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Season 4

Episode 69


Lady Hua patted Mack on the shoulder and complemented him, "Well done, Mack! Though you should take it a bit easy the next time. The rubbish of the Drizzle Peak doesn't deserve so much so as to make you use the magic crystal!"

The magic crystal was a kind of crystal stone which the magic array masters usually utilized to increase their array's power. In battle, Mack hadn't been able to completely trap Yehudi within his magic array. But when he used the magical crystal stone, the power of the magic array had suddenly increased several folds and made Yehudi completely defenseless.

Master Wen lifted up the injured Yehudi and walked down the arena. Hearing Lady Hua refer to the disciples of the Drizzle Peak as rubbish, he was heavily pissed off, and his mustache was shaking with anger. "You!"

Lady Hua glanced at Master Wen coldly, a smile finding its way to her wrinkled face. "What? You know very well that your peak always ranks the last. You only have one promising disciple, and that too is at the consummation of nature level. Oh, not to mention, we beat him like this. What do we call such contestants if not rubbish?"

Ninety-foot Peak had ranked eleventh among the thirty-three peaks and showed much potential. Besides, at only eighteen years old, Mack was very young. Moreover, he was not the top disciple of the Ninety-foot Peak. They were very ambitious at the time, aiming to get into the top five in the competition. For that reason, they had saved several trump cards up their sleeves.

Hearing the remark, the disciples of the Drizzle Peak all became very indignant. They stared at Mack and Lady Hua with fury. But there was nothing they could do since both of them were more powerful than most of them put together. They had no choice but to keep silent.

After Master Wen put down Yehudi gently, he took out a pill and prepared to stuff it into Yehudi's mouth.

Before he could, Zen handed him a red pill and asked, "Master Wen, give him this."

Master Wen narrowed his eyes and glanced at the pill Zen was handing over to him. Shock registered on his face immediately. It was the Red Cloud Pill.

Expensive as the fifth-grade pills were, Zen still could afford them with his fortune. Since he didn't have to worry about money, he usually carried such pills with him in case of emergencies.

However, Master Wen couldn't believe that Zen could afford such expensive pills. He assumed that it was most probably Aura who had given the pill to him. But Zen offering such an expensive pill to Yehudi was what really surprised Master Wen. He knew that it often took years of work for a nature creature to get such a fifth-grade pill. It was extremely generous of Zen to offer this pill to Yehudi.

What he didn't know was that Zen's fortune was nothing less than that of most senior masters. He was even richer than Aura herself.

Though Aura was a noble princess, her fortune was only about a hundred thousand cubic crystals. With that amount, she was the richest among the princesses. The royal family was not very good at doing business, so it was useless for them to own too many cubic crystals.

However, Zen could earn cubic crystals from selling heavenly essence. So for him, it was as if he was blessed with a never ending gold mine, capable of producing an incessant number of heavenly essence. So whenever he was out of money, he could just smelt some mysterious weapons, spiritual weapons, and the cubic crystals would just flow into his pocket as easily as it had left him.

After taking the Red Cloud Pill, Yehudi's pale face recovered its usual red color. The Red Cloud Pill was touted to be with remarkable effects. However, the problem was that its effects were felt rather fiercely. Yehudi felt that something was dashing around madly within his body. The effects of the pill were instant but painful.

After a while, Yehudi woke up. He gasped heavily and reached out his hand to wipe away the sweats on his forehead. Then he apologized weakly to Master Wen, "I am sorry, Master Wen. I have disappointed you."

To be very honest, Yehudi didn't need to say sorry to Master Wen. Master Wen was not his teacher. And even if he were, Yehudi was fighting for himself and the Drizzle Peak, and no one particular was counting on him.

"It doesn't matter, Yehudi. You get some much needed rest and take care of your wounds." Master Wen continued, "We Drizzle Peak disciples always rank the last. Even if we fail again this time, the worst that could happen would be us ranking thirty-third. But there is nothing lower we can fall, right?"

Yehudi also sighed. His aim in this competition had been to get into the top 100. In reality, he wasn't weak and possessed several skills that he hadn't gotten the chance to perform in the last battle. It was unfortunate that he was not as good at the spiritual level, thus losing to the magic array master.

Since he had been deeply wounded during his first round, there was no way he could compete in the following rounds. Although the Red Cloud Pill would help him recover and it had no after-effects, he still needed to rest for a few days. This essentially meant that he would have no chance to fight in the competition again.

Something seemed to dawn on him suddenly, and Yehudi shifted his eyes towards Zen. He knew that he couldn't count on other disciples of the Drizzle Peak. They were all below the consummation of nature level and were unlikely to perform well, especially when he himself had been so badly defeated. But even though Zen was only at the grade two of the nature level, he still had the strength that could not be graded by his current realm.

"Zen, you are my last hope now," Yehudi told him faintly.

Zen smiled gently and assured him, "Yehudi, don't worry. I will make the disciples of the Ninety-foot Peak pay. Haha!"

Since the very start of the competition, or indeed ever since finding out that he had to take part, Zen's expressions had remained nonchalant. However, that didn't mean he didn't care about his fellows. Yehudi was a very nice man in Zen's eyes. He hadn't borne any grudges against him after Zen had taken his place and become the top disciple in the Drizzle Peak. He also told Zen what he knew about the rules and other information of the All Peaks Competition, which had helped Zen immensely in his quest for a general idea about the competition.

So Zen made up his mind that he would take revenge on the Ninety-foot Peak for what they had done to Yehudi.

"Don't take the enemy lightly. The magic array is too powerful..." It was not that Yehudi didn't believe in Zen's strength.

However, to break free from the magic array, one had to rely on spiritual powers. And it was a very difficult affair indeed to cultivate them. Even though he was at the consummation of nature level, Yehudi was still weak spiritually. Zen was at the second-grade of the nature level. His advantage was his inborn strong power. But breaking the magic array based solely on his inborn strong power was next to impossible and that was what had Yehudi worried.

But he didn't know that Zen's spirit was as solid as a rock after being tempered by the huge furnace. Since he had practiced the Spiritual Thorn and had reached the realm of forgetting himself, his spiritual level far exceeded that of his fellows. Even among the disciples who had reached the consummation of nature level, it was hardly possible to find anyone who could match Zen at the spiritual level.

Yehudi didn't want to discourage Zen, and was warning him for his own good. Zen nodded, reassuring him that he would be careful if his opponent was Mack.



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