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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Louis kept bending there for over ten minutes, crying without stopping with a lot of regrets over what he just did

"I'm so sorry, I'm just... Sorry, it wasn't intentional" he said slowly

He slowly stood and rushed in to get his car keys again, he came back and drove out of the house to her parents house, trying not to cry on the way but it's Impossible cos he cried throughout

He got to the house and wiped his tears before going in.

"Louis" Mrs Tanner said immediately he entered

"Louis?, This night?" Mr Tanner added beside her

" Did she perhaps... Come here?, I mean Cheryl?" He asked

" At all, I still talked to her this morning and she told me you both are fine, so no reason to come here, why? " Mrs Tanner replied

" Oh... Nothing, thanks" he replied and left

" You think Cheryl left the house?,. Maybe they fought" Mr Tanner said

" I'm not sure about what it is, but they should be able to settle it since they're grown ups" Mrs Tanner replied.

Louis drove back home and continued his frantic search as if she'd have returned home

"I'm so sorry, please don't go" he kept saying that frequently as he searched till he fell on the couch heavily with tears in his eyes

"I'm too sorry" he muttered and stood again, he got himself a bottle of alcohol from the bar and drank till he slept off.


"I hope to see you guys again, it was nice lecturing you guys" Mich smiled after the two hours lecture

" Yes, we hope to see you again soon" Elena replied

" And by then, I hope you stay on your lane" Shane said

" Excuse me? " Mich said

" Goodbye" Shane said and pulled Elena in..

"Why are you like that?" Elena asked

"Isn't it obvious he was trying to get your attention?, Ion like his moves" Shane replied

" Hey, nothing special ok?, What you're scared of will never happen" Elena smiled

" That smile again" Shane replied and hugged her

" Don't be scared, Mich is not a bad guy" Elena said

" Who told you that?, And besides, I'm not scared, I'm just scared for him cos what I'll do to him if he messes with you will be what he won't expect" Shane replied, breaking the hug

" Stop being jealous, he wasn't making any moves" Elena said

"Asking you out for dinner is a move, telling you you're pretty is another one, saying your smile looks cute is another move Elena" Shane said

" You were in the bathroom when he said all that" Elena replied surprisingly

" I was listening by the door" Shane replied

Elena suddenly started laughing

" It's not funny" he said seriously

"You're a jealous type I can't believe this" she laughed

Shane grabbed her waist to himself and looked at her wistfully

"I love you" he said

"I love you" she replied

"He kissed her hard instantly and she held tight like he's her life

"Yeah, I'm a jealous boyfriend, so stay away from other guys" he said after breaking the kiss

" Sure, I won't want to see you do something nasty" she smiled

She touched her hair fondly. " Good girl, I'll drop you home" he said and held her hand out


Cheryl stopped her tears with all she has as the hotel receptionist handed her the key to her room

She took it and was led there. "Thanks" she said to the receptionist and entered the room

She dropped her bag beside the closet and climbed the bed "Maybe this is really the right thing to do right now, it hurts to leave him but I can't take it anymore, my heart is always in pains anytime he says something hurtful, it hurts to the bone, to see him shouting at me, it hurts to see the one I love than myself shouting at me" she thought, letting her tears trickle down her face

"I love him so much...but maybe I have to stay here for a while" she sniffed lightly

She took her phone and stared at his pictures, she actually sent them to her phone when he left his phone for her the other time

"He's all I have, and truly I'll do anything for him, but I just need to see maybe he really cares"


Somewhere in Germany**

A guy can be seen entering a house in which another man is sitting down with his back on everyone

"Boss, I'm here" the guy bowed

"You should have been killed for failing two tasks but I'm giving you another chance to kill the b*tch again, if you fail this time again, I'll personally end your life" the man replied without looking back

The guy made to go...

