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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Shane did a lot before Elena agreed to stop crying and when he was removing the metal from his arm, she started crying again when she saw him wincing in pains

He threw down the metal and went to her. "Princess I told you not to cry" he said, holding her face

" I can't .. it" she hiccuped and Shane smiled before pulling her up and he immediately swept her up in his arms

"Huh!" She gasped sharply.

 "See?, My arm is fine, I can still carry you" he smiled

" It doesn't hurt?" She asked, feeling a little bit better

" At all, I'm fine" he replied and started walking out of the place till they got to the car

He placed her on the seat and entered too.

"What really happened?" She asked

"The shooter the other time actually tried to shoot you" he replied

" What!"

" Yes, he's behind the accident the other time too" he said

"Who....who could be after my life, I did .. nothing wrong to anyone " she said fearfully

He smiled and touched her cheeks. "No matter what, I'll protect you, Shane will protect you so out your mind at rest, you can't go anywhere without me from now on" he said

She nodded and rested her head on his chest shortly. "I'm scared" she said, looking up at him

He pecked her cheeks and traced her brows with his thumbs

"Trust me, you'll be fine ok?" he said and she nodded

" Let's move" he said.


"Who could be after her life?" Shane thought after taking a shower

He had dropped her home earlier

He sat in front of his mirror and inhaled

"Could it be same people who caused Samantha's death?, So was Samantha's death planned?, So her death wasn't ordinary?, Was the plane crash programmed cos they knew she'd be in the plane?" He thought, rolling a cube in his palm

" Are they after Elena cos they think she's Samantha?, Is that the case?, Why will anyone kill Samantha?, Why will they want to kill Elena too?, This seems like an hard puzzle" he thought, laying on his bed

" I'll protect you with my life... Elena, I can't lose you too" he said


Elena can't get her mind off what happened earlier as she ate

"Who can be after me?, I did nothing wrong to anyone, I'm not a bad person" she thought, slowly hitting her spoon on the plate of scrambled eggs

"Elena" Bella called when she observed her but she's too deep in thoughts to hear

"Elena" she called again, hitting the table and that's when she jerked up

"Hey Elena, what were you thinking?" She asked worriedly

" Nothing mum" she replied slowly



Bella drew closer to her and held her cheeks. " We promised not to keep anything from each other" she said, looking straight into her eyes

"Mum.... someone is trying to kill me" she said sadly and Bella can't hide her shock

"What happened again?"

"Someone tried to shoot me today but thanks to Shane" she replied

" Shoot you?'

"Yes mum, but I'm fine, Shane promised to protect me and I believe he'll do that" she replied assuredly and stood

" I need to go check out my scars" she smiled before going in

Bella held her head as slow tears rushed out of her eyes. "Why can't you just stop and forgive me already!, Why don't you just stop!, One is not enough and now the second one?, Don't you have a forgiving soul?, Don't you!" She said and cried more .

" I'm not worthy to be called a mother, I'm a b*tch, I can't even tell her the truth, I can't bring myself to do would have been better if the bastard can just kill me instead and not take out my sins on my child" she lamented bitterly

Elena stood in front of the mirror and took off her jean jacket and trousers, then her underwear, leaving her stark naked in front of it

She checked out her body and it's still as worse as she can remember 

Though she saw it while bathing in the morning but maybe she's hoping for a miracle to happen and make it all dissappear but it's not happening

She tried not to cry as she stared at her unattractive body. "What will Shane think if he sees this?, Will he still treat me the way he used to do?, Will he?" She thought, putting on her night wear

She sat on her bed and took Loki from it's spot, she hugged him tight and remembered what happened earlier

"I didn't offend anyone, then who could be after my life?" She thought

Her phone rang beside her and she quickly picked up, it's Shane

"Hey" she smiled, feeling her heartbeats

"Princess" he said from the other end

Somehow, she has come to love that name 

"Are you about to sleep?" She asked, patting Loki

"Nope, I won't be able to sleep if I don't call you even though after calling you, I'll still miss you throughout the night" he replied and she blushed greatly, unable to say anything for like two minutes

"You're not talking" he said

"Oh!, I'm ...I'm just, flattered" she replied

" Not a matter of flattery princess, you're the most important person in my life and if I lose you, I die" he replied, meaning every word

" Stop saying that" she replied, blushing hard

"I can't stop saying the truth" he replied

"Em... eaten?" She asked

" Yeah, I took cookies, just what I felt like taking" he replied

" Oh, alright" 

" What about you?" He asked

"Scrambled eggs" she replied

"And you're ok?"

"Sure" she stated

"Then I guess we'll see in school tomorrow" he replied

" You're hanging up now?" She asked, feeling bad

"Yes, why?" He asked

"I.... nothing" she replied

*Ok let's talk till we'll fall asleep, what should we talk about?" He asked

" Our project, let's talk about what we wrote down at the institute today" she replied


Next morning**

Miley woke up to a message on her phone

*Morning stubborn head, I hope you slept well?, See you in school and I hope you'll have a nice day*

She quickly sat up and hoped fervently that it should be Shane but it's an unknown number

"Unknown number?" She said, wondering who it might be then another one came up

*It's Warren*

She laughed out loud. "Utter joke huh?, Why would he send me an early message when I'm not his girlfriend!, Ion even like him a pinch!" She ranted

She dialled Laurette number and Sydney connected too for a video call

"You can't believe the daft Warren sent me a morning message" she said and they both laughed loudly

" F*ck!, That's so hilarious" Sydney laughed

"It's funny right?" Miley said

" Extra funny" Sydney replied and continued laughing

" I'll make him understand I'm not to be toyed with in school" Miley replied and hung up before entering the bathroom.


