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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Elena won't stop crying like a kid for almost ten minutes on Shane's shoulders even with the pacification

Shane kept patting her back gently and let her cry it all out on his shoulder then he faced her after some minutes, cupping her face with his palms

"Princess" he smiled handsomely

"H... Honey. " She stuttered, still hiccuping slowly

He smiled and wiped her tears again. " Stop crying, if you let another tear fall, I'll break up with... " Shane said

" I won't cry anymore" she quickly said, wiping her face with her palm though Shane already wiped all the tears

"Better, now we need to go home, I promised to fix it so you just need to trust me and never keep secrets from me again ok? ' he said and she nodded slowly before holding his face too

"You still love me right?" She said

"Till eternity, I'll never stop loving you princess" he replied

" I'm just so sorry for keeping things from you, I'm sorry for being a fool, I was just scared" she said

He delicately held her chin and made baby faces. " I know, but no matter how scared you are, learn to always tell me everything, don't ever keep anything from me again, it'll hurt more than this... Please" he said

" I won't do it again, I love you so much honeydrop" she said breathlessly

" It's been a while since I heard that, .. love you more princess" he replied

" It was actually Miley and... " Elena said

" Miley and her minions collaborated with Mich, I know, I'll fix everything, trust your boyfriend ok? " He said and she nodded slowly

Their phones beeped at the same time and it was Shane who checked first

F*cking Mich posted her picture on the school blog already

"I just wish I've killed him" he said, looking at Elena who has her eyes glued on her phone

Shane held her shaky hands, taking her phone from her

"Promise me you won't cry" he said

"I promise" she replied slowly

"We'll go to school together tommorow, you don't have to be scared of what the students will think, I've always told you that I'm the view, look at only me and care about only what I think, I love you and I love your spots too, I don't care what you look like cos to me, you're the prettiest" he said, locking eyes with her

" Shane..." She smiled

" Finally you smiled, do that again" he said and she smiled more widely

" Gosh!, It's making me want to do something" he said

"What?" She asked

" Kiss you" he replied, slowly leaning in.. 

She never moved, she just stood still and when his soft lips finally touched hers, her worries flew off and the fear embedded in her bones melted away, making her crave for more and more as time passes.


*What!" Miley screamed when Mich told her what happened at the restaurant on phone

"I was just about to go in with her when he showed up, you should see what that bastard did to my face, my handsome face got ruined" Mich replied

"And you still posted the picture?, You shouldn't have posted it" Miley said

" Why? "

" I don't want to get involved when it gets rough, now it's rough and I'm involved, Shane can be crazy when it comes to love, you're a teen model who can get yanked if he reports you" Miley said fearfully

" So the great Miley Diamond also fears, well FYI, even if he reports, the industry will do nothing cos I'm the star teen model so they won't wanna lose me, and he's too small to report someone like me, who'll wanna listen?, Don't underestimate me" Mich replied

" You f*cking dumbass really don't know Shane right?, Well wait till you see his craziness, I'm not coming to school tomorrow anyways, he'll be dangerous" she replied and hung up

" Idiot! " She spat.


Louis can't ask for more when Cheryl slept beside him again tonight

Last night was the best night he's ever had in ages so he hoped for something more special tonight when she layed beside him

"My body is not allergic to girls you know" he said, meaning for her to come closer

" I'm a lady" she smiled

" Ok, my lady, can you come closer? ' he asked

" Your... Lady?" She asked, surprised that he just called her that

When she kept staring at him in surprise, he shifted closer to her by himself and slipped his hand around her, making her gasp in the process

"Here we are" he smiled

"Louis..." Cheryl whispered

"Shhh.. gosh it's so cold" he replied, covering them with the duvet

"Yes... It's really cold" she replied , smiling inwardly at the warmness of his body on hers

"Let's go for picnic tomorrow, on the popular beach" Louis suddenly said and her eyes brightened up

" Picnic?' she said surprisingly

" You don't want it?" He said

"No I don't mean that .. I actually can't wait!, OMG I love you sweetheart" she gushed happily, hugging him tight

"I can't wait for tommorow too" he replied and kissed her hair.


Next day**

Shane and Elena kept smiling faces as they entered the school and they even wore their matching sweaters on top of the uniform

*She's shameless*

*I can't believe she has such spots*

*She looks so ugly in the picture*

*Her body is irritating*

The students won't stop running their mouths but Shane brought out his phone and plugged earpiece before plugging them in her ears then he faced the students

"What's all that about?" He said

A girl stepped forward. "Shane you need to see this, she's disgusting" she said, giving Shane her phone which has the picture

" Disgusting?" Shane said, trying to control his anger

"Yes..very very" the girl said

Shane looked at the picture and smiled before bringing the phone closer to his lips then she kissed her from the picture, making the students gasp

"I know about her beautiful spots, what else?" He said, looking at the girl who's now behaving dumb

" You're just jealous that I won't look at your ugly face and that's why you guys held so much grudge against this beautiful picture, look it's my wallpaper" he said, showing his wallpaper to everyone, that exact picture is really his wallpaper and Elena just blushed heavily where she's standing

"She's the most Pretty in this school, argue with your ancestors if you find that wrong, and also...if anyone calls her disgusting again, I swear I'll wound you no matter what you are..a boy or a girl" he said seriously and everyone went silent

He looked at the girl's phone and without thinking twice, he smashed it

"My phone" the girl said, bending down to pick the pieces

"That's what you get for gossiping badly about my Princess" Shane said and faced Elena

He took her hand and interlocked it before kissing it

"I love you to the moon and back baby" he winked and pulled her to class

"I'm jealous, immediately I saw the picture, I knew it's Miley or Mich" Warren said 

