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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 23


Louis stood and went upstairs to her door

He knocked but no answer came

He knocked again for about three minutes but no answer came still

He tried to open the door but it's locked from inside

"Cheryl" he called slowly

"Cheryl" he called again but got no answer

" I'm sorry I wasn't in my right senses then, I'm so sorry, open the door and I'll treat your head myself" he said

" Cheryl Please! " He yelled

"I'm ok" she replied faintly from inside

"Just open this door, please" he said

"No, just eat and go to bed, I'm fine" she replied

Louis breathed hard before leaving her doorstep

He went downstairs to the dinning table and sat with the intention of not letting the food go to waste

He ate the food silently and sadly, if she's here right now, she'll be asking him if the food is tasty or not.

"I'm so sorry" he said again, cursing at Alan in his mind

" I transferred aggression on her" he thought, taking another spoon

He made sure to finish it all before packing the plates himself

He took all the notes and went upstairs with it

He stayed by her doorstep and touched her door slowly

"Goodnight" he said and entered his room

He sat on his bed and checked out the notes again

He smiled without knowing and kept them in his stand drawer

He lay on his bed and almost immediately, Dre's call rang on his phone

He picked immediately... "Hey" he said sullenly

"What's up?, You sound dull" Dre said

"I... Did something to Cheryl" he said

"Was it bad? '

" Yes, I pushed her when she was trying to talk to me.."

" Why must you always be a fool!, Is it because you're still thinking about Daisy?, Snap out of it bro! ' Dre said loudly

"It's not it, trust me" Louis replied


" Dad slapped me while in the office...

"My gosh!, Mr Alan is going nuts over the scent of money, he really slapped you?, How was it?, Was it hurtful? " Dre asked mockingly

" Stop joking" Louis replied

" So you transferred aggression on her?, Look Louis, I know it's not easy, but you should try to show that girl a bit of love, it's not a crime to be in love with you but you're being vicious to her, it's not done... Please, I'm begging on her behalf, you'll regret it if you lose Cheryl, I can bet it with you" Dre said

" I'm trying" Louis replied

" It's not enough, try more buddy, and apologize as soon as possible, she's sweet and forgiving, I know she'll forgive you" Dre replied

" It's fine, thanks" Louis said

" By the way I ran into granny Daisy today" Dre said

" F*vk off, I don't want to talk about her" Louis replied and hung up


Shane's car pulled up in front of Elena's house and she inhaled hard

"I wish you'll not go into that house" he said, looking at the house

"Dad might be back already, but I'll be fine, I've always managed through it" she replied

" Managed through getting scars from him everyday? " He said

" Don't worry, I'm strong" she smiled

He held her cheeks and looked at her affectionately

"Don't get hurt" he said

She nodded and he planted a short kiss on her lips before she stepped out of the car

"I'll leave after you go in" he said

She smiled and went in..

"I'm home!" She said, going into the living room, her mum is sitting there sadly

"Mum.." she said, wanting to go to her ...

"So you're back huh?" Thomas's voice said behind her

Even only his voice is frightening, Elena slowly looked back and saw him standing behind her

"Da.. Dad" she stuttered

"B*tch" he replied and slapped her across the face, she fell on Arabella who held her tightly

"I hate the both of you and it'll remain like that forever! " He yelled

" Really? " A voice replied by the door

Elena recognized that voice immediately if she's not mistaken

They all shifted their gaze to the door and Shane is standing right there, hands in pockets with an angry look on his face

"Who are you to barge in here?" Thomas demanded

"Elena's heartbeat" he replied confidently

Thomas smiled and looked at Elena who's just standing up..

"You've gotten yourself a boyfriend huh?' he said

Elena kept mute, just looking at her crazy boyfriend

"Ungrateful b*tch!" Thomas yelled and made to hit her again...

"If you touch her, I promise to wound you" Shane said, entering fully

" Out of my house!" Thomas yelled, rushing to him, he made to punch him but Shane moved out of the way and Thomas's fist landed on the wall instead

"Shane..." Elena said fearfully

"Calm down baby, I gat you" he replied and faced Thomas who's still swinging his hand

"You have to follow a rule if you don't want me to take your case up to the cops and have you handled properly" Shane said

" Cops?" Thomas said

*Yes cops, anytime I find a new scratch on Elena's body, I'll send you out of this world I swear, I might look simple, but I'm also dangerous, try me please" Shane replied

" What are you?" Thomas asked, looking at him questioningly

"Figure it out yourself, but for now I'm Elena's heartbeat, do as I said if you really want to be safe, don't touch her" he said and went to Elena

He held her cheeks and smiled. "Nothing is gonna happen ok?" He said assuredly and Elena nodded

" I love you very much, don't forget that" he said and kissed her cheeks

" Goodnight" he said and winked before leaving

Passing by Thomas, he looked at him hatefully. "F*cking bastard" he said and did the f*ck sign before leaving

Thomas looked at Elena and Arabella for long, having anger in his eyes but the type that's not advisable to vent

He left the house immediately

Elena looked at Bella and hugged her

"Mummy" she sobbed

"It's ok now, he's gone" Bella replied.


