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( Love Me Like I Do...)



An extra long chapter***

Louis couldn't move for some minutes, she kept hugging him tightly as if she'd die if she let him go

The words she said earlier somehow made him want to live the happy life he has always lived once again, he wants to smile and move on as fast as possible

He gently broke the hug and managed to smile a bit. "How are you?" He asked, holding her shoulders

"I'm not fine" she cried, still letting her tears continue to wash down her face

"Stop crying" he said

"I really want to do that but it won't stop coming, I'm too happy that you finally opened your eyes, I missed you" she said in tears, just like a baby will do 

" I've never been good to you" he replied

"But the little kindness you showed me is enough, and I wish it'd continue like that, I'm not after anything but you, I've never believed in this first sight thing till I met you in front of the boutique that fateful day, that was when my heart started beating for you Louis and you won't know how happy I was when I saw you're the one I'm getting engaged with, my parents said you're single and that's why I came for you, if I knew you have a girlfriend i swear no matter how much I love you, I wouldn't have come, I guess your girlfriend broke your heart cos of me and I'm so sorry" she said, still crying profusely while picking on her nails

" Daisy is just a whore and a b*tch, we didn't break up cos of you, it's because she's a prostitute who's just after my handsome face, you don't have to feel guilty" he sighed

" Really?"

" Yes, so you need to stop crying like a toddler" he said and she quickly wiped her tears with her palm

" I'm sorry you got hurt, I'm so sorry" she said

"Stop saying that, I've forgotten about her and I'm ready to move on" he replied

She smiled and went silent, it got awkward and he walked to his closet

"I need to change" he said, not looking back

She excused him by leaving the room quietly

" Yeah... Let's move on, it's the best" Louis thought as he put on a simple shirt and shorts before going downstairs

Cheryl is pacing round the living room when he got there

"What do you want to eat?, I'll make it delicious this time and I promise it won't get burnt" she asked 

He smiled a little bit before answering. "Can you make Leberkase?" He asked

"Yeah, sure" she replied quickly

"Then I want that" he replied, walking to sit on the couch

" I'll be fast" she said and entered the kitchen

She wore her cooking gloves and started cooking earnestly

Thankfully there's beef, pork and bacon in the freezer so she's covered

It's stressful but to her, it's not, all she wants to do is to give him the best

She ran all the ingredients in a food processor before cooling with ice and then mixed it together

"Time to add the remaining ingredients but what are they?" She wondered loudly

"Cheese, green or red pepper, then olive" Louis replied from behind her

He has actually been watching since about two minutes ago

She turned around and saw him standing by the kitchen door

"Thanks" she said slowly before concentrating again

She added the needed ingredients before putting it into loaf pans

She placed it inside the baking machine but got confused again on how many minutes she has to bake it for and the temperature she has to set

"An hour should be ok, under 180C" Louis said again 

She looked back with a big smile. " Thanks so much" she said 

"It's ok, be careful" he replied and left her

She set the temperature and waited patiently for it to bake 

Louis went back to the living room and found his phone ringing, it's Tanya

He picked and cleared his throat. "Mum" he said

"My son is back I can't be more happy, Louis!" She almost screamed

" Mum I'm fine now so no need to worry" he replied

"Yeah, no need to worry about that prostitute again, be fine ok?, And say hi to Cheryl on my behalf, I'll come see you tomorrow" she replied

" Sure mum, bye!" He replied and hung up

His nose caught the smell of the Leberkase and his hunger got refined

"I'm starving" he muttered and some minutes later, Cheryl started setting the table with the food

He walked there without waiting for her to come and call him, he sat and took the fork and spoon, he tasted it and nodded

"Is it manageable?" Cheryl asked slowly.

He looked up and smiled. " It's not manageable, it's good, and anytime you cook for me, cook yours too, you need to eat ok?" he said, splitting the food into two 

He gave her a part on another plate and she sat across him to eat when Dre came in

"Not now" Louis said

"Your bestie is here" Dre said loudly as he walked up to them

" Hmmn, I smell a happy couple, the outdated rotten grandma is gone, now the current senorita is here" Dre said

" Good evening' Cheryl smiled and made to stand

" No sit!, Eat I'm not gonna disturb you, I'm just glad that my friend is back, I'll wait in the living room, enjoy your meal' he said and left for the living room

They continued eating but Cheryl barely concentrated on her meal, she stole glances at him occasionally and their eyes met once then she shyly started looking at her plate

They finished eating some minutes later and while Cheryl cleared the dishes, Louis went to Dre in the living room

He settled beside him and inhaled

"Great meal huh?" Dre said

"Yeah, she's cool" Louis replied

" I know you're supposed to chase me out of here right now cos I kept that secret from you but...

