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 Season 4

Episode 81

(Another Arrogant Genius (2)

Both Jeff and Kim were new entrants of the Illuminating Soul Realm.    

 There was a big realm gap between Illuminating Soul Realm and consummation-grade of nature level. When that gap narrowed, the disciples could be able to grasp the method of burning life vitality, and their fighting power would soar sharply.     

Therefore, their competition naturally received a lot of earnest attention.     

Jeff was the representative of Skytop Peak, the number one Peak among the 33 Peaks, which started increasing influence in recent years, while Kim represented the Jade Peak, a well-established Peak. The Jade Peak once occupied the top place of 33 peaks for a long time but in recent years, it gradually had a decline in its strength and gradually had been caught up and surpassed by these powerful peaks like Skytop Peak, Blackrock Peak, and Azure Peak.   

But that didn't mean Jade Peak could be underestimated.     

After all, it had gained many resource and benefit from Cloud Sect. It had the largest number of secret practice places amongst the 33 Peaks. Although these six secret places were not as good as those within Cloud Sect that charged points for practice, they were at least open to their disciples for free. Many of its disciples got great benefits, and they would practice day and night continuously. It was hoped that someday its disciples would make a difference and bring the peak back to its original place.     

Kim ranked second place among all the disciples of Jade Peak.    

 Despite being in the second place, he had been cultivating for a few years so no one knew what level he had already reached. After all, the disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm rarely competed on the battle ring, and the Top 100 ranking had rarely been changed and would only be readjusted every three years.     

And Jeff just broke through the consummation grade of nature level a year ago and entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. When at the consummation-grade of nature level, he was already on the top, and now his strength was even more unfathomable.   

It was a crucial fight between two disciples of the Illuminating Soul Realm; thus, it received a lot of attention.    

 Both of them were willing to give their all in the competition.   

  As a matter of fact, neither Jeff nor Kim had failed in their previous competitions. Even if one of them lost today, it wouldn't be much of an impact to them and they would still stand out from the group competition because they were masters of Illuminating Soul Realm.     

Yet, both were the top and powerful figures, how could they tolerate losing to another? The disciple's firm resolve and outstanding talent were the keys to enter such a high realm. While the talent was one thing that could not be improved, the will of martial arts was more important. 

Only those who had a strong resolve to never lose to other people could further improve in their martial arts.    

 If only for the sake of gaining an advantage, one could deliberately preserve his strength and made a compromise. This kind of trick might help a disciple win for a while, but he was doomed to go not very far along the road of martial arts.   

While the two disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm were fighting against each other, their fighting scene was quite impressive, with a huge sound caused by the combustion and explosion of life vitality. The aftermath of the battle shocked a lot of disciples.     

Jeff practiced the life vitality of the wind system with unpredictable movements. Kim, on the other hand, practiced the life vitality of the earth system that was steady and slow. Their fighting movements were changing rapidly, which was rather dazzling and breathtaking.     In the end, Kim had defeated Jeff by using a highly risky attack.    

 Witnessing Kim's victory, everyone was gasping in admiration. But despite Kim's marvelous strength, he only ranked the second place on Jade Peak. With the current strength of its disciples, Jade Peak could once again rise to the top of the 33 Peaks.    

 After six rounds, Kim was assigned to fight with a Skytop Peak disciple again, and this time he was to fight against Rocher.   

It was Rocher whose nature level was at consummation grade versus Kim at the Illuminating Soul Realm.     

Normally, any competition between disciples of such two different levels would be predictable. But because it was Rocher fighting, the result would be a mystery until the battle ended.    

 It was said that Rocher had the strength to defeat the disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm, but no one had ever seen it. Today was the first time that everyone would witness Rocher's strength.    

 "Aren't you going to draw your sword?" Kim asked in a cold tone. Since their match began, Rocher hadn't pulled out his sword. His hands remained clasped behind his back.    

 Rocher's action was an intolerable insult for Kim, and it was starting to irritate the latter. Any disciple at consummation grade of nature level fighting a disciple at the Illuminating Soul Realm without drawing his sword was deemed arrogant and crazy.   

Insulting the master of Illuminating Soul Realm was the stupidest thing to do.     And everyone was shocked when they heard Rocher's response. "Why would I? I can beat you without it."    


All the other disciples of Cloud Sect went wild and began to murmur to each other as they couldn't believe that Rocher had dared to insult the master of the Illuminating Soul Realm.     

But the disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm from Skytop Peak were not surprised with what they heard. Some of them were wearing a smile of confidence in their faces.    

 "Rocher is going to defeat Kim with his bare hands!" one of them said in a proud tone.     

"I agree! With his current strength, he doesn't need to use his sword," another disciple added immediately.   

"Let's see how far he can stick to not using his sword. I know that with his current strength, he can go on with the competition without using his sword and still end up in the top 80. Maybe, when he faces one of the top 60 disciples, he will need to draw that sword!" one disciple shared his detailed analysis.   

  If others heard Skytop Peak's Illuminating Soul Realm disciples' evaluation of Rocher's chance, they would be surprised.    

 Rocher, a disciple at the consummation grade of nature level, would be included among the top 80 without using his sword? That would sound very ambitious and unreal.     

Of course, those were the thoughts from Skytop Peak's disciples. But the disciples from other Peaks, especially Jade Peak, didn't think the same.     

Although Jade Peak ranked only in the sixth place now, they still regarded themselves as a well-established peak and the senior peak amongst the other peaks.   

"Rocher is too arrogant! We must teach him a good lesson!" one disciple roared angrily.    

 "I could only hope that Kim will not show any mercy to Rocher. He should give that arrogant man a taste of his most deadly attack so that Rocher will learn his lessons the hard way! That way, he can learn to be humble and modest!" another disciple said pointedly.     

"It is true that Rocher is a rare genius. But does that mean he is a strong and powerful disciple? I don't think so. Let's see how he will take it after Kim defeats him! For sure he will meet his inner demon if he gets defeated in this match. It will be impossible for him to cultivate his strength in the future!" one more disciple suggested sharply.     

The offensive and harsh reproaches and curses from the disciples of Jade Peak were clearly heard as they didn't intend to keep their voices down.     

All the saints, the respectable elders, and even Kenneth had heard their dirty words, but they did not stop them. On one hand, Cloud Sect was not a place to cultivate elegant and refined scholars, but warriors, while on the other hand, by making the atmosphere competitive, the hidden potentials of each disciple would surely come out.   

Just when Jade Peak's disciples were resentful and disturbed, the rest of the other peaks were in a much better mood. Indeed, Rocher was arrogant. As for the match result, they were looking forward to him being defeated by Kim. This way, Rocher would learn how to behave later.     
Zen was standing behind Master Wen, looking at the next match on the ring. He was wearing a poker face, but his eyes were glued to Rocher who he believed was not an easy one to deal with.     

His gut told him that he would soon face Rocher in the competition.    

 At the moment, the match between Rocher and Kim was about to start.

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