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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Louis kept holding Cheryl's hands while staring at her for over two minutes after she said those words

"Because of me" he thought, slowly letting go of hand

He left the kitchen silently without uttering any word again

Cheryl just watched him till he's out of sight before looking at her hands

"He touched my hands with great concern on his face, what's that supposed to mean? " She thought, concentrating back on her cooking

Louis got to the living room and fell on the couch, thinking of what he just heard and no matter how he tries, it won't leave his head

"She got scars from burns on her palms cos of me?" He thought silently

*Meaning all the meals I used to leave uneaten, ... Gosh I'm...I see myself as a monster right now, big time monster" he thought, closing his eyes

His phone rang beside him but he never bothered to check, he knows it's Daisy and he's not ready to talk to her, he had missed tweny calls from her already

He took his phone and activated flight mode before dropping it again and at that moment, Cheryl came out of the kitchen with the dishes and set it on the dinning table while he watched her

She did everything cautiously to avoid mistake as if she's serving a king

"I've never treated her well and now she's serving me as if I'm a king, Louis you're a monster, I don't deserve this nice treatment from her, I feel bad" he thought as she came to him

" It's ready, you can... Come and eat" she said , pronouncing each word cautiously as if her lips will break if she parts it more widely to talk and that kind of makes the way she talks look unique

"Ok" he replied and stood, following her behind till they got to the dinning room

She made to pull out a chair for him but he stopped her. "I'll help myself" he said and she nodded as he pulled out a chair by himself and sat

He took a knife and fork and tasted the meal of sauerbraten

As his teeth chewed gently on it and the taste of it circulated round his mouth, he concluded that it's the best thing he has ever tasted.

"How's it?" Cheryl asked slowly beside him, dying to hear his comment

He looked up at her with a sour face. "Bad, the baddest thing I've ever tasted, are you trying to spoil my taste buds?" He said, trying to see what she'll do

" I'm sorry... Very... Sorry I put in all I learnt to cook but I never knew it'll be.. bad, I'll just make another thing... I'm sorry" she said quickly and made to go into the kitchen again but he quickly dropped his fork and held her wrist and that made her stop

He looked up at her from his sitting position. "Just pulling your legs, on a scale of one to ten, I give you seven" he said and her face brightened up

" Really?" She asked, tucking the piece of hair that's on her face behind her ear

" Sure, so sit down and eat too" he said


"I just told you to sit and eat, are you planning not to eat? " He said, still holding her wrist

" Ion ... know" she replied awkwardly

He immediately pulled her to the chair beside him and a gasp escaped her lips in the process

He picked a fork and spoon and gave it to her then he split the food into two by putting a part of it in another plate and placing it in front of her

"Eat" he said


"I just told you to eat so you won't get skinny" he said and resumed eating slowly

In her surprised state, Cheryl digged in and ate slowly too, occasionally stealing glances at him and wondering the reason for his sudden Change.

"I wish he'll always be like this" she thought sadly and stopped eating that minute

"Something wrong?" Louis said Immediately he noticed

She looked up from her plate and decided to keep it In

"Nothing" she replied and continued eating

They ate silently for what looks like forever and when they're done, Louis stood and started walking upstairs

Cheryl stood on her spot, looking at him but he suddenly looked back and caught her, their eyes met and he turned fully

"Thanks for the meal" he said simply and went upstairs immediately

Cheryl smiled widely. "He just thanked me" she thought happily, packing the plates


"Dad will be back next week, I'm sad, I'll get fresh bruises again" Elena thought as she lay on her bed at bedtime

She's already beginning to walk with the legs though slowly and cautiously, thanks to her mum and most especially Shane

She smiled when she remembered him, well he's all she has been thinking of since she came back from school

The care and pamper he does to her everytime is enough for her to miss him greatly now and she's wishing he's beside her

She hugged Loki more tightly when she remembered how Shane kissed her ear in class earlier today, even thinking about the ear kiss, it sent tingling emotions down her stomach and she can't help but imagine the scene over and over again

She smiled brightly countless times. "I'm visiting his house tommorow anyways, we're starting work on our project tommorow" she said happily and lay on the bed gently

" I miss his presence" she thought, closing her eyes.


