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( Love Me Like I Do... )



"I dunno what to say, honestly I'm .... I'm dumbfounded" Louis said sincerely

"Just open up" she said

He slowly opened his mouth and she slowly put the fork with the meal in his mouth

He chewed on it slowly and nodded. "It's nice" he said

"Really?" She asked again

"Sure" he replied, taking the fork from her

"I'll help myself" he said

"So do you love the surprise?" She asked

He looked up and smiled. " The best I've ever received" he said

"I just blushed, eat up" she said, face-palming herself as she watched him eat 

"Honestly, thanks so much, wasn't expecting to eat something so delicious tonight" he said

She replied with a smile and continued watching till he's done

He looked at the card again and read it out

"Anything, for my everything" 

"Yeah, anything for you" she replied, pouring wine for the both of them

They took a glass each and clinked it on each other before starting the slow sip

"So how was the idea I gave?" She asked

"Beneficial, though I earned a slap from dad cos of it" he replied

She spranged up and held his cheeks slightly, checking it out with concern

"Are you hurt?, It must have been painful" she said

He took her hands off his face gently

" I'm fine, trust me" he said, releasing her hand

She inhaled before taking her seat

"Don't get hurt" she said

"I won't" he smiled, dropping the now empty glass of wine

They both climbed upstairs together...

"Goodnight" Louis said when they got to his door

"Goodnight" she replied

"Go in first" he said

She smiled and went to her doorstep, opened the door slowly and looked back at him

"Night night" she giggled and went in

Louis smiled before entering his room too

He took a shower first before changing into a night wear and then jumped on the bed happily

He closed his eyes at first with the hope of getting a sleep but when sleep kept eluding him, he opened his eyes and sat up on the bed

He took his phone and went to the pictures and when he saw Daisy's pictures, he became angry to the point of throwing away his phone

"Why haven't I deleted those?, Damn me!" He yelled at himself and lay on the bed again but once more, he's unable to sleep

He sat up again and when Cheryl came to his thoughts, he smiled brightly

"What should I do to make her feel special too?" He asked himself.


Dropping Elena off in her house that night, Shane looks sad

Though they spent all day together but he's already missing her

"You can spend the night at my place right?, I'm already missing you" he said

" I know, and I'm missing you already too, but I can't leave mum tonight, i wish I've told her beforehand, I'll come for sleepover in your house soon" she said

" I understand, just be fine ok?, Take care of yourself throughout the night, and apply all what the dermatologist gave you" he said

" Nagging, but I like it" she said

" Silly girl" he said and hugged her, then gave her a slight peck

" Goodnight" he said

"Only that?" She said surprisingly

"What else?" He asked, smiling knowingly

"Maybe you forgot this.." she said and leaned closer to him, giving him a deep kiss on the lips

He licked his lips after the long kiss. "Thought you weren't gonna ask" he said naughtily

"I won't be able to sleep without it" she said

" You know anytime I kiss you, it feels like I'm devouring a whole cone of sweet vanilla flavoured ice cream" he said

" Gosh!, I taste that nice?" She blushed

"Sure princess" he replied, stroking her hair lightly

" Well you taste like.... vodka, the one I'll wanna get drunk with every moment" she said and smiled before getting down from the car

He watched her go in before leaving.

"Salad!" Elena exclaimed immediately she sighted it on the dinning table 

"Yeah dear, I made it specially for you" Arabella replied, coming out of the kitchen with a plate of chicken sauce

"OMG!" Elena screamed again

"Just eat it up, I've eaten mine" Bella said

Elena dropped her backpack and sat on the floor beside the small table that serves as their dinning table

She started eating with joy. "It's been ages since I tasted salad and chicken sauce, mum I love you so much" she said, eating in mouthfuls

Arabella feels happy watching her eat, it's the best view, making her happy like this and doing the things she loves

"But am I really?" She asked herself before looking at her again

Elena is still eating with great appetite

"My baby" she said slowly

Elena looked up slowly and smiled

"My baby" she said too, mimicking Bella's voice and that made Bella smile

"You know I love you right?" Bella asked

"Of course, and I love you more than you do" Elena replied and returned to eating

" Everything she does or says, adds to my guilt" Bella said guiltily.