" If the boyfriend proofs to be an hindrance, finish him off too, I want a clean job this time, seeing her alive Is annoying" the man said


" My body spots and scars are gradually reducing, the dermatologist is the real deal, the body treatments are working" Elena said while rubbing the treatments on her body after taking a shower

She checked her body out in the mirror again. "Three weeks from this time or even two weeks, I'll have a perfect skin, I can't wait!" She said happily, putting something on

She sat on the bed and her mind drifted to her mum, she has been behaving weird these days, being extra caring and always lost in thoughts and it's rather bothersome though she says she's ok

"I hope she's really ok" she thought and her face brightened up when she saw Shane's call

" Honeydrop" she beamed after picking.

"I assume you've taken a shower by now and you've applied the treatments and right now you're sitting on the bed" he said

" Right" she replied, smiling and biting down on her lips just like he'll do

"I knew it, you should read the lectures before sleeping tonight" he said

" Sure, I'll read it back to back" she replied

"Ok, I called to hear your voice, I can be at peace now, goodnight, I love you" he said

*Wait!, Don't hang up yet" she said quickly

" Why?"

" I... love you" she said

" Do you have to make it look awkward?" He teased

" I dunno!, See you tomorrow!" She said and quickly hung up

" That jerk" she smiled, looking at the pictures they took together yesterday during the outing


Next morning**

Louis woke to to find himself on the couch with great splitting headache, maybe as a result of hangover since he drank a lot last night

He looked at his phone and picked it up to dial her line but it's off

If she's here now, she'll be telling him breakfast is ready and he misses that already

He stood and walked to the dinning, imagining her presence, seeing her imaginary image as she served his meal

"How was it?" She asked with the usual bright smile

"Cheryl" he said, trying to touch her but his imagination ended.

He sat on one of the dinning chairs and sniffed hurtfully, trying not to cry but it seems it's Impossible cos he started crying again

"I miss her" he confessed to himself, standing up

He went upstairs grudgingly and took his bath slowly

He slipped into jean trousers and a thick hoodie then left the house to go meet Dre in his office.


Golden Brains high**

"Isn't it strange?, Our school never takes students when exams is just around the corner but they took in a new student?, Who's he?" Miley said amidst her minions in class

" He or she must be a very influential person" Laurette replied

" I know right?" Sydney replied

" Who exactly is the new student everyone is talking about?" Shane asked

" Maybe a celebrity" Warren replied

"Really a celebrity, here he is" Eros said as the whole class attention turned to the entrance

And here comes.... Mich the popular model

The girls won't stop screaming at the top of their voice, almost bringing down the whole place

"My crush!!" Sydney screamed

"Whoa!, Mich is gonna be attended Golden Brains?" Elena wowed

Of everyone in here, if there's someone who hates what's going on right now, it's surely Shane cos to him, he came here cos of Elena

"You're so dead if you try something funny" he thought.

"I'm the new student, Mich Cooper" he smiled

" We love you!!!" The girls screamed once again as he entered the row of students and his smile doubled when he saw Elena

"We met again baby" he said

"Yes, welcome to my school" Elena smiled

" She's smiling?" Shane thought jealously and angrily

"meaning we'll be seeing each other frequently from now on" Mich said

" Sure" Elena smiled again

" So she's really something, she knows Mich too?, They're talking as if they're friends" Miley said

Mich found a seat behind Miley and sat quietly

The classes ran slowly through the day and Shane can't seem to be able to get the scene earlier off his head, seeing her smiling at other guys even hurts especially if it's Mich whom he doesn't trust

Two minutes before lunchtime**

"See me in my office Shane, you need to do something for me" the lecturer in class said before leaving

Shane followed him out of the class reluctantly.


Elena sat alone on her table, stylishly waiting for when Shane will come and join her

"What is he discussing with him for so long?" She wondered loudly

"Missing your boyfriend already?, Huh?" Mich said in front of her

She looked up at him. "Oh!, Mich" she smiled

"Can I sit?" He asked

*I'm actually waiting for..

