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( Love Me Like I Do... )



"You said what?" Louis said unbelievably at that Dre just said

" Daisy is twenty eight and Camila is her daughter" Dre replied calmly

Louis smiled as if he just listened to a joke. "Stop joking, I didn't come here to listen to you telling me gibberish" he replied, taking his seat

Dre sat beside him and tapped him, Louis faced him and he smiled

"Don't worry, I'll help you look for the best bar in this area, you'll need it" Dre said, still smiling

*Stop talking cos I don't even know what you're talking about!" Louis yelled, standing up

" And that's because you don't always think about my words!, Do you think I just hate Daisy for no reason?, No only an insane person will hate another person without a reason! " Dre yelled

" I'm in the dark" Louis said a little bit calmly

" Arden is the name of Daisy's husband, he was my friend for three months when he came to Germany for a business program four years ago, but when he travelled back to Italy, we still contact each other and that was when he sent me his family picture including Daisy and Camila"

"then a year after that just before you travelled to Oxford, you met her and you both started dating, I had the feel that I've seen her face somewhere before but I didn't get it that time till you came back from Oxford three months ago and Arden called me again after three long years, I asked about his family and he told me it's shattered, his wife left him without any reason and took their only daughter with her, I felt bad for Arden and checked the family picture he sent just to curse at the woman, and that's when I saw I've actually seen Daisy from there, it's her who's your current girlfriend, a girl who made Arden cry is a girl you kept saying you can die for, she left Arden cos she said she's tired of him, and she kept following you cos you're handsome and sweet down there" Dre said

Louis almost fell but Dre held him

"No no, don't faint yet, it's not yet time" Dre said, smiling

" Dre... " Louis said, losing breath, it's as if air has been filtered out of his lungs as he stood, not believing his ears

"And for your info, Daisy is six years older than you, she's twenty eight while you're twenty two, you've been getting deceived with her pretty face all this while, Arden her husband is thirty and Camila their only child is eight" Dre said

" And here's our marriage certificate for verification" Arden said, coming in with Camila beside him

He put the certificate in Louis's shaky hands and Louis looked at it with widened eyes

These two guys right here aren't lying, it's really their wedding certificate, Arden and Daisy

The certificate fell off his hands and tears fell out of his eyes next

He bent down and held his head.

"No!!!!!" He screamed, shedding more tears, his eyes are already red

"I've been fooled for three years, I've been a fool for three years, I've been used for three years I'm so daft and useless!!!! " He screamed, more hot tears rolled out of his eyes

"You're not useless, Daisy used you remember?" Dre replied

"Stop, he's greatly hurt" Arden said

" If he had given attention to body language and details, it won't have taken so long, there's no way he won't get hurt, he gave her all his heart but it's a pity Daisy is not worth it, gosh!, She disgusts me, I wish I can end her life for making my friend look pitiful like this" Dre said seriously

Louis looked up at Camila with his teary eyes and Camila had to start crying too

"I'm not a betrayer Louis, it was her who told me not to call her mum anytime you're around, and she told me not to call her on phone anytime she's with you, I thought she has a good purpose for that, but when I found out her real intentions, I tried to speak up but she'll always lock me up in the soon and sometimes in the wardrobe, preventing me from going to school just to make sure I don't tell you" Camila explained

" It's not your fault, I'm just a fool, I'm stupid and a great dumbo" Louis said and slowly stood

" Where are you going? " Dre asked

"I dunno" Louis replied, wiping his tears

"What do you mean you dunno?, You'll be going to the bar to drink to stupor, I looked up a hood bar online, Sheraton bar is the best, go drink" Dre said

" I'm leaving Germany with my dad tommorow, I'll miss you" Camila said , waving

Louis never said anything till he's out of the house..

He got in his car and drove crazily down the road then he started crying again

His nose even watered as he cried, it's too bitter to take in

He was in love with her, an hot undying love is what he has for her, she's the first lady he loved with all his heart, when he met her three years ago, that was two weeks before he'll go to Oxford, he felt like he has met the one, they went out for the two weeks and he asked her out on the last night he spent in Germany before going to Oxford and she said yes gladly

He flew to Oxford the second day but they kept contacting each other and she comes to visit him every month, making their love wax stronger and he can't count the series of gifts, lovemaking, kisses, romance and make outs they did since then, he always satisfies her even at his own inconvenience, he won't mind anything it'll cost just to make her happy, but now this?

He cried more when he thought about everything over and over again

"Daisy why... Why did you do it why!, She's even six years older than me! " He said and cried more

He stepped on the speedometer and the car sped fast down the lane as his tears continued falling, wetting his shirt badly

"I don't deserve this, I don't" he said slowly,, pulling up in front of Daisy's house

He came out of his car and pushed the door violently, he went in and met her on a call which she cut immediately he entered

"Hot pie" she said, coming closer with a wide smile

"Hot dog would have been better you prostitute!" He yelled, grabbing her shoulders

" Why did you lie to me!, Tell me why you made a fool out of me just because I loved you!, Tell me why you made me look like a fool just tell me! " He yelled, shaking her violently

" What are you talking about? " Daisy asked innocently

"Just look at her pretending like nothing is happening!, Daisy you're six years older than me you're twenty eight!, Camila is your daughter and Arden!, Is your husband you left three years ago!, Now deny it" he replied

" Louis... I'm...

