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 Season 4

Episode 54

(Ranking first among the inner deciples (1)


 The sword intent formed countless tiny whirlpools, which rolled round and round in front of Zen. They rotated in different directions and at varying speeds, shredding all the phantom warriors who were drawn into the vortex to pieces.    

 Although the sword skills used were still basic, they were different from earlier. After being simplified, these sword skills demonstrated the maximum power of the sword intent.     

Zen swished his sword aggressively.    

 The Streamer Sword shuttled among the warriors at the sixth-grade of the nature level. It was so quick that it looked like flying silver light. The simplified sword skills were so mysterious and powerful that the warriors had no defense against them.   

However, since the warriors had stepped into the sixth-grade of the nature level, Zen couldn't defeat them as easily as before. He needed to spot their weaknesses and then adjust his swordplay to kill them with one blow.   

 Even so, it didn't take him long to kill the twenty warriors at the sixth-grade of the nature level.    

 'I'm far from reaching my limit. But if this continues, the next group of opponents will be more difficult.'   

 Since there were twenty warriors at the sixth-grade of the nature level this time, Zen assumed that the next enemies would be warriors at the eighth-grade. 

Zen felt that he couldn't deal with twenty opponents at the eighth-grade of the nature level simultaneously.     

Just as the thought crossed Zen's mind, a swirling mist covered the area. In the next instant, Zen saw some dim figures appearing in the white fog.     

At the sight of the figures, a wry smile spread on his face. Zen's speculation seemed to have been too conservative. The opponents turned out to be ten warriors at the consummation of the nature level.   

Despite the challenge, Zen was unwilling to give up. Zen knew that he would not be hurt in the magic array, and he saw it as a good opportunity to test his strength. Holding the Streamer Sword tightly in his hand, Zen strode toward the ten opponents at the culmination of the nature level. He wielded the sword and moved the basic swordplay to the extreme, the sword intent surging all over him.     

Outside the magic array, the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak became restless as they had been waiting for a long time.     

The time spent by the disciples who had participated in the test previously varied from person to person—it ranged from a few short breaths to several quarters. 

But, Zen had been in the magic array for almost an hour.     

"Is something wrong with the magic array?"   

 "No, there isn't. The runes on the magic array are running well, and no rune has been damaged. How can the magic array go wrong so easily?"  

"It's likely that Zen is so powerful that the phantoms inside the magic array are not strong enough to kill him."    

"I'm not sure what is happening inside. We'd better wait a little longer, and then we'll find out."    

Although the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak had a heated discussion about it, most were optimistic. Henry had stayed in the magic array for fifteen minutes, and he had won more than 5, 000 points. Since Zen had stayed in the magic array for almost an hour, the outer disciples wondered how many points that would have earned him.     

The masters of Drizzle Peak had more information than the outer disciples, because of the magic array plate that was in their hands. They couldn't see what was going on inside the magic array, but they were able to read information about the magic array through the plate. 

  "Zen is stronger than his peers. Despite his abilities, how can he defend against ten opponents at the consummation of the nature level for such a long time?" 
one master asked as he gazed at the magic array plate in his hand. Although the master's strength was comparable with Aura Su's, he couldn't resist for as long as Zen had.   

A glimmer of surprise showed in Aura's eyes.     

She knew that Zen was growing stronger at an unprecedented rate. When he joined Cloud Sect and became an outer disciple at Drizzle Peak, he was only at the organ refining level. But he could defeat an opponent who had reached a half step into the nature level. While he was in the marrow refining level, he could defeat an opponent at the first-grade of the nature level. All of these victories showed that Zen's strength was far beyond his level of martial arts.   

 It was well known that there was a limit to how strong a person could be.    

 Judging from Zen's past performance, Aura knew that he could beat any opponent who was at a higher level than him. It was unsurprising, as many factors affected the strength of a person, such as the level of cultivation methods, the grade of weapons used, and many other various man-made factors.     

A good example was that the disciples of Cloud Sect who were at the first-grade of the nature level could easily beat opponents from other counties in the Eastern Region, who had reached the second or third-grade of the nature level.

   But, there was usually a limit to this kind of overstepping challenge. Zen's performance was far beyond her expectations. While he was only at the second-grade of the nature level, he could kill twenty opponents who had reached the sixth-grade of the nature level. What had amazed her even more was that Zen was able to resist the attacks of ten warriors who had reached the pinnacle of the nature level.     

He was so powerful that no one could deny that Zen was a rare genius.     Aura's eyes widened in surprise. She could not believe what she had seen. 

Given the success Zen had achieved, she inferred that he was qualified to challenge a strong man who had just reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. It was incredible!     

Aura didn't know that Zen had already killed a strong man who had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm. While Hugh, another person who had also reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, suffered tremendously in the battle against Zen.     Initially, Aura had asked Zen to take part in the All Peaks Competition just because she had wanted him to experience such a wide-scale challenge. After all, Zen's cultivation realm was too low, and he was only at the second-grade of the nature level. What was more, he was only 17 years old!   

If Zen could continue to cultivate and improve himself at his current rate, she believed that he could get a good ranking at the next All Peaks Competition, which would be held three years later. Given that there were so many gifted disciples at Cloud Sect, Aura had thought that she had overestimated Zen's potential and capabilities when she advised him to participate.

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