"It's not your fault Dre, you're a good friend, though you should have told me but maybe this is how God destined it to be" Louis interrupted

"so what do you think about her?, She's pretty, caring and sweet" Dre said

" Who?" Louis asked, facing him

" Who else but Cheryl?" Dre replied

Louis rested back on the couch and closed his eyes. " I dunno" he mumbled.


Daisy pushed the guy on top of her away after few thrusts but he wasn't able to reach her satisfaction, he's not like Louis at all and can never hit her hard like he does

She stood and covered up herself. *Leave my house!" She yelled at the guy

" And what's that supposed to mean" the guy yelled back

" It means you're not capable of making me even sq*irt, I can't feel anything!, You're too small for me!" She yelled

" Oh, so you're a big time whore, terrible at hiding your true identity" he replied and wore his trousers

Daisy stood and grabbed some shoes from her shoe rack

"Leave!" She yelled, throwing them at him

"Short cucumber!, Leave my house I don't want you anymore!, You can never be like him!, You're useless!, Go away from here you short tool!" She yelled, still throwing him shoes till he completely left the house

She went to the bar and poured herself a cup of Brandy which she gulped down her throat in one gulp before breaking the cup angrily

She hit her hand on the table frustratedly then scattered her hair

"I want him... badly".


Cheryl lay silently on the bed in her room that night, thinking about only him

He's in his room, the one next to hers and all she has in mind right now is sleeping beside him and getting hugged by him but even the heavens knows that's not possible right now

But that can she do when she's not feeling sleepy?

She got down from the bed and came out of her room, she entered his room stealthily and smiled when she finally got to him

He's sleeping soundly and that alone is making her happy, he's different from the crying hurt Louis right now 

She sat beside him and touched his hair slightly, making sure that she's stealthy so he won't wake up

"Sweet dreams sweetheart" she said slowly

She stayed like that for over an hour, watching him sleep till she started feeling sleepy too at midnight but she's not ready to leave his room, she wants to stay with him

She never bothered to look for a duvet to spread on the ground, she slept on the bare ground happily and slept off soundly till the next morning

Louis sat up on the bed Immediately he woke up, he plans to resume work today

He made to place down his legs but to his surprise, Cheryl is there, sleeping on the cold ground again

He closed his eyes and opened it again before standing up

"Cheryl" he called once and she spranged up

"Louis..... good morning, how was your night?" She asked with a cute morning smile

" Like seriously?, Why are you so stubborn?, Why can't you just sleep on your bed in your room?, Why do you have to come here and sleep on the bare cold ground?, Do you want to catch the flu and get sick?, Do you?" He scolded and before he knew it, tears started falling from her eyes

"It's because...I wasn't able to sleep in my room, I'd only be able to sleep if I'm with you, that's why I decided to come here and do this, I want to stay with you that's why I did it I'm sorry" she said, facing the ground

Louis feels bad, seeing her tears very early in the morning

He stood and bent beside her. "Look up" he said

She slowly looked up with her teary face.

"I'm sorry for scolding you but I'm sure you know it's not a good idea to sleep on the cold ground" he said and she nodded positively

" So please...stop I don't want you to get sick" he said and she smiled before hugging him

" I love you" she said wholeheartedly.

She later cooked breakfast and he ate well, making sure she eats too before leaving for work..


Golden Brains high, lunchtime

The whole class is busy with the literature classwork, miss Fairweather can be a handful, giving classwork during lunch break is her style so no break for everyone today

Halfway through it, Elena felt her throat parching up as a result of thirst

"I need water" she thought, going out of the class after taking permission from the teacher

Miley stood and followed her out immediately

"Something smells fishy" Shane thought and followed too, not bothering to take permission.

Elena got the water and is coming back without any thought on getting hurt 

She stepped on the stairs that led to their block and on getting to the middle, she saw Miley coming from the top of it

She ignored her but just as they're about to walk past each other, Miley's hand unexpectedly pushed her chest and she fell before starting to roll down the stairs

"Serves you right" Miley smirked and walked away

Shane saw everything from afar and before he could get there, Elena is already at the base of the stairs and her knees that just got healed peeled off again and started bleeding

"Shane" she said hurtfully when he got to her

"I'm so sorry I'm late, let's get you treated" he said and heaped her on his back , he took her to the clinic then came back to class

He went straight to Miley's table and grabbed her arm tightly

"No, my arm!" Miley screamed in pains

"Bud, why this?" Warren asked, wanting to step in

"Don't intervene, she deserves to be killed cos she pushed Elena from the stairs!" He replied

" What!"

" Yes, so talk to her cos I don't joke with Elena, I can hurt anyone and even do worse when it comes to her, thank your stars that she told me to calm down before I left her, I'd have slapped you" Shane replied and pushed her, she fell on her table and hurt her elbow

Shane looked at her hatefully before leaving the class .


