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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Louis kept pleading till he was taken out of the hotel fully

He was left outside and the securities stood by the door so he won't enter

He looked at the hotel sadly and hurtfully and started crying for the uptenth time today, his tears is so hot that it can almost burn

"Cheryl!!!!!!!!" He screamed with all he has, almost losing his voice.

Dre's car stopped in front of the hotel and he rushed out of the car before running to him

He held him and turned him to himself, the tears in his eyes is hurting Dre too and he almost cried but he held back the tears

Louis has never been like this before so seeing him like this is heartbreaking

"Louis" he said, checking him out

"She's in...but she's still so mad at me, she refused to see me, she ran away from me, Dre I'm really sorry, if only she could just let me apologise on my knees I'll do that gladly, I want her back please help me, Dre I'm not ok, she just has to come back for me to be ok, I'm lonely, hurt, sad, everything!" He said

" Let's go home" Dre said

" No Dre, I need to stay till she decides to talk to me, I need to stay" he replied

"Don't be stubborn, let's go, I'll find a way to bring her back, I promise" Dre said

Louis wiped his tears and smiled sadly

" Really?"

" Sure, let's go, you need to rest, just look at how pitiful you've turned when today is just the second day" Dre said and slowly took him to the car

He drove home with him and helped him out of the car to his house

Louis fell heavily on the couch and rested back

"I'll tell my maid to cook something, what do you want?" Dre asked

"Nothing" he replied sullenly

" I'm sure you ate nothing yesterday and throughout today you haven't eaten anything and now you're saying..." Dre said

" I'm not interested in any food, if it's not cooked by her" he replied, closing his eyes

Dre sat beside him. " I've never seen you like this before, even when you were dating granny Daisy and you both had misunderstandings, you never cry, you only brood over it but now you're crying , you're not eating, you're thinking and sick seriously, you surely feel something for her" he said

Louis went mute and inhaled harder. " I'll help in anyway I can, trust me" Dre said

"Thanks, just help me bring her back, tell her I miss her so much, tell her I miss her company and smile, tell her I miss her food and her loving spirit, tell her I miss everything about her very much" he replied without opening his eyes

" Sure, now let's go and eat" Dre replied

"Not till she comes back, ion feel like eating" he replied

" Hard" Dre muttered.


Cheryl suddenly stood from behind the door and rushed out of the room, wanting to see him one more time

She got to the front of the hotel and can't find his car anymore, he's gone

"He's gone" she said sadly, bending down there

"I miss you and I love you so much, I'm sorry I couldn't face you, I might just do something silly, seeing you like that, are you like that because of me?, Did you look that sickly because of me?, Louis" she cried 


" Today is one of the best days of my life, the look on Miley's face when you kissed me in front of everyone was priceless" Elena laughed during the drive home

" And Mich looked like an old man who fell into a garbage can, I love the look on his face, he was apparently not expecting that move, I'm a bad boy" Shane said and Elena pecked him

"love you honeydrop"

"Love you more princess" he replied and almost immediately, a car crossed their car and they had to stop

"What's happening?" Elena said, coming out of the car with Shane with immense fear in her heart

Shane has no fear in him as a guy came out of the car with a gun in his hand

Shane quickly stood in front of Elena, covering her

"Shane..." Elena said fearfully, wanting to come to the front

"Stay behind... please" he said

"Stay away, I only have score to settle with that girl" the guy said, pointing his gun at Shane

" If you have to kill her, then kill me first" Shane said boldly

"Then I won't hesitate" the guy said and pulled the trigger to shoot but instead, he was shot from another corner 

Shane and Elena held their ears as the guy went down

They opened their eyes slowly and saw the guy's body laying lifelessly on the floor

"Huh!' Elena said, about to start crying

" Who helped!" Shane yelled and his voice echoed loudly

Slowly, a figure came out of nowhere and when he came closer, he turned out to be a man who fixed his gaze on Elena

"Who are you?, Why did you help?" Shane asked but he kept looking at Elena

Shane covered Elena again. " Who are you?, Why did you help?" He asked again

"Clemson Carl, I was passing by when I saw the scene, I decided to help, no strings attached" he replied simply

