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( Love Me Like I Do... )



"Privacy?, I never said I needed that" Cheryl replied

Louis still kept his face sidewards while talking. "Well, I figured it out that you'll need it" he replied, making jealousy obvious in his voice

" It sounds weird" Cheryl said and made to go but he held her hand, gently making her face him

"I'm sorry if it annoyed you but I just felt bad" he said

" Bad?, Why?, He's just a friend" she said

" Let's forget about it" he replied, wanting to do away with anything concerning the matter right now

"No I need to know why you felt bad about me hugging my friend to avoid same mistake in the future" she replied with concern

" Cheryl it's fine, just take it like I wasn't in my right senses when I said it" he replied, eventually calming down

" Louis...

That was interrupted with a peck on her right cheek

"Shut up and let's go swim" he said, giving her a hand, she took it and they walked out of the Winnebago together

"Last person to enter the water gets a pinch on the arm" she said

" Are you sure about that? " He said, smiling cutely

"Sure, move!" She screamed, running towards the water with him but Louis knowingly reduced his pace so she'll get there before him

She entered the water and started laughing. "I won, your arm" she said

He stepped into the water slowly in front of her and turned his arm to her

She gently pinched him and he felt no pain at all

"Zero stamina" he teased

"I knowingly didn't pinch you hard" she replied, smiling brightly

The water waves came when she wasn't expecting and she almost fell but held herself

"I told you, zero stamina" he laughed

"Stop it" she replied , scooping water with her hands to pour on him while he tried to avoid though he couldn't, he ended up falling in the water and getting wet 

Cheryl dived in too and stayed for two minutes

Louis came up and swept back his hair then Cheryl came out and did the same

They stood facing each other in the water just like the other time, they felt like the only two in the world again and their heartbeats can be heard as it's beating heavily

Louis moved closer slowly and swiftly turned her back to himself before hugging her from behind, holding her tummy with only his right hand and then he brushed hair away from her face with the left one

It's the last thing Cheryl was expecting but it's not surprising, they almost kissed the other time anyways if not for Xander

She closed her eyes in that position and when his pointer finger hovered round her belly button, a moan almost erupted from her lips as the water waved came again and he held tighter

Still closing her eyes, she held his hand to her tummy more tightly and the feelings won't stop pouring

Louis bent over to her shoulder and kissed it deeply before muttering something inaudible 

"What did you say?" Cheryl asked, finally opening her eyes

" I just said you're beautiful" he said though that wasn't what he said, he said something different

"Thanks sweetheart" Cheryl said and faced him

"I love you" she said

"Baby girl" he replied

"That name" Cheryl smiled and that made him laugh

" I'm not a girl" she said

"Then baby lady will be better" he replied

" Who even bears that" she pouted and scattered his hair all-over his face with her hand

"You silly girl, come here' he said and tried holding her but she moved fast from him, giggling loudly as he chased after her but it didn't take too long before he caught her and carried her in his arms, turning her around happily and making her laugh so much

Till the end of the picnic, all they did is play like lovers and talk like couples and that made them enjoy every bit of it.


"Thomas" Bella said frightfully when he came home again that evening, Elena isn't around yet

"Getting scared huh? , I'll make your death a fast one, but not just an easy one, as fast as it'll be, it'll also be painful but not now" he said evilly

" You just have to face me, kill me please, stop going after her" Bella pleaded, going on her knees

" She's the result of your sin, and I'll need to get rid of her too though it seems she has many protectors but trust me, I'm Thomas Scott, I'm capable of anything cos you made me into the demon I am today!, And I'll gladly be a demon who thirsts for blood forever!" He yelled, pushing her out of the way before going into his room

He packed his clothes and few of his shoes into a bag and came back. "I know it's your joy that I'm leaving, but don't be overjoyed, I'm still coming back" he said and started heading out,he got to the door and Immediately he held the knob, he looked back

"To kill you" he said seriously before leaving, shutting the door furiously behind him

Bella sniffed heavily and her tears fell again

"He won't stop, yes I caused everything why don't you just face me" she cried.


