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 Season 4

Episode 73

(Yan homicidal intent(1)

As if aware of Zen's fierce emotions, Elder Xu said without turning to face him, "I know you are very emotional after hearing about your sister's matter. I'm not as wise as the sect leader, but I hope that you will listen to my experience gathered over several hundred years of life."   

 "It would be an honor to learn from you, Elder Xu," Zen replied respectfully.  

   Elder Xu was the most powerful elder in Cloud Sect. He was subordinate to Kenneth and the deputy leader. Despite his power and influence, Elder Xu wasn't a member of Cloud Hall. Being a behemoth over the continent, Cloud Hall paid little attention to Cloud Sect in the Eastern Region. Instead, Cloud Hall nominated a sect leader and a deputy leader to take charge of Cloud Sect.     "You are a great talent, which is why the sect leader is paying special attention to you. If you can pass the test of Cloud Road, Cloud Hall will appreciate you. 

After that, you will grow into a mighty figure and achieve great things, which are beyond my imagination. However, you have to remember this. You should learn to endure silently before you are powerful enough. Attracting unwanted attention might get you killed. Only by staying alive will you have the opportunity to achieve your dreams and to save your sister from her fate."  

Zen was shocked by those words. He stared at Elder Xu's back.    

 It seemed that Elder Xu had managed to read his mind.     

After all, Zen's biggest weakness had always been his sister, Yan, and he couldn't keep calm about matters related to her. When Kenneth told him about her situation, Zen had been so distraught that he forgot to behave respectfully in front of the sect leader.    

 Perhaps Kenneth wasn't offended as he had a good temperament. This time, Zen wasn't punished for being rude. However, what if it had been someone else? Then what would have happened to Zen? What if it had been the man who was planning to employ the Lustful Demon Array and take Yan's virginity? That man was far stronger than Zen, and it would not be challenging for him to kill Zen. If Zen lost his cool and fought with that man, he would be courting death.    

 "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for the warning, Elder Xu," Zen nodded and said.

   Elder Xu replied with a brief nod. Although Zen's matter had nothing to do with him, the uncontrollable resentment on the young man's face reminded Elder Xu of an experience in his younger days.

 It was similar to Zen's current circumstance. Still weak in the past, Elder Xu had forced himself to bite the bullet and hold a grudge until he was strong enough to take revenge.     

His advice to Zen had come from a lesson Elder Xu had learned earlier on.  

   Zen had impressed Elder Xu with his excellent performance in the All Peaks Competition. According to Elder Xu, Zen's future was full of promise, and it would be a pity if he died because of his hatred.     

The large leaf on which they stood flew in the sky at high speed. After a while, Hell Mountain appeared before them.  

   A volcanic vent spewed molten lava on the top of Hell Mountain. It seemed ready to erupt. Black ash and steam rose high in the sky from time to time and carried with it the terrible smell of sulfur.   
A girl in green clothes sat on a platform with her closed eyes in meditation.   

  Her life vitality flowed around her and continuously transformed into different shapes. At first, there were naughty fish that looked vivid and kept jumping and swimming in the air. After several seconds or more, the fish changed into butterflies and danced gracefully around the girl.    

 It was a hard job to control one's life vitality so smoothly, and even James, the head of the Mo Family who could turn his life vitality into many different weapons, would pale by comparison.   

  After all, weapons were objects and were relatively easy to imagine. This girl could change her life vitality into alive animals that moved so vividly, and her understanding of life vitality's transformation was far more remarkable in this respect.   

  After a while, the girl opened her eyes and stretched her hand. Her life vitality flowed out from her white, slender fingers and slowly formed the face of a man. It was a face with bright eyes and graceful eyebrows, and it looked true to life—it was her brother, Zen.   

"I want to know how everything is with my brother. It is time for the All Peaks Competition, but according to brother's level, he might not qualify to attend it." She shook her head and pursed her lips.     
They had exchanged a brief glance from a distance when Zen had visited Hell Mountain some months before. They hadn't even seen each other's faces clearly, but Yan was aware that Zen was just an outer disciple at that time.    

It was hard for an inner disciple to attend the All Peaks Competition, let alone an outer disciple. Only those who stood out from among the inner disciples were qualified to participate.     

She thought, 'Although Zen has talent, there is still a large gap between him and the top-ranked inner disciples. I wonder which peak he belongs to. Drizzle Peak is the lowest ranked peak among the thirty-three peaks and has few talented disciples. So he might still have the opportunity to participate in the competition if he is in Drizzle Peak.'  

At that thought, she stared at Zen's face, which she had created with life vitality, and smiled happily.     

Just at that moment, she detected the vibration of someone's life vitality in the air with her keen perception. She looked up at the sky and saw Elder Xu on his huge leaf. He was flying toward her.    

 "Who's that?" Yan murmured when she noticed another figure standing behind Elder Xu. As she recognized the second man, Yan's eyes widened in surprise. 

Gradually, the expression on her face changed from doubt to astonishment and then amazement. She almost couldn't believe her eyes!

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