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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Elena was slow in kissing him back at first, still shocked that he can still be like this after seeing her scars, her eyes is opened for the first two minutes of the kiss but then, she got herself and closed her eyes

Kissing him back with same pace, she feels the emotions running through her body nonstop and with every minute, she kept craving for more of his lips

Shane kept pulling her to himself, barely giving both of them any space to breath

Right now all what matters to him is her, ELENA, HIS PRINCESS, HER LIPS, BODY, SOUL, ALL OF HER

he caressed her back gently along with the kiss while Elena's hands got stuffed in his hair throughout

When it seems like they'll both run out of breath anytime soon, Shane stopped slowly but never took his eyes off her, they're both breathing heavily but their eyes revealed what they feel for each other

Though Elena hasn't gave an answer but in her eyes, Shane detected how much she feels, it's full off affection and emotions, waiting to be poured on him

He held her shoulders tenderly and bent over to the right one, letting his lips brush past her neck and that made her shake in anticipation

He kept teasing her neck with his lips, making her become more vulnerable under his grip

"Shane..." She gasped and closed her eyes again, enjoying it but the teasing is killing.

"Tell me your mind, how do you feel?, Do I have to wait?" He whispered and kept teasing

" No" she replied after a minute, with a gentle voice and with her eyes still closed

"Then?" He whispered again, rubbing her shoulders slowly

"Shane..." She gasped again, losing patience

"Tell me princess" Shane said, coming to her ears, he rubbed it gently with his thumbs and gosh!, It's too much pleasure, enough to make her erupt

Whatever this guy is doing to her now, it's like magic cos she's currently lost in his world and wouldn't wish to be found anytime soon, her whole body is still shaking and he's tryna choke her with affection

"Shane" she whispered, opening her eyes slowly

"Yes Princess" Shane replied, placing his lips on her neck directly..

"Have any plans to marry two wives?" She said, breathing heavily

"One pretty princess is enough for me" he replied, sucking on that part of her neck and that made her close her eyes again.

"Then I'm all yours....I love you more" She said , her breathing became more intense

Shane opened his eyes and faced her...

He looked at her and smiled handsomely. "You're a star, and you're beautiful, your scars are beautiful too, and I promise to always stay even when you feel like pushing me away, I'll always stick like glue so it's a lifetime commitment princess, I'm a jealous type so look at only me.... I'm the view and I love you Elena" he said with love filled eyes

" I love you more" she replied slowly, expecting him to continue his magic

He immediately carried her and she let her legs hug his waist, he started with the visible parts of her chest, he kissed every spot all-round, he kissed the arms spots too and her moans filled the room althrough

He placed her on the bed gently and turned her back to himself, he kissed all the visible part of her back too and won't stop telling her sweet words althrough

"I love you" Elena whispered amidst heavy breaths, feeling like he's doing the best thing she has ever experienced to her

Her breathing won't stop being heavy and so is his

He turned her and made her face him again. "You can't forget this ever, you should always remember ... That you're a pretty princess, and no matter what, I'll stay , protect and love you" he said .

Elena kept looking at him affectionately and without hesitating, he crashed his lips on hers again in another kiss.

In the ranking class, it's not in anyway close to the first one, it's hot and intense

He's a type of kisser who'll make your heart leap at every move and make you want him forever.

He sucked on her lips like sweet and kissed her hard like she's oxygen he needs to breath

She tastes exactly like the vanilla ice cream and he's just in love with that, it made him feel like kissing her till forever and and she's not ready to stop anytime soon too

"You taste so good" he muffled into her mouth and explored her mouth deeper, that made her hold unto him tighter..

Some minutes later**

After the intense romance, Elena took her shower and right now instead of lamenting sadly over her scars in the shower, she kept smiling while looking at them

"He said I'm beautiful" she said, touching the scars delicately

Her neck is surrounded with hickeys from the sucking and smooches and she loves it that way

After the shower, she put on the shirt he gave to her earlier, it covered her till her quarter thighs, revealing a large part of it

He came back in after that and sat on her bed.