The Tanner's mansion**

"Stop this madness Arie!, Samantha is dead in the plane crash and we buried her remains by ourselves!" Mr Tanner ranted at his wife who kept saying she saw Samantha since she came back home

"And I'm saying I saw her!, The remnants of Samantha we buried had a disfigured face and she might just be another person without our knowledge!" Mrs Tanner yelled back angrily

" Calm down Arie, calm down, Samantha is surely dead in the crash cos she was confirmed as Samantha before we buried her" Mr Tanner replied

" I don't care if you don't believe me!, All I know is that I saw my daughter today and by all what it takes!, I'll look for her!" Arie replied and went upstairs angrily.

" Is she ok?' Mr Tanner asked himself.


Next morning**

"Breakfast is ready, you just have to sit and have it, it's just bread and milk" Cheryl said from the dinning when she saw Louis descending the stairs, dressed for work

"Oh, thanks" he smiled, coming downstairs 

" How was your night?" He asked before taking his seat

" It was the best, yours?" She replied

"Not bad" he replied

She poured some milk into a cup and he took the bread slowly with it.

"By the way, concerning the deal with the Japanese, ion think it's advisable, they're not to be trusted cos dad has never worked with them" Cheryl said

" How did you know I'll be signing a deal with the Japanese?" Louis asked surprisingly

" I'm the daughter of Mr Tanner you know?, I have my means" she replied

" But your dad told us he has worked with them three times and they're trustworthy" Louis said

" Dad had never worked with Japanese, believe me and don't sign the deal" Cheryl said

" Thanks" Louis said, still surprised as he continued eating.


Shane slipped his hand into Elena's hand as they walked into their classroom

🎎 They're here again

🎎 Second Samantha

🎎 But I love them

🎎 Who cares?

They both don't care too, they got to class and met the project supervisor in the class already

They whole class attention turned to them

"Don't tell me you guys weren't aware that there's an 8 o'clock class" Miss Blossom said sternly

" We weren't actually aware" Shane replied and it was Warren who laughed first

" The time they're supposed to check the class group with, they'll use it to be romancing each other" Miley said from her seat

" Are you jealous?, Yes, we romanced , anything wrong with that?, Are we you?, Are you us?" Shane said all at once and everyone laughed

Elena kept giggling silently

"I hope you guys are working on your project already" Miss Blossom said

" Sure ma'am" Elena replied and they left for their seats

Shane hit Warren playfully. "I was only trying to feel happy" Warren smiled

"By the way, you you need to gist me" Eros said beside Elena

"About?" She asked

" The romance stuff you know" he replied and she hit him playfully

"Gosh!, I can't believe you're a pervert" she smiled

" Well now you know" he replied

"Order!" Miss Blossom said sternly and they all went mute though some still kept giggling , some like Warren.

The class ended and they had two more before going for lunch

"I heard the prom is coming up soon" Warren said

" Oh, I can't wait" Shane smiled

"Me too, how does it look like?" Elena asked

" It's usually done some weeks before exams and trust me it's the best night of the term" Eros replied

" So we're rocking it huh?" Warren said

" Of course" Shane replied, secretly winking at Elena.



"The CEO of the Japanese group has arrived" Louis's secretary announced to him

" Usher him in" he replied simply

Minutes later, the CEO came in with his secretary and he welcomed him with smiles.

"Welcome Mr Miyazaki" he greeted politely

"Thanks Mr Louis, I can't wait to sign the deal with this company, and I'm promising you a good experience with us" he smiled

" Sincerely, have you ever worked with Mr Tanner's company before?" Louis suddenly asked

He looks shocked like he wasn't expecting that question but he tried to hide his shock though Louis has already seen it

"Why that question even after Mr Tanner himself told you how close we are and that we are the best" he said

" I was just being sensitive, I'm sorry but I don't think I'll be able to go on with the deal signing again" Louis said, straight to the point

" What!" Mr Miyazaki said

" Yes, I can't trust you" he replied flatly

"But you trust Mr Tanner right?, Since he recommended me...

"it's better you leave" Louis interrupted

"This is bullshit!, How can you embarrass me like this!" He ranted, standing angrily

" Leave when I'm still nice, I might decide to call the cops" Louis said and at the mention of cops, Miyazaki left without saying anything again.

