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( Love Me Like I Do.. 



"G.. grandma?" Cheryl said slowly, wondering what that means

" Yes, my great grandma, Daisy" he replied again

"Oh, did Daisy break his heart? " Cheryl wondered as he started sleeping off on her shoulder

"Louis let's go in" she tapped him

*I'm feeling sleepy" he replied drunkenly

"I know, that's why we should go in so you'll sleep comfortably" she replied, stylishly, raising his head from her shoulder

She turned him and hang his arm on her neck then she managed to take him in though it was hard cos of how he's toppling

She took him to his room and lay him on the bed, he slept off Immediately

She took off his shoes and covered him with the duvet before sitting beside him on the bed

"I wonder what really happened between you and her that made you so hurt like this" she thought, touching his forehead lightly and surprisingly, he has an high temperature

"Uh!, What do I do?" She thought worriedly and rushed out of the room to get towel and cold water in a bowl

She came back and worse still, he's already shaking as a result of cold

She went close and dipped the towel in the water before placing it on his forehead maybe that'll help cool down his temperature

He kept shaking so she had to cover him with three more thick duvets before sitting beside him again

She held his hand and rubbed the back gently, watching him sleep and after sometime, tears came out of his eyes in his sleeping position

"He's even crying in his sleep, what exactly could have happened? ' she wondered

She never slept till the next morning, she watched him till daybreak and it's like he's getting worse, his temperature became high again early that morning and she decided that hospital is the best answer

She stood to go get the car keys but he held her back

She looked back and his eyes is still closed. "Don't take me to an hospital, please" he said

"But you're... 

" Don't just take me to an hospital, I don't want to go there, I'll just stay here till I'm better" he said slowly with his dried lips

She slowly sat beside him again as he let go of her hand

*You're terribly sick, your temperature is running high and you've started shaking again as a result of cold, should I make you something?, You should eat" she said slowly

" I'd love to eat but I don't have an appetite" he replied and althrough, he never opened his eyes

" Then I can get appetizers for you" she replied

"Cheryl stop, I wanna be alone" he said

She gave him one last glance before standing though she wants to be with him but she has to respect his decision.


Walking out of her house this morning, Elena can't be more happy when she saw Shane already waiting

Well she knows he'll be waiting, just that maybe she missed him greatly

Shane was surprised when he saw her walking fine but her knees are still bandaged anyways, Elena got to him and hugged him surprisingly

*When did you start giving free hugs? " Shane asked jokingly

"stop talking and hug me too" she replied, expecting to feel his hands on her back and he did

He hugged her back tightly and their bodies pressed on each other as they stayed in each other's arms for minutes before breaking the hug

He kissed her chin this time around and that made her blush again

"I missed you" she said 

"We still saw each other yesterday" he replied

"I know, but I missed you throughout the night" she smiled, holding his cheeks

*Wanna know a secret?, I missed you like mad last night even after the call" he replied 

She broke the hug and faced him. " You look more handsome this morning" she said

"Yeah it's Sunday, and I'm going out to a fashion institute with my princess so I have to look good and you know what?, You look hot too, I love your leather trousers and cap" he winked

" I'm not beautiful, my body scars make me look ugly and I'm sure if you see them, you won't wanna be my friend anymore" Elena thought sadly

" Princess, princess" Shane called, touching her shoulder and she jerked up

"What were you thinking?" He asked with concern

Instead of answering, she hugged him again and it's tighter than the first one

"You won't stop being my friend" she said

"Never" he replied, wondering what happened

"I hope that's true" she replied

He broke the hug and faced her. "What are you talking about?" He asked

She held his shoulders and peck his both cheeks

"I want you to be my friend forever" she said

" Why are you suddenly talking like this?" He asked

" You'll be my friend forever right?" She asked

"Of course, there won't be any reason for me to stop being your friend" he replied

She smiled and hugged him again

" I'm glad" she heaved on his shoulder

He touched her hair fondly and she can't possibly ask for more, her heart is busy beating fast in her chest

"Time to go princess" Shane said after she hugged him for almost five minutes

She broke it and they smiled at each other before getting in the car

"What's your favorite song?" Shane asked

"10 scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara" she replied and his eyes widened

" Really?"

