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 Season 4

Episode 62

(Kenneth shi(1)

Generally, the weakest of the disciples who were eligible to participate in the All Peaks Competition had reached the refinement level just below the consummation. Even the least powerful disciple at the Drizzle Peak was in the nature level at grade seven to compete last time.     

While five out of the thirteen disciples from Sea Peak had attained the consummation level, the remaining entrants were refining at the eighth or ninth grade of the nature level.     

It was rare for a disciple at grade two in the nature level competing in the All Peaks Competition.     

It was unique, but there were talented disciples.     

For instance, the disciples taught by the saints, and elders at the Cloud Sect were particularly vested individuals. They developed their fantastic refinement methods and possessed incredible strength which qualified them to enter the All Peaks Competition while still at grades two and three in the nature level, where they performed admirably.   

Three years ago, at the All Peaks Competition, there had been a disciple named Jacques Wang, whose instructor was a great master in the Cloud Sect. He was ranked among the top one hundred even though, at the time, he was only at grade two of the nature level.     

Anybody who sought to be one of the top one hundred had to be able to challenge the disciples refining at the consummation level. It was terrifying to think of just how potent a disciple's inherent energy would be one day, if he was able to go toe to toe against peers who were much stronger and able to refine at higher levels.   

  It was rumored that Jacques developed his abilities immensely over three years of refinement, which made him the top pick to be named the champion this year.    

 Jacques was known as a personal disciple. None of the support, facilities or refinement methods at Drizzle Peak could compare to his.    

 What personal disciples did was battle when they were still in a low grade so that they could test their strength. 

However, if an inner disciple from Drizzle Peak refining at grade two of the nature level took part in the competition, it would be considered ludicrous.   

"Why? Why is it ludicrous?" asked Master Wen while snorting, "Zen might only be at grade two of the nature level, but, he has earned fifty-five thousand points in the testing. Thus, he merited the title of rank one in Drizzle Peak's inner disciples. Who here thinks he's at the low level and can mock him?"  

  "Fifty-five thousand points? You're exaggerating!" Master Wang retorted disdainfully.     

No one outside Drizzle Peak knew how high Zen's test score was.     

It was shocking to hear that a disciple in grade two of the nature level could earn fifty-five thousand points.   

  "I've heard that Drizzle Peak's the weakest, but I never heard the members are best at bragging. Hee-hee," scoffed a Sea Peak disciple.     

"He got fifty-five thousand points? So he has contended with the joint attacks from the men at the consummation of nature level? Do you think those at the consummation level are feeble? Wow! 

The Drizzle Peak disciples take a significant risk by bragging!" added another disciple.   

"His strength is only at grade two of the nature level. I don't think he's experienced the full and awesome power of someone refining at the consummation level. When it's time, I will show him firsthand how great the distance between the expertise from those at the consummation level and his grade two techniques," disparaged a Sea Peak member as he glanced over at Zen.     

Zen turned a deaf ear to their taunts as he moved ahead with the line.    

 After his intensive training over the last few months, Zen's ability to control his thoughts and reaction had improved so much that the ridicule from others no longer pulsed him.     

It didn't take long for all the competitors to take their places on the competition field.     

With the disciples from Skytop Peak at the front, all the disciples from the thirty-three peaks formed a semi-circle to the right hand side of the field. Over to the left side stood the personal disciples of saints, patriarchs and elders, who were wearing purple robes.   

  Set up at one end of the field was a square platform where a middle-aged man was sitting on a black chair.     

Zen looked at the man. Although he was far away, Zen could indistinctly feel his power.    

 'This man seems stronger than the masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm, but, he's repressing his energy. I wonder who is he. Could he be the head of the Cloud Sect?' wondered Zen to himself.   

  Zen's guess was correct. The man was the Cloud Sect's leader, Kenneth Shi. Kenneth rarely appeared in public, preferring to keep a low profile, but the rules of Cloud Hall stipulated that his attendance was required at the All Peaks Competition which was a triennial event.    
 It was part of the leader's duties to select the disciples who successfully passed the trials in the competition and would be admitted to the Cloud Road and to enter the Cloud Hall.   

It stressed the importance of the All Peaks Competition to test the strength of every genius.    

 When every disciple from the thirty-three peaks and personal disciples had arrived, Kenneth rose from his seat and made the announcement of the beginning of the competition.     

On cue, an elder appeared, flying over the field. He carried dozens of copies of a long list, and as he passed each peak's group, he handed one to each master.    

 On the page were written the contestants' names, their competitors, and which round they would fight during.     
There were over forty disciples listed from Skytop Peak, whereas there were only seven from Drizzle Peak. Overall, there were nearly seven hundred names listed, with more than six hundred disciples from the thirty-three peaks and more than fifty personal disciples.    

 Initially, many of the hopeful seven hundred disciples would be eliminated through group trials.   

After Master Wen of Drizzle Peak looked over the list, he frowned, sighing deeply.    
 Yehudi took a step closer and asked, "Master Wen, who will our opponents be?"    

Smiling bitterly, Master Wen handed Yehudi the list as he replied, "I want everyone to take a look at the list here to know your opponents."

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