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( Love Me Like I Do... )



Elena sensed she has no choice, she can't fight him, she stood still like he requested and stayed in his arms for long

He just closed his eyes peacefully and almost slept off cos hugging her feels so good and too comfortable just like Sam

"Is it not ok now?" She asked later

He sighed before letting go of her and Immediately, she got up from his laps and sat on the other chair

He smiled and shifted his gaze to her

"Thanks" he said but she kept mute

"So how's the teddy doing?" He asked

"It's not a human" she replied, slowly gaining back her confidence

"I know , but don't you feel connected with them?, As your possession" he replied

" Gosh!, Ok he's fine" she replied

"What name did you give to him?" He asked

"Loki" she replied, pronouncing the ki louder

" That's sweet" he smiled and moved the car


Cheryl stayed in the living room, waiting for Louis arrival, it's already past nine and he's not back yet

"His food will get cold" she thought, standing up to look out through the window for the uptenth time

She inhaled softly and sat back worriedly

She tried his line but it's off. "I hope he's ok, I just hope so" she thought with concern

She spranged up when she heard the sound of his car driving in

Louis entered with the usual frown

"Welcome sweetie, hope no problem?, You came home late" she said

"And who are you to question the time I come home? " He scowled

" I was just.. worried" she replied, holding unto one of the dinning chairs

"Worry about yourself, and I told you to stop calling me that name already" he replied bitterly

" Your food is cold, I can cook another if you don't want a microwaved food" she said

" A simple advise will be for you to buzz off, I need to get some sleep" he said and went upstairs

Cheryl sighed and looked at the food . " I'll keep trying, I don't like giving up early"

She cleared the food from the table and went upstairs too

She opened the door to his room and met him asleep already , he slept sprawled allover the bed with no space left for her

She covered him with the duvet and smiled

"He must be so tired" she thought and got a thick duvet from the wardrobe

She spread it on the ground and slept on it with a smile on her face

"Samantha always says it's good to cover every bad situation up with a smile" she thought, drifting peacefully to sleep

She shaked as a result of cold till daybreak

Next morning**

Louis woke and yawned lightly before sitting up, he noticed he was covered with a duvet and he can still remember that he never used it last night

"Is it her?" He thought and made to climb down but saw her where she's sleeping on the duvet spread on the floor without covering herself with a duvet, she's visibly shaking

He stood and made to enter the bathroom and that's when she opened her eyes and sat up quickly

"Good morning how was your night?" She asked with that usual smile

He entered the bathroom without answering

Cheryl went to her room to brush before going downstairs, she went to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast but halfway through it, she heard the slamming of the door

"He's gone already?" She said, coming out of the kitchen but his engine sound can already be heard outside as he drove off

She came back to the kitchen and put off the gas cooker

"He's going to work with an empty stomach again" she thought sadly and her phone rang almost immediately

She picked the unknown number and waited patiently for the person to speak

"Worthless human" the female voice said

" Huh?"

" Oh, Louis never told me you have ear problems, well he'll have no time to detect that cos all his time is for me, bitch!" The voice replied

" What are you talking about and who are you?"

"I'm saying you can never have him, just get ready for a lot of frustration, I'll make you regret getting engaged with a man that's mine.. and for my identity, I'll show that soon, bye stinking fool"

Cheryl stared at her phone in surprise and shock

"Who's this?" She thought


Louis got to work and surprisingly he met Dre, waiting for him already

"Bud" he hugged him lightly

"Engagement looks good on you, Cheryl must have spoilt you with good food" he winked

" Stop it" Louis replied, taking his seat

"Am I lying?, It's always cool to be engaged" Dre said

"Dre stop talking about that trashy engagement!" He almost yelled

Dre held his lips for a while before releasing it

"Do how's Cheryl doing?" He asked

"Oh no, Dre!" Louis ranted

"Don't you dare shout best friend!, Don't shout cos I never did wrong by asking how she's doing!, She's better than the old hag you're into!" Dre shouted back

" When will you be leaving?" Louis said, not looking at him

"Oh, you're chasing me right now" Dre stood

"Yeah, and it's obviously because you are being nosy and unserious, I'll see you later, and please, don't ever talk badly about Daisy again, I still want us to remain good friends" Louis said seriously

" When you finally know the truth, you'll be the one who gets hurt I swear" Dre said and quietly left his office

Louis looked up from the files he's working on and threw away his pen

"Dre!" He ranted and throughout that day, his mind never left what he said.


Cheryl just finished cooking dinner, waiting for when Louis will arrive when Miley came visiting with her two friends

"Whoa!, Sister in-law" Cheryl beamed immediately

Miley looked at her with unfriendly eyes

"I'm not your sister in-law, in fact I came to warn you" she scowled, looking around the place disgustingly as if it's some sort of doghouse


" You have no right to call my name so shut it" she interrupted

Cheryl continued staring at her like a movie

"You aren't anywhere close to my brother's heart so it's better you leave early before his psycho babe will come eat you raw" Miley said, rolling eyes

" What are you talking about?" Cheryl said questioningly

" Oh, and she's dumb too" Sydney remarked hatefully

" I can't believe she's beautiful but can't figure anything out" Laurette spat

" Wasted beauty, we just came to say hi, the next time it'll be more than hi" Miley said and walked to the dinning table, she poured water from a jug into a cup before facing Cheryl

"Bitch" she said and in the next minute, she poured the water all on her face

Laurette and Sydney laughed out loud

"Idiot, you'll soon know your place, let's go girls" Miley said and led the way out while they follow behind

Cheryl wiped her face with her palm and sighed

"It's just a matter of time" she thought.


