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( Love Me Like I Do... )



"I don't love you anymore!, I don't love you so just leave me alone!" Daisy yelled

"And I hate you too!, I hate you and right now I feel like ending your life but that'll be after I might have taken my daughter and after I might have succeeded in exposing your filthy secret! " Arden yelled back

" I'd have gladly hand over your worthless daughter to you but she's not here right now" Daisy said

" And what's that supposed to mean? " Arden asked, coming closer

"She's nowhere to be found in this house!" She yelled

Arden smiled before slapping her on her right cheek

She held her cheek painfully. "Where is my daughter!" Arden demanded, grabbing her wrist roughly

"Let me go!" She whimpered loudly, her cheek is all red already as a result of the slap

"Show me Camila!" He yelled

"I don't know where she is!, I dunno! " She yelled back

He let her go and smiled dangerously. " You're digging your own grave woman, cos by time I'm done with you, you won't like it!, I'm back for revenge, not to play" Arden replied

" I never did anything wrong to you! " She shouted

" You're the worse woman I've ever seen and in case you haven't been told, you're a devil Daisy!, I got married to you eight years ago, I was in love with you Daisy, I was in love with you and I was thinking it was the same with you but you fooled me after five years of our marriage!, You left for no reason and took our only child, my only hope!, You took her away from me five years ago! Just to come and stay with a guy that's like a younger brother to you, and now I'm back to take my daughter only for you to start telling me trash?, Am I a joke to you?, Am I? " Arden said, breathing heavily

" I left you cos I lost interest in you and....

Her neck Is already on Arden's palm before she could finish the statement, he grabbed her neck and squeezed it hard

"Ar... Arden" she muffled, struggling to break free.

" The most important thing here now is my daughter, if you can't produce her in the next tweny four hours, I'll kill you" Arden said seriously before letting her go

He left the house Immediately and Daisy fell on the floor tiredly, holding her neck

"Arden you're a bastard, big time bastard" she said amidst heavy breaths but quickly stood up when she remembered Camila

"I'll just cover my red neck with muffler, I need to go look for this bitch called Camila, she can't tell him, she can't" she thought

She went to her room to get a muffler which she covered her neck with

"Camila, ion care if you're my daughter, so far Arden did this to me cos of you, you're so dead if I get you" she said before leaving the house in search of her


Camila actually left the house earlier with the help of her hairpin, she opened the door and had ran out of the house with the aim of going straight to Louis office in search of Louis

"I have no money with me, I'd have boarded a cab, Louis office is still far away" she thought as she walked fast

" Mum must not get a hold of me again, to call her mum even sounds bitter in my mouth, I hate you Daisy! " She yelled at the top of her voice and added to her pace

A car suddenly started following her and she started running, it's not one of Daisy's car but who knows what the devil might be up to

"I don't want to get caught" she thought and ran faster but she suddenly hit her toes on a stone and fell. "Oh no" she remarked, trying to stand up as the car stopped beside her and the person she knows and loves most in this world came out

"My Cami" Arden smiled, helping her up

"Dad!" She screamed and 
Jumped on him like a monkey will do before hugging him

"Dad I missed you, I missed you so much" she cried loudly

" I know, and I missed you too, sorry I came late to get you" Arden replied, crying too as he pat Camila's back

"you're back, that's all I want so dad it's ok" she replied, hugging him tighter

"I missed you so much Cami, I'm glad I got you" Arden said, kissing her forehead after breaking the hug

"Dad don't cry anymore" she replied, wiping his tears

" Where were you going?' Arden asked, touching her hair fondly

"To expose mum's secrets to Louis" she replied

"You don't have to do that right now dear, not just now, let's wait for a few more days" Arden replied

" Why?, He's getting fooled by mum" Camila replied

"I know, but I know what I'm doing, trust your dad as always" he smiled

" i trust you daddy, and I love you" she replied and hugged him

" I love you more, let's go home baby, daddy will take care of you from now on" he replied .


Daisy bursted into Louis's office , expecting to meet Camila there and just pull her out but she's not there, only Louis with a questioning look on his face

"Louis" she sighed, taking her seat 

"Why are you here?, You want Alan to come here and embarrass you again?" Louis said

" Ion care" she replied and stood

She went to his seat and sat on his chair arm

"Thought we were fighting" Louis said

"Of course, but you know no matter how much we fight, I'll always love you" she replied and pecked him

" Silly" Louis smiled shortly

"Sorry for getting angry" she said

"It's ok"

"But promise me you'll tell your dad you aren't interested in the engagement anymore, I'm uncomfortable with the way you're living with her" Daisy pouted

" Like seriously?' Louis said, feeling somehow

" Yes, you can do anything for me, right baby?" She said

" Yeah" he replied reluctantly

" Then let her go" she said and stood, she's about to sit on his laps when he noticed the redness on her neck when the muffler slipped off

"What's this on your neck?" He said and tried to touch it but she pushed his hand away roughly and stood

He stood too and grabbed her, trying to look at her neck and just check if she's really ok but she pushed him roughly and he hit his head on the wall which made a loud sound

He held his head and faced Daisy who has a sorry look on her face


" Pie I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I...

"Ion think I want to listen, what are you keeping from me!" He yelled

" What are you talking about?" She replied innocently, getting a little bit scared

" What are you hiding from me!" He yelled and that made her flinch

" Nothing" she said sharply

" Nothing?,  And you want me to believe that?, You're hiding nothing from me?, Daisy tell me the truth!" He demanded with red serious eyes, loosening his tie

" I'm saying the truth! I've always been faithful with you" she replied, obviously restless

Louis gave her one mean look before leaving the office

"Hot pie believe me I'm keeping nothing!" She shouted after him 

Louis entered one of the washrooms and collected water in his hands from the water dispenser which he rinsed his face with

He slowly looked up and stared at himself in the mirror

"I'm the most confused being on earth" he muttered


" Sell it out" Dre said to one of his staffs who brought a sales receipt for signature..

