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Season 4

Episode 68


As a magic array master, Mack was good at making arrays but his attack strength was not very strong. Nevertheless, he was at the consummation grade of the nature level, and Yehudi did nothing at all to stop his motion.


The move of Mack hit Yehudi and shoved him dozens of meters away.

Although Mack's stick had hit Yehudi, the latter rolled over on the ground and stood up quickly, his spear supporting him. He held the weapon tightly and brushed past him.

However, the man had retreated out of his reach, and thus Yehudi's spear did not get to graze him at all.

'I thought the bones in your shoulder had broken into pieces, but you seem to have a nice defensive strength. It doesn't matter. I have enough time, ' Mack thought with a cruel smile still on his face.

While continuing to attack Yehudi from back, Mack avoided Yehudi's spear.


For the second time, he was able to hit Yehudi. This time, he succeeded in heavily striking the man on the back.

Unable to stand the impact, Yehudi's mouth opened as he cried in pain and blood simultaneously gushed out of it. 'Alas! It's unfortunate that Yehudi has matched with a magic array master. He cannot destroy the magic array at all. All he can do is wait and be mercilessly beat up!' thought Master Wen, shaking his head.

The highest-level disciple of the Drizzle Peak had been defeated in such a cruel way. Having to witness the bad circumstance, Master Wen was certainly annoyed.

"Yehudi just needs to admit defeat now.
Why is he still holding on? He wouldn't be out if he fails in this round, and yet I never expected that he'd be so stubborn!" another master said while frowning.

Meanwhile, Zen gazed at the fighting court carefully. It was true that admitting failure and giving up the fight was not a difficult thing in Yehudi's case, but Zen understood the man's refusal to do so.

Yehudi's determination to step on the practicing road was very strong.

It was crucial to persist, for the sake of his determination to step on the road to strengthen himself. In the martial arts field, this was the most precious thing to bear in mind.

The reason why he did not want to acknowledge defeat easily was that he did not want to hurt his own resolve!

If he did that easily, his determination would soon collapse. As a result, in his future fights, he would just give up easily. If that became true, how would he grow up and improve himself?

Unless Mack rendered Yehudi totally out of action, the proud Drizzle Peak disciple would use his last strength to fight until the end. That was what a fearless warrior would insist!

Technically, Yehudi did not have exceptional talent. However, his strong determination had supported him to reach as high as the consummation grade of the natural level. Ultimately, practicing had brought him that far more than talent. Working hard and insisting were also necessary and far more important.




None of the disciples of the Drizzle Peak expected that Yehudi would be defeated in his first fight in such a miserable way.
Mack's black-and-red stick might have looked wooden, but every experienced weapon refiner would see that it was actually made of hornbeam with hundreds of history.

After cutting hornbeam, it was then cooked for half a year in boiled oil. Then, after taking it out before it turned hard, people engraved runes with knives to make an array. Then they covered it with a layer of iron. In this way, the creation of the black-and-red stick was nearly as powerful as a high-quality spiritual weapon could be.

Mack's stick was not only heavy but also harder than ordinary metal. As he continued to smash Yehudi with it, the latter would probably not be able to withstand the impact and might even lose his life!

After a few more terrifying seconds, Yehudi had already been hit more than ten times. He was badly hurt and there were bruises all over his body; there were evidently some broken bones as well. Regardless, he still tried to bear all of his sustained injuries.

Mack's face continued to sport a cruel smile as though he was a cat playing with a mouse that he had trapped.

"That's enough!" Master Wen shouted loudly. Standing up angrily, he then walked towards the fighting court and shouted, "We, the Drizzle Peak, admit defeat in this fight!"

Mack stopped hitting Yehudi who was, by that time, half-dead. With a smile, he replied to Master Wen, "This does not seem to be following the rules, does it? You cannot speak on behalf of Yehudi." After uttering the last words, he let out a disdainful laugh.

As per the rules of the competition, Master Wen could not decide the end of a fight on behalf of a disciple--in this case, Yehudi. Only he who was in the battle arena could put a stop to the fight, which meant only Yehudi could admit his own defeat.

Then again, Yehudi was now lying on the ground and nearly dead. It was a horrible sight, and Master Wen could not bear to watch the disciple die in front of him. If Mack had continued hitting Yehudi, there was no doubt that the Drizzle Peak's disciple would have met his demise sooner rather than later.

"Little stinker, are you from the Ninety-foot Peak?" Maser Wen asked distantly. A hint of threat seemed to be clear in his voice as he spoke. Although the masters of the thirty-three peaks did not hold a lot of power, he could still do something covertly to Mack if no one was backing him. Moreover, Master Wen knew that he could also depend on Aura Su, who was willing to protect the disciples of the Drizzle Peak at all cost.

Granted, she might not have paid Yehudi as much attention as she did to Zen, but if she ever found out that someone from another peak had beat up and insulted a disciple of the Drizzle Peak in such a gruesome way, she would never let it go. If Aura had been there that day, there was no doubt she would have come up and stopped it from happening as well.

"He is from our Ninety-foot Peak.

So what would you do, Master Wen?

Care to tell me?" An old woman spoke up, walking over with a cane. The old woman was the master of the Ninety-foot Peak. Although she did not have a high cultivation level, she had a high position in the Cloud Sect hierarchy.

Rumors had it that even if a saint met her, she was still respected as Lady Hua.
On hearing the words of Lady Hua, Master Wen stopped in his tracks. The elder woman was a tough person he could not offend easily.

However, when Master Wen thought of Yehudi who almost died, he was furious all over again. The All Peak Competition was not a duel. Still, Mack was so cruel to his opponent. It was something that Master Wen could not stand. Just when he was about to argue again, the referee announced that Mack had won. Turning around, Master Wen realized that Yehudi had passed out.

It was the rule of the All Peak Competition that if one side gave up fighting or could not continue anymore, he was defeated. Yehudi could not bear the hurt and passed out, so the referee directly announced Mack won this fight.
Giving Mack a hard look, Master Wen jumped into the arena and took Yehudi away in his arms while everyone wordlessly watched them.



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