" I get that you're waiting for your boyfriend, I'll just leave when he comes" Mich replied, sitting in front of her

" Oh" she said

" Let's eat" Mich said

"Not until he comes" Elena replied

"Oh, ok, I guess I'll just eat by myself" he smiled and started eating

That moment, Shane is just coming into the cafeteria and when he saw them sitting together like that, he fumed with pure anger this time around

Mich knowingly threw down his fork, pretending that it fell

"Sorry about that" Elena said

"It's ok, I'll get it" he replied, bending under the table

Thankfully Elena is wearing leggings so he saw nothing

"That jerk!" Shane said and ran to the place

He pulled Mich out from under the table and punched his face immediately

Everyone gasped In shock, Shane has never fought in school

"Bastard!, Go to hell!, Go f*ck your sis you son of a dog!" Shane yelled and punched him again

" Shane!' Elena shouted, not understanding why he's being like that

"You gave him the chance!, This asshole!" Shane yelled

"He did nothing wrong right?" Elena said

" You know nothing!, This guy here was trying to look at your pants, thankfully you're wearing leggings, do you think he bent down originally because he wants to take his fork?, He's a dimwit!" Shane ranted and punched Mich again, making him bleed from the mouth

"Mich deserves it" Warren said

"I know right?" Eros replied

"Did you do it?' Elena asked , facing Mich

" Believe me I did nothing of such, I never did that, I was only gonna take my fork" Mich replied

" He said he didn't do it" Elena said

"Really?, You don't believe me?" Shane said

" Just that....i don't believe he can be a pervert" Elena replied slowly

" Seriously?" Shane said hurtfully and left the place immediately

"Believe me I never did that, he's just jealous, maybe because he saw me sitting with you" Mich said

Elena rushed out after Shane and caught up with him at the empty corridor

"Shane!' she called, holding his arm

He looked back at her slowly

"What?" He asked, his eyes reflects that he's hurt a lot

" Mich is...

"Ion want to hear that name anymore" he said


"Seriously you just asked why?, Back then in class you were smiling at him, then the next thing was that you sat with him and ate with him at the cafeteria" he said, not smiling a bit

" Shane you're jealous and...

" Yes I'm jealous!, I'm the jealous type who won't even let you give another guy the slightest hug or glance!, Not even Mich of all people cos to me, he has dark intentions" Shane said and left the hallway angrily

Elena stood like a stupefied person who's just confused

"Trash, I guess your Romeo is mad at you, gosh!, I love scenes like this" Miley said from behind

Elena looked back..." Oh, troll, ion have your time" she said and left her

" I guess they won't last" Sydney said


Shane never came back to class that day and that got Elena worried a lot till the end of the day

Elena tried Shane's line but his phone is off

"What to do?" She muttered at the verge of tears

"Mich was at fault, he deliberately threw down his fork just so he could bend under the table and check you out but luckily you wore leggings, he couldn't see what he wanted, I witnessed it all too in the cafeteria" Warren said behind her

She looked up and saw him with Eros

"He must be so mad at me, I never believed Mich could be so gross, what do I do?, Shane must be so mad at me" she said, crying already

" Hey girl, a princess can't cry so wipe those tears" Eros said, wiping her tears

"You should have seen Shane's face when you were smiling at Mich the other time, he's a over jealous kind, this should have taught you a lesson to always believe him" Warren said

" What do I do?, He won't want to see me" Elena cried

" Trust me, Shane will come around, he doesn't get angry for long" Warren replied.