Louis smiled and sat back on his chair. "Is this a trap by Mr Tanner or what?, Did he set him up to pretend like a really good man?, Mr Tanner....he must be a green snake in a green grass like I've been suspecting" he thought

Minutes later**

Like he has been expecting, Alan bursted into his office with his guards

"Take him" he ordered and the guards swooned round Louis

"Dad?" He said, surprised about this new dimension

"Since you're planning to ruin my company, I'd rather ruin you!, How could you send Miyazaki out of your office, you even threatened him with cops you idiot!, You told him he's not to be trusted despite the fact that he was recommended by Tanner?, Why did we partner with him if we can't help each other?, He was only trying to help us grow but you fool are busy dragging us back to the mud!, Do you know how many Euros we'll lose?" Alan ranted

" You really trust him that much?, More than I your son?" Louis said hurtfully though he wasn't expecting much but this is hurting

"Yes!, I do!, I trust him!, What will I gain from trusting a wasted child like you who's trying to drag me down!" Alan shouted

" And I hate you too!, I hate you too Alan cos since I became the CEO I've never been able to sleep cos all you care about is Euros, you don't even trust me and I'm fed up!, And now you wanna arrest me just because I helped us from being trapped?, Before then I'll give up... Alan I give up!!!!, I'm not the CEO of D-Royals anymore!, I resign!, You can take over again and work like a clock then get duped till you die!, I'm off!" He yelled and left the office angrily

" Louis!, Louis!" Alan called after him but he never looked back.


"The teacher is already waiting for us at my house, I mean the one sent by the modelling industry" Shane related during the drive home

" So I won't be chanced to work part time today, I'll call madam Donna" Elena replied

" It's better, I just hope the teacher will be ok" Shane replied

Some minutes later, he got to his house and right in front of the house is one of the hottest teen model.... Mich!

His expressionless look turned to a big smile immediately they got down from the car

"Mich!" Elena exclaimed happily

He's one of her idols in modelling

"Hi" Mich waved when they got to him

"Mr Adams really surprised me, I wasn't expecting him to send a star like you" Shane said

" Well he's a person I respect a lot so when he told me to come and give you guys some lectures, I couldn't turn him down" Mich replied

"I'm Shane, and here's my princess, Elena" Shane introduced, shaking Mich

Mich made to shake Elena after that but Shane held Elena's hand back

"Waving is enough" he said

"Ok" Mich replied and went to his car to bring his laptop

They went in and settled down in Shane's study room for the lecture

Shane opened his recorder and recorded all what he's saying and a sensible person will know he's good

He knows a lot about modelling and even went as far as fashion, giving them back to back for almost an hour but Shane can't help but notice he's trying to get Elena's attention

"I need to pee" Shane said, excusing himself

"You're pretty" Mich said Immediately Shane left

"Thanks...but my boyfriend tells me that a lot so I'm used to it" she replied

" Oh" Mich replied, surprised that she didn't blush

"Yes, but to be sincere, you've always been one of my idols in the modelling world" she smiled

" Really?"

" Yes, trust me" she smiled

"You have a cute smile too and I can't help but be amazed, I'd love to buy you dinner someday" he said seductively

" Oh... I'd decline, I can't do that" she replied

"Why?, Cos of Shane?, It's just a friendly dinner" Mich insisted.

Shane came back and Mich smiled as if nothing has been happening

Shane sat and looked at him with hardened expression as he continued the lecture.


Not being able to manage his anger since Alan pulled it out in the office, Louis drove home in anger again

No matter how much he tries, the anger won't just die down

"I hate you Alan!, I hate you!, You're the man I hate most in the world!, Damn D-Royals!, Damn you!, Ion care if it crumbles!" He screamed

He kept screaming hurtfully till he got home and met Cheryl waiting already

"Welcome dear" she said radiantly but her countenance changed too when she noticed his mood

"Ignore me" Louis snapped

"No I can't, you look hurt and...

" And I told you to ignore me!, Aren't you tired of being a bother?, Aren't you tired of boring my life!, Aren't you fed up of getting on my nerves?, Piss off!" He yelled at her and left for his room

He got there and started regretting all what he said Immediately

"I've done it again, I've done it again!" He yelled at himself, entering the bathroom

He stayed under the shower for over thirty minutes, cursing at himself

He came out and stayed in his room for some minutes before going out

He stayed at her doorstep for some minutes before knocking 

"Cheryl" he called slowly

"Cheryl" he called again when he got no answer 

He opened the door and luckily it's not jammed but inside the room, her closet is opened and part of her clothes is gone, part of her shoes in the rack is gone too and her body treatments on the dressing table, none of it is there again

"No, she can't possibly...." He said and checked it out very well, no sign of her

He rushed out of the house but she's still nowhere to be found

"No... please you can't leave me!, It's really not my fault!, I just have a bad temper I'm so sorry for hurting you again" he said, bending down to cry bitterly.


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