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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Dre smiled widely at the sweet reconciliation, the sweetest he has ever seen

"So do I get some accolades for a job well done? " He said

Cheryl broke the hug with Louis and faced him

"I'll invite you to a special dinner soon, I'll cook something delicious, so delicious that you'll eat your fork along with it" she smiled

" Really?, Then I can't wait" he replied

" Thanks buddy, seriously this would not have been possible without you" Louis said, holding Cheryl's hand

" I know, so the next time you behave like a jerk towards her, I'll be the one to plant a bullet in your heart" Dre said

"I won't do that shit anymore, trust me I'll be a better man from now on" Louis replied

" Better, now you both can go home and continue your lovie dovie, bye" Dre said

" Are you chasing us? " Louis said

"Of course, it's suffocating, I don't feel oppressed though but I need space, go to your house" Dre said and slightly pushed Louis out of the room

Cheryl followed after hitting Dre playfully

"Bye!" Dre said from inside

"Punk!, I'll get back" Louis replied and Cheryl giggled

Louis looked her way and grabbed her hand again. "Let's go home, we have a lot to do" he said

She nodded and followed his lead, feeling his hand on hers like this refreshed everything again, she seriously missed every single touch right from the night he massaged her tummy to the simple holds

They got in the car and the drive to his house started, taking just few minutes to get there

He got down first and opened the car door for her

Blushing obviously, Cheryl came down from the car and walked in with him

"I missed this place" she Inhaled immediately they got In

" Sure? " He asked

She looked at him and took few steps to him before hugging him. "Sure" she replied on his chest

He touched her hair gently and she looked up at him

"What do you want for dinner?" She asked

"You" he said

She broke the hug and gave him questioning looks

"Me?" She spoke up

"Yes.... I mean, you being here is my dinner for tonight" he replied

"that's cute, but you know.... I should cook something" she insisted

"That'll be tomorrow, let's just order something tonight" he said

" Order? " She said

" You don't get it huh?, I don't want you to stress yourself too much again, please" he said

" Oh... Accepted" she replied

" Good girl" he replied

"Lady" she pouted

"Girl, you're twenty one, so?" He said

"Then I have the right to call you boy since you're twenty two" she replied

" No" he smiled

" Yes" she replied

" Silly girl" he said

" Stop calling me girl, I'm a lady.. full grown lady" she insisted, slumping on the couch, pretending to be angry

"Sorry girl" he said again, trying hard not to laugh

She spranged up and went after him, Louis took to his heels and ran upstairs like flash while she ran after him till he got to his room, entered and locked the door

Playing with him like a kid is too hard to resist so she played along

She hit the door lightly. "Hey child, open the door" she said

Louis kept mute inside but stayed behind the door and kept smiling

"Open it before I break it with something" Cheryl said again but his smile only grew wider

"I hate you" she said and made to go but he opened the door and swiftly pulled her in by the arm, holding her back to himself once they're inside

Her heart skipped beats as they stayed like that, she can feel his breath on her neck

"You hate me?" He asked knowingly

"That was a joke" she replied

Somehow that joke felt real and that was why he quickly pulled her in, getting paranoid

He inhaled hard and brought out his phone from his pocket, still standing in that position

He dialled the line of his private restaurant and ordered deliveries

"What would you like young lady?" He asked, balancing his head on her right shoulder

She smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear... "Em.... chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad and other things" she said

"Oh...I got that, I'll just order a full table" he said and ordered just that before hanging up

"Should we play more?" She asked

"Wanna play?" He asked

" On your chest" she replied and slightly pushed him to the bed, laying on top of him and letting her head stay on his chest

It's the first time they'll be doing that together and it's cool!

"I missed being with you, I missed your smiles , your touch especially during the massage, I missed everything" she said

"It's fine, I missed you more, and please, I'm not gonna do anything to hurt you again, if I make any mistake, you just need to slap me to bring me back to my senses" he replied

" Roger that" she smiled and raised her head a bit, she kissed his cheek and smiled prettily

"Let's stay this way till our orders arrives" she said

" Sure" he replied.


" If you love me, then there's no point in keeping secrets from me, Elena please, just tell me what's wrong, I know you're not ok" Shane probed for the uptenth time today after dropping her off at her house

Elena smiled brightly in an effort to cover up. "Trust your girl, I'm really fine" she said

" Are you sure?, Cos I'm..." Shane said and Elena stopped him with a kiss

"Stop being stubborn huh?" She smiled

"I'm just worried...but since you're fine, I guess it's cool, have a good night rest then" he said, still not convinced

"You too" she said

" It's Saturday tommorow, let's go on a date after we might have returned from the fashion institute" Shane said

Elena's face brightened up and she hugged him tight

"Yes, let's do that" she said

Her heartbeat is faster than usual as they hugged and it's typical of someone full of fears

She pulled away from the hug and pecked him before getting out of the car, she waved and went in

"Elena will never go in if I don't kiss her or if she doesn't kiss me, what's wrong?" He wondered worriedly.


Elena met Bella in the living room knitting sweaters when she came in

"Mum" she smiled and hugged her while bending

"Daughter" she replied, hugging her back

"You look worried, is something wrong?" She asked

" No mum, I'll be in my room" she replied and went in

" You need to eat!" Bella said.

" I'll do that later!, I need to write an assignment!" She yelled back

She sat on her bed and sighed

" Miley, Sydney and Laurette, those three Won't really stop till they destroy me right?" She asked herself

She buried her face in her bed

" What do I do?, I can't even tell Shane cos I know he'll get mad at me for checking out myself in school, what do I do?, I'm just so clumsy" She thought

Her phone beeped and she checked quickly, it's a message from an unknown number

*Your picture will go viral if you don't come to The icons restaurant tommorow by 12*

It's either sent by Miley or Sydney

"I have a date with Shane tommorow, that do I do?"




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