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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 3

The loud sound of her tears will tell you how much agony Elena is passing through as Thomas continued lashing out at her mercilessly for complete five minutes

He was breathing heavily when he stopped, there's blood on Elena's pink gown right now, new bruises, new scars, new spots, new marks 

"To hell with you!" Thomas yelled and went into his room with the money, shutting his door violently behind

Arabella rushed to Elena who's still crying profusely, tears escaped her eyes to as she looked at her pitiful daughter

She helped her up and took her into her room, she sat her down on the bed and she took off the gown, her whole body is swollen with the cable marks allover and Arabella's hidden tears fell

"Mummy ..

" We need to get you to the hospital" she interrupted

" I won't go to the hospital, the money you'll use to treat my skin, let's just keep it, I'll be ok" Elena replied

" No Elena, your skin is getting worse everyday with all these, please...

" I won't go to an hospital" Elena insisted

Arabella wiped her tears and went to a drawer, she brought out a small bottle containing cleansing oil

"I'll apply this at least" she said

"Thomas is my dad right?" Elena suddenly asked

" Sure dear" Arabella replied slowly

"Then why is he always saying I'm illegitimate?, Why is he always doing this to me?" Elena's asked hurtfully

" I have no idea either" Bella replied

"You're bleeding from the nose too"Elena said and Bella touched her nose, there's really blood coming out of it as a result of how Thomas made her hit her head earlier

"When is all these going to stop?" Elena cried, Bella hugged her dearly

"I'm sorry you have to go through all these Barbie, I'm sorry" 


  As a result of the pains from the wounds, Elena slept late and woke up late, Thomas is gone by that time

That's his daily routine, he leaves early in the morning to God knows where, only to come back late at night

"Mum you should have woken me up" Elena said, coming out of her room while tying her hair with a band, she had a fast bath already though she can barely call it a bath cos her hand couldn't even make contact with her body, it hurts

"I figured it out that you need to rest well , you slept late last night" Bella replied from the kitchen

" Even at that, you know how strict my boss can be, bye!" She replied hurriedly after quickly putting on her only shoes, she left the house

"Wait!, You should eat!" Bella shouted after her but she's far gone

" I hope I'll be able to forgive myself....but anytime I'm able to muster up the courage and tell you, don't you dare forgive me, don't ever forgive me Elena" Bella said quietly.


" Why are you late?" The fat strict boss questioned immediately Elena got to the restaurant

" I was, I .. I

" So because you got your pay yesterday, you decided to slack off" the woman smirked

" No ma'am, actually..

"No need for useless explanations, I've pasted a vacancy and three girls applied already, I'll pick the most eligible one so you need to excuse me" the woman said bluntly

" Ma'am you can't do that, this is my first time of coming late to work, I've been working diligently all this while and...

"Throw her out" the woman interrupted and two male waiters grabbed her arms

" Ouch!, My arm hurts!, Easy!" She winced painfully as they dragged her out, they pushed her out of the restaurant and she fell on her butt roughly

"I'm f*cked up" she said slowly and kept sitting down there for almost two minutes,not minding the people plying the road , staring at her

“stare all you want, my life is messed up anyways“ she thought and as if to confirm that her life is really messed up, water landed on her

It's from the restaurant and judging by the smell, it was used to rinse meat, it stinks

She slowly stood and looked at herself thoroughly

"My only shoes" she said, staring at the wet shoes

She looked at the restaurant one more time before walking away

"I'll just look for another job" she thought..


" Alan you made him the CEO right?, Then he should be able to make decisions for the company, he told you he's not ready to raise the stock price suddenly like that, why the fuss over it?" Tanya said during breakfast when Alan brought it up again

" We're gonna earn a lot of Euros if he follows my protocols, that's how I run the company before he took over" Alan said

" So this is about money again Mr Euros?, Wait, was your brain made of money?, Why can't you think of anything else!" Tanya said, starting to get annoyed

" Yes, my brain was made of money and my life revolves around money, if everyone follows my steps, this world will be the coolest place" Alan replied

" Sure" Tanya said sarcastically

"Talking while eating is usually the order in this house and it's always same boring issue, dad's love for money, I'm tired of it" Miley said, standing from her seat after dropping her fork

" you know nothing little daughter, so shut it" Alan replied

" Sure, I don't even want to know nothing when it comes to your philosophy, so bye brother!" She blew Louis a kiss and winked at Tanya before leaving for school

" Our company is currently the second best in Germany, Tanner group of companies is the first and I envy CEO Tanner, if I can get to partner with his company, imagine the Euros we'll make" Alan said

" Oh Euros, I'm getting headache" Tanya held her head and climbed the stairs immediately

Alan's phone rang , it's an unknown number

"Morning" the cool voice said immediately he picked

"Morning, and I'm speaking with?" Alan asked

"Mr Tanner, CEO of Tanner group of companies" the voice replied

"what a coincidence, I was just talking about you" Alan replied happily

Louis secretly sized him up with his eyes before leaving the house, not concerned about whatever they'll talk about.