" Well I just love your maturity, I wanna date you, should we start practicing gay?' Eros said and got a hit from Elena

"Sorry for trespassing" Eros said and they laughed

"By the way... Miley, Sydney and Laurette aren't in school" Warren said

" They won't come for the rest of this week I guess, Mich is not here too but he's a small topic to handle once I get to the modelling industry" he said

" What about the school?" Eros asked

" I got that fixed since last night, I've reported everything to the principal via his email, we just need to go write the report against Mich by recess, then it'll all be settled" Shane replied

" Elena you're so lucky, I should get a girlfriend too" Eros said

" Jealous puppy" Elena smiled

"But like seriously, don't do that again" Warren said

"I won't" she replied

"She won't ever" Shane replied, taking her hand again


"A woman is at the visiting room to see you" a junior said to Elena just when she's about to go to the cafeteria with Shane

"A woman?" Shane said, getting suspicious as they walked to the place together and his suspicions got confirmed when they met Arie

"Mrs Tanner?" Shane said

She stood with smiles. "I'm not here to brawl again, I just came to say hi to her" 

Elena kept her gaze fixed on her and Shane reluctantly stepped back to give them space

"How are you?" Arie asked

"I'm...ok" she replied 

Arie came closer but Elena shifted back when she tried to touch her hair

"I'm sorry...I just, felt like dropping this" she said and brought out a shopping nylon

"why?" She asked

" Nothing, it's a gift" she replied


"Yes, I hope you take it wholeheartedly" Arie smiled, dropping it beside her

" But I don't...

" I know you never asked for it, but take it as my simple gist" Arie said and waved slowly before leaving 

Shane came back in and held her hand

"What did she say?" He asked

"She dropped a gift" she replied

"You should check it out" Shane said

" I don't want to" she replied

" As you wish" Shane replied as Elena led the way out

"Can we go on vacation on Friday afternoon after school and come back on Sunday night?" She asked

" Yes, vacation like a date, no Miley or Mich to disrupt this time around" he replied

" Sure honeydrop" she smiled.



Mich walked into the industry with fear in his heart cos he wasn't expecting Mr Adams call unless Shane really has great connections with him

He almost stumbled and fell when he saw Shane in Mr Adams office, sitting and sipping wine 

Shane welcomed him with a big smile

"Welcome bro" he winked

"What are you doing here?" He demanded fearfully

" You need to breath, else you'll die" Shane said

"Mich, I'm disappointed" Mr Adams voice said from the corner in the office..

Frightfully, he looked that way and his fears doubled

"Mr... Mr Adams" he stuttered

"Your bandaged head reveals everything, you tried to rape a girl?, You threatened and even blackmailed" Mr Adams said

" No sir I...

"I'm so ashamed that you're one of our teen models, it's a shame" 

" I never tried to rape anyone" he denied

" Really?, So now you're saying you didn't blackmail or threaten me or try to rape me?, If not for my boyfriend who came and taught you some lessons by wounding you, you'd have had your ways" Elena said, coming out of another room

" Elena..." Mich said

"Call that name one more time and I'll wound you again" Shane replied

" Come in" Mr Adams said and two cops came in immediately

"No Mr Adams...you can't do this to me....Mr Adams..." He kept stuttering as he was led out with cuffs 


A beach**

Louis stood shirtless, he just finished changing into his shorts in the Winnebago they brought for the picnic and Cheryl went in to change into her bikini too since they'll be swimming

He admired the water and can't help but smile widely.. being here today means a lot

With Cheryl

He brought out his phone to snap selfies

"You can't snap without me!" Cheryl said from behind, just coming out, changed to her bikini already

He looked back and that instant, he couldn't breathe, feeling like his lungs was blocked

She's...hot! And her walking steps changed as she walked to him

She gave one killer smile which almost made him fall without getting pushed

"Let's snap" she said but he kept staring and she has to wave in front of him to bring him back

"Huh?" He said awkwardly

"Am I that beautiful?" She asked

He looked for a while again. "Yes" he replied sincerely


"You've always been gorgeous, just that you look hot today" he said and she won't stop smiling

" The picture" he said and she hugged him , letting her head rest on his bare chest gently

"Shot" she smiled, winking at the camera and he took a cute selfie of them

"Whoa!, It's cute!, Let's take more before going to swim" she said and he still kept staring like the other time

She stared back this time and it felt like time stopped, only their heartbeats can be heard and without realizing, the phone fell from his hand and with that hand, he held her tender waist gently, sending shivers down her spine when he started leaning in

She held his sides gently and like magic, her eyes went shut, expecting the deal

Louis never allowed his stare to leave her lips and when their lips are just some inches away, he slowly caressed her s*xy waist, making her gasp again then drawing more closer and that made her b**bs hit his bare chest

His body vibrated to the soft feeling and her lips won't stop looking tempting, calling for a kiss, he leaned in fully and just that freaking moment...

"Cheryl is that you?" A voice said behind them and they had to break apart

Cheryl looked back while Louis stood on his spot, feeling his chest, his heart is slamming hard on his chest

"Xander" Cheryl said cheerfully

"I knew it's you, it's been a long time" Xander replied

" Since university days, runaway bestie" she smiled

"I never knew I'll bump into you, anyways you look good in that" Xander said and pulled her to a gentle hug

Louis's mood changed immediately he saw that and he walked away from there slowly

Cheryl broke the hug and made to introduce him but he's gone already

"Where did he go" she wondered

"I'll see you around , gat to go" Xander said

" Oh...ok" she replied absentmindedly as he left

She went inside the Winnebago in search of Louis and she saw him there but he's not smiling

"Louis....why did you leave like that" Cheryl said, kneeling beside him

"You were hugging him ..so I thought of giving you guys some privacy" he replied, looking away


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