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 Season 4

Episode 63

(Kenneth shi (2)

Naturally, all seven Drizzle Peak contestants wanted to know their first opponents, so, they huddled around Master Wen. One by one, the disciples frowned as they examined the list.    

 Listed as Drizzle Peak's first round opponents were disciples from top ten peaks, including, Blackrock Peak, Daylily Peak and Azure Peak...    

 Since all the participants ranked higher amongst the inner disciples in their peaks, those from the higher-ranked peaks were supposed to be stronger. 

And apparently, they were indeed more powerful than the aspirants from Drizzle Peak.    

 "Alas, it seems that since we are from Drizzle Peak, we will be used as stepping stones for other disciples.." Master Wen said as he exhaled loudly. When he glanced at Zen and saw how calm he was, it affected the master.     

Zen wasn't showy, but each time he appeared for a trial or competition, he went against the odds, and won, on behalf of Drizzle Peak. There was an air of confidence surrounding him.   

Zen was calm now. However, at first, Zen's deportment was grave because of the importance the All Peaks Competition held, but, as the day drew closer, Zen's comportment became more balanced with an inner peace.     

'Make no mistake', although Zen was not stressed out, he wasn't indifferent. Quite the contrary, he welcomed the competition and his mind was focused on the tournament.   

  Examining the paper, Zen saw his first opponent was a disciple who had reached grade nine of the nature level named Langdon Zhou of Azure Peak.    

 "Zen, I know Langdon very well. He has inherent superhuman strength with skill equal to someone at the consummation level. He is number nine hundred and thirty-sixth on the Cloud Sect rankings. 

You need to be careful," warned Yehudi.     Nodding thoughtfully, Zen asked, "Yehudi, what about you? Are you confident you will defeat your opposition?"    

Casually smiling, Yehudi said, "No, since the rival is Mack of Blackrock Peak, and he's at the consummation level as well as being a magic array master, I am not confident."  

A magic array master...    

 A magic array master had special methods of attacking. There were two variations of magic array. One was considered ordinary, affecting people mentally, much like the magic array used on Bloody Mountain to test disciples, but didn't cause anyone harm.   

  The other was a very powerful killing array and difficult to survive for the opponent. No one willingly chose a magic array master as a foe during the competition because of how easily an array master could deceive others.     

Zen thought maybe Yehudi was just humble, since Yehudi said he wasn't confident, and yet, he remained outwardly calm, which was a good start.     

Soon after, the first rounds started.     The field was divided to create nine smaller fields which held eighteen competitors simultaneously.     

Around each field the saints placed enchanted barriers which prevented energy from permeating out and hurting innocent onlookers during the competition.   

When the eighteen contestants were in their assigned areas, respectively, the fight commenced.    

 Out on the fields, life vitality of all variations sparked to life, dazzling the observers.     

In the middle of one of the fields, a young girl wearing a yellow padded jacket was beaming at her challenger, a burly man who stood nine feet tall.     

The two rivals appeared mismatched, which attracted the biggest crowd watching them.     

"That's Jill Quan from Lady Peak! Did you know she's turning eighteen years old this year? And she's been at Lady Peak for only two and a half years now! I heard she's an amazing talent, and over that time she's risen from grade one to grade nine of the nature level! I wonder if she'll be able to pull off the same miracle that Yan did years ago?"   

 "Well, what Yan achieved wasn't easy, it was a miracle. Plus, Benjamin Long, Jill's rival, isn't weak. He's developed the evil refinement method and uses a horrifying blood red life vitality..."  

As the two spoke, Jill's brawl began.    

 Even though Jill was short, she cut an imposing figure of perfect symmetry, with the agility and grace of a rabbit flying. Jill attacked Benjamin in a blinding, quick charge as soon as the light life vitality came alive, rushing out from the delicate jade-green sword she wielded.     

"Hee-hee," chuckled Benjamin. Obviously, he didn't take Jill as a threat, and he nonchalantly waved his blood-red machete in front of him. As he did, the life vitality appeared from within the blade. There was a noxious stench emitting from the life vitality, which meant harbored within it was a deadly toxin. The life vitality grew steadily and as Benjamin brandished his machete, swinging it around, wisps of life vitality, radiated throughout the area.     

As fast and flexible as Jill was, every time she rushed at Benjamin, his life vitality spheres forced her to fall back.     

"You will never destroy my blood river cart! I encourage you to concede defeat and clasp your hands together so I can seize you!" taunted Benjamin while twisting his machete so that the life vitality flowing didn't slow down.   

As Benjamin planned, the spheres spread across nearly the entire field, expanding further by the second which meant he would defeat Jill even if he didn't engage her head-on.     

With seventeen or more circles of life vitality spreading out irregularly throughout the field, it didn't seem to matter how skillful Jill dodged it; she would run out of space to evade the toxic clouds soon.   

Forcing Jill into a small corner finally, Benjamin smirked and said, "Little girl, admit defeat. If you become infected by my blood river cart poison, later I'll have to detoxify you. It's such a hassle detoxifying people, and it means I have to remove your clothes and then face to face..."   

 As Benjamin was casually spewing his inappropriate, and suggestive taunts, all the sudden, Jill was covered in the soft sunglow, and shrunk back before she vaulted up from her deceptive corner and rushed headlong at him.     

Watching Jill's battle, Zen nodded and commented, "The big man will be conquered!"  

Yehudi gave Zen a surprised look but kept quiet. He thought Jill was going to lose because she couldn't escape the circles of poisonous life vitality, which made it impossible for her to attack Benjamin while giving him a seemingly unconquerable position.     

However, what happened next proved Zen to be right.

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