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 Season 4

Episode 78

(Giving Him A Good Beating (1)

"Mack showed an extraordinary talent for the array as soon as he joined Blackrock Peak. You arranged a secret cultivation place for the outer disciples of our peak at that time, called the Brilliance Body Refining Array. Do you remember it?" Master Yu asked with a smile.     

Saint Yang nodded and said, "I remember it. At that time, only a few peaks such as Blackrock Peak, Skytop Peak, and Azure Peak, owned secret cultivation places for outer disciples. The Brilliance Body Refining Array was what I arranged for outer disciples of your peak to refine their bodies."    

Most of the outer disciples of Cloud Sect hadn't reached the nature level. Many of them remained at the marrow refining level, the 5th grade of the body refining realm. So Saint Yang arranged the magic array at that time to help the outer disciples clear the impurities from their bodies.   

"One day, the array didn't work properly. I didn't know what happened. Maybe it was the torrential rain and the thunderbolt the day before that led to the malfunction. I knew you were busy, so I didn't want to bother you. But I couldn't find a person who knew how to repair the array. That's when Mack offered to help me. I didn't believe he could fix it as he was just a new outer disciple while the magic array was sophisticated and powerful. But I permitted him to try, and to my surprise, he did it! So far, the magic array has been running smoothly! Haha!" said Master Yu with a smile.   

  "Oh, really? He fixed the array? Well, well, I'll take a closer look at his battle. If he can make it to the top 100, I will consider accepting him as my personal disciple," said Saint Yang as he stroked his beard.     

Master Yu smiled and said, "Mack has been focused on the research of array for years. He has great attainments in arranging magic array, while his fighting ability is relatively weaker." Master Yu knew that if Saint Yang accepted Mack as a personal disciple, he would get a huge reward. He was aware that it didn't matter whether Mack was good at fighting or not. Saint Yang was more interested in Mack's gift for magic array. 

What was more, Mack's ranking in the All Peaks Competition was not that important either. As the second most powerful peak in Cloud Sect, Blackrock Peak had many talented disciples, some of whom had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. They were the key disciples to the victory of the All Peaks Competition.   

"It doesn't matter. One can practice step by step to improve his realms of cultivation. This is true for a person's fighting ability as well. But the attainments in the magic array are determined by his gift. If Mack is really a talented young man, I'll not overlook him." Saint Yang waved his hand and answered.     

"Let's watch the battle first. I believe he should easily win the game. Look! The light of the magic array is turning dim!" As they talked about the battle, the light in the arena gradually dimmed, which meant that the battle on it was over.     Master Yu turned to the arena and was about to say something, but his voice was caught in his throat, and no words came.     

Mack lost?     

Mack was lying on the arena, while Zen stood in the center, straight as a tower.     Others might not know Mack's real strength, but Master Yu was familiar with what Mack could do. Even a strong man at the Illuminating Soul Realm would not find it easy to escape if trapped by Mack's magic array.   

There was an incredible expression on Saint Yang's face. Mack's opponent was only at the second-grade of the nature level. How could he break and destroy the Heaven-Fire killing array? Even though Mack was only at the consummation of the nature level, and he couldn't unleash all the power of the Heaven-Fire killing array, it was unlikely to be destroyed by a disciple at the second-grade of the nature level!     

Mack struggled to his feet. After Zen punched him, Mack felt as though he had been in a savaged head-on fight with a wild animal.     

He struggled to open his mouth and wanted to tell the referee that he admitted defeat. As he opened his mouth, another powerful blow landed on his face.    


Zen gave Mack a bash on the nose and broke his nose bone.    

 An expression of fear came over Mack's face. He looked up at Zen and gasped, "Zen, how dare you beat me? The battle is ... over!"  

"Why? It's not over. You haven't admitted defeat, nor have you passed out," said Zen scornfully.     

Zen was avenging Yehudi. He would give Mack a good thrashing just as Mack had done to Yehudi.    

 Mack realized at this time that Zen, who appeared to be an ordinary inner disciple, was more ruthless than he had thought! He had no choice but to wait for the opportunity to admit defeat to the referee.     

But as he opened his mouth, another punch came. Zen didn't give him the slightest chance.     


Zen punched him on the face. Blood spurted all over Mack's face, and a few of his teeth broke and fell on the ground. Although pills could cure these injuries, and broken teeth could regenerate, Mack was afraid that it would take him a long time to recover from the damage.     

Zen didn't give Mack any chance to admit defeat. He controlled the power of his fists so that Mack wouldn't pass out. At the same time, he tried to make Mack feel as much physical pain as possible!  

 Seeing this, many disciples of Cloud Sect began to whisper among themselves.     

"Zen is so cruel! He won't allow his opponent to admit defeat! He has gone too far!"    

"You didn't watch the previous match, did you? In my opinion, Mack is getting what he deserves!"   

 "What do you mean?"

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