" What the heck did you do!" Dre screamed immediately Louis told him the latest development

" It wasn't my fault, I was just blinded with hatred for..." Louis was saying

" Hatred for your dad?" Dre interrupted. "Is Cheryl your dad?, Is she the cause of your present predicament?, Why always pouring your anger on her as if she's an anger container!' Dre yelled angrily

Surprisingly, tears fell from Louis eyes. "I swear it I always lose my mind anytime dad does something hurtful, I lose my mind to the point of not wanting to think about what anyone will feel with my hurtful words, Dre please help me, I don't even know where she is or how she's doing, she cries a lot and maybe she'll be somewhere crying like a baby, I really need to apologise to her" Louis said

" That's what you always say..you hurt her, make her cry, apologize, then hurt her again, you know what?, This is the best for now, maybe you'll value her till she'll decide to come back from wherever she is" Dre replied and left him .

Louis wiped his tears and rested his head on the table, the headache is eating him up again and it's rather unbearable

"Please come back, I'm sorry" he whispered.


Entering Focus modelling industry, Mrs Tanner smiled, knowing she'll find lead to wherever her daughter is so far she saw her in front of the industry the other day

The models and the others at work greeted her respectfully as she walked through the place

"Mrs Tanner" Mr Adams said from the other side

"Oh, Mr Adams, good to see you, can we talk for a while?" She said

" Of course" he replied, leading her to a room where they sat and were served with wine

"I'm not here for wine, I came for something important, have you perhaps seen this girl?" She asked, showing the picture of Samantha on her phone

" Oh, she looks exactly like a girl who came here too days ago, just that....they have completely different eyeballs, the one I saw has brown eyes" Mr Adams replied

" Brown eyes?"

" Yes, she came here with Shane Richmond"

"Shane?, Shane Richmond?" Mrs Tanner said surprisingly


Elena ate little from her dinner, she lied to Bella that she had too much lunch and can't take more

She entered her room and sat dejectedly on the bed, Shane's phone is still off and earlier when she branched his house on her way home from the restaurant, he wasn't around and that doubled her worries

She hugged Loki tightly and eventually kissed it

"I'm so sorry, I should have done much better, I miss him" she thought

She rubbed her eyes and she's sure that anytime from now, she'll start crying again, that's what she has done for half of today

She got up from the bed and stood in front of the mirror

She took off her clothes and that left her with her singlet and shorts

"My body is improving, thanks to him but I hurt him" she thought sadly and started crying profusely in front of the mirror

She picked her phone again and tried his line once more but it's still off, she threw her phone on the bed and continued crying

"I'm going crazy, I want to see him so badly" she said amidst tears

Then she heard creaking sounds from her window

She got scared at first but when she saw what's actually happening, she can't help but be shocked, surprised and happy at the same time

Shane climbed in through her window and never hesitated to walk straight to her

In her shocked state, he grabbed her waist and pulled her to himself, making his lips cover hers instantly

She closed his eyes and kissed him back passionately, she wasn't expecting it but so far it's Shane, then she doesn't give a damn

And besides that, she has missed him insanely

Shane moved his hands to her hips and ran them through it, first time he'll be making that move but it's sweet

He kissed her hard like he has never done before, fire lived in the kiss and he won't stop feeding on her lips

He broke it after close to five minutes, breathing heavily though she's not exceptional

The singlet she's wearing is transparent and she's braless, he looked down at her chest and looked at her face again

"I love you" he said lovingly

"I love you... and I'm sorry" she said

"No, I behaved like a kid the other time, I should be the one saying sorry , I'm sorry" he said

" No, I shouldn't have smiled to Mich and I shouldn't have sat with him, I should have believed you when you were telling me, it's all my fault, I'm so sorry" she replied

" I missed you immensely, my phone is out of battery, I know you'd have tried calling" he said, rubbing her ears delicately

" Yeah, I almost went crazy, but I'm glad you're here, I promise not to do it again ok?" she smiled

"You look so hot in what you're wearing right now" he replied, staring at her body

She blushed hard and he held her face

"You can't smile beautifully at other guys except me, you can't sit with any other guy besides me, only I can touch you" he said

" Same goes to you" she replied

"Love you princess" he said

" More more honeydrop" she replied

He gave her a wistful look before grabbing her butt then slamming his lips hardly on hers ...




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