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 Season 4

Episode 53

(The Fight For A Place In The List (2)

The disciple of the 13th place felt hopeless. The remaining higher-ranked disciples couldn't possibly get a lower point than he got. This meant that he could be ruled out even though he had got more than 3, 000 points.     

When Wurth Zhang came out of the white fog, he was wearing a satisfied smile on his face. His face said that he was confident about his performance.  

   The tutor then announced loudly, "Wurth Zhang, 4, 033 points!"    

He was the first one to obtain a score higher than 4, 000.     

The following test was no suspense at all. What they cared about was how many points the disciples could get. 

These outer disciples were excellent, and as long as they showed their actual strength, they could all turn into inner disciples.   

After the tutor announced Henry Hao's score of 5, 500, it was finally Zen Luo's turn to take the test.    

 Most people paid attention to Zen's performance on this test.     

All of the people were expecting that Zen would give the best performance, and he might probably get twice as high as Henry's score.     

Some of the disciples turned to look at Ben since they heard that Zen was vying for the top seven inner disciples. But they knew that Ben's point was as high as 18, 000, so Zen would probably fail to surpass that.     

"Well, Ben, are you nervous?" an inner disciple beside Ben asked.     

When Ben looked around, he saw that it was the second-ranked inner disciple. Seeing his expression of schadenfreude, Ben felt a little annoyed. There could be a chance that Zen would get the highest point amongst the inner disciples, and if that happened, Ben would be ruled out of the competition.   

Ben felt angry knowing that he had become the laughing stock. The second-ranked disciple was at grade nine of the nature level, almost at the consummation of the nature level. And Ben was so much weaker than him, so all he could do was to wait with his hand clenching tightly as Zen went into the magic array.     

The All Peak Competition was crucial, and it was also a good opportunity for each of the disciples at the Cloud Sect.  

   The disciples who didn't have a good performance could show their extraordinary talents in some way. They could also have the chance to be the personal disciple of some big master in the Cloud Sect. There were a lot of such successful disciples every year, so everyone was willing to try.     

Zen entered the runes and saw the runes shine in blue light. Soon, the white fog appeared and covered him entirely.    

 Compared with the magic array of the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, this middle-powered magic array was simpler. After he was covered in the white fog, the surroundings did not change, but some figures appeared from a place not too far away from him. The figures were walking towards him and tried to get him surrounded.   

'Half-step into the nature level?' Zen showed a slight smile as he licked his lips.     

All these figures were at half-step into the nature level, and with his current power, Zen could easily defeat them.    

 But there was only one challenge—the number of figures was large. Zen estimated that there could be almost one hundred of them surrounding him totally.     

Zen took out his Streamer Sword. With his slight motion, he cut some of them with the Streamer Sword's radiance.     The figures that were cut soon turned into white fog.     

"Come on!" Zen spoke loudly at them.    

 Zen's sword radiance was so sharp that once it cut the figures, they soon disappeared into the fog. The test seemed to measure how Zen could kill the figures.     

Even though the figures were more than one hundred, Zen was able to finish them in a few minutes.   

'Is that all?' Zen thought it was too easy for him.     

But before he could say more to himself, other figures started to appear in front of him. The figures this time were stronger than the first group. They were almost at the same level as Zen.     

There was a great gap between half-step into the nature level and the nature level. The people at grade two of the nature level wouldn't be able to bear Zen's sword radiance, but it took Zen longer to finish this group.     

Some figures in the second group could even attack Zen while he was busy attacking the other figures.     

Having extraordinary strong defensive power, Zen ignored their attack and focused himself on offense. This time, Zen killed them one by one sooner.    

 The figures dissolved into white fog as soon as Zen cut through them. Five minutes had passed, and he was able to regain some of his lost strength.   

'Anyone else?' Zen held his sword tightly with radiance floating around it.     

Soon, the third group appeared.   

  'This group is at the grade six of the nature level. Although they only have the basic power, I should still take them seriously, ' Zen told himself with a serious expression on his face.     

Zen could defeat all of them if he fought them one by one. But the problem was, there were twenty of them.     

One against twenty. Faced with twenty grade six of the nature level figures, Zen had to give his best.   


When Zen tried to cut the nearest one, the figure just fended off the sword. This caught Zen by surprise.   

  'The figures at grade six of nature level are really different from others I have encountered. They are much stronger. 

But do they think they can survive my fairy weapon?' Zen thought with a cold smile. Zen waved his sword hard, and a grating sound was heard when the Streamer Sword hit one of the figures' weapon. He cut the weapon and the man with one hit, and then the man turned into white fog.   

After Zen killed one, another four figures charged at him. Zen couldn't take them all at once, so he had to have a plan.    

 He strode aside quickly to avoid their attack. At the same time, he began to fight back like a snowflake in the storm.     
"Flick the sword!" Zen shouted.     

Flick the sword was one of the most powerful motions in the basic swordsmanship. His hand holding the sword pulled back while his right foot was raised. His whole body tilted. Then he stamped his right foot on the ground. 

Together with the strength of his right foot, Zen's whole body formed a high mountain and crashed forward like huge stone falling from high mountain with great power towards the four warriors.

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