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( Love Me Like I Do... )



The scent of Louis's strong cologne filled up Cheryl's nose and she kept inhaling it during her hard breaths

Louis suddenly changed style, leaving the slow kiss and hardening it by the minutes, she couldn't breathe but it doesn't matter, his lips is showing her how much he loves her just like his words

"I ... I... love you" he mumbled again, breathing heavily into her mouth and their bodies are still begging for more despite everything

They slowly parted their lips from each other and he looked at her with his beautiful eyes that she could stare at till eternity, it held emotions, love and warmth

They're both breathing heavily and not taking their eyes off each other, he stared down at her lips again which is now swollen red just like his but it's obvious he wants more and she's not exceptional

Their eyes poured out love and affection on each other and they stared passionately at each other. The room is so silent right now, only their loud slamming heartbeats can be heard, thudding on their ribcages

His hair is now scattered as a result of how she stuffed her fingers in it but it's surprising he even looks cuter

Raising her hands to his face , she held both sides of his face and the affectionate stare doubled every minute as she leaned in swiftly again to claim his lips 

Louis responded to the kiss which was hard from the start till they proceeded to the couch where they almost destroyed each other's lips.

Some minutes later**

"Delicious" Louis said, eating already while Cheryl sat right in front of him, waiting for his rating

"You're my baby girl right now, I  can't rate you, you're the best" he smiled

" Sweetheart" she smiled

" Yes babygirl" he replied, slightly looking up to make cute faces

" Gosh!, Louis really loves me too" she said childishly

"Now I know how childish you can be" he teased

"Yes, I'm childish I take it" she replied

" You haven't touched your food" he said

" I just want to watch you eat , that's all I want tonight... I'm so full, I think your love made me full" she smiled, face-palming herself with a smile on her face

" Not agreed, if you aren't eating, them I'm not gonna eat anymore, come I'll feed you" he said and she drew her chair closer to him

" Good girl" he said, feeding her with the fork

"Now I have my full appetite" she said, smiling as Louis fed both of them

"Crazy girl" he said and she quickly stood, dipping her hand into her shorts

"What?" Louis asked curiously and she brought out a ring

No one needs to tell Louis it's his, the one he threw at her the other day immediately they came home from the engagement

Guilt built a tower round him as he dropped his fork gently

"I kept it since you threw it away back then, I'm still wearing mine though" she said radiantly, showing hers

Louis slowly stood and walked to her, he pointed his left hand forward and Cheryl cheerfully inserted the ring in his ring finger

He admired it and smiled. "It's cute right?" Cheryl asked

He dropped his hand and drew her closer then kissed her lightly

"I'm sorry" he said, locking eyes with her

*Why?" She asked

" I can still remember I pushed you back then before throwing this ring at you" he replied guiltily, slowly holding her hands

" Louis I already told you to let's let go of the past, I'm not mad at you, you're my everything and I'll do anything for you, please stop pulling that guilty face" she said pleadingly

" Honestly you're too good for me" he said, gradually regaining back his smile

" No, we just match perfectly, trust me" she replied, raising his hand to kiss the ring on it

He smiled and raised her hand too, then he kissed the ring, he kept staring at the ring even after the kiss

"What?" Cheryl asked

"I'll be replacing it with another  ring soon" he winked

" I can't wait" she replied, not getting what he meant by that

"We should go to bed, I need cuddling, it's a cold night" Louis said

" Same here, let's go" she replied, offering her hand but instead of taking it, he carried her in his arms, causing her to gasp

"Louis.." she smiled

"Let's go make some warmth" he said

"Sure" she replied and held him tighter at the back of his neck as he climbed upstairs with her

"You get scared of ghosts?" She suddenly asked

"No I'm a guy and i don't get scared at all, not like you" he teased, smiling at her

" What do you mean" she whispered

"I mean....the last time when I held my breath, you were like... wake up Louis!, Look at me!, Don't be like this I've not given birth to my kids yet" Louis mocked

Cheryl's eyes widened. " You heard it all?" She said

"Of course... crybaby" he said, squinting slowly and making teddy faces

" You're a bad boy" she said, pinching the back of his neck

"Ouch!, I know " he replied naughtily

"No chance for cuddling anymore tonight" she said and jumped down from his arms

" Goodnight, I'm sleeping in my room" she said, joking literally

"You don't mean it" Louis replied

" Watch me" she replied and started walking towards her room

Louis smiled and followed her behind till he caught up just when she's about to shut the door

He entered forcefully and grabbed her to himself.

"Baby boy, I think I said no cuddling" Cheryl said, looking up at him, smiling slightly

*Well that's not accepted" he replied, pushing them to the bed and instantly covered them with the duvet

"This is my room" Cheryl said under the sheets

"Well your privacy just shattered since I'm now your sweetheart* he replied

"Who made the rule?" She replied, wanting to have his lips again already

*Me" Louis replied and placed his lips on hers again

"I can't get enough...so bear with me" he said, breaking it lightly

Cheryl scooted closer and hugged him. "It's mutual, so handle me with love and care" she replied

"done" Louis replied and retook her lips into his mouth.


