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( Love Me Like I Do... )


Next morning**

Cheryl woke up to a sweet smelling room even without opening her eyes, she smells something nice.

She actually slept in her room last night since he hasn't said the feelings is mutual, she has to give that much distance

"Morning babygirl" Louis's voice said beside her

She spranged up and saw him sitting beside her with a tray on the bedstand

"Louis" she smiled, getting down from the bed, he stood and hugged her, softly kissing her hair in the process

"Baby girl again?, I said I'm a lady...L-A-D-Y, you graduated from Oxford so I'm expecting you to listen to simple corrections" she said jokingly

" What if I don't want to?" He said

" Then I'll ... Do something nasty" she said

"That sounds great" he replied

" Nuts" she said and they both laughed

"Well my room smells nice" she sniffed

"Yes, I made your breakfast, you just have to sit and eat" he said

" Whoa!, Breakfast in bed" she blushed

"Yes babygirl, now you need to sit" he replied and she gently sat

He sat on a stool in front of her and took the tray then opened the meal

"Steak!, American style!" she gushed

"But I think we agreed that I'd cook this morning" she pouted

" Yes, but not anymore, I changed plans" he replied, cutting the steak into the fork

" Open up" he said

"This is what they call feeding right?" She said, blushing again and that made her cheeks turn bright red

"Think about it" he replied as she opened up and he gently shoved the fork into her mouth

She chewed on it and gave thumbs up. "Well cooked, well seasoned, delicious" she said

"So on a scale of one to ten, how much do I get?" He asked, closing his eyes and that made his lips the only visible part of his body to her

She kept staring, forgetting he asked a question

He gently opened his eyes and smiled. "I know I'm handsome" he said naughtily

She realized she got caught and rolled eyes at him

"On a scale of one to ten, I give you five" she said

"What!, Just five?" He replied

" Yeah, just five you jerk!" She remarked

"That makes you look shorter" he said

"What?" She replied

"Anger" he winked

"I look shorter now?" She said, standing up

" Yes, scientists just found out that 99 percent of girls look shorter when angry" he said

" Come here" she said and he quickly placed down the plate

She grabbed him and pulled him to the bed under her, breathing heavily

"What should I do with you?" She said

"Your choice" he said, closing his eyes again and her eyes Won't leave his lips once again

He opened his eyes after some minutes and laughed, sitting up

"See?, I got you again" he whispered

"Whatever!" She said, sitting very well since he seems to know her weakness now

He carried the plate and resumed feeding her

"Thanks" she said

"Why?" He asked, getting serious

" I just feel like doing that" she replied

"Don't ever thank me again, feeding you and playing childishly with you like this is the best thing I've ever done" he said

" I love you" she said

He smiled and wiped her lips with tissue before gently stroking her hair

"Baby girl" he said and instead of fighting it this time, she smiled


Shane got dressed for the date at exactly some minutes to twelve, he's ready but stepping out of his house, he came face to face with Mrs Tanner

"Ma'am" he beamed, glad to see her

"Good to see you" she smiled

"Same here ma'am, good morning" he replied

"Morning, how's your girlfriend doing?" She asked

" She found out" Shane thought

"She's fine" he replied

Mrs Tanner came forward and stood right in front of him

"She's my daughter whom I thought was dead right?, You're with Samantha again and yet you refused to tell me!" She yelled

" She's not Samantha" he replied calmly


"She's Elena, they just resemble each other so much but there's a difference in the eye color" he replied

" Difference my foot!, People use lenses these days and it might just be lens!" She yelled again

" No, she's my girlfriend and I can surely say she uses no lens! Brown is her natural eye color, Samantha's was blue" he replied

" So you'll be like this till the end huh?, But don't worry, I'll go to the woman's house myself cos I already know her house, I'll go to her house and take back my daughter" she said and left after smiling

" What's happening and why is everyone trying to make me go crazy!, First it was people trying to kill my girlfriend and now it's my former girlfriend's mum claiming to be my current girlfriend's mum, I don't understand" he said, checking the time

" Past twelve, Elena would have waited for long" he said and got in his car

On getting to her house, Bella said she left the house some minutes ago

"Where did she go to?" He asked

"She said she wants to go meet a friend" Bella replied

" A friend?, When we have a date?, Why is Elena doing this to me today?" He said, trying her line but she's not picking

" I'll just find her wherever she is, thanks ma'am, and take care ma" he bowed respectfully and made to go but he looked back

" I don't know what it is between you and her dad, but I hope you settle it soon, some bad guys are after her life but I promise to continue staying with her, just please.... Stop giving Thomas the chance to treat you both like outcasts" he said and smiled before getting in his car

Bella leaned on the wall and cried bitterly.. "someday, I'll be able to tell" she thought.


Elena walked slowly into the restaurant that was texted to her with great fear in her heart, it's big and it looks like only rich people go there 

She looked at her ringing phone, it's Shane but what will she say

"I know I'm being an idiot, but maybe I can cajole the girls to delete it, Shane doesn't have to do everything for me" she thought

She got to a spot and stopped at what she's seeing

Mich is sitting on a chair in front of her, dressed nicely like someone on a date

"What's that jerk doing here?" She thought and her phone beeped

*You're having a date with Mich here, you need to cooperate and keep your head cool, After this we'll delete the pictures.. MILEY*

She finished reading the text and scoffed. "I can't do this, I'd rather tell it to Shane and have you guys wounded" she said and turned to go..