Next day**

Cheryl woke up early since he ate her food last night, she plans to try out her luck maybe he'll eat this morning too

She entered the kitchen immediately and tried making Currywurst but it slightly got burnt and while trying to put down the pan from the cooker, she got another burn on her finger

She swung it painfully and eventually inserted the finger in her mouth to cool it down.

"The food is slightly burnt, what do I do?, He'll be late before I finish making another one" she said slowly and used a better napkin to carry the pan arm

"I'll just pour this away and make him coffee" she thought and made to dispose it but her hand was held

She looked up at Louis surprisingly

"When did he even get here?"

"Don't you dare pour it away, enough of wastage" Louis said, taking the pan from her

He poured the food inside a plate by himself while Cheryl just watched surprisingly

"Bit it... it's slightly burnt" she said behind him

He looked back at her and took her hand and the contact feel is second to none

"You burnt your hand too, the more reason why I should eat it miss Cheryl" he smiled, slowly letting go of her hand

" Oh , this is.... nothing" she said, as he carried the food out of the kitchen

She followed him till they got to the dinning room

He settled down and ate though it lacks some things but he continued eating not minding that fact

"How's it?' she asked

"on a scale of one to ten, I give you five" he said

" Oh, I guess apart from getting burnt, it lacks some things too, I'll improve some other time" she said, he looked at her and only nodded

He finished eating shortly and stood to go

"Thanks for the meal" he said

"It's fine" she replied, avoiding his eyes

"Try not to burn your palm again while cooking dinner" he said and started walking out

"Have a nice day!" She said quickly

"I hope so" he replied and made to open the door but that's when she saw his phone on the dinning table, he forgot it

"Wait!" She said quickly, grabbing the phone and running to him

She's breathing heavily when she got to him despite the short distance

"You forgot...your phone" she pointed it up

"I have no plans to take it with me, it's Saturday and I'm not going to work" he said

" Then...where are you... going?" She asked, facing down and hoping she won't get shouted at

" Dre's place" he replied 

"You really won't take your phone?" She asked

" Keep it for me, LOVE is my password" he said and gave a blank expression before leaving

" He left his phone for me?, He really did?, And told me his password?" She said, feeling good


Shane's house**

" I told you I'll come to pick you up but you declined, i never knew you have a stubborn side" Shane said Immediately Elena came limping into his house

He actually sent his address last night since they're starting work on their project today

"I don't want to stress you again, that's why" she smiled as he held her by the sides , helping her to sit

"I missed you" he said sweetly

"I'm not your girlfriend" she replied shyly though she feels the same

"I know, but friends miss each other too right?" He asked

"maybe" she replied, finally looking up at him but he bent in front of her just like how he'll do when he wants to kiss any part of her face

He gave a charming smile before moving closer to her and she moved back till she's resting on the couch 

He still kept coming closer till their faces are just an inch away from each other

He scanned her face with loving eyes before kissing her nose tip. "Just want to tell you you're beautiful" he said in a whisper and that together with the nose kiss successfully made her heart leap

"Shane" she whispered in a shaky voice

‘whats he doing to me?’ she thought inwardly as he kept staring at her, making it difficult for her to breath

Shane bit his lip just like he used to do and swears, she stopped breathing that moment, her heart started slamming on her ribcage , he's too hot with that

He smiled and kissed her nose again before standing up fully

She sat upright and held her chest. "It's beating so fast, my gosh!" She thought

" I'll get my laptop, we need to search for relevant things about fashion and modelling before trying to go to any fashion or modelling industry" he said, going upstairs

He came back after some minutes and placed the laptop on the center table

They both sat down and started research and sure they got a lot but that's just the start

They saved the useful parts and in about two hours, they decided to rest for today

"I'll show you around my house" he said, holding her up

She stood and wanted to start limping but he stopped her

"No no, I'm here so chill* he said, bending in front of her

She smiled and climbed on then he started the piggyback ride round the house

It has three big rooms, a study, kitchen, dinning, dressing room, pool at the back of the house, it's not very big but it's beautiful

He finished showing her around and they went back to the living room

"Your parents will be glad in heaven that they have a good boy alive" she said Immediately he dropped her and helped her sit on a stool beside the kitchen

"I know right?, But I never grew up to know them, they both died by falling from stairs when I was just five, and since then I've been scared of heights, I can't even fly on a plane, I'll be too scared" he said sadly

Elena kept looking at him pitifully

She held his hand and kept staring at him

"You don't have to pity me, I'm fine" he said

"But I really pity you, you've gone through a lot" she said and hugged him immediately

He hugged her back and closed his eyes

" This feels good" he said slowly and that made her smile

" But maybe mine is harder than yours, my dad is...." Elena said

" Is what?" Shane asked, breaking the hug

" Let's not talk about it" Elena replied.

