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( Love Me Like I Do... )

Episode 22


Louis stayed still in her arms for almost two minutes, thinking about what she just said

"She loves me for real" he thought before coming back to his senses

He gently broke the hug and faced her, Cheryl took In her lower lip and smiled

He blinked severally at that, staring at her at the same time

"I love you" Cheryl whispered with a wide smile on her small curvy lips

Louis left the room and went to his room, he immediately changed his clothes and then went downstairs to finish up some works on his laptop

He sat in the living room, working on his laptop when Cheryl showed up wearing a shorter bum short and just a transparent White armless singlet, he can see through her flat tummy from it

He quickly looked away but she knowingly stood in front of him. "I can still cook, what should I make for you?" She asked gently

"Nothing, I don't want to take anything" he replied

" That won't be acceptable when I'm here" she said, adjusting her singlet

" Ok ... I'll take..... anything simple, you can just make fruits salad if you can" he said

" Of course" she replied and sat on the arm of the chair he's sitting on

She hanged her arms in his shoulders and leaned in

"What are you doing?" He asked, looking at her 

"This" she replied and pecked him shortly

Louis continued looking at her, wondering about the kind of girl he is

Cheryl bit down on her lower lip and he quickly looked away

She glanced at the laptop and saw what he's doing

*Oh!, Returns?, For a smaller company who invested lower fund, do you think JK company deserves that kind of huge return?" She asked

" Your dad suggested the returns and dad took in the suggestion, your dad said it'll make them stick with us and even bring us more people" Louis replied

Cheryl smiled knowingly. " You guys really know nothing huh?, Just take my words, if you award this huge amount to the small companies, your company will go bankrupt cos when they find another company better than yours which is my dad's, they'll leave, making all the bonus useless" Cheryl said

Louis kept looking at her in awe, wondering why she's giving lectures seriously like this

"You might decide not to take my advice but trust me if you don't, your company will get hurt and I don't want that, go with the normal return with a little bonus and they'll stick, trust me" she said and quickly kissed his hair before standing up

" I'll make the fruits salad fast" she said and entered the kitchen, looking so hot in what she's wearing

Louis watched till she's out of sight before concentrating back on his laptop.


Next day**

Elena took her bath and also got dressed in Shane's house since he got her all what she needed early that morning

Then he sat her down and treated her knees for her, it's not as big as that of last week cos she can walk by herself

"Done" he said when he finished rolling the bandage on it

She gently placed down her legs from his laps. "Thanks Shane" Elena smiled

"I want a sweet boyfriend name" he said

"Really?, How about darling?" Elena asked

"Too common* he replied

"Sugar?" She said

" Too common" he replied

" Snowflakes?" 

"Too common" he replied again

"Ok... let's go with honeydrop" she said

" Honeydrop, honeydrop" Shane said, nodding slowly

" How about that?, You like it?" She asked

"Yes, I kind of... love it" he smiled

"Yeah I did it!" She gushed and made him smile

" Princess" he said, holding her cheeks already

"Honeydrop" she replied

"How cute!, You say it with such delicate voice and I love it" he said

" Well I'm a pro" she replied

"Yes , but not like me" he said

"Seriously?, I'm more romantic" she said

" Better not argue with me over that if you don't want to go to school with swollen lips" he replied

" I'm more romantic" she teased 

" Ok, a dare right?, I'm in for it" he said and pulled her on himself on the couch

He kissed her lightly first and broke it shortly, she had a smile on her lips, indicating that she loves this kind of dares too

He smiled before returning to her lips and started kissing her desperately just like last night.


Dre sighed tiredly as he drove to work, wishing that today should just run fast

"I'm so tired even when it's still early, Louis has finally affected me with his morning tiredness" he yawned

He sighted a store and decided to branch

He came down from the car and entered the store

"Let's take any energy drink" he said, grabbing an energy drink and going to the stand to pay

He's walking out of the store when he ran into Daisy who's just coming in

He grinned loudly Immediately he saw her

"Granny Daisy" he mocked

"I've always wanted to have you leave this world" she replied

" Too bad I'm not leaving anytime soon, you should lead the way now, then maybe seventy years to now, I'll follow you" he winked

" You're just a wasted guy and nothing more" Daisy said 

" Wait....did you just say I'm wasted?, Maybe you meant to say your p*ssy cos there's nothing as wasted as it, you're just a whore and a bloody fucker who's after long d*cks, I pity your future life, if you continue treating your p*ssy like that, it will end up falling off later and before you know it, it'll get eaten by a dog" he mocked and started laughing

Daisy took off her shoe and made to throw it at him but he stopped laughing and got serious

"Throw that and I'll be throwing you yourself, f*cking prostitute" he said before entering his car

He drove off while laughing out so loud.