Alan has been going to work in place of Louis since he became sick and it has been one cumbersome job for him

"I can't wait for him to snap out of the silly sickness, it sucks to sit in the office all day" he rambled as he sat in the dinning room for his breakfast

" Now you know his worth" Tanya replied

" Just stop talking" Alan replied, clearing his throat as he started eating

"Which contract have you handled together with Tanner group of companies?" Tanya asked

" We just started so I'm applying patience" Alan replied

" Since when did you start thinking about patience?, And besides, it's been two weeks and you're saying....

"I'm off" Alan interrupted and stood

He left the house Immediately and Miley came down, dressed for school

"I'm off to school mummy" she waved

"You're not interested in food?" Tanya asked

" At all" she replied and left, she successfully hid her lashes till she left the house

"That hawk of a mother" she remarked before entering her car


Cheryl never slept a wink throughout last night, she watched over Louis who's still refusing to open his eyes

This morning she did a lot of persuasion but he never opened his eyes no matter what

She stayed with him this morning too and never bothered to even brush

All she wants to see now is his eyes but he won't even open up

She felt his temperature and it's back to normal but he still looks weak

She held his hand and and kissed the back of his palm for long

"I love you, please open your eyes" she said pleadingly but he won't even talk

"Sweetheart please" she said again but he won't even shake, all he does is breathing

"Is he asleep?" She wondered.


Golden Brains high**

Miley chewed gum as she walked into the school with her minions beside her

"Warren you're so dead" she said slowly, smiling as they entered the class

She walked straight to Warren's table and placed her right leg on it, rolling eyes and making the lashes battle each other

"Hey baby" Warren said, standing up

"How dare you send me a morning message?, I don't even like you" she said and the whole class gasped

" Another drama this early morning" Eros muttered while Shane pretended like he saw nothing

" You don't like me, I know, but i like you, so tell me why I shouldn't do that" Warren said, smiling with one side of his face

"How shameless" Miley replied, pulling his tie

" Yeah, I'm shameless, but I can do more worse things when it comes to you" he replied

" He's crazy" Sydney said

" I know right?" Laurette replied

Miley pulled Warren closer with his tie with the intention of talking at his face but he pecked her instead

Her eyes widened and Warren smiled then she slapped him hard

Warren turned the other cheek

"You can slap me here too" he smiled

Miley rolled eyes at him before leaving the class furiously with her minions

"That was crazy" Eros said

"You don't ever get tired of getting slapped by her?" Shane said

" Yeah, when this four letter thing it involved" Warren replied


" Let's eat together" Shane said, sitting on Elena's table

" You the cafeteria?" She said surprisingly

"Sure, let's go" he took her hand

" But...

"Shhhh, just follow me, I'm starving" he interrupted and pulled her out of the class

Students stared and won't stop commenting, both good and bad ones as he held her hand into the cafeteria

He pulled out a chair for her and made her sit

"You think he's in love with her?" Eros asked Warren from where they're watching them from

"Isn't it obvious?, exactly how he does when he was with Samantha" Warren smiled

" What should we eat?" Shane asked, sitting on the eating table and playing with her hair

"Um...." Elena said, looking at the students who're staring but Shane turned her back to himself

"I'm the view, look at only me" he smiled and held her face, he traced her brows with his thumbs just like the other time and her body can't help but respond to his touch.


*This is how he does to Samantha when she was still alive*

*They're cute!*

*Elena is so lucky, I wish I'm in her place*

Students Won't stop staring and commenting

"So, what do you say princess?" Shane asked, going from her brows to her cheeks

She even had barely any space to breath or think

"Em... let's take.... chopped beef and juice" she said awkwardly

" I'll go get it" he winked and went for the food

" My heart will explode at this rate" she thought, touching her chest

Shane came back with one plate and a fork with a juice on a tray

"You only bought for me?" She asked as he settled in front of her

"No, for us" he replied, digging the fork into one of the beef chops

"Then?" Elena said

"I'll feed you" he said




Cheryl woke up beside Louis and rubbed her eyes,not believing she actually slept off

Maybe because she didn't sleep last night

She looked at the bed and Louis is still there but...

She stood and checked his breathing by feeling his chest but it's not beating

"What?" She asked herself and felt it again but he's still not breathing

Her eyes widened and she screamed his name

"Louis!!!" Louis wake up!, Sweetheart you need to stand up right now!" 

She started crying when no movement came from him

"I haven't even given birth to my three children, I haven't received love from you or hear you calling me sweet names please wake up!, Ion even know what to do...I'm ruined!" She screamed, rushing out of the room

She got his phone downstairs and tried calling Dre but it's off

"Oh gosh!* She said, getting her phone with more tears

" Oh I don't even have his number" she said and threw down her phone

She paced round the living room, crying loudly for almost ten minutes, thinking she has really lost him

She went back upstairs, walking slowly to his room but shockingly, he's not on the bed anymore

"Where did his body go?" She said fearfully, standing beside the bed and staring at it with tears in her eyes

"Louis!" She called

"Yes?" He replied behind her

She slowly turned back and saw it's really him with only a towel on his waist, he's just coming out of the bathroom where he took a shower and his face looks more handsome with the hair stuck on it

"Why the tears?" He asked in a calm voice

She answered by taking just three steps to him, she hugged him tightly not minding the water on his body

"I thought you were dead when you just suddenly stopped breathing, I was so scared that I almost went mad, please don't do it again cos I won't be able to bear it, I love you very much sweetheart, I love you with all my heart, body and soul, even with my life..... Louis " she said, dipping her face in his wet chest.


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