"But I want to, does it have something to do with the scars on your wrist?" He asked

" Please Shane, ion want to talk about it.. Please" she said pleadingly

"As your lordship pleases" he replied and smiled

"what do you want to eat?" He asked, touching her hair fondly

" Nothing" she joked

" You dare not .... I'll cook for you I promise, I can cook anything Princess" he winked

Somehow his winks, when he bites his lips or kisses any part of her face, she gets the feels 

"Ok, I'll go with...Maultaschen" she replied

"Ok, coming, but I need a peck before leaving for the kitchen" he said, bending in and closing his eyes

She smiled before pecking him

He opened his eyes and he obviously blushed

"I'll be right back, watch TV and I'll go make something delicious" he winked and bit his lip before leaving

" How sweet" she thought.


"Like Louis sent you?" Cheryl said when a doctor appeared at her doorstep

"Yeah, Mr Louis Diamond sent me to treat your hands" the middle aged doctor replied

" Oh....I'm just, surprised" she replied, smiling as she led him in

She sat in front of the doctor as he opened his equipment box and started applying treatments on the palms and it feels refreshing

"Are you sure Louis Diamond sent you?" She asked again

"Sure" the doctor smiled while bandaging the hands

"You don't need to bandage it, I have to cook his dinner" she said

"You have to abstain from cooking or if you insist, use cooking gloves, thick ones" the doctor replied

" Oh, that'll do, thanks doctor" she smiled, looking at the bandaged hands as the doctor left

"He really cares now?* She smiled, kissing her hands unstoppably


"Dad, you don't notice that car has been following us since we left the mall?" Camila asked beside her dad as they drove home from the mall

Since he came back and found her, it has always been pampering upon pampering and she can't ask for more

"I saw it, and I know what it means, just watch me" he replied

Camila wore her cap and used her specs

" Trust you daddy" she said with confidence

"That's my Angie" Arden smiled and increased the car pace

The car increased it's pace too and Arden smile

"Let's play a little bit" he said and continued running 

"Yay!!!?" Camila shouted, looking out of the window

Arden drove to a building beside an old road and got his gun

"Stay in the car" he said to Camila before coming out

The car stopped in front of him and four huge guys like bouncers came out with guns 

"Hard ones this time huh?" He smiled

"You're dying today, write your will" one of them said, throwing a paper at him

" Pick it up and you all should write your will instead" he replied

" He's being headstrong, let's waste him fast" another one said and they all pointed their guns at him all at once

" Dad" Camila called from the car

" the car" he replied

"Go on, kill me" he said to the four guys and closed his eyes

The assassins pulled triggers and just as they're about to start shooting, gunshots took over the place from the four angles and just in a second, the four guys are gone

Arden smiled and opened his eyes and four guys came down from the building top

Since he came back, they've been his guards and Immediately they saw Daisy's men, they waylay them here and it made it so easy

"Thanks guys" he said 

"It's ok leader, next step?" One of them asked

"You guys should keep guarding me till I'll leave this country tommorow but before then, I have something to do" he replied

Camila came out of the car and hugged him

" I thought they'd shoot you" she said in his arms

"I told you to trust me, nothing will ever happen to me" he replied assuredly

" I love you Daddy" she replied, kissing his face

"Love you more daughter" he replied and kissed her hair

He dialled Dre's line after that

" Hey friend" he said over the phone


" Time to spill everything, Daisy bit more than she can chew" Arden said

"Oh, just at the perfect time, Louis is just coming into my house right now" Dre replied

"Cool, I'll be on my way" Arden replied

" do something" Dre said

" What?"

" Branch your house and bring your marriage certificate along" Dre replied

" Sure" Arden hung up


" What were you talking about on phone?" Louis asked as he entered Dre's house

Dre pressed the red button and smiled

"It's a pity you've been dating your grandma" Dre smiled again


" I can't do this alone, wait patiently till Arden comes but let's start like this.... Daisy is just after your d*ck and handsome face, nothing more....she has a family!' Dre said seriously


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