Golden Brains high**

"You think the students won't start running their mouth?" Elena asked immediately she came out of Shane's car with him

"Of course they will, but learning to ignore them is the best, all I see is you, and I always tell you that I'm the view, look at only me" he replied

She smiled when he slipped his hand into hers and they walked hand In hand into their block

*They're holding hands!*

*Whoa!, Are they dating?*

*Isn't it obvious?, They are*

*Elena isn't even close to pretty*

Shane stopped after hearing that comment. "I planned to turn deaf ears to their comments but not including this" he said and walked to the girl who said that last comment

"Don't you have a mirror at home?, Have you ever tried looking at it for once?" He said 

The girl faced the ground, unable to look up

"It's better that way, cos I don't want to even look at your ugly face, and don't you ever open your filthy mouth to say she's ugly, check out yourself first before badmouthing a princess, else you won't like the outcome" he said and Elena can't help but keep smiling

"Whoa!" Everyone gasped at that response

He held her hand more firmly and entered the class, the students won't stop staring as well till they got to their seats

He made sure Elena sat before he went to his seat

"You guys an item?" Eros asked beside Elena

Elena nodded positively

"Cool, he's Mr romantic, he treats Samantha like a princess when they were together and the whole school knows of their chemistry and undying love, I think you should get ready for that, he's not shy to show affection, he can kiss anywhere anytime or say it loudly anywhere that he loves you..." Eros said

" You seem to know a lot about him" Elena replied

" Of course, everyone in this school knows a lot about him" Eros smiled

" I see you got the girl already, but get ready for a lot of war with Miley" Warren said

" Ion care, i don't like her a bit, so the best she can do is to f*ck off" Shane replied, touching Elena's hair from the back.

Elena smiled without looking back, no one needs to tell her it's his touch

"Enjoy all you want for now, I'll do something nasty soon" Miley said

" Yeah, she needs to be taught something, I heard they're dating already" Sydney replied

" Sorry Miley, you lost" Laurette said and Miley shot her an icy glare


"Why don't we eat at a separate place today?" Shane said

" separate place like?' Elena asked, standing up from her seat

"Somewhere" he replied, pulling her out of the class, he took her to the parking lot and they got in the car before driving off 

"Where are we going?" She asked

"Yummy Yummy" he replied


"Yes, a waitress is coming for a surprise lunch with her boyfriend" he replied and that made her laugh

He pulled up in front of the restaurant and they went in

"You came early today" madam Donna said

"No ma'am, we came for lunch" she replied 

"Oh, is there something I don't know?" Madam Donna said, looking at them

Shane grabbed her hand again. "Ok, we're dating, she's mine" he said

"How cute!, Elena you're so lucky" madam Donna said happily as they settled down

"I'll serve you guys our menu special" she said and left them

" Thanks for bringing me here lunch honeydrop" she said

"I love you princess" he said

" Love you more" she replied 

He stood and kissed her forehead. 



Louis is just leaving the meeting with the investors and just like Cheryl said, he followed the normal protocols, feeling like it's really the right thing

He got to his office and sat tiredly, resting back on his chair 

His mind went back to Cheryl and and what happened last night, how he massaged her tummy and got pads for her

How she hugged her and told him epistles about how much she loves him

"She's.... making me feel bad" he thought

Alan bursted in and came straight to him

" What did you just do at the meeting?, I told you to follow Tanner's advices but you just did the way you like huh!" He demanded

"Look dad, you handed over this company to me right?, Then leave it to me and let me make decisions on my own!" He stated

" Like seriously?, What's the purpose of our partnership with Tanner if you can't follow his advise?' Alan demanded

"He doesn't own this company so it's not a must to follow his advise!" Louis replied

" Louis...

"You can take back the company if that's the only way for me to have good days cos I'm f*cking fed up!, Can't I live in peace again just because I took over D-Royals?, Alan it's not done!, Just leave me alone please!, I'm trying my best and yet to you it's like I'm not doing anything!, What else do you want from me!, All you care about is making money even while sitting down and how am I even supposed to make that possible when you're being a.....

Alan slapped him before he could finish that statement

He held his face in shock, first time all his life that he'll be getting slapped by someone


" How dare you talk back at me?, I'm your dad you should learn to respect!" Alan said

Louis held back the tears in his eyes and left the office quietly without uttering a word.



Cheryl set the table with a wide smile plastered on her face

Over ten dishes are on the table and she knows just what she's doing

She took her phone and checked the time

"Past seven, he'll soon be back" she said and paced round the living room

His car entered the compound and she can't help but smile

The door opened and he came in but he's not smiling, his face is frowny


He didn't spare her a glance, he just walked past her and made to climb upstairs but she held his arm

He looked back swiftly. "Why are you like this?, Talk to me please" she said but he forcefully took his hand from her, making her stagger, she fell and hit her head on the staircase, leaving a wound on her forehead which bled blood instantly

He looked back and quickly bent beside her

"Are you ok?" He asked

She looked up with hurtful eyes and stood

He tried to hold her but she quickly ran upstairs

"F*ck!" Louis ranted 

He went back downstairs and sighted the full dinning table

He walked there and wondered why there are so many dishes

Out of curiosity, he started opening them one by one

The first one contains a note which says;


he swallowed hard and opened the second one, it contains a note too..


he opened the third one and it read;


the next five dishes says;






The next dish contains his dinner, a delicious looking meal .

He covered it and sat dejectedly on one of the chairs

"I'm so sorry" he whispered.


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