" Really?" Shane asked

" Sure" Carl replied and Elena came out from behind Shane

Carl smiled at her and somehow, his smiling face is cool though he's handsome even without smiling but maybe he looks more cuter with a big smile

"I'm Clemson Carl" he said, offering Elena an handshake

Elena took the hand and Immediately their hands touched, she felt something she can't explain

He let go of her hand slowly. "Nice meeting you guys, you both look cute anyways, and young guy, I love your courage, keep staying by her" Carl smiled and left immediately

" Why did I feel like I know him" Elena wondered

Shane held her hand. " Maybe because he saved us, but it's high time we talk about who these people trying to kill you are, we need to be extra careful from now on cos it seems to be getting more and more real" Shane said, getting in the car with her

He drove her home before driving back to his house

He ate slowly while thinking about the man earlier

"Clemson Carl, who's he?, I feel like he's more than what he said, is he related to Elena?, That must be it" he thought

He stood after taking few bites of his meal

"And about her mum, I think it's high time I meet her too" he said

When the scene of how he kissed Elena in class earlier rushed back, he can't help but laugh out loud

"I'm bad .. I swear" he said, getting serious again

"Samantha.... Elena, it's somehow intertwined, I don't think it'll be a good thing to introduce her to Cheryl or Mr and Mrs Tanner again since this is happening, but they'll soon find out right?, When the resemblance is too much" he thought.


" Again? " Bella said guiltily after Elena told her everything that happened

Thomas has never come back home since he got threatened by Shane so it's just the two of them

"Yes, I almost got killed together with Shane but a man saved us" she said

"Someone? " Bella said

" Yes... He told us his name.. em... Carl" Elena said and Bella's eyes widened

" You mean... Clemson Carl?" She asked shockingly

"How did you know?, Yes, that's his full name" Elena replied

" Carl" Bella said, holding her chest

" Mum... " 

" Don't worry I'm ok... Make sure to put off the lights before going to bed" Bella said and entered her room

"What's up with her again? " Elena thought.


Next day, Golden Brains high**

Shane is with the project supervisor since he told him to come see him in his office

Elena sat deep in thoughts about her mum's reaction when she heard her saver's name

"Did she know him?, Is that why I'm having the feeling that I know him? " She thought silently

" Hey, thinking about what? " Eros asked beside her

" Oh.... Nothing much" she replied and stood

" I need to use the washroom, I'll be back" she said and left the class

She walked there slowly and washed her hand since it feels gummy

She wiped it with tissue and looked at herself in the mirror

"Why do I feel uncomfortable?, Like I'm not who I know I am?, I feel uneasy since last night" she said to herself

She raised her shirt from her tummy a little bit and smiled when she saw the spots are gradually fading away

That's what she does since she started using the body treatments, she checks out her body every now and them

She walked to the door and locked it before coming back to the mirror

She slowly took off her shirt and that left her with only her singlet

"It's improving a lot, in a week or two weeks from now, I'll have a spotless clean skin" she smiled and wore her shirt back

" Whoa!, So the so called Elena is not only trash but a leopard, just look at the disgusting spots" Sydney said, coming out of her hiding place

Elena's heart almost flew out through her mouth when she saw her with a phone on her hand

"Thankfully I took a clear picture, what do you think the students will think of you or say about you when they see this?, Utter disappoint" Sydney laughed

" You need to delete that" Elena said, trying to take the phone from her but Sydney hid it behind her

"Stop trying, I got what to destroy you with and you think I'll let it go easily?"Sydney said

" You can't do that" Elena said

"Are we friends?, Shush it and get out" Sydney said and left fast

" I'm dead" Elena thought as she stepped out of the washroom

She got to class and saw Sydney talking with Laurette and Miley, she got fearful, thinking she's telling them about her spots

Sitting shakily, she can't seem to get herself composed till Shane came back in

"Baby" he smiled, sitting on her table but a look at her face, he knows she's not ok

"Baby are you ok?" He asked, standing up to bend beside her chair

"I'm ...ok" she replied awkwardly

Shane pulled her hand out of the class immediately


" Cool, this is exactly what I need" Miley smiled immediately she was shown the picture

" So, should we make this go viral?" Sydney said

Mich entered the class immediately and Miley smiled

"No, let's blackmail her with this for a while" she replied

"I can't wait to see the great Elena obeying our orders" Laurette grinned

"I'll have to work with Mich, I'm sure this will be a great bang" Miley smiled.