" Shameless b*tch!' Thomas ranted as he walked down the street when he parked his car

"Arabella, your death will be on the record of one of the most gruesome deaths in Germany" he scoffed and glanced at a corner,he shortly saw someone walking away swiftly, he's wearing a cap but the back of his head looks familiar

Thomas stopped and went to the corner but he's gone.

"Seems like he was watching me, who's he?, Another Elena's protector?" He grinned and walked to his car

He got in and sat beside a lady who's sitting on the driver's seat wearing a long leather jacket and trousers with a short bob hair and sharp facial features

"Front Man, what's the next move" she asked

" I'll do my jobs myself from now on, serially.... Yes I'm wicked, and the whole Germany will start feeling my wickedness as from tonight" he smirked

The lady smiled and started the car.


Bella was still crying in her kneeling position when she heard strange sounds by the door

Scared that it was Thomas who came back, she fearfully stood and walked slowly to the door

Opening the door, she met an envelope which she picked slowly, she shut the door and tore the envelope open, it contains a letter and immediately she opened it, she recognized his handwriting

"Carl" she whispered, reading it with more tears in her eyes


Arabella covered her mouth so she won't disturb the neighbors with her crying sounds

She sat behind the door and continued crying

"Where are you" she cried.


The Tanner's mansion**

"You mean you went to her again?, Arie stop being stubborn" Gabby said when she told him of her visit to Elena

"I'm not being stubborn, I'm just doing all what I can, I couldn't sleep last night cos I was thinking about her, I'm telling you I see Samantha in her even if she's not Samantha, I want to keep seeing her everyday, I've come to love her so much" Arie replied slowly

Gabby sat beside her and held her hands. "I understand how you feel, but always remember that our dear Samantha is dead" he said

Arie slowly removed her hands from his hold. " Yes she's dead, but I still see her in Elena, so I'll stick to Elena till she'll start liking me too, I don't mind being her second mother" she replied

Gabby stood and used his glasses. "This persisting stubbornness" he heaved.

Shane's engine stopped it's cool sound when the car came to an halt in front of Elena's house

"So tommorow we'll be doing a lot about our project, we have less than a month before the exams and you know we're presenting after exams" he said

" I understand" she replied

" And about Mrs Tanner" he said

She faced him..." Huh?"

" She's a nice person, you don't have to try avoiding her, she's not lethal" he said

"oh..I guess so" she smiled

" So, see you tomorrow" he replied, closing his eyes

She leaned in and kissed his lips deeply before parting away from him

"Love you... gnight" she said

"More more.. sweet dreams" he replied as she got down

She waved and went in before Shane drove home

" Mum" Elena Called cheerfully when she entered

"Yes daughter" Bella replied and widened her arms for an hug, she actually stopped crying when she saw she's arrived

Elena hugged her but noticed her body temperature

"Are you sick mum?" She asked with concern

"No... just a slight headache, I just need some rest, I must have been knitting so much these days" she replied

" I'll get you some drugs, you need to sleep now" Elena replied and went in to get her relievers which she took with water 

Elena guided her to her room and made sure she's laying on the bed and she covered her properly

"Don't be sick mum, promise me" she said

"I promise" Bella smiled

" Shane protected me, I feel special, he's so caring and he defended me like I'm really his princess, Mich got arrested and according to the cops, he'll be spending sometime in their custody" she said happily

" You're so lucky to have him, and that's why you shouldn't keep anything from him again, you even kept it from me" Bella said

" I'm sorry about that mum, I won't do it again" she replied

Bella touched her hair delicately

" Mum loves you" she said

*Daughter loves you" Elena replied

" I already made dinner, you should go eat, and I bought matching hoodies for you and Shane, I saw it today while shopping so I got them since they're so cute, it's on the couch" Bella said

" You're so sweet mum!, Sleep tight I love you!" She gushed, kissed her cheek before rushing out to check out the hoodies

It's yellow and it looks sophisticated

"Shane will really love it" she smiled but she saw a letter on the table and took it