Shane got home and took off his jacket first before sitting on his bed

"That animal" he scowled, remembering Thomas's face

"I wonder why that ugly man is her dad, I wonder why her mum looks so weak, did she perhaps do something that made her dad hate them both?" He wondered

He took off his clothes completely and entered the bathroom for a shower

He's done within minutes, he came out and after wiping with towel, he he wore his night robe and climbed the bed, picked his phone and dialled Elena's number

She picked instantly as if she has been waiting for his call

"I love you" she said immediately and Shane started blushing

"Are you missing me already?" He smiled, biting down on his lip

" I love you very much honeydrop, I love you" she said again

"My heart is beating uncontrollably" he replied, holding his chest

"I love you, more, more and more" she said


" I love you baby" she interrupted again, breathing heavily

She can hear her breathing from the phone

"Calm down princess" he said

"And I'm saying I love you" she said

"I love you more, I love you more, I love you more, I love you you a lot" he replied

" You were so cool, I fell over and over again, and when we meet tomorrow, I have a lot of I love you to say, I'll start piling it up now" she said

" I'm ready to take it all, should I come pick you up tomorrow? " He asked

" No, I'll come to your house early in the morning, we can go to school together from there" she replied

"I love the sound of that" he smiled

"I love you" she said

"I love you more princess, I want to kiss your lips" he said

" Me too, but too bad it's not possible" she said

" Says who?, I can come back to your house just to give you a kiss" he said

" Oh no!, You know you can't do that" she replied

"I didn't say I'll do it, but if I say I'll do something cos of you, trust me I won't think twice" he replied

" I love you" she said

" I'm not tired of hearing that" he said

" Then should we sing that to each other till we'll fall asleep?" She said

" Of course" he replied, covering himself

" I love you" she said

"Love you more" she replied

"I love you" she said

"I love you more" he replied....

Till they both slept off.


"You think someone is snitching on us?, I mean, Louis didn't follow the advice I gave, I really want them to do that so they'll lose much cash" Mr Tanner said beside his wife on the bed

It's late but he's unable to sleep, maybe because of what Louis did earlier today

"No one is snitching on us, maybe Louis just decided not to follow the advice, he's a graduate of Oxford, don't underestimate him" Mrs Tanner replied

" What do we do?"

" I have no idea for now, we just have to wait for the perfect timing, not like the company is doing better than before anyways" Mrs Tanner replied


Next morning**

Entering Shane's house, Elena smiled when she saw his arms widened

She rushed to him and hugged him tight

"Good morning sunshine" Shane said, breaking the hug after some minutes

She replied with a kiss on his lips

"Surely your night was cool, you slept off first last night" he said

"Yeah, your voice sounded like lullaby" she replied and that made him smile again

" You're all dressed, you must have woken up early" she said

" Yes" he replied, combing her hair with his fingers

"I love you, I love you , I love you, I love you" she said childishly

"I love your childish side" he smiled

"I love you" she said again, closing her eyes

He took her backpack and placed it on the couch then he sat on the couch too and brought her to his laps

"I love you more princess" he said, claiming her lips that instant

She snaked her arms on his neck and he held her waist, their lips automatically moved in sync and she can't help but moan to the sweet taste of his lips.


Louis's breakfast is already on the dinning table when he came downstairs this morning but Cheryl is still nowhere to be found

"She must still be mad at me" he thought, sitting to eat

He ate without remaining even crumbs before leaving for work

Throughout the hours he spent in his office, he can't concentrate or think straight even during the conference with the management board.

"Conference adjourned, I'm not ok" he said after five minutes into the meeting

The members looked at each other in surprise before trooping out of the room

"Boss, are you ok?" His secretary asked

"I'm not ok Lincoln, I need to go home early, cancel my remaining appointments for today" he said, getting out of the room.

He drove home slowly, thinking about how to just apologize

The last time he saw her face was yesterday but it feels like it has been since forever

He got home with great headache and left the car weakly

Luckily, Cheryl just finished setting the dinning table when he got home but Immediately Cheryl saw him, she started walking upstairs fast

He rushed to her and held her hand, pulling her back

Seeing her plastered forehead, his guilt got doubled, the sadness in her eyes made him want to curse at himself instantly

"I'm so sorry, please forgive me" he pleaded

Cheryl looked him in the face and noticed his red eyes

"Are you ok?' she asked

"I'm sorry ok?, sorry for pushing you, sorry for making you hit your head, I'm truly sorry it won't happen again" he said sincerely

She raised the back of her palm to his forehead and felt his temperature

"How can you still be concerned about my health when I'm being harsh" Louis said, thinking about what kind of a lady she is

"You're burning up, come with me" she said, holding his hand but he stood still

She looked back at him and the next thing he did is hugging her tight.

"Just tell me you've forgiven me first, I'm really very sorry Cheryl" he said, closing his eyes and resting his head on her shoulder.




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