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 Season 4

Episode 80

(Another Arrogant Genius(1)

Most disciples of Cloud Sect agreed with Zen's tit for tat as it was clear that Mack had gone too far and deserved that misfortune.    

 They were also deeply impressed and intimidated by Zen's cruel means.    

Zen was quite ferocious for his age.     

While the powerful disciples remained calm, the less powerful ones were looking at Zen with awe in their eyes. In their mind, they were thinking that if they met Zen in the battle ring, they would lose their momentum and confidence in an instant.     

After all, that kind of thing that had happened to a disciple at the second-grade nature level was truly incredible.     It was known that the disciples taking part in today's All Peaks Competition were at least at the seventh-grade or eighth-grade of nature level. A half of these disciples were already at the consummation grade, while a few of them were masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm.   

The Illuminating Soul Realm warriors hadn't seen the real strength of Zen as he chose not to show it so early. Thus, they simply noticed his cruel means and looked down upon him. After all, the gap between nature level disciples and the masters of Illuminating Soul Realm was still too big.     

Apart from the rare geniuses like Rocher, it was impossible for the other disciples to compete with the Illuminating Soul Realm warriors. Rocher was already at the consummation grade, while Zen was quite far behind him. Zen's nature level was only at second-grade which wouldn't warrant the slight attention from any Illuminating Soul Realm warriors.     

It was known to all that top inner disciples from each Peak seldom participated in the trial of killing demons. And although Zen had attended the trial and even showcased a remarkable performance, it wasn't a big deal like what happened to Lenard. Lenard was known for his great skills, but he could still not qualify to represent Skytop Peak in the All Peaks Competition.   

So Zen's performance was insignificant for those highly-skilled legendary figures of each peak at that time.     

As Zen walked out of the ring, Master Wen was thrilled. He wanted to run to Zen and hug him tight, but he held the urge.     

Winning this match meant that the young disciple would stand out in the group competition. More importantly, Zen had avenged Yehudi's defeat and helped Drizzle Peak win after a long-time of humiliation.     

If one would ask why Cloud Sect was divided into many Peaks, the answer was very simple. The purpose was to create competitions among the Peaks.     

All Peaks Competition could be watched on site and through a live broadcast shown in a large Picture Slab.     

If Zen didn't avenge Yehudi's defeat, it would be a big blow to Drizzle Peak's confidence. The disciples of Drizzle Peak would be ashamed and discouraged to cultivate their skills.   

The Drizzle Peak's representatives in the Competition didn't know that the disciples left in the peak were tensed but fired up at the same time.    

 In the Drizzle Peak's main practice area, some of the disciples were practicing hard, while most of them were gathered around the Picture Slab to watch the live broadcast of the Competition.    

 In fact, when Mack hit Yehudi earlier, they had already been tensed and fired up.     

They felt the pain of Mack's attack as if they were hit directly. They were filled with fury and even started planning to protest Mack's uncalled-for behavior.     Yet, when they saw Zen made Mack's head swell with his powerful punches, their indignation gradually faded, and they burst into loud cheers.   

  To be more exact, Zen's actions washed away their resentment and somehow brought back their Peak's pride.   

"Zen has the power to defeat all the disciples from Blackrock Peak!" one of them even cried out.     

Witnessing Zen's back-to-back wins, most disciples totally forgot Zen's current level and started to believe that he could make it to the top 100.    

 Getting to the top 100 was a breakthrough for the Drizzle Peak and it could be their best win in a long time.     However, there were still a few disciples who were not confident that Zen could defeat the other more powerful participants in the Competition.     

"Let's not forget that Zen is only at the second-grade of nature level. But those in the top 100 are basically the masters of Illuminating Soul Realm. I'm afraid that Zen may not have the chance—," one of them said in a concerned tone.     

But before the disciple finished sharing his thoughts, one of the thrilled disciples from Drizzle Peak interrupted him immediately and bellowed, "What are you talking about? Zen is the rare genius that we haven't seen in Drizzle Peak for a thousand years. Who cares if they are the masters of Illuminating Soul Realm? I have faith that Zen can defeat all of them!"  

"That's right! We haven't seen his real potential yet. Who knows? Maybe his real strength is greater than the Illuminating Soul Realm," another disciple added proudly.     

It might be that the disciples were blindly optimistic about Zen's strength. But since Yehudi was defeated, Zen had become the only hope for Drizzle Peak. Although they knew that Zen might find it hard to defeat the disciples at the Illuminating Soul Realm, they wanted to keep their hopes high.     

The round of group competitions continued.     

It was only through actual combat could the true strength and potential of a disciple be examined.     

The winners would be qualified to enter the succeeding competitions, while the losers' journey in the competition would end.    

 As expected, there were new geniuses being discovered at the ongoing competitions.   

To name a few, there were Jill Quan from Lady Peak, Rocher Hua from Skytop Peak, and Jason Zhu from Azure Peak.     After three rounds, the referee announced another key competition.    

 "Jeff from Skytop Peak versus Kim from Jade Peak!"    

They were the two top-ranked disciples in the Cloud Sect List.    

 Not everyone could be part of the Cloud Sect List. Only those among the top 1000 strongest disciples could be included on the list.     

However, this list would only be updated according to the regular competition performance of the major disciples in the battle ring. However, considering the progress that the disciples were making in cultivating their strength every day, it was safe to assume that the list was not reflecting the actual strength of each disciple.   

  Given this circumstance, the Cloud Sect would make minor adjustments to the list every month. But the major significant adjustments happened every three years when the disciples' performance would be reevaluated through the All Peaks Competition. This way, the disciples would be accurately ranked based on the competition results.   

All Peaks Competition attracted the participation of almost all the best disciples from Cloud Sect, except for a small number of those who chose to practice in their respective secret practice rooms or outside Cloud Sect.  

   There were more than 700 disciples participating in the Competition, so almost all of them were on the list.     Except Zen.     

Although his improvement was rapid and he defeated some disciples on the battle like Fren and the outer disciples from Vulture Peak, his performances weren't recorded because none of them were from the list.     

Moreover, the strength gaps of those disciples on the list were quite big.    

 To be included among the Top 1000 might be easy. The strongest Peaks could get their top 30 into the list, while the weaker Peaks like Sea Peak and Drizzle Peak could only get their top ten qualified disciples into the list.   

However, to be included in the Top 400 would be more challenging. Most of the top 400 on the list were those whose nature level was at consummation grade, while the Top 100 disciples on the list were basically the masters of Illuminating Soul Realm.     

The two people fighting on the battle ring now was Jeff Mu who ranked ninety-nine, while the other one was Kim Yue who ranked seventy-two.    

 Before the said battle, the disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm who participated in the group competitions either had beaten their opponents or their opponents admitted defeats the instant they came up to the ring. It was obvious that the disciples at consummation-grade of nature level would lose to those of Illuminating Soul Realm, so the former didn't bother to fight the latter. In other words, the common disciples with consummation grade didn't have such guts or the power at all.     

Unless they were the freak geniuses like Rocher, they wouldn't mind losing to a greater opponent.   

Mack, an array technique genius who had challenged Zen earlier, had the ability to challenge the disciples of Illuminating Soul Realm. His magic array was so powerful that even the masters of Illuminating Soul Realm would be trapped in it and it wouldn't be easy for them to get out of it.     

It was only a pity that he had met Zen. Because of Zen's special body, he could completely endure Mack's fire and Mack had no way to defeat him. As a result, Mack was beaten up furiously. Even though he applied pills from Blackrock Peak, there was a high chance that he could not recover fast and that he would be disqualified to attend the All Peaks Competition.

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