"That looks hot on you" he said, referring to the shirt

She held the tip with her hands and climbed the bed too

He sat with widened legs and she sat in the middle, resting on his chest, he rolled up her hair into a bun and she smiled after touching it

"Thanks" she said, looking back at him and he stole a fast kiss before holding her shoulders to himself

She smiled before facing front again, she knows he's expecting her to tell her story so she decided not to waste time

"My dad... Thomas Scott" she stated

"Yes?" He replied, brushing her hair with his palm

" He's.... The one" she said slowly

"That did what?"

"The scars" she replied

" Ion understand" he said

" He beats me at every opportunity he gets" she replied.

" You're kidding" he said

" I'm not... He's the one" she replied, rubbing his arms

" Elena...

"He's really the one, he doesn't drink, it's not influenced by alcohol, he just hates me" she said

" What! " He said, releasing her and making her face him

"Yes" she replied sadly

"Then you should have reported to the cops, they should get your hell of a dad arrested for doing this to your body" he said

" No...

He's already getting down from the bed.... He grabbed his phone

" I'm calling the cops right now, it's still past seven and your dad will be arrested in your house, we just have to go meet them in the station" he said but Elena stood and held his hand

" No, you can't do that"

"Why not?, Someone treats you this way and you're talking like this!, It's not done princess! " He ranted angrily and made to dial the line again but she hugged him

"Please don't do that, mum always says I shouldn't try doing that, it seems like there's something between the two and mum might get hurt if the cops get involved" she replied

" Even if it's the two of them, do you have to get involved?, It's inhumane! " He said

She tightened her arms round him. "Please, just don't do it, I'll handle it" she said

" You'll get hurt" he said

" I'll manage" she replied

"Ion like it" he replied

"But just bear with me, I know it's hard" she replied, snuggling closer

He raised his palms to her hair and stroked it gently

"You can just move in with me instead" he said

" No, I can't possibly leave mom" she replied

" Hard" Shane muttered


Arabella is busy shedding tears in the living room, unable to stop her sorrows

Her tears continued flowing like a river down her cheeks

"I should be killed" she said, sobbing loudly

She held her tummy and smiled sadly

" I passed through hell while you're in my stomach as a foetus, I gave birth and now you're grown up, to a young beautiful girl, only for me to intensionally want to kill you" she said

" I can't even say the truth, cos I'm scared, what will you think of me?, A mum that has always been loving, how shocking will it be to know that I'm behind everything, Elena I'm sorry" she said, shedding more hot tears

The door pushed open and Thomas came in with unfriendly gaze

"Oh, the prostitute is in tears" he said with an hateful smirk on his lips

Arabella stood and shifted back, Thomas came closer till they got to the wall

Thomas smiled and squinted before grabbing her neck

Bella gasped for breath under his grip and won't stop crying

"Don't worry, you're the last one in my list, I'll make you die in the most wicked way ever" Thomas said and let her go roughly, she fell on the ground heavily, holding her neck and coughing

"You deserve it cos you betrayed me!, And I hate you most in this world!" Thomas yelled

He smiled wickedly and looked around. "And where's that illegitimate daughter of yours!, Did she run away already?" He said

" She's.. she's...

"I don't even need to see her, but anytime she comes back, she'll be unrecognizable by the time I show her some wickedness" he said and kicked Bella on the belly, making her spit out blood before entering his room

Bella shed more hot tears as blood came out of her nose too


Miley won't stop smirking arrogantly as Warren kept bugging her with love messages that night

She checked the latest one and squinted

*Slap me till eternity, I'm still gonna love you no matter how you behave*

"Is Warren crazy?" She asked herself and another one came in

*You're beautiful and hot, the only flaw you have is your eyes, you're blind to see the truth, I love you but you're blindly obsessed with Shane who won't even see you till eternity*

She's about to talk when another one came up

*I promise to chase you till you'll be mine and kiss me willingly*

She switched off her phone angrily and lay on the bed

"I just want to dissappear from Golden Brains high, Warren is frustrating my life! " She yelled.