" Sure, I love it madly" she replied

"That was Samantha's favorite song too and cos of that, I made it my favorite too" he replied

" Whoa!, So we love same song" she replied and they smiled as the car pulled up in front of the fashion institute

They came out of it and entered with their IDs which they showed to the director of the institute before they were allowed to take any records

Designers are busy designing all kinds of dresses, shoes, bags, caps and all others

A lecturer was assigned to teach them a whole lot and by the time they're done for the day, they gained a lot already

"That was exhausting" Shane yawned lightly as they walked out of the place

"I know right?" Elena replied

Shane took her hands and held it. "Your hands are small but cute, I love holding them" he said Immediately they got to the car

" I'm blushing" she said, smiling big

"Silly, should I drop you home?" He asked

"No, I don't want to go home yet" she replied

" Ok, should we go have fun?" He asked

"Sure, take me anywhere" she replied

" Then get ready to have fun" he winked and they got in the car together.


"What the hell!" Miley screamed when Tanya said the news that afternoon

It was actually Dre who called to tell Tanya.

"Daisy is twenty eight?, They say age is just a number but this is too cruel, six years difference!" Miley screamed again

" Stop screaming, you always say you love her right?, You're just unserious" Tanya said said worriedly

"Camila is her daughter?, She's even married but left her husband cos she's tired of him?, Gosh this is incorrigible!" Miley spat angrily

" Stop talking and let me think!, I've never for once liked the girl but I love respecting my son's decision just as much as he respects mine and that's why I let him be when they started dating, and now it ended in tears, he'll be so hurt" Tanya said

" That's just what should happen, I'm glad the badluck bringer is gone" Alan said, coming down with his glasses in hand

Miley hissed and left the house angrily

"Daisy's house" she told her driver and he moved the car, the drive was fast and smooth

She got out of the car and stormed into the house and to her surprise, Daisy is eating bread and ketchup at the dinning, then she's playing games on her phone

"Oh... Miley" Daisy stood, coming to meet her

"If you come closer I swear I'll off my shoe and slap you with it!" Miley said seriously

Daisy stopped moving, looking at her like she's a movie character

"What's wrong?" She asked

"Oh my!, You're asking what's wrong after doing that to my brother?, You even did makeup and you're eating and playing games?, Gosh!" Miley remarked

" Look, your brother is still mine, but I plan to rest a little bit before taking any action again, I need more strength to take him back" she replied, rolling eyes

" My brother is not yours anymore!, Get that into your bloody skull cos you lost my support already and I hate you!" Miley ranted

" Then I hate you too, b*tch!" Daisy replied

" Just wait and watch, you'll die a painful and gruesome death for what you did, I regret siding with you... prostitute!" Miley spat and left furiously

Daisy laughed out loud. "I'll be back, he's mine so I'll always have a way to take him back, his d*ck is my life and I can't afford to lose it so it should just go on a break for now, I'm coming back to take what's mine" she said, smiling satisfactorily.


Miley drove straight to Louis house and met Cheryl in the dinning room, taking water from the fridge

"Miley" she smiled

"Where's my brother?" She asked

"He's upstairs in his room" she replied and Miley went upstairs straight

Cheryl got the cold water and went upstairs too but Immediately she got in, she got shouted at

"What were you doing!, How could you allow his condition to get worse like this!, He's burning up for crying out loud!" Miley shouted

*He told me not to take him to the hospital" Cheryl replied slowly

" What!"

" Miley" Louis called slowly on the bed

Miley quickly sat beside him and held his hand

"Big brother" she said, full of pity for his condition

" I told her not to take me to the hospital, you don't have to yell at her" he said

" Can you open your eyes at least?" Miley said

" I don't want to see anything right now, I just want in this dark world for a while" he replied

Dre came in with Tanya immediately.

" Louis!" Tanya almost screamed when she saw him laying down weakly

"Mum" he replied as she sat on his other side

"Open your eyes and just look at me darling" Tanya said

"No mum, I'm even too weak to open my eyes" he replied slowly

" Louis...