" What's happening?" Shane asked immediately he got out with Elena who looks restless

"I'm ok" she replied slowly

He held her face and looked her in the eyes

"that's not true, you're not ok, I know" he said

"Shane...." She said 

" Yes baby?, Tell me what happened?, Was it Mich again?, Or Miley?, Princess tell me anything" he probed

" I love you" she said and hugged him tightly

" More more Princess, calm down and tell me everything" he said, hugging her back.


IU hotel**

"There's a man waiting to see you here at the reception" the receptionist's voice said over the telephone in Cheryl's room

"A man?" She said weakly

"Yes, Mr Dre Marcus" the voice replied

"Dre?,... Oh, let him in" she replied and dropped the telephone

She sat on the bed edge and a knock sounded on her door some minutes later 

"Come in" she said

Dre came in with a smile on his face and took his seat on the available sofa

"How have you been doing?" Cheryl asked

" Seriously?, I should be the one asking that, you've become skinny" Dre replied

" Oh..I guess so" she smiled sadly

"You miss him right?" Dre said and Cheryl went mute

" You both are like....I don't even know what to compare the both of you with " Dre said

" Is he ok?" She finally talked

" Ok?, That word is far from his dictionary right now cos he's seriously sick" Dre replied

" Seriously sick?, Is it bad?, Why will he fall sick?" Cheryl asked, standing up

" You don't get it?, He misses you so much and he can't bear your absence, he told me to tell you he misses Everything about you and he told me to plead for you to come back..." Dre said

" He...he.. seriously said that?" Cheryl said 

" Yes, he's going nuts, just go back to him, please I beg you" Dre said and stood

He made to kneel but Cheryl stopped him

"I'll go with you, I want to see him too, please let's go" she said

" Really? "

" Yes, I've missed him so much too, I just felt bad seeing him in that state yesterday, that was why I ran away, but now I can't help but want to see him badly, please let's go, I don't need to pack my things, it's useless" she replied

Dre smiled and led the way out of the room

They eventually left the hotel and he drove her to his house where Louis has been staying since last night

The drive was long but smooth though she got more and more impatient throughout 

They got to Dre's house and went in together

"He has been in his room since last night, he won't eat and won't talk to me" Dre said

Cheryl climbed upstairs while Dre followed behind

"It's the middle room" he said 

She knocked when she got there but got no response

She opened the door and went in, his back is on her cos he's sitting on a chair in the room with his head on the table

"Louis" she called slowly

His ears recognized her voice immediately and he slowly stood as if in a slow mo 

He turned around and even the heavens know he's overjoyous Immediately he saw her

"Ch... Cheryl" he stuttered unbelievably

"Yeah... it's me sweetheart" she replied, smiling widely

"Cheryl" he said again, slowly walking to her

"My everything" she replied on her spot

Louis took just three steps to cover the space between them

He raised his shaky hands to her cheeks and held it softly

"It's really you" he said, letting his tears of joy fall

" You're crying" she said

"Just that....I missed you so much" he said

" I missed you more, the three days were lived in sadness" she replied

He immediately went on his knees

"You can choose to slap me, I'll take everything you do, I'm so sorry" he said, closing his teary eyes

" I'm not mad at you" she replied, bending down to wipe his tears

He opened his eyes and held her hands


"I love you" she interrupted

" I've never been good, but I promise to be nice, caring from now on and do everything you want" he said

" I want that" she smiled

He stood with her and smiled.

" I'm glad you're back to me" he said, touching her hair slightly

He held her face and kissed it all round, making her blush widely before hugging her tightly, gently rubbing the back of her neck

"Enough of the lovey dovey in my house, time to go to your house, you guys are suffocating me" Dre said by the door

They never answered, they kept tightening the hug

"I'll spoil you real bad, pamper you like a baby and treat you like an egg, now I know how much you mean to me..." Louis whispered into her ear.


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