Out of curiosity, she read it


"Carl?, Could it be Clemson Carl who saved me?, So mum really knows him, he'll protect mum and her?, Who was addressed as "HER" in the letter?" She wondered


After dinner, Cheryl and Louis decided to watch a movie before going to bed

Louis slept on the couch while Cheryl slept on top of him before the TV was put on

"What's the title?" Louis asked

"Maleficient mistress of evil" she replied, touching his chest slowly and sending currents down his body with that

"Oh, interesting" he replied, wanting to concentrate on the movie but she's being a distraction, not that she's disturbing but his eyes won't stop staring at her

He remembered the fun they had at the beach earlier, they even took cotton candy and cheese after the play and it was memorable

He slowly touched her waist and she looked at him..

"Love my waist?" She said, dying to feel more of his touch

"Yeah" he replied straight and she smiled before placing her head back on his chest

"Thanks for brightening today up" he said

"You don't need to thank me, I love what happened today too" she replied

" Cheryl" he said

" Yes sweetheart" she replied

" What do you think I should do?, I mean, now that I'm no longer under my dad" he said

" Let's run my company together" she said

" Your company?" He asked

" I have a company, dad built it in my name but I've never run it, maybe it's high time, I just have to change the ownership to your name, and we'll start work together" she said

" You own it" he said

" But I love you, and you own all what I own plus me, we just have to equip it and employ, then start work as investors, we have enough connection" she said, yawning slowly

" I really don't know what to say" he replied

" Just say it's fine, I agree " she said , closing her eyes

"It's fine, I'll think about it" he replied, expecting her to talk but she said nothing

" Cheryl" he called but she's already sleeping

He looked at her face and smiled. "Thanks for being there when no one was there, thanks for loving and caring about me" he whispered

" She looks cuter while sleeping" he said and pecked her forehead

" I love you" he said silently, that was what he actually said at the beach earlier.


Next day**

"Be bold" Miley said as she walked into the school with her minions that morning

She decided not to come to school throughout the week but Tanya won't hear of it, that's why she came reluctantly

"I'm not scared" Laurette and Sydney said at the same time

" Good" Miley said as they continued the walk to class

"By the way, did you watch the news this morning?, A family of three were killed in a brutal way last night" Laurette said

"Yes, they were stabbed and slashed till death after their eyes were removed from their bodies, news said their hands were roasted like a christmas chicken too" Sydney replied

" Like seriously?, This is what you guys are really thinking about when we don't know what we'll meet in class" Miley scowled

Laurette and Sydney went mute and they took a while before entering the class

"They came" Eros said

Shane looked up from his book and smiled, he was actually reading with Elena before

"I only reported Mich to the school, I'll take care of these shrimps myself" he said and pretended like he didn't see them

" See?, He did nothing" Miley said, taking her seat with her friends.

" Are you up to something?" Warren asked Shane from behind

"Sure" he replied

"Will you hurt her?" Warren asked again, referring to Miley

"You're so unlucky that you fell for her, but you just have to watch what I'll do" Shane smiled and looked at Elena

" Watch with interest when I start" he winked

"What are you gonna do" Elena replied

Shane stood and started walking towards their desks

"He's coming" Laurette whispered

"And he's not smiling" Sydney added

"Where did your boldness go you b*tches" Miley whispered back

" Stand, you three" Shane said Immediately he got to them cos they're sitting next to each other

Slowly, they stood and Shane hit their chairs with his leg, making the chairs fall 

"Sit on the floor" he said

"Shane.." Miley said

"On the floor" he replied bluntly

They all sat on the floor, waiting for the next order

"Bring out your phones" he said and they all did that

"Log in to the school blog" he said

They did that too

" Click on Elena's picture you posted there" he said and they did

He looked at their phones one after the other to confirm if they really did

"Good, now the three of you have to comment " GORGEOUS" on that picture two thousand times each" he said

" What!" They all screamed

" Shane is crazy, their fingers will break" Eros said, laughing already.


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