"That was one interesting punishment, yikes!" Elena won't stop talking about the punishment throughout the drive home, so much that Shane had to stop the car for a while and hold her lips

"You've been talking about the punishment for twenty minutes without stopping" he said

She made some funny noises and he smiled handsomely before letting go of her lips

"I love it, that's why" she said

"My princess" he said sweetly

"My honeydrop, do you know how much happiness I derive for calling you that?" She said

"I can relate, cos I feel the same each time I call you my princess" he replied

" Thanks for always standing up for me, I love you Shane" she said

"More more Princess, and stop thanking me, you deserve it cos you're my baby" he replied and Elena chuckled cutely

"let's go" he said, wanting to start the drive.

"Shane I think mom knows Carl Clemson, she knows my saver" she suddenly said

" Really?" Shane said, facing her swiftly

" Yes, he wrote her a letter, telling her her he survived somehow and he's not dead, he also said he missed her and will protect mum and her, I don't know who he addressed as HER" she explained

" Suspicious" Shane said

" I know right?" She replied

"Did you ask her about it?" He asked


"You should ask her about it" he replied

"I'll do that" she replied.


Getting home after Shane dropped her, Elena met Bella knitting in the living room

"Welcome baby" Bella said, looking up at her from her sitting position

"How's your health mum?, and I think I told you not to knit today" She said

"I'm fine dear, you know I hate sitting without doing anything" she replied

" You're stubborn than I thought" Elena sighed

" Don't get worried, go eat, I made something" she replied

Elena is already walking in when she swiftly looked back 

"Mum" she called.

"Yes love" she replied

"Who's Clemson Carl?" She asked and that fleeting moment, she saw the shock in her face 

"Clemson Carl?, Isn't that your saver's name?" She asked, trying to cover up the shock in her voice

"Yes, he wrote you a letter and I saw it, are you keeping something from me mum?* She asked

"No Elena, trust your mum" she replied, standing up to hold her hands

" Then who's he?" She asked

"A friend, an old friend of mine" she replied

"Why didn't you tell me before now?" Elena asked

"Forgive your mother" Bella said slowly

*Mum we promised to keep nothing from each other" she said

" I know I broke it, but this will be the first and last, I promise" Bella replied, hugging her already

Elena hugged her back tightly. "I love you mum" she said

"Love you too daughter" she replied.


Shane parked his car in front of his house and had to stay in for minutes, thinking about what Elena said earlier

"Madam Bella is really really hiding something big, it's getting more and more glaring everyday" he said

" But what could it be?, Between her, Thomas and this Carl?, He said he missed her in the letter, is he perhaps....a lover?, He said he survived,he must have narrowly escaped death, how?, It's interwoven and confusing" he thought, getting out of his car 

He entered the house and had a drink of cold water first but when he made to fall on the couch and perhaps rest a bit, he heard strange sounds outside

Getting curious, he stood and went to the door, he opened it stealthily and was about to step out when his mind told him not to

He brought out his phone and removed the sim card before throwing it out and Immediately it hit the ground, a gunshot sounded and Shane sprang into action immediately

He rushed out and saw the culprit jumping down the flower designs

He ran after him bravely and entered everywhere he's entering till they got to a spot and the man stopped

Shane stopped too and the man slowly looked back then removed his cap

Shane's eyes showed how shocked he is as he stared directly as Thomas, Elena's dad

Thomas smiled evilly and looked at the gun with him

"Thomas?" Shane said unbelievably

"Shane Richmond" Thomas grinned. "It's me, maybe you have a lucky star, now that I think about it, you're smart, if you hadn't thrown out something first, I'm sure you'll be dead by now" Thomas smirked

" Why are you doing all these you bastard!" Shane yelled

"Calm down smarty-pants, you got lucky this time but I can assure you you won't be lucky next time, it'll be fun dealing with you cos I really wanna see you cry together with that b*tch called Elena" Thomas said

"What!, So it was you, you're the one after  her life, she's your daughter" Shane said slowly, feeling like a big fire is consuming him

" That's what everyone thinks, But it's funny when even Bella won't tell the truth, that prostitute!, Darn it, I can't believe I got fooled" Thomas smiled bitterly

" What are you talking about?, I mean why are you after the life of your daughter!" Shane screamed

" Call her my daughter one more time and I won't hesitate to end your life you rascal!' Thomas ranted, wearing his cap again

"I'll be the one to end your life at this rate, cos she's what I value most in the world, I don't joke when it comes to her, I don't care about whatever reason you have to turn to a killer, I'll make sure I kill you" Shane said

" Threatening me huh?" Thomas laughed

" What do you think?" Shane gritted

"Little rascal, I don't play with kids but I think this will be fun, Bella and Elena are the only two in my list before, but now my thirst for shedding blood has grown past the controllable line, I'm already taking it to the next level" Thomas said, returning his gun

" Don't touch Elena, that's the only warning I can sound" Shane said seriously

" You'll protect her right?, Mr. Romeo I like you, let's see what you can do, maybe you'll really protect her from my bullet or die with her so you both will make a perfect Romeo and Juliet" Thomas grinned

" Bring it on, I'll do anything possible to protect her, she's what I live for and you can't take her away" he replied boldly

" Boldness overflow, I can't wait to kill you with her, see you soon" Thomas smiled and stepped into the dark, disappearing into the dark night like a thief

Shane dipped his hand in his hair and roughed it before looking straight.

"Thomas Scott.... I'll be the one to end you I swear, don't mess with my future Mrs Richmond" he muttered .


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