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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 24


Cheryl almost can't believe what just happened. "He just hugged me?" She thought but at the same time, she feels happy

She smiled and hugged him back more tightly. "I love you" she said slowly, closing her eyes on his shoulder too

"Forgive me" Louis replied

"I've forgiven you since you did it, you know... I really don't have the heart to be mad at you, I was just scared that you might do another hurtful thing since you kept hurting me, that's why I couldn't come out to look at your face" she replied

Louis broke the hug and held her shoulders. "I promise right now and here, that I'll never do anything to make you cry again, I promise you and it's valid ok? " He said 

Cheryl nodded and hugged him again. " I never knew this is how you'll feel when in love, but it's crazy a lot, Louis even though you hurt me, I kept loving you more and kept craving for more of you, I realized i love you like crazy, I can't ever stop loving you or caring about you, even if you don't love me back I'll continue loving you, but I'll really be the happiest on Earth if you can just tell me the three words, Louis I love you till eternity and nothing can ever make me stop feeling for you, I'm so in love with everything about you and if I lose you, I don't know what'll happen cos at this rate, ion think I can live without you" she said and broke the hug, facing him

Louis kept looking at this lady in front of him, busy professing her love and inside him, he feels like he's lucky, maybe because in her eyes, he sees sincerity.

"Louis" Cheryl said, cupping his cheeks with her palms

"Yes?" He replied

"When a situation that calls for dying comes, I won't hesitate to die for you" she said

" Don't say that again" he said

" But I can say it a million times cos you know what?, It's the truth" she replied and leaned in to kiss his forehead

" You're just... My everything" she said.

Louis started staring as if to bore holes in her body, she's crazy but crazily in love with him

All what she said are nothing but the blunt truth and he can't help but believe it and in his mind, he's starting to plan on how to return it all

He hugged her again and smiled slowly. "Thanks for loving a bad guy and a jerk like me, and i promise that from now on, I'll try my best" he said, touching her hair slowly

"I just want to stay in your arms like this forever, I love you insanely" she said and encircled her arms round him more tightly

Louis stayed like she wanted and for almost five minutes before she broke it herself

She felt his temperature again but surprisingly it's back to normal

"You're ok now" she said surprisingly

"Yes.... I guess" he smiled and touched her forehead as well

"It hurts a little bit, but it'll be ok latest tommorow" she replied

" I'm sorry once again" he said

"Don't say that again" she replied

"So what's for dinner? " He asked

She held his hand and he followed her to the dinning, he sat and she started opening the dishes one by one, making sweet smell fill the whole place

He inhaled gently and smiled

"Smells nice right?" She said, serving him on a dish

"Yes, a sweet lady cooked it so it'll definitely smell nice and taste nice too" he replied

" That's sweet" she said, came to him and pecked him

He only smiled brightly and took the fork , he digged into the food and looked up to her after tasting it

"It's bad right?" She said

"No, it's perfect, trust me" he replied and her face brightened up

"I'm glad!, So enjoy" she said, sitting in front of him

"Eat too" he said

"No, watching you eat is one of my best meals" she replied and he smiled again

He can't even remember the number of times he has smiled since he got home, it's countless cos she'll always have a way to make him smile

"But still, you should eat.." he persuaded

"Ok, if my sweetheart is telling me to eat, I have no objection" she said and served herself too

They ate together but she spent most of her time staring at him and anytime their eyes met, they smile at each other

After the meal, Cheryl cleared the table and they went upstairs together

Louis kept touching his shoulder, stretching it as a result of cramps, maybe too much work at the office lately

"Your arm hurts?" Cheryl asked

"Not really, it's just a little, I think I need to reduce stress" he replied

" I'll give you a massage" she said

" You don't need to" he replied but before he knew it, she pulled him to his room 

"You just need to lay down on the bed, obey this little angel" she said

" But..." Louis said and she quickly placed her finger on his lips

"Shhh, trust me you'll like it" she said, slightly pushing him to the bed

She took off his shirt slowly and he lay on his tummy before she climbed the bed too, kneeling by his side, she started giving him the best massage of his life

From his shoulders, down to his back and the line between his back, to the sides of his tummy, then back to his shoulders

Louis is already lost in pleasure, this is the best thing he has ever felt, it feels so good!