"I regret having anything to do with her mum, I was used, I'm hurt mum, she was my first love, she's the first girl I'll ever dedicate my whole heart to, saying that I could die for her wasn't a joke at all, but she ruined me!" He said hurtfully

Tears escaped the corner of his closed eyes as he spoke

"Serious, I've never seen a hurt Louis but I guess this is what happens when you get betrayed by someone you love so much, love should avoid me anywhere it is, that hurtful thing, eish!" Dre said

" I went to her house this morning and she was eating bread and ketchup, she's playing games too and the makeup on her face will make you think she's going to the club" Miley said

" That b*tch!" Dre said

" She was the one who beat Cheryl up the other time" Miley said

" Wow!" Dre said, sighing heavily

" This is not cool" Tanya said, touching Louis's hair

Cheryl can't bear to see him shedding tears again so she broke down in tears too

"Why the tears?" Dre asked

"If he's hurt, I'm hurt" she sniffed.


Evening, at a part of the city**

Shane and Elena are holding hands, walking on the shore of a beach with smiles on their faces

"First time coming to a beach" Elena said

"Really?" Shane asked

" Yeah, sure" she smiled

"Want some ice cream?' Shane asked

" I love ice cream!" She said

"Same with Samantha" Shane thought

"What's your favorite flavor?" He asked

"Vanilla" she replied and Shane almost screamed, Samantha loves vanilla too

He pecked her immediately and locked eyes with her for a while before biting down on his lips and it made her heart thump as usual

"Stop doing that" she said slowly

"You don't like it when I bite my lips?" He asked

"I don't mean it like that...I mean, it makes me feel somehow" she replied

" Somehow?"

" Yes"

" How?"

"Just somehow...weak" she replied and bit her bottom lip, wishing she hadn't said that

"So I'm your weakness" Shane smiled

"No no!, I'm not saying...

He kissed her cheek before she can finish

"I'll go get the ice cream" he winked and left for the ice cream stand

Elena slapped herself lightly. "silly girl" she said silently, watching Shane as he got the ice cream

With a handsome smile on his cute face, Shane walked back to Elena with the two waffle ice cream cones in his hands, he looked sidewards and saw something shocking so he stopped and looked at that side again

A man is wearing a face cap not far from the stand, secretly pointing a gun at a direction and when he traced the direction, it's Elena!

"" his mind said and he threw away the ice cream immediately

" Elena!!" He screamed, running the few inches left between them

He covered her and they fell together before the gunshot sounded and everyone had to lay low

Elena's heart almost fell off at that, Shane stood and saw the guy running away

He ran after him fast, following him everywhere he goes, entering every corner he enters fearlessly, breathing heavily as he ran but he kept running

He crossed a road after him and almost got hit by a car, the guy ducked into a corner and he did too

The corner led to a silent dead end and he met the guy waiting already

"You wanna die?" The guy said, breathing heavily and coming closer to Shane

"You're behind her accident the other time too right?" Shane asked 

"Oh yeah, but I was sent, and till she's dead, I won't relent" he replied, bringing out his gun and pointing it directly at Shane's forehead

Shane got scared that moment but decided to act smart

"Who sent you?" He asked, stylishly looking at the gun that's pointed at his head

"You won't ever get to know, but a certain thing is that that girl is gonna die" the guy replied and gently started pulling the trigger but Shane quickly hit his hand and the gun fell off then he punched the guy hard on the cheek

"You're begging for death" the guy said and kicked him

Shane spit out blood and fell loudly but he stood immediately

He ran with all his strength to the guy but the guy outsmarted him by dodging his move

Shane ran past him and he grabbed the opportunity to stab Shane in the arm before taking to his heels

Shane fell on his knees, holding his stabbed arm tightly as blood started oozing out

Luckily, Elena ran into the place and almost stopped breathing when she saw him 

"Shane!" She shouted and ran to him

She knelt in front of him and rolled up his short sleeves, making his stabbed arm visible, it was actually stabbed with a thin metal and it's still stuck there as the blood kept rushing

Tears escaped her eyes as she watched. "What's this?, What's this!" She screamed

"Hey princess I'm not dead you know, so stop crying" Shane said, wiping her tears

" But... you're... you're hurt... it's bleeding so.... very must hurt...a...a lot" she said in a cracking voice, crying more

Shane smiled and pulled her to himself in a tight hug, stroking her hair fondly

"Don't let one more drop of tear fall from your eyes princess, I promise to protect you with my life Elena, I'd rather die than lose you" he said and pulled her more closer to himself.


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