He signed it and the staff took it before leaving

He yawned softly and rest back on his chair with a smile on his face

*Daisy, Daisy, Daisy...I see your secret getting spilled soon in the most embarrassing way ever, now that Arden is back" she thought and immediately, his phone rang, it's Arden

" Hey " he smiled after picking

"Should I slap you from the phone?, proper greeting" Arden replied jokingly

" Ok, morning dad" Dre joked

" Morning son" Arden replied and they both Started laughing

"So...what are you gonna do?" Dre asked

"Spill his secret to the guy he's deceiving before leaving" Arden replied

" What about Camila?"

" Camila is with me already" he replied

" Oh, that's good news, I can't wait for you to spill everything, please make it fast" Dre replied

" Sure, maybe tommorow or the day after won't be more than three days" Arden replied

*Why not today?, Daisy is desperate and will want to kill you, she once tried that with me but thankfully I'm smart" Dre replied

" Then I'm smart too" Arden laughed

"Just make it fast, I can't wait for my friend to be out of her mess" Dre replied

" Just trust me, i don't have their time yet because I want to pamper my daughter for a while, and if Daisy does anything funny, I'll have to make it more snappy" Dre said

*Ok Ard, we'll see how things go, I'll see you later" Dre said and hung up

" Now, the game can start" Dre smiled.


Golden Brains high**

Shane carried Elena into the school in his arms again just like yesterday cos her legs are not in good shape yet

She can't take her eyes off him as he walked to their block, he looked at her occasionally and anytime that happens, they smile at each other

*Thanks for coming into my life" she said immediately he dropped her on her chair in class

"Going into the life of a princess is the best thing I've ever done all my life and you know what?, It has always been my lifelong dream, thanks for making that dream possible" Shane replied, bending over to her

" It's Friday, we should start our project tommorow" he whispered and she was only able to nod

" No other guy should make eye contact with you" he said


"Just make sure you don't do that" he replied and kissed her ear, that sent handfuls of butterflies down her stomach

The feel of his lips on any part of her body is too good

He faced her again and smiled charmingly

"He has the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen too, why am I even feeling this way?" She thought as he continued staring at her 

He stood upright and winked before going to his seat

"The wink, it's professional" she thought, smiling widely

" Everlasting love" Eros said beside her and she quickly look back at him


" Nothing baby" he replied with a smile.

Miley watched from her seat with her minions too

"Just look at how she was blushing when he kissed her ear, and after he left, she started flirting with Eros" Sydney said as they all hatefully stared at her

" I just know that by the time in done with her, her legs will dissappear permanently" Miley smirked.

Daisy entered her apartment in fury, taking the muffler off her neck

After Louis left her in the office the other time, he never came back and that's why she's back home

She fell on the couch and closed her eyes, remembering how she pushed him, making him hit his head

*I'm just... useless" she thought, taking her phone

She dialled his line countless times but all to no avail, he's not picking

She smashed her phone angrily

"Louis I'm sorry, I can't lose you like this, I love you so much" she said slowly

" And as for you Arden, I know you won't be able to talk, I know you'll not be able to talk, I should send assassins to him, once he's out of my way, I'm free" she thought


Louis got home early and food is not ready yet

Cheryl came out of the kitchen in an apron

"Welcome, your food is gonna be ready soon, sorry it took late I'm so sorry" she said pleadingly

" No it's ok, anytime it's ready, even if it's midnight, I'll eat" he replied, honestly he's famished greatly

"You'll... like you'll eat?" Cheryl asked surprisingly

He smiled shortly. " Yes, trust me" he smiled

First time Cheryl will be seeing his smile and that's enough to melt her heart over and over again

She kept standing there, building up what to say

"You can go to the kitchen and continue cooking" Louis said

"Oh..yeah" she replied slowly and left for the kitchen slowly

Louis went upstairs to take a shower and wash stress off his body though he won't stop thinking about Dre's words, what Daisy did earlier and Cheryl

He went downstairs and decided to go into the kitchen

Only Cheryl's backside can be seen cos she focused squarely on what she's cooking

"So she stays focused like this everytime, trying to cook me something but I always leave it uneaten" he thought guiltily as he continued watching her

He viewed her legs from the short jean skirt she's wearing, now he knows she has the best legs he has ever seen

"Oh..what are you thinking" he thought and made to leave but he swiftly turned back when he heard her whimpering

He walked to her and she faced him before hiding her hand behind her back

"Bring it out" he said slowly

" I'm ok" she replied, facing the ground

"I insist" he replied and she slowly brought it to the front and when he saw it, he can't help but gasp

Her palms are full of scars from burns

He's unaware of when he held them and stared at the scars and if there's anything Cheryl loves right now, it's the look of concern on his face

"How did this happen to your hand?" He asked, looking up at her, still holding her hands

"You see..I don't know how to cook before, but when I sensed I'm getting engaged and I'll need to be cooking for you everyday, I learned cooking though I'm not a professional yet and that's why I always burn my palm mistakenly while cooking for you" she replied, looking straight to his eyes.

" This happened to your palms... because of the meals you use to cook for me?" He asked, staring at her too

" Yeah.... because of you" she replied


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