Louis is not back from work yet, Cheryl layed on the living room floor hurtfully, crying and holding unto her tummy.

It's uncommon for her to have menstrual cramps but it just came today and since afternoon, she has been in pains, unable to stand and do anything, just rolling around the living room floor in utter pains

"My... Tummy" she said slowly, she even ran out of pads already cos she was expecting to menstruate next week but it just suddenly came and brought cramps along

She's badly stained already and can't even make a move, cooking is far from her mind right now, pains took over everything

She cried slowly and kept laying low till Louis's car drove in and that flinching moment, she wished he'll not see her like this but there's nothing she can do

He came in and can't hide his shock when he saw her laying on the ground like someone lifeless and her gown is stained with blood

"Cheryl!" He almost screamed as he ran to her.

He knelt beside her and tilt her up, relieved that she's conscious, just weak

"Why are you like this?, What's happening huh?, Tell me please, why the blood" he said impatiently as a small tear escaped her glassy eyes

"It's... it's my menstrual blood, I'm having menstrual cramps" she stammered

" Huh?"

" I'm so sorry but...I'm not...oh my tummy!, .... I'm not always like this, it just happened like this today" she sniffed

Louis looked at the blood on her gown again before carrying her up, the blood stained his arms in the process

He carried her upstairs and lay her on the bed before picking her phone..

"What's your password?" He asked

"Your...your name" she replied painfully

He looked at her for a while before typing his name and it opened

He Google searched how to quickly get rid of cramps and massaging tops the list

He sighed hard before dropping the phone.

"Breath in and breath out seven times, easy" he said

She obeyed and did it with difficulty.

" We have to do this" he said and slowly started pulling up her gown till her tummy became revealed, thankfully she's wearing a bum short underneath

She closed her eyes when his hands made contact with her tummy and he started massaging it slowly.

He kept doing it for about three minutes and that helped a lot, it started relieving her slowly

"Here" she said slowly, pointing at another part of her stomach and he moved his hands there and massaged there too

"Here too" she said and he moved to the place

He massaged professionally and she started feeling less and less pains.

"How about now?" He asked

"It's getting better, just a little bit more" she replied

He continued massaging and she wished he won't stop

"Now?" He asked

"It's relieving me" she replied, opening her eyes

He massaged gently again till all the pains dissipated

"You need to clean up" he said, standing up

"Thanks" she said, sitting up

"It's ok, are you sure you're ok?" He asked

"Not really" she replied


" I don't... have pads" she replied

"Like seriously?" He said

"Yes" she replied, hiding her face

*Crazy" he muttered before going out

He took his car keys from where he dropped it earlier and went out

He's about to open the car door when he noticed his arm, stained with her blood

"Am I really doing this?" He asked himself before getting into the car.

He drove to the nearest store and got pads, the ladies in there are all staring

*He's so romantic!*

*Look at him getting his wife pads*

*Gosh!, I wish my husband is like this*

They kept giving comments and he inhaled hard

"Really crazy" he said as he payed and left the place with the pads.


Cheryl smiled throughout her shower, she won't stop thinking about what he did earlier

The massage was sweet!, He has the best hands she has ever felt, softer than the manicurists and it magically took away the cramps

She got out of the shower and sighted the bedspread that was stained with her blood earlier

She quickly changed it and almost immediately, Louis came in with the pads

Seeing her in only that towel with her wet body and hair, he stood in his spot and stared for a while before clearing his throat

"The tampons" he said, pointing the nylon forward.

She smiled and came to him, she took it and held his hand

"What?" He asked

"Thanks, thanks for staying with me and making the pains go away, thanks for the pad too" she said

" It's ok, but my hand" he said

She placed his hand on her chest

" It's beating for you before, but right now it's beating more faster, you just made me love you more with what you did... and mark my words, I won't stop loving you even if I have to wait for years, you're so sweet apart from being handsome, you own me and I'll wait till you'll claim your property, I love you sweetheart" she said and ...

Hugged him tight..

" What did people say when you were buying the pads?, Was it embarrassing?" Cheryl asked, smiling secretly and rubbing his back




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