talk

Elena sat beside her gently and the next thing Arie did is hugging her

Elena decided not to struggle, she just stood still in her arms and allowed her to hug her

"I'm sorry if I'm too clingy, I just feel my dead daughter in you, that's why I don't want to let you go" Arie said

She broke the hug and held Elena's face delicately

"My baby" she said and hugged her again, crying on her shoulder

"Ma'am" Elena called, slowly patting her back

"You need to stop crying, I hear tears don't make anything better" Elena said

Arie let her go and quickly wiped her tears

"Thanks for letting me hug you, I feel better" she said and sighted the bag she brought for her the other time she came

"Oh, you didn't take it, maybe you don't like what I brought" Arie smiled and dropped another nylon

" It's ok if you don't like it too, they're what Samantha loves before her death" she said

" What's she like?, I mean her personality?" Elena asked

" She's a daughter everyone prays to have, she's kind, considerate, loving, easy to love, adorable, cheerful and exceptionally beautiful, and that's why even if the truth is that I adopted her, I'll never stop loving her as mine, losing her was the greatest wickedness I've ever felt from the heavens" she replied, looking pathetically sad

" I'm so sorry" Elena said

" It's ok dear... And that's why I couldn't control myself when I saw you, the resemblance between you two is too much, I hope you understand, I just want to be around you all the time" Arie said

Elena kept looking at her as she spoke, there's brokenness in her voice

She slowly looked into the nylon she gave her and saw a picture of Samantha and Arie with Cheryl, surprisingly anytime she sees Samantha's picture,, she feels something

She saw an hairband in the nylon too, it was decorated with feathers and it looks extraordinarily cute, all white

"Samantha used to love that" Arie said

Looking into the nylon again, Elena saw a knitted bracelet, decorated with beads at the middle, colour blue

She felt like she has seen something like that before and kept trying to think about where she has seen it

"You like it?' Arie asked

" I think so" she replied, still looking at it

" Samantha used to love that too, she'll always have it on though I don't know where it came from, it has always been on her wrist since we adopted her from the orphanage but on that fateful day, she forgot it at home" Arie said

Lunch will be over in five minutes time so Arie prepared to go though it's sad

"Elena" she said

"Yes?" She replied, looking up

"The next time I come, promise me you'll go out with me and let's eat lunch together" Arie said

" Eh" Elena said 

Arie held her hand and looked straight into her eyes

"Please" she said

"Oh .. it's, it's fine" she replied and Arie's face brightened up with smiles

" I love that" she said, touching her hair slowly

" And I love you" Arie said smiled at her before leaving

Elena checked out the remaining things in the bag and it includes berets, head bands, pins, bracelets but among the bracelets, she feels attached to the knitted one more

She felt arms around her from behind and knows immediately that it's Shane

"She gave you that?" Shane asked, placing his head on her shoulder

" Yes" Elena replied, looking at the bracelet

"Samantha used to have that on her wrist all the time, maybe she forgot it home on the day of the crash" Shane said

" Oh" Elena replied slowly 

" She's cool right?, I mean Mrs Tanner" Shane asked

" A lot...but she's sad, everything about her" Elena replied

"Just be free with her, that's the only way you can help" Shane said, turning her to himself

" I get that, let's go back to class" she replied, carrying the bags

He pecked her before holding her hand out of the room.

"I need to pee, go to class I'll meet you there" she said

" No, I'll go with you" he replied

" Really?, That's new" she replied though she's glad

"Let's go" Shane said and changed their direction to the females restroom



Getting home tiredly after working part time at the restaurant, Elena changed her uniform and looked at herself again

"My spots are just an inch away from getting completely wiped" she said happily

Only few spots is left on her body, the dermatologist products is really fabulous

She wore a short knicker and singlet and is about to go out of her room when she remembered the bracelet again

She took it from where she had placed it and decided to search all her room cos she's just too sure she has seen it somewhere

No matter how much she searched her room, no sign of anything like the bracelet

She got tired and decided to stop but remembered her mum's room

She went there and started her search again till sweat covered her brows , she's about to give up when she saw the picture

It's just on the wall, what she has been looking for, her picture frame as a kid and in the picture, the bracelet is on her wrist

"So this is where I've seen it" she said shockingly

Same colour and design with Samantha's own that's with her, no single difference

She took the picture frame from the wall and more shockingly, the bracelet fell from there, seems like it was hidden behind the picture frame

With shaky hands, she took the bracelet on the ground and placed it with Samantha's own on her palm.... there's really no single difference

"What's.. happening" she asked herself and that moment, Bella came in.


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