" If you reject, then right now I'm uploading the pic on the school blog" Mich said from behind

She swiftly looked back and saw Mich holding his hand up with his phone, showing the picture

She walked slowly to him and sat in front of him

"Eat with me babe, it's as simple as that, if you do this, then I'll always protect you, that your bloody boyfriend is not worth it" Mich said and Elena folded her fist, wishing she can kill him but....her face is at stake here

She tried to keep calm as the orders arrived

"Let's eat" he said, taking the fork, she did the same and her phone rang In her bag again

It's surely Shane again but she almost cried when it kept ringing and she couldn't pick

Mich smiled and started eating but she kept sitting without doing anything

"Why?" He asked

She faced the table without uttering a word and Mich stood

He came to her and she had to snuck back as if to enter the chair

He came closer and closer to her,she turned her lips away from him and that gave him access to her cheek

He kissed her cheeks without warning and she stood, pushing him away 

"I hate you!, You're just a twerp who's after anything in skirt!, I don't want to ever see you again!" She yelled

" What if I post this right now" Mich said cunningly

Elena let her tears continue flowing and Mich smiled

"You don't have to cry anymore babe, meet me tomorrow for our next date, I'll send the location and be prepared, I'll get more romantic" he said and came closer

" I love tight honeypots, you know what I mean" he said and left 

Elena slumped on the chair with regrets. 

Miley smiled from a corner in the restaurant.. "Mich is an expert, hope you snapped the pictures well, especially when he kissed her cheek" Sydney asked

" Sure, Shane will nearly go insane if he sees it, we'll send it to him together with tommorow's pictures then her body picture" Miley replied

" You think Shane doesn't know about her spots?" Laurette asked

"Shane has an high taste, trust me if he knows she has disgusting spots on her body, he wouldn't go near her not to talk of dating her, Pretty face deceives" Miley replied


Shane almost ran nuts when he couldn't contact her for close to four hours, it's evening already and he has gone to check her in the house for like seven times but she's not home

"You'll run mad soon" Warren mocked beside him

"I don't care, can't you see I'm not ok?, I mean we have a date, only for her to just leave like that and refuse to pick her calls?, Right from last night I know something is wrong" Shane replied, sitting and standing up again

They're actually at Warren's house

"Big bro let's go" Warren's junior sis said, coming out

"Ok dude, I need to accompany Jessi to the boutique, I'll see you!" Warren said and left the house

" I'm going crazy, Elena where are you" Shane sighed.


Getting home that evening, Elena met her mum pacing round the front of the house

She hugged her tightly immediately she got there. "Where have you been?, I've been worried and you won't pick your calls, Shane has come here seven times today just because he's so worried, where did you go?, He told me you guys were supposed to go on a date" Bella said

Elena looked at her and smiled sadly

" Mum I'm an idiot, I'm the biggest fool around, what do I do?, Shane will be so disappointed" she said, sniffing loudly

" What do you mean?" Bella asked and then, a car came to an halt in front of the house and out of it came Mrs Tanner and Cheryl

It's obvious in Cheryl's face immediately she saw Elena that she's shocked

Mrs Tanner won't stop smiling while moving closer, leaving Elena and Bella in total confusion

At a time, Bella held Elena's face, making her eyes widen in shock

"My daughter!" she cried loudly

Cheryl stayed behind her, concentrating on the eye color, "she's Samantha?"

"Is it really lens?"

*Is she different from Samantha?

*Was Samantha a twin?*

She almost went crazy on that spot with lots of questions for herself

"My precious daughter, where have you been and why did you forget your mother?, My Samantha" Mrs Tanner cried, hugging her eventually

" S.... Samantha?" Elena stuttered

"You might not know but you're Samantha, and I'm sure it's lens in your eyes, your real eye color is blue my love, did you lose your memory?" Mrs Tanner said

" What are you talking about?" Bella finally spoke

"Who are you?" Mrs Tanner asked

Bella smiled shortly. " On the norms, I should be the one asking that cos you just came here and started claiming my daughter as yours, who does that?" She replied, taking Elena away from her

" What... what's happening...mum who's this Samantha?...I'm confused!" Elena almost yelled

" You're Samantha my dear, you're my daughter" Mrs Tanner said

"Where is that coming from old woman?, She's Elena, my daughter" Bella replied, holding Elena firmer

"No daughter, come with mummy" Mrs Tanner said

Elena held her ears.... " It feels like a local market is in my head, stop trying to drive me crazy!... please" she cried and that instant, Shane's car stopped in front of the house..

He came out of the car and immediately he saw tears in her eyes, he rushed to her and held her tearful face, ignoring others

"Why are you crying?" He asked

"Shane..." Elena sniffed and he hugged her head to his chest dearly

"Who made her cry?, Who made my princess cry!" He yelled




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