"I can't wait to start school mum!, If only you know how eager I am" Elena gushed while arranging her books in her new backpack already.

"I know dear, and I'm wishing you best of luck already, I trust you" Bella smiled, patting her back

" I'll make you proud by passing my grade twelve excellently , I'll go on to college and make something out of myself, I want to become a cool model but it won't be possible with this scars and marks all over my body, so I'll just go for linguistics" she said sadly

" I'm sorry my baby" Bella hugged her

"It's ok mum, it's really really ok, I'm fine" she said, hugging her back


" Don't enter my room tonight" Louis said strictly at bedtime

He rejected her food as usual,he actually spent four hours with Daisy after work and he has eaten over there


" Shh, don't enter my room, and that's final" he interrupted and left for his room, he closed the door on her face and she just stood there, wanting to be with him in there

Even sleeping on the floor like last night won't matter, so far she's with him

She went to her room and took a pillow, she came back and sat at his doorstep, she slept there on the bare ground with a large smile on her face

"If he's sleeping well at least, I'm happy" she thought

" Goodnight Louis!" She said loudly and smiled again

"Goodnight to myself too" she thought before sleeping off on the cold ground

Just like last night, she was cold throughout the night and she almost shake her liver out as a result of flu.

It's Saturday so no going to work but Louis planned to spend it all at Daisy's place

He got dressed and opened the door to come out but saw Cheryl sleeping on the floor by his door, shaking too

"Gosh!, Look I don't care if you die but don't die on me!, Why can't you have a little bit of sense!, Why must you make yourself suffer!" He yelled angrily

Cheryl woke and stood straight

"Good morning how was your night?, I know you slept well" she smiled radiantly

Louis gave her one more look before walking away

"Yes, it's obvious he slept well, he looks more handsome this morning" Cheryl thought happily


Monday, Golden Brains high**

Elena decided to keep a Stern face while walking into the school so they won't take her for a joke

But the Students Won't stop staring and it's rather annoying

"I wish I can gouge out their eyes" said inwardly as she continued walking to her class cos Shane made the description already and even offered to come and take her but she had declined

She stepped boldly into the class and the teacher went silent including the students

They all stared with surprised looks but only Shane smiled widely

Then she students Started murmuring


*No, Samantha has blue eyes*

"But they look darn alike*

* Like seriously they're too alike*

"Samantha again" Elena thought angrily

Shane is about to talk when she spoke for herself

"I'm not Samantha!, My name is Elena!, Elena Scott!" She almost screamed and the whole class went silent

"Mind finding yourself a seat?" The teacher said and she nodded before walking into the class, her pretty hair glowed together with her face and thankfully they have different kind of uniforms

Long sleeves, short sleeves, then suit and jacket so she just went with long sleeves for her own good

There's an empty sit beside the guy sitting in front of Shane so she took that, technically, she's sitting in front of Shane

"Hey" the guy beside her said

She took a glance at him and quickly found him a name..."baby face"

He has a cute baby face. "Hi" she replied

"I'm Eros" he whispered

"Elena, nice meeting you" she whispered back and they both smiled

Shane watched from behind and frowned

Elena looked round the class and found the three bitches

Miley is staring angrily at her, Laurette and Sydney aren't exceptional though

She smiled at them and even winked

"You have a lot to do now that she's here, and don't tell me you like her just because she looks like Samantha, like her for her" Warren said beside Shane


Cheryl decided to take a nap when she got bored

Louis is off to work and throughout the weekend, he never slept at home, he came back just this morning to change before going to work

"I'm so tired" she thought and is about to sleep when a knock sounded on the door

She stood and went for it, she came face to face with a lady who has an hateful smirk on her face

"How may I help you?" She asked politely

Daisy smiled before becoming stern again

She pushed Cheryl by the chest and made her fall before coming in fully

"How may you help me in my fiance's house?, Oh my gosh I'm going crazy" she said, looking at Cheryl who's just standing up

" Who are you and what do you want!" Cheryl yelled

" Oh she needs to be taught some lessons" Daisy said and threw down her bag before grabbing Cheryl by the hair so tight as if to pull out her hair

"Ouch!, Let me go!" Cheryl whimpered loudly as she pushed her to the ground again and sat on top of her

"Now get ready for a swollen face for talking back at me" Daisy said and punched her right cheek first

"Aarrgh!" Cheryl screamed in pains as her lips got bursted and she spit put blood

"Prostitute!" Daisy yelled and continued hitting her allover her face




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