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Season 4

Episode 45

(100's magnetic auroras)

Normally, Zachary would just leave the platform after failing. But today he was eager to stay and watch how far Zen could go.

The groups of Magnetic Aurora emerged continuously with an increasing number, but Zen still unhurriedly chopped them.

25th wave of Magnetic Aurora...




These shots of Magnetic Aurora rushed to Zen in large numbers. When Zachary saw the numbers of Magnetic Aurora, he felt his body froze. Zen, on the other hand, continued to cut them all. Zachary couldn't help but think that this guy had no limits at all.

When the sixtieth group of Magnetic Aurora came, Zen started to feel burnt out and he was slowing down.

When the sixtieth group of Magnetic Aurora came, Zen started to feel burnt out and he was slowing down.

"The Magnetic Aurora is just sensitive to the sword intent. Even if I have the sword radiance of the Streamer Sword, I still can't cut fast enough." Zen frowned. This meant that he still hadn't comprehended the sword intent to an acceptable level.

The sword was the top-ranked among weapons, and with its sharp blade, it could cut through anything.

Any swordsmanship skill wasn't only dependent on body strength. They were mainly pushed by the sword intent to release the sharp cutting force.

'What should I do to sharpen the sword intent more?'

After feeling the pressure, Zen finally started to think about it.

'Break! Break it!'

Zen swung his sword and cut through three shots of Magnetic Aurora in an instant, but more came rushing to him from far away.

Zachary looked at those shots of Magnetic Aurora and thought, 'It seems that Zen can't stand it anymore. There are too many shots of Magnetic Aurora. However, he has resisted more than 60 groups when it is just his first time and with the strength at only Grade 2 of the nature level. The strength is unprecedented. I think a second one can't be found in Cloud Sect even from ancient times!'

Zachary was born in a noble clan with a broad vision on things, but he made such a conclusion. He thought it was difficult even for the powerful geniuses to make the same record as Zen.

After swinging his sword crazily, Zen managed to resist the 60th group of the Magnetic Aurora. But one shot of the Magnetic Aurora almost knocked the crystal ball, so Zachary estimated that the next group would probably leave a crack on the ball. With this trend, Zen wouldn't be able to resist the 63rd group.

If that happened, that would be the most satisfying things for Zen. So, Zachary just sat aside and waited.

After successfully cutting through the 60th group, Zen suddenly planted the Streamer Sword in his hands into the ground and closed his eyes. He was lost in his thoughts.

'What the fuck is he doing?' Zachary looked at Zen curiously.

Zen was still with his hands on his knees. It didn't seem that he was summoning the life vitality to cultivate himself but was just thinking hard.

'How could he think in this time?' Zachary was speechless.

There were only a few seconds left before the next group started to rush in, and there was not enough time for Zen to think. And in no time, the dense Magnetic Aurora started to rush again.

"Hey, the Magnetic Aurora is coming. Will you just get up and deal with it?" Zachary shouted at Zen. There wasn't even a crack on Zen's crystal ball, and it would be a pity if he would give up now. But Zachary wanted to see how far Zen could go.

However, even after Zachary warned Zen, the latter remained still as if he didn't hear the first.

"Three shots of Magnetic Aurora are going to crash. If you don't move, you will have no chance!" Seeing the overwhelming Magnetic Aurora, Zachary started to get anxious. There wasn't any time left for Zen to act if the Magnetic Aurora started to close in on him.

The Magnetic Aurora got closer, but Zen seemed not to notice. Zachary started to worry more. When the Magnetic Aurora was only less than ten feet away from Zen's crystal ball, Zachary could only sigh, "Let it pass. He can already be outstanding at the Cloud Sect and there will be nobody else who can have the same result. He has proven his strength, and he can still come back for the challenge in the future!"

Suddenly, Zen opened his eyes.

Somehow, when Zachary looked into Zen's eyes, it seemed that Zen's imposing manner had changed–his eyes became sharper and struck directly at the heart.

The shots of Magnetic Aurora were already approaching the crystal ball at a high speed.

Zen held Streamer Sword in his hands and cut through the Magnetic Aurora nearest to the crystal ball.


When the Magnetic Aurora touched Zen's sword radiance, it was destroyed instantly.

Earlier when the Magnetic Aurora touched Zen's sword radiance, it was just cut by the radiance and then gradually fell apart. But now, Zen's sword radiance became an unbeatable rival of the Magnetic Aurora. If the Magnetic Aurora was the fire, the sword radiance would be the cold water. After one poured cold water on the fire, the latter would be put out in the blink of an eye.


More and more sword radiance appeared when Zen waved his sword. Each sword radiance destroyed a shot of Magnetic Aurora.

Soon, 61 shots of Magnetic Aurora were destroyed by Zen's sword radiance.

It took Zen far less time to resist the 61st wave of Magnetic Aurora than the 60th.

"Ah..." Zachary had never imagined that Zen could change after meditating for a while. He was petrified, 'Is Zen even a human being? No. He can't even be counted as an animal. He's not normal at all.

But he's not only abnormal. He's an abnormal animal.'

There was a joyful smile that crossed Zen's face.

At the start of the challenge, Zen's sword intent was in the basic state. In fact, he hadn't comprehended the sword intent more deeply than Zachary. After all, Zen hadn't used the sword these years.

But when he was lost in his thoughts, he felt that he had mastered about the sword intent.

With his understanding of the sword intent and his strength, he dealt with the Magnetic Aurora more easily.

'I want to know how many waves of Magnetic Aurora are left in Level 8.'

Since it was the Level 8 difficulty, Zen also knew that the number of Magnetic Aurora was limited and couldn't increase indefinitely. If it increased without a limit, not only the polar magic stones on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform but also the cultivators couldn't sustain it. Even a powerful man of Illuminating Soul Realm wouldn't be able to resist 1000 shots of Magnetic Aurora.

"The 70th group of Magnetic Aurora! Kill!"




After Zen resisted 100 waves of Magnetic Aurora, there was no more movement on the platform.

"Gee? 100 is the limit?" asked Zen surprisingly.

Zachary got used to Zen's uncharacteristic expression. He nodded and said in a trembling voice, "The limit of the Level 8 difficulty is 100, but there were only a few people that could reach 100."

Any cultivator would try his best to perfect his sword intent.

For example, Zachary thought the difficulty of Level 8 was most suitable to cultivate his sword intent, so he kept practicing in this difficulty level. If he could resist 40 to 50 shots of Magnetic Aurora and felt that it had been successful, he would move to the next level of difficulty.

Meanwhile, at the gate, the steward suddenly heard a loud noise from the array plate behind.

"This noise… It's impossible. Has anyone resisted all 100?"

The steward got curious. Few people could be so persistent. The ones at the realm of consummation could break a certain level of difficulty, but they wouldn't do such a job which could consume much strength. They would prefer to challenge a higher-level difficulty.

When the steward picked up the array plate to look, he found that someone had resisted 100 on the Level 8 difficulty. He remembered that there were only two people who chose the Level 8 difficulty today– Zachary and an outer disciple named Zen.

Zachary often practiced on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, and this steward was quite familiar about his strength and knew that he couldn't pass more than 30 shots of Magnetic Aurora.
Could it be that outer disciple named Zen? The steward's eyes widened in disbelief.



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