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 Season 4

Episode 61

(Meditation on the star(2)

Through his meditation the last time, he had already been able to condensate a small number of stars from his demonic life vitality.    

 When those stars exploded, they would release overwhelming energy.    

 However, the power of the stars was definitely more than that. It made Zen feel obliged to learn the mystery behind the Sun Moon Stars Picture a little each day.     

Since he had already come in, Zen sat down with crossed legs and began to contemplate the bright stars in the distance.     

'What a magical picture the Sun Moon Stars Picture is! How could the master who drew it construct the vast universe with only a picture?' he could not help but exclaim to himself.     

Then, he began to sit still for meditation, eyes gleaming.   

Suddenly, with horrible and overwhelming energy, a star rushed towards Zen over from a mysterious distance.    

 'Is it going to hit me?' he wondered and planned to dodge the star.     

However, since it was his consciousness that had entered the picture, and not physically himself, he was unable to evade at all.     


In the blink of an eye, the star darted past him and knocked another star in the distance. As the star was so big, it looked as though it was going to strike him when, in fact, it was still far away from him.     

These two stars collided and exploded. The overwhelming energy they released increased even more than tenfold!     

The light emerging from the overwhelming energy formed a gigantic ring, brilliant but loaded with the breath of death.    

 'Stars collision?'  

The only way Zen had triggered the explosion of the stars before was with his life vitality.     

The overwhelming energy released from stars collision was more powerful than the one he had seen before. At the moment, he seemed to be in the midst of spiritual enlightenment.     

After a long time, Zen pulled his consciousness back from the Sun Moon Stars Picture.    

 When he came out, he found the light of dawn had scattered out across the sky.     
Through the meditation after entering the Sun Moon Stars Picture accidentally, he had improved in the use of star power.     

Since today was the first day of the All Peaks Competition and it was already dawn, it was time for him to set out for the competition with the other six disciples of Drizzle Peak.     

When they arrived at the platform on top of the Drizzle Peak, three masters were already waiting for them. Beside them was a middle-sized flying chariot.  

 To Zen's surprise, however, Aura was not among the three masters.    

 Before she left before, Aura had told him that she would come back before the All Peaks Competition.     

'Why didn't Aura show up? Is she in trouble?' he wondered to himself.     

After looking around, he asked, "Master Wen, it seems that Master Su isn't here. Do you happen to know why she didn't come today?"  

  Master Wen shook his head, and then answered, "Master Su hasn't been back to Cloud Sect ever since she asked to take a leave. I do not know why."    

Although his response did not make him worry less, Zen had no choice but to nod. It seemed that Master Wen was oblivious about Aura's current situation.   

  When he got on the flying chariot with the other six disciples, his face showed a clear sign of concern. With a light blue glow, the chariot soared towards the west.   

The All Peaks Competition was taking place in the west of Cloud Sect, and it had a big battle ring.   

  With all the excellent disciples of Cloud Sect in them, flying chariots came from every direction.     

The minute the flying chariot had halted, Zen, Yehudi, and the other disciples jumped out.     

Then, under the guidance of Master Wen, they went towards the battle ring. Suddenly, a voice caught everyone's attention.     

"Hey, Wen!" a skinny old man greeted. "Are these the disciples of Drizzle Peak for the competition?"   

 He wore a skeptical look. "Just them?" The man was Master Wang. He was the leader of another team which came from Sea Peak.    

 Sea Peak was quite low on the ranking list. The team ranked twenty-ninth among the thirty-three peaks of Cloud Sect. Nevertheless, they appeared a little better than Drizzle Peak, as the number of their disciples who came for the All Peaks Competition was thirteen while Drizzle Peak only had seven disciples.  

 Upon hearing Master Wang's words, the three masters from Drizzle Peak had grim expressions on their faces. After all, Master Wen and the other masters came from Drizzle Peak. If their disciples did not perform well in the competition, it would reflect on them, and they would feel ashamed.    

 In the last competition, with Aura as the team leader, no one had dared to mock her. If they did, they knew that she would have instantly humiliated them back. 

However, since Aura was not there today, things were different.   

  Due to the name list showed the number of participants of each peak, Master Wang must have received the name list of all the participants for the All Peaks Competition in advance. So, it was clear he had only asked Master Wen to embarrass Drizzle Peak deliberately. 

    Likewise, the disciples behind Master Wang also measured up Drizzle Peak's disciples with mocking stares.     Snorting, Master Wen retorted, "What do you mean by 'just them'? Although Drizzle Peak only has seven disciples, each of them has their unique skills!   

You think you'll do better than us merely because you have more disciples? Think again, Master Wang.     

I highly doubt that matters!"    

Master Wang looked at Zen and the rest of Drizzle Peak's disciples, and said in derision, "Unique skills? Are you serious?" he questioned, laughing loudly as he did so. "It seems you don't have many powerful disciples at all! Otherwise, why did you even bring someone at the second grade of nature level?"    

The skinny old man continued to laugh in their faces.     

As Zen had been walking in the middle of the team, nobody had noticed his cultivation level in the beginning. Now that Master Wang had pointed it out, however, he immediately became the focus of discussion --- and everyone's attention.

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