"I'm gonna slap you if you tryna act smart!, Daisy you've been caught! , Aren't you tired of telling lies?, Aren't you tired of always looking for an escape route?, To the extent of locking your biological daughter in a wardrobe Daisy!, How cruel can that be! " He yelled

" I lied to you... Because I love you! " Daisy ranted 

Louis slowly released her shoulders and smiled bitterly

" Love?".

"Yeah I love you, that's why I lied to you that I'm twenty one!, I want to be with you!, That's why I told you Camila is my junior sis!, Louis please I love you very much!, You can't let that be an hindrance to our...

A slap landed on her face immediately, from Louis

She staggered and fell, holding her cheek

"Love don't lie, love isn't wicked like you!, Love isn't diabolical! " He yelled, scattering his hair

" Louis you just... Slapped me?" Daisy said unbelievably

"You want a bonus?, Bi*tch do you want a kick as a bonus!" He yelled, walking around

" Louis you don't have to be like this, you love me and I love you more, that's all what matters, you can die for me right?, Others shouldn't matter, I don't love Arden and that's why I ran away from him and..

"If you get tired of me you leave me too" Louis interrupted

"No I can never do that, I'll always love you Louis, it's you always and forever" Daisy replied, standing up and coming closer

She tried touching his cheeks but he pushed her away

"Don't touch me and you manipulating me is stopping today!, Right now!, Leave my life!" He yelled, letting his tears fall again

" No no Louis, you can't say that... No matter what happens you told me you'll never leave me Louis, Louis I'll die if you leave me" she replied, crying

" It's ok for you to die, eradication, extinction, death is the best for devils like you and till the end of time... I'LL FOREVER HATE YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME.... DON'T COME NEAR ME TO AVOID GETTING WOUNDED, I WAS A HARMLESS MIRROR BEFORE, BUT NOW I'M TURNING TO A HARMFUL BROKEN MIRROR, DON'T COME NEAR I REPEAT, YOU'LL GET BADLY WOUNDED, GET OUT OF MY LIFE! " he ranted hurtfully as Daisy tried holding him but he stepped out of the house and got in his car

He drove off and Daisy ran some kilometers after him but stopped at a point, she sat on the ground and sniffed lightly, looking around

"He really left?, He left me, Louis left me I'm finished!, All's gone!, I'm doomed! " She said slowly.


Louis really went to Sheraton bar and ordered alcohol and he was supplied

He cried as he drank each bottle, remembering everything he has done because of Daisy

There was a time he missed her so much and came home from Oxford just to see her face, he got into an accident while driving home from the airport and had to spend five days in the hospital

He missed his tests countless times cos of her cos whenever she comes to visit, he never goes to class, he'll stay with her all day, only God knows how he graduated with good grades from Oxford

Yeah, that's how much he loved her... 

"I don't deserve this, I've been used, I've been fooled for three years... Daisy why did you end up being a b*tch" he said slowly as he drank the seventh bottle

It's the first time he'll be drinking but it feels as if it's his only companion for now

He drank till the tenth bottle and kept crying and drinking..

"It hurts" he thought, standing up at exactly past ten.

He staggered out of the bar, toppling on his toes as a result of drunkenness

He got in his car and how he drove home successfully is a miracle


Cheryl has been waiting impatiently by the door since seven for him go come back

Had it been he hasn't changed, she'd have been less concerned but he has changed and she's worried

She stepped out of the house and stayed at the garage to wait, staring at his phone that's with her 

"Louis please come back" she said, looking at the gate again

"I miss him" she thought sadly, bending down silently

She smiled slowly when she remembered his caring attitude lately, it's enough to make her miss him

Then his car drove in with a great speed and she stood, waiting impatiently for him to come out of the car

He came out slowly and surprisingly, his shirt is off, he's shirtless, wearing only his white trousers and his face is red, his eyes is glassy from tears and his face is wet with it

Cheryl rushed to him and held him

"Louis why are you like this?" She said, checking him out

He smiled and held her cheeks

"Oh it's my betrothed, Cheryl" He said, pouting like a baby 

She smelled alcohol from him and sniffed

"You're reeking of alcohol" she said, holding him tighter

"I'm a fool, for love, I was a fool for three years" he replied, letting more tears flow down his cheeks

" Huh? " Cheryl said, staring at his sad face

Whatever happened, it must have been so sad cos he's obviously hurt

" Hold me tighter" he said, closing his eyes slowly

"Louis" she said gently

He fell on her shoulder and she almost fell but she held him tighter, and they both lean on the car.

"What's happening?" Cheryl wondered aloud

"I dated my grandma" he replied sleepily on her shoulder, holding her to himself.


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