He got to his car and Daisy's call popped on his phone despite the fact that they spoke for almost three hours this morning

He happily picked, "hey darling" he voiced

"Pie I miss you" she said, he can imagine her pouting

" I miss you more, I promise to come see you after work" he replied, smiling graciously

" Just tell your money loving dad not to kill you for me" she replied

" He can't, trust me and I'll get you something s*xy while coming" he said

" I can't wait!, And for the other s*xy thing too" she said naughtily

" I know, we have all time so wait for me, I can't wait to see you" he said

" Same here pie, bye!" She blew kisses and he did same before hanging up

"Now let's go work like Alan wants" he sighed and his driver started the drive


Golden Brains high**

"So that'll be all for today, turn in your assignments for...Shane, he'll bring it to my table" the literature teacher said before leaving the class, it's the last class for today

"It's been tiring" Warren yawned lightly

"Lazy ass" Shane mumbled as everyone came to his table to turn in their assignments , the girls made efforts to get his attention as usual especially Miley

She opened her button in the front and showed off her b**bs but Shane is too busy staring into space

"That's s*xy, mind if I suck on them?" Warren teased

"F*ck off!" Miley snapped and left in disappointment as usual

Shane is like a living statue, no matter how much you try to seduce him, he won't get caught

Shane carried his backpack

"I have no plans to come back to class again, I'll go give Miss Mia the books then I'll go home from there" he said

" Sure, let's move" Warren replied, taking some of the books while Shane took the rest, they walked out of the class together

"What will you do?" Laurette asked Miley who's sitting on her table

"I'll go to Yummy Yummy restaurant" Miley smiled

"To do what?" Sydney questioned

" You girls are funny, he's someone I'm head over heels for so I know virtually everything about him, Samantha his late girlfriend works as a waitress in the restaurant before her death, he goes there after school everyday just to sit and imagine her presence, I'll go there and try to get his attention too" Miley replied


" You're going to the restaurant again?" Warren questioned when Shane turned the car towards the direction of yummy yummy restaurant

"Yes, I've never missed a day without going there and you know it, it always feels like she's with me anytime I sit in that restaurant" Shane replied as he parked in the parking lot of the big restaurant

It's quite big, the biggest in this part of the city and the most popular

Warren knew it's useless arguing so he just went in with him, while Shane just stared into space and smiled, he ordered something to eat, their food is always difficult to resist anyways

"Samantha" Shane said and continued smiling


"If you f*ck up, you'll lose your job" the owner of yummy yummy restaurant warned after taking in Elena as one of the waitresses

"Sure ma'am, I can never f*ck up" she replied, smiling radiantly

Thanks to the clothes she took from a drying rope, she has changed into it, that's why she's not stinking like rotten meat, it looks like stealing but she plans to return it later

"Jesus forgive me" she said silently

"Good, your pay is thirty Euros monthly" the woman said, handing her an apron which she took and put on

"Five Euros higher than the former restaurant" she smiled and left the kitchen but...

Maybe because she feels like appreciating his handsomeness, a guy is sitting on one of the tables who's an highschool student judging by his uniform, he's utterly and most assuredly gorgeous, the cutest guy she has ever laid her eyes on, his dyed hair looks perfect on his head and though his face held a hard frown, he's still perfect

"His handsomeness won't help my life in any way, so let's focus" she thought and focused on serving..


Shane kept staring into space till Warren finished eating 

"So you're not ready to go yet, it's almost an hour" Warren said

"Wait.." Shane replied, staring at a direction

Warren looked at the direction and saw what he's staring at

"Samantha?" Shane voiced out as the girl passed by their table, obviously one of the waiters cos she's holding a tray of food, going to serve a table

Shane stood and grabbed her shoulders, forcefully turning her to himself and in the process, the tray of food with her fell and her shoulders hurt as he held it, due to the bruises

Their eyes met, he's still in shock while she's wondering who this psycho that's trying to get her fired is

"Samantha" Shane said, still staring into her eyes but now he sees the difference.

Samantha has slightly blue eyes but this girl in front of him has brown eyes, they just f*cking look alike.

Elena looked at him in awe, concluding immediately that he's not ok.

"Who's Samantha?, Are you sick?" She demanded.

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