He closed his eyes as her hands did it's magic allover him, not wanting it to stop anytime soon

"You like it?" Cheryl asked, stopping for a while

"Continue please" he replied

Cheryl smiled before continuing, telling her to continue means he loves it, more than like

She inputted more effort and Louis almost exploded with pleasure

For almost ten minutes, it continued and he's unaware of when he slept off

Cheryl got up from the bed and covered him up before pecking his cheeks 

"Goodnight my handsome everything" she smiled before leaving his room

She got to her room and fell on the bed happily, thinking about the handsome smiles he gave 

"He's so handsome and sweet, that's how he'll remain to me forever" she said, hugging the pillow


Next morning**

Thomas has never come back since he left the house and that's just a big relief for daughter and mother

Elena got dressed for school as usual this morning then sighted the sweaters she took from her mum the other time, intending to give one to Shane

"Can't believe I forgot this" she said, picking up the nylon

She left the room and met Bella in the kitchen. "You should take bread and jam" she said

"I'll be late mum, I and Shane are still branching the modelling industry on our way to school so I'll just eat in school" she replied and made to go but Arabella held her back

She looked back at her and saw sadness clouding her face


"You love your mom right?" Bella said, rubbing her hands like a kid's

"Of course mum, I love you so much, that's why I don't keep anything from you" she replied, wondering what the reason for that question is

"My daughter..." Bella said, holding her cheeks and fighting back her tears


"It's ok, go to school, I'll make something delicious before you return" Bella said

" Mum are you ok?" She asked with concern

"Of course daughter, give mummy a kiss" she replied and Elena kissed her cheeks.

"Take care of yourself mummy" she said and smiled before leaving

Arabella's smiled turned to tears immediately she left

"She loves me but me.... I'm being a b*tch, it's not mutual cos if it is, I won't be as wicked as this....why can't I just pull out the courage and open up to my daughter, I just wanna die!" She screamed at herself and grabbed the kitchen knife 

She made to stab herself but when she remembered Elena , she stopped herself

"Someone please end my life" she cried, letting the knife drop on the table with much tears in her eyes.


"Morning princess" Shane smiled when Elena entered his car for the drive to school, he actually came to her house to pick her up for school

"Morning honeydrop, how was your night?" She asked, looking deeply at him

"it was awesome, my nights has always been awesome since I met you, what about you?" he replied, making her blush greatly.

" I've always had blissful nights since I met you too" she replied, bringing out the sweaters

" Here, it's mum's gift" she said

"It's cool!, Your mum knits?" He asked, checking it out

" Sure, that's what she does" she replied simply

"How cool, and luckily we have no sweater on, should we rock it today?" He asked

She nodded and gave him one since it's same size and color... White

They put it on at the same time and when they're done, it looks extra cute

"We're cute!" Elena yelled

"Damn!, Come here" Shane replied and slammed his lips on hers, giving her a heartwarming kiss right there for so long

He only let her go when they're both out of breaths

"That was unexpected but sweet" Elena said, licking his sweet taste on her lips

"I did that cos you look too cute in white" he replied and winked

" To be sincere, I've always admired your winks and the way you bite down on your lip, it drives me nuts" she confessed

" F*ck, I'm going crazy right now" he said, leaning in again for another kiss

She held him this time and never let him go till she's satisfied

"You intensionally said that cos you want more right?" He said

" No, it's the truth" she replied shyly

He smiled and stroked her hair before starting the drive to the modelling industry

They got there after close to twenty minutes drive and it seems Shane knows one of the directors, he talked freely with him and introduced Elena as his Princess

"She's so cute!, Giving you guys modelling and fashion as a project topic is not bad, you guys will shock your supervisor cos right now we're casting teen models, you both can Join too cos the winners gets an award and recognition, fame and popularity, it's usually double face so you both can partake" the man said

" Oh, we'd love to" Shane said and Elena held him, meaning they shouldn't do it

Shane smiled and held her tighter. "It's ok princess, trust me ok?" He said

Elena only made faces

"So when is it starting?" Shane asked

"It has not been decided yet but registration has started, I'll make sure to register you both" the man replied

" I'll be glad, by the way, we need someone to take us through the classes for the theoretical part of the project, we have to put down a lot for the presentation" Shane said

" I'll send one of our models, one of the best" the man replied

" Thanks so much for this sir, I really appreciate" Shane replied before leaving with Elena

" I know your fear, but we'll start sorting it out today" Shane said, holding Elena's face beside his car

"School..." Elena said

"No, we are taking today off, let's go somewhere" he replied and she pouted, that gave him the opportunity to kiss her lightly