Elena said she's not going home cos of how her mum will react if she sees the bandaged knees so Shane suggested she should pass the night in his house 

He took her home after school and they grabbed the opportunity to work more on their project and they did video calls with supervisors of some fashion institutes for some hours before it got dark

"I should call mum" Elena said, taking her phone

" Sure, I'll make us something to eat" Shane replied and entered the kitchen

" Hey mum" she said after Bella picked up

" Daughter" she replied

" I'm .... Not gonna be coming home tonight, I have a lot to do with Shane concerning the project so I'm sleeping at his place" she said

" Oh, I understand" Bella replied

" Ok mum, have you eaten?"

"Sure, what about you?"

"Shane is making something, I'll eat soon" she replied

" Great, goodnight daughter, sleep tight" Bella replied

"Sure mum, wishing you the same" she replied and hung up

Shane made something simple to go with juice and they ate together before going to bed

They slept in separate rooms and he gave her one of his shirts to wear to bed

She felt like taking a shower so she entered the bathroom and had a quick one

She came out in only her towel and when she saw herself in front of the mirror again, she fought back her tears

She sat on the bed and sobbed quietly, lost in thoughts

"Shane will never look at me again if he gets to know about my scars" she thought, checking out herself sadly

Shane on the other hand can't sleep In his room , he rolled from one side to another on his bed, unable to take her off his head especially now that they're in same house.

In the past when Samantha comes for sleepover, they sleep in the same room on the same bed, kiss, caress and cuddle in each other's arms before falling asleep

He's craving for that but how?, They're not even dating yet though he's insanely in love with her

He got up from the bed and walked out of the room to her room

He knocked on her door but no answer came, Elena Is too deep in thoughts to hear

"Princess" he called again but no answer came still

He decided to open the door and he did just that but...

The sound of the opening door awakened Elena from her thoughts and she stood facing him

The scars and dark spots on her arms and chest and back is all glaring and she can't hide her shock

No place to hide, she has been found out

Shane stared in astonishment, so this is what she has been keeping?

Elena swallowed hard, unsure of what to do cos to her right now, he'll hate her for having those ugly scars and she's so scared

They stared at each other for so long before she decided to pour out her fear

She took slow steps to him and tears fell from her eyes when she got to him

"This is Elena, real Elena, am I still a princess to you?" She asked, tearing up more


" Am I still beautiful with these ugly spots and scars on my body?, Am I?" She asked , coming closer till she's standing right in front of him

"Elena stop" Shane said slowly

"I can't stop!, I'm ugly that's it right?, You won't see me as a beautiful princess anymore right?, I'm utterly ugly !" She yelled, stumping her foot on the ground tearfully

Right now she feels shattered and she feels like Shane will start hating her or not want to have anything to do with her anymore, all the pampering and care, protection and sweetness, she thought it'd be gone

Shane kept looking at the hurt princess in front of him hurtfully too

Anyone who did this to her is surely an animal in human form, no wonder she always wears long sleeves or jean jacket and trousers but

Right now to him, nothing has changed, not his feelings for her or she herself, she's still the pretty princess Elena he knows and the scars just shows how strong she is

"Elena stop yelling" he said but she won't stop crying and yelling 

"Do you still want to be the friend of this ugly girl? " She asked

" No" he replied

More tears fell from her eyes and she can't seem to have control over it, what she's scared of finally happened

She looked at him for long and made to step away from him but he held her back and changed position, making her back the door

"Where do you think you're going?, I'm not done yet" he said and held her cheeks affectionately and she shivered at that, he stared deep at her as if to pour affection in her eyes

"Your scars only mean one thing... you're strong, it's a sign that you've been through a lot but you've always been strong, so stop asking me if you're still a princess cos to me, nothing changed" he said sincerely

" You said you don't want to be friends with me anymore" she said, sniffing lightly, her face is still wet with tears

" Yes, and that's because I ... " He stopped halfway and scanned her face for long

"You?" She asked expectantly and her towel almost slipped off but he held it for her and leaned in, he kissed her softly on the lips, shocking her with that before facing her again

"I love you Elena... tell me how i'll want to be ordinary friends with someone you love...I mean every word I say here, Elena I want you badly" he said, lowering his lips to her chest and not minding the spots, he kissed it tenderly

"Shane" she gasped out immediately his lips touched her chest

Right now she's vulnerable and she lost her senses, that's how much of an effect he has on her..ok he's her only weakness

He looked up at her again..."i don't mind your scars cos you know what?, You're still pretty, to me you'll always be my princess and I'll always be in love with you, I love you madly Elena " he said and without giving her space to talk, he reconnected their lips again in a deeper kiss.


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