She hit him playfully before getting in the car with him and he drove off

Mrs Tanner came out of her car but the car is already gone

"That's Samantha, it's her, my daughter... it's her" she said, holding her chest so tight and almost suffocating

"But who's the guy?, I didn't get to see his face but that's surely my daughter.... Samantha" she said, still holding her chest and almost losing consciousness


Shane drove them to an hospital and they walked in hand in hand

He led them to a particular office where they met a female doctor

"Shane, it's been a while" she smiled

"Yes, this will be my first time here since my parents death" he replied

The doctor faced Elena and looked at their interlocked fingers

"Oh, meet Elena Scott, my princess" Shane introduced

"How cute, by the way, you didn't come here for no reason right?" The doctor said

" Princess, this is doctor Sia, she's a dermatologist and will be in charge of your skin treatment from now on" Shane said

" Shane..."

" I told you I'll get it fixed right?, So just calm down" he said

"Follow me" the doctor said

" I'll wait here, after you're done, we'll go for ice cream and from there we'll go watch a movie while eating popcorn, we can go see the water from there and do all sort of other things" Shane said and Elena hugged him

" I love you" she whispered

"Say it louder, the doctor Won't get jealous" Shane replied naughtily, biting his lip as usual

Doctor Sia smiled from where she's watching from

"I love you!" She screamed

"Love you princess, I'll be waiting" he kissed her chin and let her go

She followed the doctor and when she's about to enter the room, she looked back and Shane winked s*xily 

She almost fell but quickly entered the room while Shane smiled

"She's just cute" he said.



Getting down from his car in the garage, Louis inhaled hard and smiled

He's about to start smiling again though he has been smiling while in the office anytime he remembers what she did last night

He really slept while receiving massage from her.

Dre came by in the office earlier and when he remembered what they talked about, he smiled


"Mr Alan's inheritance!" Dre said , entering Louis office

" Oh he's here again" Louis smiled

"You just smiled, whoa!" Dre replied, sitting down

" Maybe" Louis smiled again

" Tell me what's up" Dre said, drawing closer

Louis hit his head playfully

"Ouch!, Don't be like this and gist me already man!" Dre said impatiently

"Ok, she's caring, loving, sweet and has a way of making me smile every minute" Louis said

" You don't mean..." Dre said

" Cheryl" they both chorused

" Yo man!, This is what I'm talking about!, You just have to do your best, you'll do it, leave yourself for her to cherish, you'll find yourself cherishing her too, she's hard to resist or not love, or should I date her instead?" Dre teased

" Piss off" Louis said and Dre laughed out loud

" In my case, love is a no go area, I just want to be handsome forever, single life is the best" Dre said

" Keep deceiving yourself" Louis smiled

" Granny Daisy should get an invitation to your wedding with Cheryl when you both will finally walk down the isle, I'll deliver the wedding card to granny myself, I can't wait to see the expression that'll be on her face on the day I'll give her the invitation, I'll buy a casket along should in case, shot!" Dre said and Louis can't help but laugh out loud


Louis smiled broadly as he entered the house but he met another surprise

From the door to the dinning, candle lights were lightened on the path and he just stood still, watching it, the house is smelling more nice and the lights are off

He looked around in the dark and only the candle lights are burning slowly

Then when he thought of moving his legs, the lights came on, revealing Cheryl at the end of the path with a bright smile on her face

She's wearing a bum short and a transparent crop top that left out her s*xy navel, then she changed her hairstyle, even the blind will know she's looks hotter

Louis gulped nothing as he watched

*I'll forever be in love with you*

*You'll forever be my knight*

*Even if you don't love me now*

*I'll wait for your love*

*I'll wait till I'll become..your addiction*

Cheryl kept walking to him as she sang and she got to him after finishing the song, her voice is sweet!

She smiled wider when she got to him

"I love you" she said, stood on her toes and pecked his cheeks

"All this is for you baby, come with me" she said and made him walk in the candle path, down to the dinning with her

Louis kept looking at her and kept thinking hard

How can a woman be this romantic?, No, anything better than romantic?

She pulled out a chair for him and he sat

That's when he had time to look at the dinning table

It has various dishes looking ostentatious and delicious

There's a medium sized cake In the middle and a candle is on top of it, burning gently

Then beside the cake is an opened card with...


Louis's heart got moved tremendously

This is much!

She sat beside him and stabbed the Rouladen with the fork and knife first

She lifted it up to his lips..

"Be my baby for tonight, let me feed you" Cheryl said.


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